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  1. Fun fact, Cedar Point also owns a former motel in town that is used for employee housing. It's the former Budget Host Inn on Cleveland Road, just east of the causeway, behind Castaway Bay. Acquired in 2019: https://sanduskyregister.com/news/93554/cedar-point-buys-motel-for-1m/ Used during the pandemic as a "quarantine hotel": https://sanduskyregister.com/news/245697/cp-hotel-welcomes-frontline-workers/
  2. Yeah, I have no idea why they named it "Extended Stay Sandusky". Especially since it's a dumpy old motel, not set up like an extended stay property with suites containing at least a kitchenette, etc. - unless they renovated it after acquisition.
  3. The property used to be a Travelodge. At this point, I can't find any evidence that it's being available to the public to rent out rooms. Something tells me "Extended Stay Sandusky" is the name Kalahari uses to refer to this employee housing facility which they own... (Okay, all evidence points to that.) Erie County Auditor records show the property registered to: Very clever name for a holding company to acquire the former Travelodge, eh? Anyway, that then leads you to Acacia Hospitality which identifies itself as: And further provides an address of: Which, as you might have imagined, is the address for none other than Kalahari - Wisconsin Dells, WI. Home of Kalahari HQ. https://www.kalahariresorts.com/wisconsin/help/contact-us/ Interestingly, there appears to be no signage from the street indicating the current use of the facility. Just a sign with directions for taxis and shuttles to pick up/drop off.
  4. We do know that the investigation is not yet over, meaning that they likely have a decent understanding of at least some contributing factors, but are not yet ready to say they've identified all of them. Per the article:
  5. TTD has much more of an ability to lure in visitors from far away than SOB ever did amongst the broader public, not just enthusiasts, IMHO. So there's a difference there. At the same time, as you say, anything is possible. The ride does have a rather high cost-per-rider and I imagine it isn't as much of a draw as it used to be. Downtime is still a big problem after ~19 seasons of operation. As for the investigation continuing? When the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) investigates a major jet airliner crash, automobile crash, etc., their investigations take a while - sometimes two years. The goal is to figure out exactly what failures in hardware, software, and people led to the incident and how it can be prevented from ever happening again. It takes time to have a thorough understanding of these things, and isn't something you want to rush. I don't really see it being a problem that they haven't finished the investigation yet.
  6. This has to be a joke, right? Like, April Fools', everyone?
  7. For $11 more than the standard all-day dining ($31.99 vs. $42.99), you get: All-day drink wristband at the standard 15 minute interval, a $14.99 retail value An expanded menu to include not just entree + side, but also select TBA snacks Not bad if you value those.
  8. Whoops, must've missed that indeed. It's been a long 2 years. So now it's really odd they keep pulling the cams. If they were upgrading them, that should be doable in a day before anyone noticed they were gone. What are they up to?
  9. Am I missing something? Hasn't KI had no live cams since Orion's construction? If so, they're gone and don't expect to see them again unless the park says otherwise.
  10. Come on, now, they're smoothing out the ride a bit. They're not drastically altering the ride as a whole. There's no reason to believe it won't still be the same Beast that we know and love, just a better ride.
  11. The park isn't in the business of banning guests. It seems they determined that a ban for only a single season/year was appropriate for this (presumably) first time offense. A business would generally rather not ban customers at all because without customers, there is no business.
  12. So let me get this straight. You just happened to run into a group who got into trouble, but weren't involved when security came to investigate. So you totally weren't ID'd at that point in person. Okay, then how exactly do you claim security tied you to the group unless you really think they played back surveillance footage of the group showing this "running into them"? And then they just assumed that you were there when the wrongdoing that was worthy of a 1-year ban occurred? You legit think they watched you all the way back to the time that you entered the park to pull up your season pass details, based on having "run into them"? Or do you seriously think they scanned the database of all pass holder photos to ID you? You totally didn't do anything to get yourself banned for a year, and then told your mom that you knew nothing about it, that you had "run into" a group who got into trouble but you weren't a part of it? Because a 15yo would never.. NEVER!!.. lie to his/her parents about getting in trouble! Sorry, the whole story seems to be a non-story, where he got himself into trouble and won't fess up. The simplest explanation is almost always the most accurate. Edited to add: And to show what honest, rule-abiding park guests you are, you released video to the media showing your reckless disregard for the safety of other guests, via loose articles on the lift hill of The Racer (handheld video)?
  13. The photo was apparently taken from the drop-off lot at the base of the KI monument sign. The gray box is the electrical box for the sign/lighting over there and the green box next to it an electrical transformer.
  14. It seems quite clear that this plot of land is where the restaurant is going rather than razing and rebuilding Miss Keat's thru Palace Theater, *sigh*. They seem to be very clearly grading out a rectangular plot of land on the Antique Cars site, per aerial footage from WJW Fox 8 out of Cleveland. I'm personally not seeing why this needs to be a new restaurant with a new building where a family-friendly ride once stood, when there's plenty of space right there with some outdated buildings on it.
  15. Please point us to that "linked article" that even just implies a B&M defect as it's clearly not in this thread. The one in your OP is about a power outage which is a local issue in a foreign country. It has nothing to do with B&M. It's not even relevant to most people in Japan, let alone internationally.
