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  1. You mean it's not a major holiday where everyone in the Greater Cincinnati Area™ comes out to the park? So they lied to me? Say it isn't so!
  2. However, the public might buy into the hype of National Roller Coaster Day and concentrate visits around that time. They're a much larger percentage of park attendance (to use Terpy's figures, essentially 100%), so that's what you should be worried about.
  3. It's a campout. Who really sleeps when camping? But really, last year's Coaster Campout at Cedar Point did indeed feature a late-night wake-up. It kinda backfired, though, because it was a Halloweekends teaser that ended up scaring some little children.
  4. They do have good causes lined up as best I can tell, so I'm really not sure why they aren't saying what they are. It would surely be more compelling to donate when you know what you're donating to. As for Cedar Point's second (biannual*?) Coaster Campout, Tony Clark said in his blog post announcement that the campsite fee is going directly to Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of Erie County. That blog post shows that campers will indeed be in the corner where Turnpike Cars used to sit. The way Tony refers to it as a "(mysterious, for now) field" and the timing of mid-August (which is around the time we expect an announcement), one wonders if there will be a tie-in there. * Biannual and semiannual somehow both mean the same opposite things: twice a year and once every other year. In this case, context clues indicate I'm referring to the former option.
  5. jsus

    Haunt 2015

    ^^^^ Is the rest of Planet Snoopy typically open at the same time? I can't recall.
  6. They will be Fury-ous after spending a Centuri-on speculations.
  7. jsus

    Current wait times

    ^ Liked for the info and as a unit holder, not the busyness as a guest.
  8. That indeed explains a lot, Terpy, and deserves much respect.
  9. Ah, but are all Motel 6 rooms' showers clean enough to comfortably use?
  10. Still no mention of willingness to even consider negotiations? *sigh*
  11. That camera is a PTZ unit, short for pan, tilt, and zoom. They can move pretty far around the park from its position on Power Tower. It's indeed possible that they positioned it there for internal monitoring and intentionally left it off of the site. They could've just put up another camera to play with internally, but alas. We're not entitled to live webcams.
  12. Motel 6, sure, but what about, say, a Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn Express?
  13. Could they not have had the locker-cleaning crew work a little later, even if it overlapped with the start of the employee ride night?
  14. Actually, TLC is really TCFKATLC, or The Channel Formerly Known As "The Learning Channel". Nowadays, viewers "learn" about the "reality" of living as dwarves or giants or Amish, or being unhealthily overweight, or having numerous children, baking cakes, being addicted to "strange" things, ending up in an ER because of bedroom (or elsewhere) activities... The list goes on.
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