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  1. Oww, my head. On topic? It almost looks just like a road/walkway widening or extension. Could be for a campground. CP has been adding campsites lately on the old Sandcastle Suites site, but they lost some when they put in cabins/cottages.
  2. I hope so, for the park's sake.
  3. Could be a great sales pitch -- "Look how many of your passholders are interested in visiting our park." It'd be even better with in-park spending data related to those guests, though that'd be skewed by free admission.
  4. In addition to 2020 passes themselves being extended to 2021, so too are all add-ons, e.g. drink/dining plans, FunPix, FastLane. Think of it like you bought a 2020 pass, but now it's really a 2020 thru 2021 pass. Anything you can do this year, you should be able to do next year, including but not limited to switching between drink plan (on pass) and a reusable bottle.* *As always, feel free to confirm this with the park. Source: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/park-update
  5. Right. Like I said, you can use the 10% passholder discount to pay for your items, both on beverages and on the food menu. You can also use your dining plan, but not your drink plan. For instance, there are whole cheese and pepperoni pizzas which aren't dining plan-eligible. You'll have to pay for those, but you should get your 10% discount.
  6. Note that drinks for the season pass drink plan still need to be acquired from a cashier, just like when ordering from the kiosks. Mobile ordering will only give you the 10% passholder discount and your dining plan meal. Surely they have a reason for this, but I don't understand it.
  7. Almost everyone is home from school since March or so...
  8. I don't take it personally. I'd just appreciate an explanation, since what we said shouldn't be viewed as confusing or controversial in the slightest. This is a discussion forum, after all, so let's discuss, @coaster sally!
  9. @coaster sally, what exactly has you confused about the last two posts from @silver2005 and myself?
  10. Ding, ding, ding. And there's nothing wrong with that. GateKeeper, Orion, etc. are still great rides and great additions. It doesn't have to be the most mind-blowing ride. It just has to appeal to the demographics at that park.
  11. Part of the problem, both with Orion and GateKeeper, is that enthusiasts generally want to see something new and innovative. Something they haven't seen before that blows them away, or at least combines the best elements of other recent rides. Reality is that it's difficult if not impossible to keep pushing the limits, and it's not always necessary. Take each ride for what it is. Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Steel Vengeance, etc. may be the stars at the park, but they need a supporting crew of fun rides, too. I still very much enjoy Gemini and Magnum, for instance, even though they're primitive by modern standards. Same thing with Adventure Express at KI. GateKeeper was never intended to be a boundary-pushing extreme thrill ride. It's a nice, relatively tame and approachable ride with some cool features that interacts nicely with the main gate plaza. The keyhole towers make an excellent first impression as you approach and enter the park. The ride itself is fun, too. I'm particularly fond of the in-line twist behind the towers.
  12. @IceePirate, if you have info on that, I'd be happy to hear it. My understanding was that B&M trains are only built overseas, though that could be wrong.
  13. @silver2005, then I must be very silly, as I very much enjoy Cedar Point. It's definitely got its operational struggles, and plenty of room to improve, but it's a beautiful setting for a FUN park.
  14. Good point as well. Sandusky is the HQ but there's the regional office out in Charlotte (not on-site at Carowinds) as well.
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