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  1. Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride is really unique. You get on a bus which goes thru some haunted areas then 2 fire breating semi trucks chase you.
  2. Agreed. I also worked with her and she is a rock star!
  3. The bee issue with the outside fountain drinks is such a problem. It is not a good look for the park when guests go to fill their drink they just paid for and have to worry about all the bees around the drink machines. The same for the employees working these stations. Also you are drinking what ever was on the bees feet when the walked on the machine nozzles. And no one wants to get stung but what about people allergic to bee stings?
  4. I worked White Water several times in 2002 and 2003 and can attest to the operator having control of 2 of the blasters across from the guest operated ones. I was in the guest area last year and didn't notice any blasters going off that were not coin operated. I wonder if Kings Island changed this at some point.
  5. Millenium Flyers are great trains and i would love to see them on The Beast and Racer.
  6. Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster, a "dive" coaster similar to Hang Time.
  7. I think that Holiday World is certainly more directly impacted by the goings on at Kentucky Kingdom than KI. If Hershend treats KK like Wild Adventures then Holiday World will probably be in a better position than when Ed Hart was running the show. Time will tell.
  8. I love everything about Mystic Timbers! The theme, the layout, the logo, the merch.... Oh and the ride kicks serious butt. So smooth, great trains, fast and furious, rapid fire ride!
  9. As for Herschend, see Wild Adventures in Valdosta GA.... Yikes. Nowhere close to Dollywood or Silver Dollar City.
  10. It is out of view from the midways, I bet it will remain a haunt for quite a while. We have the old Crypt building that is in plain sight and they do not seem too concerned about that one.
  11. I vote Banshee. I am not a fan of the vests. They make me feel clostrophobic and it really does not have any quick transitions that i see could be head banging moments. Lastly it is the only B&M invert that i feel has a really bad rough rattle and i suspect it may be the trains.
  12. I have overheard guests numerous times over the past couple years asking each other what the old arcade building is for or what is in it. It certainly seems like there could be a better use of that real estate. It is highly visible and right on the midway.
  13. Clearly KI has been favoring high capacity / highly reliable coasters and I agree with those decisions. They pull in nearly 3 million visitors a year and need the higher capacity rides. The Free Spins and Skyrockets were never really designed for a park like Kings Island. They are very thrilling and unique but just don't have the thru put. RMC Raptors are the same way. RMC even said the Raptors are meant for smaller parks while the T-Rex is for larger parks. However what I wonder if we may be seeing is the appeal of a T-Rex is not the same as a Raptor. Both are single rail coasters but the rider in the Raptor is single file, straddles a narrow rail and offers a unique experience. However the T-Rex seating configuration is not unique. The track is simply built as a single rail which I don't think most riders would care about. So instead of building a T-Rex Six Flags Great Adventure is building a larger Raptor.
  14. I rode Tigris at Busch Gardens last summer. It was my first time on a Sky Rocket 2. It defiantly made me much more nervous than any coaster has really done to me in a loooong time. The idea of going thru the slow inline roll at the top with nothing but a lap bar just really creaped me out. It was much more fun and thrilling than I thought it would be. I have wondered for a while why Cedar Fair has not installed these (or S&S Free Spins) in their lower tier parks. I feel like both give you a great thrill and bang for your buck. I also thought that either of these models would be a great fit for Kentucky Kingdom as well.
  15. The piece that i feel Orion is missing is the quick dircetion changes found on Fury before the trebble cleff. To me that was the most distinct part of Fury and was really hoping to see something like that on Orion.
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