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  1. It doesn’t affect my ability to attend the park at all, sure. But does it mean it still isn’t fair? Some of my early days I had with my parents back in the 90s wouldn’t have been possible with such a chaperone policy. I explicitly mentioned 18-21 in accordance to Wonderland because here in Ontario, drinking and casinos, you only need to be 19 to do that here. Still want to oppose a silly 21 restriction and try to justify it by having to be that old to rent a car? And do you have this data, you keep on saying that. But again I think you are failing to see the long term possibly financial damage this will cause, but again all we do is go around in circles. What these parks need is actual security, not the knuckleheads in security uniforms, but real POLICE like Wonderland has. The park security are knuckleheads and don’t even know the park well, I know because I had to communicate something to do them. But during Haunt, Wonderland security works hand in hand with the York Regional Police, the actual true keepers of order during the Haunt.
  2. Obviously you probably saw my lengthy posts about this over on the thread about Knotts. Im our world, rational thought is lost and everyone is quick to jump to a mob mentality. Wonderland’s two murders on their property happened in both 2003 and 2014, I believe the former lead to the installation of metal detectors at all the then Paramount Parks. Had these murders been committed by minors, should we rush to ban all minors from the park, it’s the same logic. The wonderland murders were both done by adults.
  3. Once again CF has decided to throw the baby out with the bath water. it’s a futile point in trying to argue about this so why bother. Tell me, what if it were young adults brawling in the park, like say 18-21, what would you say then, that anyone under 21 should have a chaperone? Wonderland doesn’t have any real behavioural issues with guests, although at haunt back in 2014, someone was stabbed to death by the toll plaza after the park closed that night. Maybe CF was a bit more laissez faire back then because the park operated business as usual the very next day. I was there, I remember, the toll plaza booths were behind yellow police tape and thus associated had to stand outside and collect payment/passes. Since this is a topic that makes people walk on eggshells, let me just say that I would be flabbergasted if CF introduced this to Wonderland, brawls have never happened here and I don’t expect them to start happening.
  4. What I don’t get is why so many people are adamantly defending a policy, and trying to use legal framework even if the policy is unjust. Someone here mentioned about the drinking age in Ohio being raised to 21 some time ago, uhhh do you know how that happened? It was and still is coercion by Washington, the feds basically said that if you don’t raise your drinking age to 21, you will lose federal highway funding. I don’t care about alcohol as I have never ever bought a drink in my entire adult life. But it is a very unfair policy. Combine that with the fact that hypothetically, someone’s who’s 18 could face conscription and die for the country, but not be allowed to have a beer. Jaywalking is a jurisdictional thing, and even in Canada, the highway traffic act in Ontario does say pedestrians have the right of way, but there’s also rules pedestrians need to follow too. Just because they say pedestrians have right of way doesn’t mean one can expect to walk out into the road midblock and expect traffic to stop. Jaywalking in this sense is legal, but you have to do it properly and wait for a gap in traffic, otherwise that could lead to a fine for a pedestrian. Similarly at signalized intersections, the law also states that pedestrians must cross inside the crosswalk and can only begin crossing while the walk signal is displayed. Entering during the dont walk hand flashing is an offence no matter how much time is left in the cycle. Before I get ahead of myself, what is the actual benefit to Cedar Fair in making their theme parks R rated? Again you stubbornly seem to miss the point of how incredibly stupid this policy is in the first place. Don’t be shocked if these teens who now have to go with mommy and daddy throughout teen years instead decide to shun the park when they reach the magical age of 18, to literally tell Cedar Fair “Screw you, Charlie Brown”.
  5. Here are some photos released, as we can see, the structure for Super Soaker is destroyed, I’ve heard the slide’s pump house is where the incident started. Splash Works is reopened but five of the attractions remain closed, that is those nearby. As far as I understand, Minebuster which passes under the Super Soaker structure is running today. There’s an aerial view I can’t seem to post directly here in this news article. https://globalnews.ca/news/9030643/canadas-wonderland-waterpark-reopens-fire/
  6. From what I know from a friend that works there and a pic I saw, it appears the Super Soaker, the three person raft slide is partially destroyed from the fire. This is the big purple slide if you’re looking at a satellite view.
