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  1. Agreed. There are way too many things that lined up to make last Saturday a miserable day at the park. Saturday before Columbus Day 8 hour day (12-8p) in 2020 vs. 13 hours (11a-12m) in 2019 No Friday night (normally 6p-12m during Halloweekends) to take some of the demand Park capacity is capped by reservations to 50% of what management sees as park capacity (which would be a miserable day), combined with Operational capacity, particularly rides, is reduced to 25-40%, due to reduced seating capacity, and increased cycle times to al
  2. Wasn't my post but that's the way I interpreted it. It's also a valid question. No worries.
  3. But what's the cash price?
  4. That was the implication, since I'm only aware of the ride being down last weekend, not the weekend prior. Again, @IndyGuy4KI reports the park hopes to have the ride operational this weekend (tomorrow). You seem to think it's a possibility that they're replacing a piece of track, and for the ride to reopen in that one-week timeframe, how else do you expect that to work logistically? They just had an extra piece of track fabricated for funsies? Like the claims that INTAMIN had already redesigned and fabricated the s-curve that replaced the heartline roll on Maverick... but waited until
  5. Nondestructive Testing (see Wikipedia) Essentially, it's referring to a method or series of methods of testing the structural integrity of a material without doing any damage to it. Examples include using an x-ray scanner to look below the surface of a piece of steel track to look for things like tiny cracks invisible to the human eye, that when stressed, can cause the whole piece to fail. The repeated stress of a roller coaster train riding down the track can cause even the smallest defect to grow, ultimately leading to catastrophic failure. The one thing that makes me question
  6. Depends entirely on the specifics of any crack or other defect that may or may not exist in the steel track. All of these are possible solutions, presuming that the notion of a crack or other defect in the steel track is indeed the reason for the downtime. That said, the park stated that they hope to have Banshee operational as soon as this weekend (see @IndyGuy4KI's post on the first page). Has anyone seen a flatbed from Clermont Steel Fabricators bringing in this supposed replacement track segment this week? I'd think they'd need to have it in by now, especially if replacing track re
  7. They'd just do the same thing that auto body shops do any time they replace a panel or otherwise need to do significant paint work - blend the new paint with the surrounding paint so there's a more seamless transition between new and old. The paint looking a little deeper on one track segment likely wouldn't get most people's attention, anyway. Do you see people remarking over fresh wood on wood coasters, which sticks out like a sore thumb (e.g. light brown new wood, dark brown aged wood)? I don't. As for repair vs. replace, it comes down to whether or not any defect in the track (
  8. There's so much wrong with that. Raptor is 20 years older than Banshee (1994 vs. 2014). What makes you think that a mission-critical component that's not a typical replacement part kept in stock would be a simple drop-in replacement like this? Cedar Point is scheduled to operate through the weekend after Halloween. Just like Kings Island. Both parks will be open at the same time. Why on Earth would they spend the time and money to tear apart Raptor so that Banshee can operate? Etc...
  9. But what are you suggesting that you know the current display is incapable of?
  10. But that is an LED matrix display...
  11. How would that differ from the one currently in place? Or are you referring to a different sign? Source: https://goo.gl/maps/MSw9Fk4kZeBZijCp7
  12. Anything is possible with enough money and the right argument for the potential seller.
  13. It comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of how human health works. A virus infecting you doesn't just kill you. It infects various systems in your body which causes them to fail, or causes your immune system to overreact and basically attack your body, not just the infection. When someone passes away in a car crash, the car crash itself didn't directly kill them. It causes catastrophic damage to one or more organs without which the victim cannot survive. So, cause of death would be, for instance, a traumatic brain injury that was the direct result of the car crash. In other word
  14. Please do some research into these things before spreading false information. That is not remotely what the CDC said, and not how human health works. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/08/31/trump-picks-up-where-fox-news-left-off-with-new-coronavirus-death-toll-conspiracy-theory/
  15. It's a similar situation to steel coasters - the ride structure itself is designed, and then the station is designed around it. So there are still vertical steel support columns for station track in the station that support the track + train, then a completely separate steel/concrete structure to hold the station floor, etc. The station track is structurally sound without the station present..
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