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  1. It's a thing - some people like to turn old buses (even school buses) into RVs by gutting the interior and building it into an RV. Popular Mechanics even wrote an article about it: https://www.popularmechanics.com/home/a30022899/convert-school-bus-house/
  2. You might have thought you were helping, but you didn't think much. You had no idea what the status of the ride was, what the procedure was and how well it was being executed. I certainly wouldn't want a water bottle when, as she claims, I'm going to be sitting on a lift hill for at least an hour with no bathroom. It'd be warm in no time and then I'd need a restroom. She complains that they were allegedly still sitting on the lift hill an hour later, but she does not realize how much of that alleged delay he caused. She also complains that the food stand cashier wasn't going to bring water bottles to the riders stranded on the hill. Well, duh, that's for park operations to handle, not a random cashier nearby who knows little more than how to serve snacks and drinks, and cash them out. Not the biggest fan of Six Flags, but I expect they have procedures in place for these things, especially on a toasty OKC day. I can't comment on the operations of that park, but I will note that I was once on Mystic Timbers in the shed when the power to the ride went out. There was a train in the station, fortunate for them. In the shed, it was quite toasty, but at least enclosed. Unfortunately for them, there was also a loaded train stacked out back, baking in the Sun. After being manually released and escorted around the corner into the station, we were provided with, wait for it.. Cold Dasani bottles! No need for a guest to trespass through a restricted/LOTO zone; the park had it covered.
  3. The Pickup / drop-off lot is accessible off of Kings Island Drive under the tall Kings Island sign (with the screen on it). Enter directly off the road; don't go to the toll plaza. See map below for reference. https://goo.gl/maps/jiR1WW3b97dqaaELA
  4. Yikes. That's one way to make me prefer the time I was at Harmony Hall at Carowinds where they were playing Kidz Bop on FunTV over by the bar. I thought that was bad but yours is worse. Who thought that was appropriate? *facepalm*
  5. So you don't waste your money! Ya even when they intentionally choose a category, it's often forced.. e.g. https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/teen-writes-book-on-the-history-of-kings-island Did anyone think @KIghostguy's book would be a waste of money?
  6. This is something I've never understood. Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are like bulletin boards in different places. If you're gonna put your message out there, you use every bulletin board you can find to make sure it reaches people. Instead, so many companies will just post key updates in one place. Like, use every appropriate method you can to get the message out (an email blast for cancelling Chef's Plate might be a bit much).
  7. So the question is, wouldn't signs/posters + using all the digital signage in the park these days (at the gate, the touchscreen maps, FunTV, etc) be at least as effective without little cards that will just be ripped up, tossed everywhere, and ignored? Signs that you see repeatedly for reinforcement? That said, no amount of posting rules and reinforcement will prevent what happened on the 22nd without strong, visible enforcement before the situation becomes out of hand.
  8. Yikes, what's the chance these aren't literally littered all over the park by Monday? And who cares what some little card says when their tempers flare?
  9. No shame in that. It'd also make an easy side job that pays even better than their skilled work should they wish.
  10. ^ Yup, the pay is low for such an important service. The harm is really not justified at any rate of pay, but that doesn't help matters. $20/hr wouldn't make up for the abuse but it would show more appreciation for how much value they bring. Of course, CP does have its own EMTs that presumably are at $20/hr this season, if this unidentified EMT wanted to make the move.. Though, with tackling this guy, they could look into CPPD as well. Impressive.
  11. Yes. The answer is clearly yes. ... wow. Attacking the responding EMT, who has to tackle and knock you out before they can even render aid to the person they arrived to assist. There are no words for something as evil as this.
  12. There was also no way to tell where the back of the long wait-in-a-long-line-to-get-a-ticket-to-wait-in-a-long-line lines were, or what they were. There was no associate walking around advising people what they were getting in line for. If you came across the train tracks by Gemini and saw a line backed up all through Frontier Town, how do you know if it's an Access Pass line for Maverick or Steel Vengeance? Or maybe nothing at all, because people are just waiting around? You can ask the people in front of you, but then it's like a game of telephone - are you sure they know?
  13. No need to get there early, unless you're especially concerned. It shouldn't be a problem. If the park expected a problem, reservations would be required for the main park as well. Park reservations last year were initially to both limit the total number of guests in the park, and the number of guests gathered at the gate waiting to get in. They weren't sure if normal patterns of guests showing up throughout the day would hold, and didn't want a mass gathering at the gate with people packed in tight. From analyzing guest patterns last year (when people arrive, how long they stay, etc.), they've concluded that they have enough capacity and guests will stagger their arrivals and departures in a way that makes reservations unnecessary. Operational capacity should be greatly increased because they're not blocking off half the rows on most roller coastesr, for instance. More riders per hour, more hours in the operating day, more guests the park can handle, less need for reservations.
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