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  1. New Music throughout the park

    I immediately noticed the instrumental music on International Street and the country / bluegrass music in River Town. I love the new music on International Street and just fell in love with the new music in River Town. I love having more fitting music playing around the park. I think that having the bluegrass / country style covers of popular songs is soooooo smart! It makes if familiar and less off putting to people who are not familiar with that musical style.
  2. Sounds Amazing

    Looks great!
  3. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Out of curiosity how are you connecting you phone to your belt loop? Is it a special phone case with a clip on it? I have been looking at different ways to not loose stuff on rides.
  4. Current wait times

    Beast is a walk on, MT is at the stairs, Diamondback is on the stairs. A great day to come up. Lightly raining periodically but not for long.
  5. Best Intamin Collection

    Don't forget Wicked Twister! And yes I completely agree. The standout coasters at CP are the Intamins IMO. Except for Raptor, Magnum and soon to be Iron Mean Streak errrrr Steel Vengeance!
  6. Best B&M collection?

    I voted other for busch gardens tamps. Montu and Kumba are 2 in my top 10 and Shiekra is hands down the best dive coaster. I could also argue Carowinds, a great hyper, one of the best inverts and the best coaster in the world according to many. I actually think that other than raptor the beemers at Cedar Point are kinda weak....
  7. WCPO: When the Timberwolf was the soundtrack of summer

    I know the park is looking for different special event opportunities. Timberwolf seems like an underutilized resource.
  8. Twisted tiger for bgt?

    Um no.
  9. Twisted tiger for bgt?

    As much as I would love to see Gwazi RMCd given the budget cutting moves being made in that park I think this is more likely a Tempesto clone.
  10. How good is Mystic Timbers?

    Mystic Timbers is one of my favorite coasters at KI. Yes the shed is cheesy but I do appreciate the theming that is there and it is better than sitting on the break run in the sun. As far as GCIs go I do like Thunderhead better. Having been to Holiday World, I like Mystic better than all of their woodies except Voyage (which is in my top 3 favorite coasters). The Millennium Flyer trains are fantastic, all woodies should have these trains! One thing to remember is the station for Mystic is "loose article free". In other words leave your bags and souvenir cups in a locker or with a non-rider.

    Lightning Rod and the area of the park it is located in are amazing. The only negative thing i can say is even last season which was its second season they still seemed to have operational issues with it. I hope they finally have this resolved for this season.
  12. New Coney Historical Pictures

    This is a pretty cool documentary that I stumbled across a couple of years ago and these old photos reminded me of it. It is about the making of Kings Island and how it came from Coney. Check it out!
  13. Best Cloned Coaster?

    I would go with either the Raptor or Manta clones.
  14. SeaWorld Shakeup

    I'm not surprised. Everyone thought Joel Manby was the man to turn Sea World around but their attendance continued to slip. I really hope they can turn the company around!
  15. Best B&M Invert

    Maybe because they are less special since there are so many of them?