  7. The law not too long applied to the first statement too as NOT being discrimination, but the law got changed for that. Again, there are things that are for adults, like casinos, to compare a theme park to such a place regarding accompaniment is outrageous. As for the policy, I guess the third example covers when 17 year olds want to go on the big roller coaster, but can be granted the freedom to stand in the queue without mommy or daddy. But park security most know where the parents are, since park security are a bunch of knuckleheads who can’t do their real job at quelling trouble. So as a society, are we going to treat kids like babies up to 17 years old and 364 days, and when they become 18, that they simply magically know better, it doesn’t work that way. I started university as a mature student a few years back and my fellow students weren’t magically behaving like first year adults, if anything, first year felt more like Grade 13. There wasn’t this magical gain of wisdom or maturity just because they crossed the number 18.
  8. I didn’t want to have to open Pandora’s Box but I will regarding this and the kind of fallacies that are being used. Take this situation regarding NYC cabbies in which the article says only 6% or so are American born. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/nyc-cab-drivers-blacks_b_6116602/amp These cabbies have a bad experience with black people, and therefore choose to shun all rides from black people who request rides. Somehow, our society has deemed that to be totally racist and it is bad I agree, but why as a society can we similarly stroke the brush and say all teenagers are bad, that they can’t go to Knott’s without mommy or daddy, can’t go to a fast food joint without their parents. I ask you all this, when did you first wander off in Kings Island by yourself, I don’t necessarily mean being dropped off by your parents with a friend. But suppose you split up from your family while there, (as you have much younger siblings) all these activities are now illegal in Knott’s.
  9. The policy is so well but it is after all opinion. We’ve all heard that well known quote that democracy is but two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for supper. Is the policy necessarily just, this is the problem I have. Amusement parks may be a private business, but I seem to remember a certain baker getting in big trouble because he refused to bake a cake for a gay couple. I’m not necessarily saying I agree with this but there is a tough gap when rights between the person and the business clash. Driving is a privilege, and somehow those same students got to school during their earlier years of high school. Technically by that logic a teen doesn’t need to be allowed to drive as much as they need to be allowed to visit a theme park. But you using the argument that teens cause problems opens a Pandora’s box that we shouldn’t open. You’d find some inconvenient truths if you looked at FBI data regarding crime. But reference that data and you’ll be called all sorts of names. Heck I risk my reputation by even making a comparison. But the basic question is, if a certain type of people mostly causes problems, should we ban those kind of people. Doing so would be hugely discriminatory and you know it.
  10. Quite the argument you’re making, I visited Wonderland with my brother and my nephew so he could do some rides and spend time together. As a thirty something, I had no problems whatsoever with teenagers in the park, I did not see any misbehaving. Also, you are making a BIG assumption, which would be discriminatory by any other metric. You say that teenagers cause problems, that is only teenagers cause problems or ALL teenagers cause problems. For the very small minority of teens that do cause problems, maybe it’s time for park security and if need be local police forces to take action rather than the laissez-faire approach seen in the parks. By action, I mean line jumping will get you thrown out, no exceptions, no kidding. You using the argument for adult oriented places like casinos and places that serve alcohol to create a chaperone policy, these places you mention are for adults, very different, a theme park for bloody sake is a place for kids to have fun. How many families are inclined to ride the thrill rides together? something that Paramount installed many of at the cost of traditional family rides at Wonderland. I mean I don’t exactly imagine families riding Delirium together. As for driving, it’s arguably one of the most dangerous activities we do daily, by your logic, if a few teens caused some bad crashes by distracted driving, the reactionary measure would be to strip all 16 and 17 year olds of their license. Driving a car carries a lot more risk than two idiots fighting in a theme park. How many of the teenage associates are Kings Island drive to work, I’m sure a majority do. That’s also funny come to think of it, a teenaged ride attendant can work at the park but can’t actually visit the park during their off time without mommy and daddy. As for the murders, Wonderland’s most serious incidents caused by guests, all the perpetrators except one in the 2003 murder would have been able to attend the park anyway if there was a chaperone policy in place, so I’m not sure what you’re getting at. What I was pointing out was that the most serious of incidents at Wonderland, the perpetrators were all legal adults. I visited the park myself a few times with one friend from high school when I was 16/17, and we caused absolutely no problems, and I swear that’s the absolute truth.
