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  1. Ideas for the Crypt building?

    I think the unthemed part of the building is an eyesore and would like to see it dressed up if an attraction were going to be placed in it. My choice would be flying theator. I do like the idea listed above to include it with the miami river lumber theme. Or just remove it so you can build out behind it. Maybe a modern flume or river battle with a couple of flats like a tilt o whirl and a screamin swing style ride?
  2. Best B&M Invert

    I must say that Montu is my hands down favorite (no competition) invert. Ever since I rode it opening year in 1996 it has been one of my all time favorite coasters. If I were to rate the B&M inverts that I have ridden they would probably go something like this: 1. Montu 2. Fire Dragon 3. Banshee 4. Raptor 5. Afterburn 6. Alpengeist 7. Ice Dragon 8. Silver Bullet 9. Batman Clones
  3. January trip to California

    I went to Disneyland and Knotts 2 years ago. Flew into LAX and took a 3rd party bus to our hotel which was the Howard Johnson at Harbor Blvd and W Manchester. It was a decent hotel and well within walking distance of Disneyland (an a lot of people stay on Harbor and walk to the park) and had a bus stop in front. When we went to Knots there is a bus terminal in front of Disneyland and have buses going all over the LA area, as well as one to Knotts. So if you don't want to drive in LA traffic there are lots of options to explore.
  4. Coasters for Winterfest future

    Winterfest should not just be "lets go to Kings Island in the winter". It should be about the new shows, decorations and experiences like seasonal overlays and skating on the fountain. A different and unique experience from the normal season. That being said I do think operating The Racer would be smart. That way you have 2 coasters running on opposite sides of the park to draw people in opposite directions. Also The Racer could have some cool Christmas lights put up all over the structure. What I think would be neat for the future is if KI re-did Boo Blasters as a Charlie Brown dark ride. It could have one version for summer, a Halloween (great pumpkin) and a Christmas version (Charlie Brown Christmas) for their respective seasonal events. There has been much talk about how with the screen based dark rides one could simply "flip a switch" and have a different ride for the schooldays but nothing has really been done with that idea yet.
  5. Intamin or B&M

    I love both! My top 10 is: 1. Voyage, 2. Maverick, 3. Montu, 4. Fury 325, 5. Lighting Rod, 6. Kumba, 7. Millennium Force, 8. Thunderhead, 9. Phantom's Revenge, 10. Mystic Timbers. What you might notice from my top 10 is I like variety. I don't want any park to have to many rides from any one manufacturer. I like different experiences and when you buy most of your rides from any one manufacturer they kinda start to feel the same IMHO.
  6. Ban the single rider line

    How do people abuse it? You are allowed to use the single rider line if you are with a group but you will not ride together. Its up to the park to properly implement it not the guests.
  7. Ban the single rider line

    Most major parks use single rider lines such as Disney, Universal Studios and Six Flags. Only since Cedar Fair has implemented Fast Lane has their single rider lines gone away. As long as the grouper on the load platform uses the single riders to fill holes there is zero problem with it and it only improves the capacity on the ride, it does not hurt the wait time.
  8. Holiday World 2018 additions

    Oh I am aware that this is no longer being pursued. I just much prefer the newer style wood coaster trains such as Millennium Flyers and Timberliners to the older trains.
  9. Holiday World 2018 additions

    Cool. Still crossing my fingers for Timberliners eventually being used on the Voyage.
  10. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    Speaking of things being placed poorly. I think they could have picked a better spot or orientation for Firehawk. It is hidden behind FOF and if you are new to the park you have to walk past FOF to see it. A ride like that should be placed for everyone to see how you are FLYING on the ride. That is the selling point right? It should be front and center so people walk past and go OMFG look at that thing! I rode it at Geauga Lake and it was pretty well placed. Right on the edge of the parking lot on full display and then even inside the park it was not hidden. I believe the original location it was to be installed before being sold off to Six Flags was in the former King Cobra area. That would have made much more sense.
  11. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    I find it interesting that Backlot, Invertigo, Firehawk and Vortex are by far the 4 "winners" in this pole. I have long imagined that if I ran the park and could do whatever I wanted Roller Coaster Tycoon style, those are the 4 I would replace. I think KI it too high of a caliber park to have an inverted boomerang as well as a Vekoma flyer instead of a B&M. Besides there is a reason Paramount sold their second and third Vekoma flying duchman coasters (Xflight and Batwing). It is ironic that one of them would eventually find its way back to KI. Backlot just looks aweful and is poorly placed. And Vortex has become rough and obsolite with the addition of Banshee.
  12. Get rid of one coaster- The Poll

    It was a toss up for me between backlot and Invertigo. I dislike backlot for the poor placement, an ugly urban jungle right in the middle of the park. However i voted for Invertigo because it is not rideable for me. All vekoma boomerangs and inverted boomerangs must be killed with fire.
  13. Oktoberfest Area Facelift?

  14. Dollywood Trip 10/21/17

    Sounds like you had a great time. I truly love Dollywood. They have the total package: Great and unique coasters, lots of good shows, beautiful scenery and themeing, fantastic food and a wonderful staff. It is one of my top parks.
  15. New ride for Kennywood?

    I believe the rumored new coaster is supposed to go on plot of land recently purchased by Kennywood. http://screamscape.com/html/kennywood2018_2.htm