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  1. Not that huge, too small to clear the 400' top hat. And it's gone, having only been seen with a man basket attached, not lifting anything heavy on/off the structure.
  2. Everything is a hidden message. Are you new here?
  3. Bring-a-friend eTicket was for renewing pass holders only back on August 12.
  4. I hope you mean the Family Care Center as there's no nursing home in the park. It's normally open during the day but not by the time Haunt rolls around as Haunt really isn't the place for small children, etc.
  5. At the same time, who are you or the park to be the arbiter of what one needs to feel comfortable with their preparation to manage their condition? Everyone has their own tolerances and preferences.
  6. See the thread below. As @disco2000 notes, it's on park property over by The Bat and GWL.
  7. "That's nice, dear. Get your manager." There are some things you just don't accept, no matter how high you need to escalate things. Being refused medical accommodations is not something you accept. Sounds like they didn't think this whole thing through if they've failed to properly train security to tell the difference. Totally unlike CFEC there to not think these things through...
  8. jsus

    Gold pass

  9. Silly me initially expected that'd be how they handled it, but of course not.
  10. Best of luck on your interview!
  11. Western Row & Columbia. Plug your address into Google Maps and it'll show you how to get there. There's a sign for 1 Team Way, and that it's not a guest entrance. Let the guard know you're there for your interview, since that's where they directed you to enter. https://goo.gl/maps/cGMmDVY7goUG7NiW8
  12. Yep. There aren't many cranes in the world tall enough to work on TTD's 420' top hat. They're massive. Thus, they're expensive to rent. Any work on the tower short of maintenance tasks like repainting would require cranes of that size to be brought in. Be that adding to the height, taking away height, re-tracking it, or removing it. If they're already going to the expense of bringing in the extremely expensive and hard to schedule cranes, it would seem to make more sense to just tear down the entire top hat. But that's the most valuable part of the structure, at which point, what's the benefit over removing the ride entirely? All the ride really is, is some shuttle track on the ground to get you around, the launch, and the top hat. Keeping the top hat necessitates keeping the launch, and almost vice versa. The hydraulic launch system is notoriously unreliable overall, and has been a safety issue from the start. Replacing that with the LSMs many of us suspect will be installed would do wonders for safety and reliability. That's a notable change in the ride experience, even more with the new trains to go along with it. There's always the chance of the ride being expanded, but the most likely scenario is a full upgrade of the electrical and mechanical systems (control system, launch mechanism, etc.). Modifying the top hat requires similar expense to just removing the ride entirely and wouldn't significantly improve the ride experience. It's not a detriment to the ride. The structure overall isn't a safety or reliability issue thus not a top priority for investment. Everything else is.
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