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  1. Another new attraction/facility taking cues from park history. There once was a Grand Pavilion, and what was old will be new again. Will be interesting to see what the new version contains. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/media-center/cedar-point-timeline-1870-1969
  2. Correct, they're essentially just $0 upfront fee prepaid Visa cards, with a monthly dormancy fee after 92 days (so don't load too much more than you plan to spend in that time, in or out of the park). I haven't seen them in person yet but do the signs/kiosks not make this clear? Anyway, check out the FAQ from the park. Source: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/cashless
  3. Yep, happens a lot on Google Maps for some reason. Outside the park, a store will relocate, for instance, and the street address will be changed. I'll go in and move the marker to the new location. It gets (even automatically sometimes) approved. I look at the map later, and it's back to the old location. So expect Tom+Chee to keep bouncing back and forth as it keeps getting reverted to the erroneous location.
  4. The state of Florida... As in:
  5. Visible through the glass door on your right as you go to exit the park, yep.
  6. That's exactly what it is. Sometimes they'll throw out a "this ride has reached the end of its usable lifespan" or similar, but the reality is, the reason why something was removed is because the park decided that the cost of keeping it was higher than the cost of removing it. The public shouldn't really expect to receive more than that. That said, again, not even giving the standard non-answer of "removed for future expansion" is much worse than Cedar Point announcing Top Thrill Dragster will remain closed for the 2022 season while they "evaluate its future". At least there, they let the public know they're working to determine if they can safely and economically reopen the ride. If there was any doubt that Slingshot was removed due to the FL incident, the lack of response from the park shows they had serious safety concerns they don't want to own up to. Not sure how we could read anything else into it.
  7. Not really "allegedly" anything. That's the standard response. Everything gets removed for "future expansion", even Vortex with no immediate plans... When serious matters arise (which removing Slingshot in the aftermath of the FL incident is whether that's the direct cause or not), a certain individual named by WSAZ sure does seem to like to either ghost the media and public, or direct blame elsewhere. Not a good look for the park. Not reassuring when corporate has to say, "yeah, that's the person at KI you should talk to" and the media still gets no response.
  8. Exactly, and I was providing an example of that. Then there's Cedar Point where for years you could re-scan your pass for re-entry but officially they instructed you to get a hand stamp.
  9. Has it changed the last couple of years? Used to be at KI that a season pass could be scanned for re-entry, with the monitors over the exit lanes advising of this at the bottom of the screen. Only daily ticket holders needed a hand stamp (or whatever alternative they were doing for the pandemic). Now, at Carowinds once, they acted like I was trying to pull a fast one scanning the pass twice in one day. Luckily I'd gotten the hand stamp anyway but wanted to try the pass again...
  10. And here I was thinking condemnation would be bad...
  11. Yep, it'd be entirely unreasonable and irresponsible to return to 3 train operation within a week had a collision occurred. It was close, about an Orion car-length or two, but that makes all the difference in the end.
  12. The post you quoted was about posting a message on the website if the ride will be down for a while. So, if the ride will be down for a while, then they should let people know, lest they show up expecting to ride Orion and find it closed. It's unlikely that it will be down at all given that it reportedly reopened the next day, albeit with single train operations. And there's no reason they can't run at least one train.
  13. You sure they weren't just lost in transit? For context: In 2012, when Luminosity began and Celebration ShowPlazaPlace opened, the park decided to see if Carly Rae Jepsen would call them, maybe. So they arranged a concert hosted by a Cleveland radio station, WAKS. The radio station had to stall for at least an hour past the expected start time because... the talent simply hadn't arrived yet. *shrug* Press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carly-rae-jepsen-to-perform-live-at-cedar-point-153793695.html
  14. WXIX also says that bond was set at $100k, whereas WCPO says $150k. *shrug*
  15. Imagine continuing to run the ride with multiple trains without knowing why the station overrun occurred and taking steps to ensure it doesn't happen again, then someone gets hurt. It's a given at this point that the park will need to err on the side of caution with regards to Orion for some time, even after they get this issue understood and learn from it.
  16. All available evidence points that way, including an apparent lack of anyone complaining of injuries (and you bet the media would eat that up).
  17. The key difference is likely that no collision and no injuries took place, "only" an overrun of the station where there happened to be another train just beginning to climb the lift. No collision, no injuries, no damage, if that's the case, then there's no real need to keep the ride closed, albeit limited to one train operations until the incident is better understood and mitigated. Looks like the trains came close but never actually touched. Could be wrong, of course.
  18. It's not just a block violation. What roller coaster, at least in normal auto mode, is designed to not bring the train to a safe stop in the station and wait for 1) all restraints to be secured, and 2) dispatch command from the operators? The train entering the station should've easily come to a very controlled stop and apparently didn't. This isn't even a train slipping through the brakes since modern stations like B&M's use drive wheels to move and stop a train, not magnetic or friction brakes. Something seriously wrong had to happen for the system to mess up something so simple, basic, and normally highly controlled.
  19. ... Yes? Tents are not an inherent part of camping, that's only one way about it. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/camping
  20. In recent years, the former Oceana/Extreme Sports Stadium site has been filled with a grassy lawn and some sandy patches, alongside a stage, used for shows and a play/relax area, not quite a playground. Believe it was also one of the designated mask removal zones in the park in 2020 as well. In other words, it had already been filled in with an interim purpose, until construction on a long-term Capex project began along the beach. Now that Wicked Twister has been taken down, that whole area has been blocked off, including the Stadium site that had remained accessible to guests the last few years. While there's no rumor or leak that explains what's going on there, it's logical to conclude the wall went up for some sort of construction, else the area would have been left open as it had been.
  21. No system will ever be 100% accurate, it's just not possible since you're using past data to predict the future. It would only lie an issue if substantial amounts of guests bail out of the queue, which would have the impact of inflating the posted wait time. It might get iffy around downtime but then you could design the system to account for that as well.
  22. It would theoretically be very simple to implement, only needing at most 3 sensors per ride (1 at main entrance, 1 at FastLane entrance, 1 at exit). Maybe count again at the merge between FastLane and main line. The system would run itself, so no need for the crew to periodically scan the queue and guess, and it should be relatively accurate and reliable.
  23. What's the tangible benefit to Cedar Fair to put in a facial recognition-based system to time individual guests' voyage through the line as opposed to simple turnstiles (physical or virtual, i.e. overhead sensors that detect each guest passing through) at main and FastLane queue entrance, and station exit? If you know how many guests leave in a given period of time (e.g. 15 minutes), you can get an approximate riders per hour rate. And you know how many guests are in the queue, so you just divide that by the number of riders per hour.
  24. And Wicked Twister, especially before the additional bracing was installed on at least one of the spikes...
  25. Aren't we good with the plague we're working our way out of now? How about we settle for a plaque?
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