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  1. Ah yes I remember this. I was a ride op at the park at the time but happened to be off work and in the park as a guest the day that happened. I was waiting to ride SOB and saw a large tarp over the track of Top Gun (at the time) and remember asking one of my buddies on the SOB crew what happened.
  2. LOL, I dunno what is replacing the other large attraction that met its untimely demise recently? Honestly if KD was my home park i would be super mad.
  3. I could see KI adding a wing and dive coaster from B&M in the future. B&M could also come out with a new type of coaster. As much as I like B&M rides I also like variety. I would like to see other coaser manufacturers at KI in the future. Like Gerslauer, Mach, RMC and although unlikely Intamin.
  4. Dont forget me!!!! Thanks.
  5. goettablitz

    RMC 2020

    What's non-authentic about building a giga? What does "non-authentic" even mean? There are by far more RMC coasters out there than Giga coasters......
  6. Can't wait to go try Kentuky Flyer. Thanks for the trip report.
  7. Am i the only one looking at the photos of the clearning and thinking that the new ride could very well jump over the FOF launch tunnel into the field between FOF, Adventure Express and Racer?
  8. Now if only they served beer out the window that this is over. If memory serves this was an Auntie Annes last year? I would love it if you could get some good German Bier and some pretzels and bier cheese there!
  9. Where the majic of the movies meets the thrill of a lifetime! oh wait...
  10. Kennywood has some great corndogs. And they make them right in the window where they can be seen in all their glory!
  11. Fresh deep fried corn dogs anyone?
  12. How is the launch on the ride? Ive heard that Mach launches are pretty unimpressive? What about the boost in the middle of the ride?
  13. While I would be surprised if a madhouse made an appearance at Kings Island, Vekoma seems to be making quite a come back. They were recently purchased by S&S and have some pretty exciting looking new coaster projects going on in Europe and Asia as well as new trains. It looks like they are a very different company now than they were when Invertigo, Firehawk and Flying Ace Aerial Chase were installed. Lech in Poland looks pretty awesome don't you think?
  14. Sounds like cool concept. And i really like how the name seems to tie it in with Mystic Timbers potentially. This is really shaping up to be a pretty exciting season! LET IT BEGIN!
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