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  1. It looked entirely intact last Thursday. Train parked in the station like they just went home for the night; only real sign of the ride's impending doom was the pair of construction offices built out of shipping containers adjacent to the ride where the facility last known as Extreme Sports Stadium once stood.
  2. I'm not really sure where that "journalist" gets the notion that the information that the park released is "self-serving" when they came out almost immediately after the incident and appeared to take full responsibility by acknowledging that a (relatively) small metal object "became disengaged", resulting in injuries requiring medical care beyond on-site EMS. As for how much info is right to release and when, morally and legally, I dunno. I do know that they were demanding answers before an investigation could provide them. Not really sure what their deal is at the ol' Register.
  3. The best way I can think to counter that is to say I've been in a crash with a large dump truck and walked away. Yet others leave crash scenes with lasting injuries, or don't survive. The point is that, like a lot of things, geting sick (with COVID-19 or anything) is a spectrum. Most people will get off easy, but some suffer lasting damage and others won't survive. It's not those who get off easy that you take precautions for. It's the rest of the potential outcomes.
  4. Google Maps satellite imagery shows the same thing. The "second floor" facades are just that, facades. The real building roof is lower than the facade and flat, as you say. French Corner is especially obvious this way. Link for reference: https://goo.gl/maps/7nEh5ymGNTwxEJTV7 And yet, it looks like this from International Street (from when Starbucks was at that site in 2011) :
  5. It's pretty clear from what the ODA inspectors have released that something did make contact with the track itself. We also know that it's a rather small area - in the realm of 25' - of track impacted. They didn't specify the exact location but it sounds like the plate came loose right around the finish line, as green train was headed into the static (fixed, not retracting) brake fins. From all the information, it seems that either one or both bolts/screws failed, causing the L-shaped flag plate to come loose. We don't know the exact speed at the point the plate came loose but the train was probably still around 100 mph. At that speed, (yes, it's slowing down, but let's ignore that for simplicity), the train would cover about 150 ft / second. 25' of track damage sounds like one or both screws/bolts came loose, causing the plate in question to lower slightly, likely rotating around one fastener. It hit the track for a split second before becoming a projectile toward the queue. That's just speculation based on all of the information that has been released so far, of course.
  6. You keep posting similar updates seconds after me. Are you watching me? Yup, as expected. Not cool.
  7. Additional info has been released regarding the injured woman's present condition:
  8. https://www.wxyz.com/news/local-news/inspectors-say-l-shaped-bracket-from-top-thrill-dragster-dislodged-near-end-of-ride-struck-woman ODA inspectors released a lot of info today. The injured is a 44-yo woman from Michigan, who was indeed struck in the head by a piece of the ride. She was transported (LifeFlight) from FRMC to St. Vincent's Hospital in Toledo, which has a Trauma Recovery Center. It seems it indeed was the L-bracket that was photographed previously, or a similar piece. The park does indeed have the part in question. Some of the bolts that held it in place were missing; others were still in place. Sounds like it's related to the control system's proximity switches. Whatever happened managed to mangle the track a bit in the process. The investigation into how this occurred is ongoing.
  9. However what? You're not disagreeing with me. I'm not going to speculate on the family's silence since no conclusions can be drawn from it. I wish the media would stop throwing tantrums that they can't ID and harass them.
  10. Like I said, we can't really draw conclusions from that. I certainly wouldn't want to be constantly pestered when my family was trying to recover, heal, and figure out the legal aspect. It's just that typically you do hear from those involved in similar situations, as much as there are situations "similar" to this.
  11. Yesterday's article has the "journalist" showing no ability to dig into the subject and understand it. Basically quoted an ODA spokesperson saying that they're asking the wrong people to look into the medical response aspect of things. Instead of taking that as a critique and cue to keep digging. Here's a hint, a freebie: the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Division of Amusement Ride Safety & Fairs has nothing to do with one (allegedly at least slightly intoxicated) FNP's "complaint" that CP EMT "mishandled" the situation. If anyone investigates that, I dunno, maybe it's a board that oversees FNP licensing in Ohio to look into her actions, and whoever oversees EMTs in Ohio? Why don't you start there? As promised, I won't even send you a bill. Side note, I do find it interesting that the family is suspiciously quiet, but no conclusions can readily be drawn from that.
  12. This is the only way to respond at this point. Even if it were to ultimately be removed, Cedar Fair and INTAMIN need to know how this was able to happen. The statement gives me hope that she is still receiving the care she deserves and has a chance at recovery. Sources: https://www.facebook.com/cedarpoint/posts/10158375615151463 Tony and the park have been doing that lately in general, but here especially, there's nothing to discuss.
  13. What allegations of civil liability under state law for the non-emergency medicine nurse, who isn’t a trained EMT? What are my “allegations” vs. statements of observed fact? Why should I accuse the park of anything when I have very little to go on? No damming evidence has been released. The one bit of video we’ve seen doesn’t show any wrongdoing to the untrained observer except her trying to tell trained responders what to do. If anything, I’ve expressed that maintenance at the park this year has been brought into question, first with the lift chain failure at GateKeeper and now this. Not knowing the exact details, I’m not going to make accusations but rather express my concern.
  14. Regardless, civil liability under state law hasn’t been alleged. HIPAA violations, a federal law, and other concerns have been alleged.
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