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  1. The other day I heard people use "Flight of Fury" and "The Mystic Timber" for names.
  2. @Enchanted Voyage Lover Great shots!
  3. It can get really busy if the weather is really nice, so arrive early for a parking spot. If you go on a Saturday the haunts don't open til 6 or 7 I believe so you can knock out rides before then. However Saturday is the busiest. My favorite maze is Madame Fatale's Cavern of Terror, because the set design is fantastic and you're inside the old Crypt building. Field of Screams opens later than the indoor mazes because of the sun, so you can line up early so you dont have to wait in a long line later. The lines go down around 1130 and 12 so that's a great time do get a bunch done. However, some actors leave early so there may not be as many.
  4. @Kodistict Welcome to KIC.
  5. The latest has been an online petition the park made. If enough people sign it, they'll show us what's behind the wall (with the posters). There is also a shipping container that just popped up, that belongs to a crane company. This thread shows everything that's happened.
  6. It's safe to say over 200 pages aren't actually decoding. Sometimes it feels like I'm reading spam.
  7. I think we all know why.
  8. ^ That's a little ridiculous. And nearly a scam.
  9. You dont need to include the screenshot. Not trying to be mean, but we believe you.
  10. I'm going to ask the most important question in this thread. How is this a thread?
  11. Never saw an option to do that, but thanks for letting us know. Lol.
  12. That's a great point. This ride is taking DA's spot so most likely a nod to that.
  13. That's exactly what they were going for I bet. That blue and white is the same color as Rigel, the brightest star in the constellation in Orion.
  14. Yep, exactly. You pretty much have to paint the corners. That sign for the snack stand placed perfectly, lol. Those original posters could of been a rough draft. We will know once the next posters come out.
  15. I wonder if they'll keep changing them, I can't see them fixing a mistake and having it back out there with a fixed version within a few hours. Edit: Depending on the material. As stated above.
  16. I can't get higher than the Pennant Race level. Those Sony Partners moments helped my team. Anyways, I love how this thread blew up after the posters were gone.
  17. Off topic question, hows your Diamond Dynasty team?
  18. They could be removing it just to screw with us. I would if I was the park.
  19. Interested to see if the use all defunct rides after this, or there is a certain pattern besides it spelling out Kings Island.
  20. You're the next Bob Ross.
  21. I never once said it was a terrible ride. That should proof that it being 55 seconds or whatever doesn't matter. You out of everyone on here should know that. Nobody here says they hate Intamins. We are tired of you bringing them into every conversation. It's not that hard to comprehend.
  22. Looks it was just removed at KI. Going to be hard to replace. They just released this:
  23. Wow. Coming from someone who loves Intamins...
  24. Totally agree. Such a fun ride.
  25. Old KIC was pretty negative, too. It was just in fewer numbers. Once this new ride comes out it will go down. The negative ones will go away until the following ride, as always.
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