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  1. In the KECO and Paramount era, Canada's Wonderland always ran a float in the Toronto Santa Claus Parade to my knowledge. A brief history of this parade, the now defunct department store chain Eaton's first ran this parade in 1905 to usher in the arrival of Santa Claus to the department store. Supposedly, this is where the inspiration for the Macy's Parade comes from, as I understand its original purpose as well was to usher in Santa to the Macy's store on 34th Street. Eaton's hasn't been involved with the parade since 1982, and it continues to this day as a large scale parade. Anyways, a regular sponsor since their founding was Canada's Wonderland, it's kind of unusual really, in the sense of Beach Boys singing Christmas songs kind of unusual. Canada's Wonderland is not open for business for 5 and a half months, and yet they always ran a parade. On a youtube video, I had managed to find the float they ran in the 1990 and 2001 parades: I can recall the 1998 parade featured the Rugrats characters and had a roller coaster but I can't seem to find that float anywhere. In 2001, they tried to theme the float after what they were, an amusement park by making a roller coaster float. And finally, I managed to find an image of another float they ran in the 2006 season: Source: https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/105/301446957_65e28a1f81_z.jpg?zz=1 The above photo resembles Wonderland more with a structure somewhat similar to Wonder Mountain. As far as I know, since Cedar Fair's ownership of Wonderland, they have never ran a float in the parade ever. As I stated earlier, participation in the parade seems kind of weird for this time of the year. However, Wonderland is starting WinterFest next year, and well I thought it'd be a no brainer to run a float again to advertise the event. On top of that, with having Planet Snoopy, such theming of the float with one of the most timeless Christmas specials ever, A Charlie Brown Christmas, it really is quite easy to come up with something grand for the parade. Did Kings Island ever do something similar in Cincy?
  2. As promised, I did a drive by on my way to the subway station, here’s what I took, it’s the best I could do. It’s quite rare around these parts to have accumulated snow at this point of the year but it happens occasionally. Approaching from Hwy 400 north, I had phone attached to dashboard Looking south from various points on Major Mack over the bridge that crosses Hwy 400. We can clearly see there’s an inversion already finished. I’m somewhat of a road geek so I decided to take pics where we can see the 400 as well as the park. From this angle, you can see it’s quite small compared to the mighty Leviathan.
  3. The maze ratings were all at 4 at Wonderland.....so the rating is pointless. Blackout should be rated one step higher at Wonderland. (I was mostly in the mountain mazes which were The Ruins and Blackout as an usher) The Ruins is slightly more scarier than the others, both Blackout/Ruins are in darkness but during the ruins, they supply you with a flashlight which emits a red light, they take it away before you enter blackout. That being said, "Is the maze scary?" is a common question, I just tell them that these two are in darkness and that nothing can hurt them.
  4. Same is true over at Wonderland.....perhaps someone should proofread the safety guide before posting it.......
  5. On the final night of the Haunt on October 31, i managed to snap some pics of the Yukon Striker....on Monday, I will shoot some more photos of the amount of track that's been constructed. In these photos, you can see that the first drop has been constructed.
  6. It was more than a pirate ship ride......(we still have ours by the way, currently known as The Rage), this version of the ride went all the way around 360. Not only that, the Jet Scream wasn't that old, it opened in 1990, the park opened in 1981. I'd still say it's a more exciting ride than WindSeeker. The ride was actually called a Looping Starship
  7. I saw it malfunction twice in one night, they stopped running it after it malfunctioned the second time. The positive over at the Island is that at least a ride was not compromised there for the WindSeeker. Unlike at Wonderland, where Jet Scream was removed for the WindSeeker Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8f/Jet_Scream_Canada's_Wonderland.jpg
  8. Fine then, how often does WindSeeker malfunction?
  9. Doing work at the Haunt at Canada's Wonderland, I have noticed the WindSeeker stall at the very top of the ride THREE times in a matter of just 5 nights. Is that ride that much of a piece of junk? I always couldn't stand the WindSeeker personally.
  10. Doesn't I-Street get its name moreso on the fact that the buildings themselves draw on different cultural architectural styles? Also, I'm sure we all know who caused detheming.....PARAMOUNT! It was them after all who put a mysterious temple in Rivertown.....
  11. I'm no expert at what goes on at Wonderland behind the scenes, but in all of Wonderland's history, they have only dismantled one roller coaster so far. Flight Deck of course is not nearly as popular as it used to be. I mean within the Paramount era, arguably Top Gun was the star attraction of Canada's Wonderland right until Cedar Fair took over. I have a personal bias against Time Warp and personally would like to see it go, but I don't see it leaving anytime soon. I could be wrong, but I think out of newer rides, say from Paramount ownership onwards, only really Sledgehammer has long maintenance. Even so, it doesn't seem to have as many problems as a ride like WindSeeker does.....I even saw WindSeeker malfunction last Saturday. For the most part, Wonderland has made uncanny designs to fit more recent roller coasters in, sure the Skyrider was removed in 2014, but I wondered before, how such rides like Behemoth or Leviathan were possible to build without compromising rides. I'm sure Wonderland doesn't want to remove any more roller coasters unless they REALLY have to.
  12. Moreso, what I was speaking of earlier, it seems at KI, the haunt people don't have those 10 foot pole signs indicating the end of a line for a maze. The point I linked to at 2:29....shows such a sign......I'll let you sadly figure out who that person is holding the 10 foot pole.
  13. Right, my mistake. There is no Haunt on Sundays there.
  14. But there is the blatantly obvious, how do you tell apart the monsters from the costumed guests?
  15. We have a strict policy at Canada’s Wonderland that guests are not to be in costumes during Halloween Haunt, I assume it’s the same there as well.
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