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  1. Kings Island Spring Madness Tournament

    I'll be the first one to submit my picks! 1. Diamondback 8. Adventure Express 4. Mystic Timbers 11. Backlot Stunt Coaster 3. The Beast 5. Flight of Fear 10. Vortex 2. Banshee
  2. So I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while but didn't know how well received it would be on here but I figured why not give it a shot, the worst that could happen is I get no replies and the thread just slowly fades away. So what I am doing is creating a March Madness-esque bracket for Kings Island. I have created a 128 "team" bracket that is broken up into the following "regions": Roller Coasters Planet Snoopy Water Rides Halloween Haunt Culinary Options Entertainment Flat Rides WinterFest The teams in the bracket will consist of rides, attractions, and locations that were active as of the 2017 operating season. The seeds that I picked for each bracket were based off of my knowledge of the "teams" and some of the feedback I've seen from others on the forums. In case anyone is curious, the bracket regional winners will square off in the following order: Roller Coasters vs. Planet Snoopy Water Rides vs. Halloween Haunt Culinary Options vs. Entertainment Flat Rides vs. WinterFest Roller Coasters/Planet Snoopy vs. Water Rides/ Halloween Haunt Culinary Options/Entertainment vs. Flat Rides/WinterFest Finals being the latter two winners facing off against each other I will be tracking the scores for these weekly, the first round will be going region by region and then the 2nd round will be 2 regions at a time, 3rd round will be 3 regions at a time, etc. The scoring is pretty simple, I am going to put up the match-ups for the first round and all you have to do is give a list of the winners for each match-up, if you don't feel you know enough about some of the attractions feel free to pass putting a winner for that match-up. The match-ups will go from Friday @ 12:01am EST until 10pm EST on Thursday where I will then announce the winners and reveal the match-ups for the next round. So without further adieu see below for the first round match-ups in the first round of the Roller Coasters regional!: 1. Diamondback vs. 16. The Great Pumpkin Coaster 8. Adventure Express vs. 9. Firehawk 4. Mystic Timbers vs. 13. Invertigo 6. The Racer (red) vs. 11. Backlot Stunt Coaster 3. The Beast vs. 14. Woodstock Express 5. Flight of Fear vs. 12. The Bat 7. The Racer (blue) vs. 10. Vortex 2. Banshee vs. 15. Flying Ace Aerial Chase
  3. New Coney Historical Pictures

    Those are pretty cool, would be awesome to see some then and now type pictures with those
  4. Totally random under rated things in the park

    That's underrated by Kings Island themselves, not by us
  5. Congo Falls

    While I agree that the placement doesn't really fit the theme of the ride, it's nice having a water ride on that side of the park as there really isn't any other ride to cool you off in that area unless you want to just stand under the mist on the Banshee sign
  6. I like the trains for The Bat... it's something different than what we got for Banshee & Flying ACE (yes, I just put those two coasters in the same category) with your feet hanging. Variety is the spice of life
  7. Totally random under rated things in the park

    I think Zephyr is a very underrated ride, never has a line and is always a fun ride to go on.
  8. Best Cloned Coaster?

    Backlot Stunt Coaster!!
  9. 2017 2018 2019

    I couldn't imagine working that cleanup, I'm sure it's an absolute mess that will take a lot of time and manpower to complete.
  10. Park Nitpicks

    But... how would it find its wind it seeks and finds so much?
  11. Flying ACE already has long enough of a wait time due to only running one train, adding VR would just increase that even more. It also tends to always have a pretty long line so I don't think it's popularity is fading at all. I do agree that adding VR to The Bat might be a good idea just because the ride never has a line and it may get some more traffic with it added, but I don't really think it's the layout of that ride that causes it's low ridership, it's the location.
  12. What could 2018 bring KI

    Ah okay, weird that I never saw it when I went over there, where is it located at?
  13. What could 2018 bring KI

    So... maybe I don't remember this, but was there always a "Soak City Skyline Express"? I saw it on https://www.visitkingsisland.com/tickets-passes/drinks-dining and for the life of me I don't ever remember this existing, I thought it was just Coconut Cove, Island Smokehouse, and Subway.
  14. What could 2018 bring KI

    I believe there won't be much in the way of an announcement of a ride, but I got a feeling we may see a few teasers posted somewhere in the park...
  15. The Giga Speculation Thread

    You can see plenty of that topic in the last 5 pages of this thread.