  11. So let me get this straight, I’m not sure how the graduated licensing system works in California, but let’s say a teen in 16 can drive alone at some point during that year. We have a situation where kids are responsible enough to be on the roads but yet can’t visit a theme park, I’m sure teenagers are a huge part of revenue for the theme parks, especially at Wonderland. Doesn’t anyone not see this as absurd and discriminatory, so if 1 teenager over thousands who visit the park and behave and act like responsible people, all of them must be punished? Gotta love the attitude of collective punishment, we all experienced this in school where one kid was bad and we were all forced to put our heads on our desks. I’m sure the two murders which did occur on Wonderland property, one on Mother’s Day in 2003, and in after a day during a very crowded Halloween Haunt in 2014 were NOT committed by minors. Business is a lot different than government policy, and hopefully this blows up in their face. But temporary government policies are almost never temporary, there was a time not too long ago where a Canadian or US citizen could cross the border with just a verbal declaration or showing their driver’s license….
  12. When I spoke of 25 Acres, that’s what was written in the BlogTO article I sent earlier, and thus myself and disco took their word for it that the site was 25 acres. Yes, I understand exactly how this happens, it’s usually one building at a time, like was the case at CityPlace right next to the SkyDome. Just on the other side of the highway from the Colossus site is the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre in which buildings have been springing up, there’s no way that Colossus project could fail halfway through. But as such a master planned community, most likely all of the colossus Centre would have to be razed before they start working on the new buildings, I understand this would probably take around a decade to finish, but the new buildings are designed around new infrastructure that would go in the area like new streets. in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre next door, they have already relocated a Walmart so that the area can be built according to plan. Walmarts in Canada are generally on land owned (or maybe managed) by a group called Smart Centres, who own the site of Vaughan Metropolitan Centre to my knowledge. When it comes to condos, most likely the entire building will be sold out before the first shovel hits the ground.
  13. And finally you spoke of people seeing a ballgame in Toronto. Uh yeah, the SkyDome, that’s the equivalent of having the best VCR ever made, you are made totally obsolete when DVD players and DVRs came around. Seeing a game at the Skydome is more or less like seeing a game at Riverfront with a retractable roof, but oh wait, when the skydome’s roof is open, make sure you wore plenty of sunscreen as there’s almost no protection of the elements there. What other things are there to see and do in Toronto, let’s see Art Gallery of Ontario and Royal Ontario Museum may be decent museums, but they don’t have a show stopping piece in there that everyone knows and many would pay the price. Such as Starry Night at MoMA. Hockey Hall of Fame, great place I’ll admit, but really one would only enjoy this place if they followed hockey at all. Toronto Eaton Centre, very busy place, at the end of the day it is still very much like a large suburban shopping mall despite being downtown. Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto wanting to create a space like Times Square or Shibuya, unfortunately the actual “square” is empty most times which makes it feel desolate, and a drug injection site at one corner of the area doesn’t exactly make this area friendly/ Casa Loma, I never understood why tourists flocked here but really it’s just some rich man’s house that he never finished and the city of Toronto seized the property for unpaid taxes. It is NOT an actual castle. Wonderland is actually thus a worthwhile place to go when you look at it.
  14. When it comes to international guests at Wonderland, what exactly makes the theme park a draw? Other than just being a secondary attraction in Toronto. What is it at Wonderland that one couldn’t do at theme parks across Europe and elsewhere. There’s nothing exactly “spectacular” about Wonderland. I mentioned Disneyland Paris because despite being the most visited tourist attraction in the Paris area, I’m sure you never hear of people flying over to Paris to visit Disneyland Paris, and this is perhaps the city with the most famous city attractions in the world like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre for example. Toronto cannot even fall back on such world class attractions, the only thing somewhat that’s a big one is the CN Tower, but it hasn’t been the highest observation deck since 2007.
  15. Ok, I’m replying here to disco, you first spoke about comparing a movie theatre to a church, that’s not even a completely comparable scenario. This is the property area we are speaking of in which both a multiplex and a Costco are involved. Now the owner of that property wishes to turn that into a condo community as seen here, very different than a church. Not to sound smug, but a church can’t exactly be residence space for thousands upon thousands of new residents. Again, that’s 25 acres of land, now imagine what you can do with over 300 acres of land. In a metro area which has a huge housing shortage and that will only get worse and worse. Your point about international visitors im kind of shocked to hear and will get back to that, this is a quick reply from my phone for now.
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