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  1. If I renew can I get a free gold pass, or would I still be on the hook for the $15 each pass?
  2. Hi, Someone broke into my car last night and stole my KI gold passes. I have called KI to let them know to please deactivate them, confiscate them, etc. However, I was also told that it would be $15 a piece to replace them. I have filed a police report. Do you think if I bring said report that I can get free replacements? Or, am I better off just buying my 2016 passes and getting new passes made? Will they even make them this early? Thanks!
  3. We went this morning and had a similar situation. I stayed with the baby while my husband and daughter rode Surf Dog. A man in the back was filming on his cell the whole time. The operator came on the speaker at least 4x's and said "Please put away all cell phones". He did not.
  4. Well, considering that our cotton candy was handed to us in a bag and then we were handed a bucket, I'm not sure that we will need to wash it at all.
  5. Morning! We went to KI yesterday and had a great time! I decided to "invest" in the cotton candy and popcorn bucket. I bought it at Planet Snoopy at the little snack spot in the back. My question is where else in the park could I get it refilled in the future. We are mostly going to be in PS, but we will probably be over in at Dinos alive, Soak City, etc throughout the season. Thank you!
  6. A really good themed dark ride. No shooting, just immersion into the story.
  7. Nope, just a normal person, not an employee. I am not looking for a "loophole", but am unsure of the meal deal policy for those too young for a ticket.
  8. Thank you for your welcome! I have not been to KI in years (well, it was PKI at the time if that tells you anything), but my girl will be close to seven y.o. next summer, and therefore old enough to tolerate the drive. I live in Lex, KY, and so I will probably bring she and myself during weekdays some, and bring the hubs and the baby (will be 2) with us on some weekends. I am anticipating we should go 8 times over the summer for myself and my daughter. I can see the husband and the baby maybe 4-5. I think we would would probably come at opening time and leave by 3. I see the meal plan thi
  9. Can anyone who used the dining plan for 2014 give me your thoughts on it? Were the choices sufficient? If you had an under 3yo, did they care if you shared? Did you find it to be economical and useful, or is it best to just go a la carte? Thank you!
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