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  1. We went 2 years ago and thought it was the most un Six Flags park we had been to. What I mean by that is the ride ops were good, the food wasn't bad, the park looked good and the employees seemed to care. Needless to say we were very impressed and had a great day. There are more coasters there than you might think at first. The original Batman the Ride was great, Joker is pretty unique, X-flight is my second favorite wing coaster after Thunderbird. The wooden racing coaster was the surprise for me. It was lots of fun. Raging Bull has gotten lots of hate but i thought it was a smooth, powerful and fun ride, just a little light on the airtime. Also Whizzer was very unique and a great family ride. The park does have several clones they they are all fun rides. We stayed at a hotel across the street. It looked like you could walk to the park if you wanted. Also at the same highway exit is a Giordano's pizza so you cant go wrong there! Just time your drive to avoid Chicago rush hour traffic. Its awful. Have a great time!
  2. I rode Raptor a month ago and thought it was very smooth. It does have an abrupt transition from the final helix into the break run that i do not care for but it was great other than that. Also I just got back from Florida and must say that Kumba and Montu both of which were built in the mid and early 90s are running so smooth and fantansic. Mako was also great (which is new but runs the older style 4 across hyper trains). I am wondering if the older train designs are better than the new hyper and invert trains from B&M.
  3. I would love to see another dark ride or a new flume come to KI but I think the Crypt building should just be torn down and start fresh with that area. The building was designed specifically for the Tomb Raider attraction (ride, show and themeing elements). I think it makes for sense to start fresh rather than trying to find a shoe to fit into a box we already have. I also have a feeling with the demise of Vortex, filling that plot of land might be the new big budget priority so the Crypt may remain a haunted house for the near future.
  4. This is the main reason why no one wanted to go to Sunlight Pool for my company picnic. Coney says they want to focus on their picnic area (among other things) but i feel like the rides were their differentiation from say going to a picnic area at a park. Prior to Coney my company picnic was held a public parks and will likely return to it now.
  5. My employer has their company picnic at Coney. We get a shelter and unlimited ride wrist bands. A sunlight pool upgrade was offered a few years ago and no one wanted to do it. Since this announcement the higher ups have already started looking for a new picnic venue. Makes me wonder if other companies feel the same.
  6. I do like how Banshee has a more unique layout than the other inverts. I love how it uses the terrain and drops off the hill after the zero g roll.
  7. I find the rattle to be very uncomfortable and annoying at the same time. It is the newest B&M invert in the country and should not feel the way it does. I have ridden most of the other B&M inverts in the US and find none of them to be as uncomfortable, not even close. I don't know if it is a design or maintenance issue but it needs to be addressed.
  8. Ah yes I remember this. I was a ride op at the park at the time but happened to be off work and in the park as a guest the day that happened. I was waiting to ride SOB and saw a large tarp over the track of Top Gun (at the time) and remember asking one of my buddies on the SOB crew what happened.
  9. LOL, I dunno what is replacing the other large attraction that met its untimely demise recently? Honestly if KD was my home park i would be super mad.
  10. I could see KI adding a wing and dive coaster from B&M in the future. B&M could also come out with a new type of coaster. As much as I like B&M rides I also like variety. I would like to see other coaser manufacturers at KI in the future. Like Gerslauer, Mach, RMC and although unlikely Intamin.
  11. Dont forget me!!!! Thanks.
  12. goettablitz

    RMC 2020

    What's non-authentic about building a giga? What does "non-authentic" even mean? There are by far more RMC coasters out there than Giga coasters......
  13. Can't wait to go try Kentuky Flyer. Thanks for the trip report.
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