  16. No, we shouldn't. You want people to agree with you, and your views will not change regardless of any concrete evidence presented to you. You just have this irrational hatred of B&M that is extremely troubling. Who has been seriously injured by a B&M ride, not through their own negligence, in recent history? By all accounts, the rider who trespassed over multiple fences warning of DANGER, instructing DO NOT ENTER, into a low zone on Raptor was responsible for that tragic incident; it wasn't a failure of park or manufacturer. On the other hand, @IndyGuy4KI notes what is at best a serious, devastating injury suffered at Top Thrill Dragster this season from a failure that should not have been possible. We pray she does recover from that. Even that incident, we have no evidence at this time to fault the manufacturer (INTAMIN, in that case).
  17. There is literally nothing in this article which casts Bolliger & Mabillard in a negative light in the slightest. The ride manufacturer is not responsible for the electrical system within the park. There is literally nothing that makes this even national news in Japan, much less international news. Absolutely no assumptions can be made without engineering analysis to say that a ride that opened 14.5 years ago - over 14 years ago!! - has a fault due to the manufacturer vs. maintenance, but again, this is a power supply issue, not a ride issue. (Source on 2007 opening: RCDB) We get it, you hate B&M, but you don't need to attack them for everything. It's immature nonsense. Seriously, it's nonsense. The ride stopped safely as designed - no cable failure, no anti-rollback failure, in an emergency situation that was not B&M's fault. Nobody was hurt. It's not B&M's responsibility to expediently evacuate riders. They designed the appropriate procedures and facilities to do that - you can see the lift hill stairs in your article's photos. The park allegedly took an excessive amount of time to evacuate riders, so any fault lies with them. Or should I fault GCI for the time I was stuck for ~30 min in "The Shed" on Mystic Timbers when the ride lost power, with a train stuck outside the shed in the summer heat? What about INTAMIN for the time Maverick's launch hill seemingly lost power, causing a failed attempt and rollback? The procedure for that isn't pretty because after rolling most of the way down, the LSM motors continued to hold the train in place as brakes, leading the drive wheels leading to the launch to have to fight (slipping heavily) to get the train off the motors for a second attempt. The sound of the rubber drive tires slipping like hell against the bottom of the train was very disconcerning. Yet it worked and the train launched successfully on that second attempt and every other time I've been on the ride since 2007. But hey, INTAMIN is infallible and B&M is rubbish, right?
  18. What exactly is Cedar Fair really giving up here? Sounds like the Charlotte office will continue with no specific corporate staffing levels required. CEO Zimmerman is not quoted for comment, it's mostly between the park and the city, not corpirate. The park was never at risk of leaving, just the CF HQ. Taxes are already collected at time of pass sale. Several years back, they started to break it out instead of including it in the advertised price. See the current 4% admission tax being charged below. Platinum passholders from other parks are not charged tax for using their pass at CP since they're not paying CP for admission, parking, and, for those with dining and/or drinks add-ons, food & bev. Sounds more like the current one will be rebuilt wider, per the chart.
  19. It looked entirely intact last Thursday. Train parked in the station like they just went home for the night; only real sign of the ride's impending doom was the pair of construction offices built out of shipping containers adjacent to the ride where the facility last known as Extreme Sports Stadium once stood.
  20. I'm not really sure where that "journalist" gets the notion that the information that the park released is "self-serving" when they came out almost immediately after the incident and appeared to take full responsibility by acknowledging that a (relatively) small metal object "became disengaged", resulting in injuries requiring medical care beyond on-site EMS. As for how much info is right to release and when, morally and legally, I dunno. I do know that they were demanding answers before an investigation could provide them. Not really sure what their deal is at the ol' Register.
  21. The best way I can think to counter that is to say I've been in a crash with a large dump truck and walked away. Yet others leave crash scenes with lasting injuries, or don't survive. The point is that, like a lot of things, geting sick (with COVID-19 or anything) is a spectrum. Most people will get off easy, but some suffer lasting damage and others won't survive. It's not those who get off easy that you take precautions for. It's the rest of the potential outcomes.
  22. Google Maps satellite imagery shows the same thing. The "second floor" facades are just that, facades. The real building roof is lower than the facade and flat, as you say. French Corner is especially obvious this way. Link for reference: https://goo.gl/maps/7nEh5ymGNTwxEJTV7 And yet, it looks like this from International Street (from when Starbucks was at that site in 2011) :
  23. It's pretty clear from what the ODA inspectors have released that something did make contact with the track itself. We also know that it's a rather small area - in the realm of 25' - of track impacted. They didn't specify the exact location but it sounds like the plate came loose right around the finish line, as green train was headed into the static (fixed, not retracting) brake fins. From all the information, it seems that either one or both bolts/screws failed, causing the L-shaped flag plate to come loose. We don't know the exact speed at the point the plate came loose but the train was probably still around 100 mph. At that speed, (yes, it's slowing down, but let's ignore that for simplicity), the train would cover about 150 ft / second. 25' of track damage sounds like one or both screws/bolts came loose, causing the plate in question to lower slightly, likely rotating around one fastener. It hit the track for a split second before becoming a projectile toward the queue. That's just speculation based on all of the information that has been released so far, of course.
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