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  1. I would be surpised if we see any more skywarps built in its original form. Everything that I have read about the one Six Flags installed at Discovery Kingdom is that it has a lot of reliability issues, its rough and not liked very much. Six Flags loves to build clones of things and this is the only one they have built so far. Sea World San Diego built a different verision called a skywarp horizon that I have not heard much about.
  2. i agree. I would love an airlaunch coaster like Maxx Force but much longer.
  3. Variety is the spice of life! RMC, Intamin, S&S, Mach, Vekoma, Gravity Group, Chance Rides etc. So many other manufacturers out there. It truly is a great time to be an enthusiast!
  4. I went the year that Fury opened and it had short waits all day. The longest lines I encountered were Ricochet, Vortex and Nighthawk. It makes sense as these ride have low capacity. It takes a long time to get the trains out for Vortex and Nighthawk and Ricochet just cant push that many people thru.
  5. I heard rumors a few years ago that Indiana Beech may close after the season so I made it a point to visit. While it was certainly not my favorite park it was very unique. I am saddened every time one of these old school parks close. I hope most of the rides find new homes.
  6. I think Action Zone in general needs lots of help. It is my least favorite area in the entire park. It is just very generic. I loved it back in the day when it was Adventure Village. Once it was converted to Action Zone it lost all of its character and charm. I woudnt mind if everything but Banshee, Bat and Delerium were removed and a new area theme come in. I do think it makes sence to keep Timber Wolf for concerts if it will be frequently used. Maybe Octoberfest expands and Action Zone becomes the Black Forrest.
  7. That was my major disappointment with Diamondback, that it did not have the same type twists as Apollo. Mako has some similar moments as well. They are surprising and really fun. Fury has those moments also but they are magnified as they are taken so much faster. I really hope Orion has some moments like this.
  8. I feel like Anaconda will not be around many more seasons and also perhaps Avalanch as well.
  9. What a shame. This park got so much more love under Paramount. At least the locals have Busch Gardens right down the road and they are spending lots of money improving that park.
  10. I agree. I thought I read that the same company that is building Orion also got the contract to demo Vortex.
  11. It was probably a greater priority to get Firehawk torn down quickly so site prep could begin on Orion. Im sure Vortex will be gone before the start of the 2020 season but they are focused on Orion right now.
  12. We went 2 years ago and thought it was the most un Six Flags park we had been to. What I mean by that is the ride ops were good, the food wasn't bad, the park looked good and the employees seemed to care. Needless to say we were very impressed and had a great day. There are more coasters there than you might think at first. The original Batman the Ride was great, Joker is pretty unique, X-flight is my second favorite wing coaster after Thunderbird. The wooden racing coaster was the surprise for me. It was lots of fun. Raging Bull has gotten lots of hate but i thought it was a smooth, powerful and fun ride, just a little light on the airtime. Also Whizzer was very unique and a great family ride. The park does have several clones they they are all fun rides. We stayed at a hotel across the street. It looked like you could walk to the park if you wanted. Also at the same highway exit is a Giordano's pizza so you cant go wrong there! Just time your drive to avoid Chicago rush hour traffic. Its awful. Have a great time!
  13. I rode Raptor a month ago and thought it was very smooth. It does have an abrupt transition from the final helix into the break run that i do not care for but it was great other than that. Also I just got back from Florida and must say that Kumba and Montu both of which were built in the mid and early 90s are running so smooth and fantansic. Mako was also great (which is new but runs the older style 4 across hyper trains). I am wondering if the older train designs are better than the new hyper and invert trains from B&M.
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