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  1. They do such a tremendous job. Truly feels like a park with all the greenery.
  2. Smile. Look interviewer straight in the eye. Answer all questions honestly. Be confident and believe in yourself. Good luck young one and let us know how it goes.
  3. Thrilled to see some nights open till Midnight. Riding Diamondback or The Beast in extreme darkness just enhances the thrills.
  4. "Holy Sh*t That Was Awesome!!" is the name I'd give it.
  5. Cool piece. Really wonder how many of us sit and dwell on what is going on during the off season up there. Thanks to this page and Facebook/Twitter we can peek in on the action.
  6. Holy smokes!! Felt like I was time traveling. Made me smile and laugh. Great post and thanks for sharing.
  7. Superman and Escape from Krypton gets this guy's vote. Just seems ridiculously insanely thrill.
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