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  1. There is a border update today (but nothing really substantial) On July 5, fully vaccinated Canadians and permanent residents can skip the 14 day quarantine provided they are fully vaccinated. However, proof of a covid test before entering Canada as well as a covid test administered at the border crossing will still be in effect. (I assume this means there still is a quarantine in a way, in that you must quarantine until a negative result comes back) As it stands, this does not change the situation for tourists. I do however think this decision is mostly political, as the Liberal Par
  2. That’s another positive thing I forgot to mention, Ontario ended its non essential closure to/from Quebec and Manitoba, yes these “borders” were manned by the Ontario Provincial Police, I do understand that these measures would be unconstitutional in the US. Here in Canada, the law is basically written as “rights apply when we say they apply”. Which is why New Brunswick’s hard border to the rest of Canada was never challenged throughout the entire pandemic. Which I believe New Brunswick has finally loosened its “border” as well.
  3. Guilty of entering Yukon, yes that’s right, Canada had borders closed within the country. That shows you the kind of place we live in up here.
  4. By vaccination card you mean the CDC card right? in Ontario at least, there was no physical card given but I was given an email showing my first vaccine so far which basically displayed a virtual Ontario Ministry of Health receipt, which shows when I got my shot and so on. The headaches around cross border acceptance of this stuff is what concerns me. The awful bureaucracy of it.
  5. I have a few questions/comments for you. The idea of the Excelsior app, let’s assume Ontario develops its own app, there would need to be some sort of reciprocity hopefully so Ontario’s app would work in New York, if you get what I mean. Which leads to a question, how does this currently work downstate where you have both those from Connecticut and New Jersey entering Manhattan on a regular basis. But nevertheless there appears to be some good news, or at least a blink of optimism. We are to hear about possible plans for the border reopening come Monday. Furth
  6. The one thing defines Canadians is anti-Americanism, heck even Wonderland opening 40 years ago was a nasty political battle. Perhaps it only got allowed to build because the Vaughan mayor and Premier of Ontario supported it. “You could say Yogi Bear won and Maple lost,” -Vaughan Councillor James Cameron ”Taft think they’re doing us a favour by building a plastic replica of the Canadian frontier when we have Black Creek Pioneer Village two miles down the road.” -Vaughan Councillor James Cameron “For God’s sake, Disneyland isn’t the real world. We don’t need a place like th
  7. It’s socialized medicine, meaning that for the vast majority of procedure, we have “free healthcare”, in that we don’t pay for it out of our own pocket for each visit. Of course such a system needs to be funded strongly by government. I’m no expert on healthcare funding, but prior to COVID, over at Brampton Civic Hospital, the concept of “hallway medicine” was common, that is rooms being full and thus patients have to be in the hallways. I do recall reading that Ontario’s bed per 1000 capacity was less than 2. So yeah that means there are in essence one hospital bed available for eve
  8. Absolute compliance at least here in Ontario, where 14.5 million live. 75% of adults have gotten the first dose, as I explained in above posts, the second dose is delayed but people are getting it sooner than expected now. It harkens back to how Canada was founded in my opinion. But that’s a story for another day.
  9. No seriously, remember other good deeds of altruism that Canada has done in the past. The Canadian Caper which got the hostages out of Iran, Ben Affeleck made a movie about it and said Canada basically did nothing to make it happen. That movie won Best Picture. Then there’s Operation Yellow Ribbon on 9/11 where Canada opened its airports to transatlantic-transpacific flights to land because all US airports were closed. In some places in Atlantic Canada some passengers were taken in by the locals to spend multiple nights. After all these good deeds, this is the thanks we g
  10. Oh yeah, remember your government blocked any vaccine distribution to Canada. So much for friendly neighbours, so getting a vaccine isn’t entirely easy. The government instead has had to make a significant gambit in delaying the second shot for up to 16 weeks because they see getting everyone vaccinated with one shot with scarce supply is more important than administering the vaccines properly. Perhaps it should have been tit for tat, you refuse to give up vaccines, than Quebec should have shut off the power to the east coast.
  11. Yeah, and the US has the highest deaths in the world, not exactly a model we should be embracing. But it’s more to me as a consumer if people do get sick.
  12. No it is not, the delta variant will cause serious damage and has resistance to the vaccines, and factor in a huge chunk of the US who won’t get vaccinated and we’ll see spikes again. As I said, up here this is not the US, this is CANADA and we have a socialist health care system. If someone decides to go to an amusement park and gets sick, jams up the hospitals, then it is very much my problem as a taxpayer and a citizen. Seeing your condescending attitude makes me want to contact my local member of parliament and demand the border be closed longer as you can’t seem to grasp the sev
  13. I haven’t personally set foot into a Costco since March of 2020. Does Costco require people to sit on rides and touch handlebars/restraints that other people will touch all day long? As for hospitals, it was reported in the news that they were sending GTA patients to hospitals in SW Ontario because of overflow of GTA hospitals. Heck probably the hospitals close to you experienced this as well. The leaders in cottage country have basically made it clear that GTA residents aren’t welcome in town up there and thus I haven’t went up (heck, I can probably count on one hand how many times
  14. I’m just saying, Wonderland in Phase 2 doesn’t make much sense, it should have been in Phase 3. The main reason why I’m acting like this as are most doctors is because of the socialist health care system we have. Since it is in fact a communal system of sorts, we must all work together to protect it so it doesn’t get overrun. You know as well as I do that there were involuntary patient transfer because GTA hospitals were getting overrun with COVID-19 cases over the last 6 months or so. This becomes problematic, if the hospitals become full with covid patients, then they lose the abil
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