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  1. Anything is possible with enough money and the right argument for the potential seller.
  2. It comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of how human health works. A virus infecting you doesn't just kill you. It infects various systems in your body which causes them to fail, or causes your immune system to overreact and basically attack your body, not just the infection. When someone passes away in a car crash, the car crash itself didn't directly kill them. It causes catastrophic damage to one or more organs without which the victim cannot survive. So, cause of death would be, for instance, a traumatic brain injury that was the direct result of the car crash. In other word
  3. Please do some research into these things before spreading false information. That is not remotely what the CDC said, and not how human health works. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/08/31/trump-picks-up-where-fox-news-left-off-with-new-coronavirus-death-toll-conspiracy-theory/
  4. It's a similar situation to steel coasters - the ride structure itself is designed, and then the station is designed around it. So there are still vertical steel support columns for station track in the station that support the track + train, then a completely separate steel/concrete structure to hold the station floor, etc. The station track is structurally sound without the station present..
  5. Wow, I wish I got to try this. It looks and sounds awesome.
  6. People see that the pass is valid for the rest of the purchasing season, and reasonably assume the whole pass (e.g. add-ons) is included in that. CP last fall put signs up at food service locations advising that '20 dining plans were not valid in '19, so clearly not everyone understood the distinction.
  7. The first year was only at a few parks, and you had to buy an ASDP for each park you wanted to use it at (no Platinum ASDP valid chain-wide). I had one for CP but not KI, so I don't even remember KI's was supposed to end at labor day. Good to know, and definitely the right call to fix that. I'm not really a fan of add-ons not being valid for the entire time your pass is valid (e.g. buy the next year's pass in the fall, get the rest of that season included.. but the fine print says your ASDP and SPDP (dining and drinks) aren't valid that year. It creates confusion.
  8. Yup. Like I said above, the economics of it to date have been in Cedar Fair's favor. If they were to determine that redemption rates (average # of meals redeemed per All-Day Dining wristband sold) were too high based on proprietary metrics, I would fully expect changes to be made. I expect that's the key metric they use to monitor usage of ADD, compared against other attendance and per-cap spending and such. Since they can't economically keep people from sharing food no matter how they advertise it, that's out. The current interval is 90 minutes, as IIRC it has been since ince
  9. Here's the thing. Even if they made a big deal about how it was only for you, they can't enforce it. They're offering you, the wristband wearer, an eligible meal every 90 minutes. There's no feasible way for them to track every all-day dining customer and make sure that only the person wearing the wristband eats the food. It'd almost certainly cost more in staffing (or some complicated tech) than the food cost. Besides, they make no effort in their advertising to make it clear that All-Day Dining is for the wristband wearer only. They know you're going to share. Since th
  10. Anecdotal update (one day observation only, on the last day of daily operations): yesterday, all CP food locations were closed by the 8pm park close, except for the new French Quarter Confections. That location only has, you guessed it, desserts. BackBeatQue and Happy Friar were open shortly before close, but because the restroom by Magnum was closed, I had to find another. By the time I got back, it was 8pm. A supervisor at Happy Friar was turning guests away and BBQ's doors were locked. Ugh. The struggles of visiting alone when you have no one to watch your stuff. Lessons: che
  11. I'd be a little more tolerant this year due to pandemic-related restrictions (budgetary and otherwise). That said, in general, it'd appear to be a better business move to plan some of the quick service dessert and dining locations to be open for a bit past official park close. That way, people can grab one last treat on the way out, which many do like to do. In previous years, some of the stands toward the front of Cedar Point have stayed open 30+ minutes after close, getting that business as people walk out. It happened regularly enough that I imagine they scheduled and budgeted for t
  12. Oww, my head. On topic? It almost looks just like a road/walkway widening or extension. Could be for a campground. CP has been adding campsites lately on the old Sandcastle Suites site, but they lost some when they put in cabins/cottages.
  13. I hope so, for the park's sake.
  14. Could be a great sales pitch -- "Look how many of your passholders are interested in visiting our park." It'd be even better with in-park spending data related to those guests, though that'd be skewed by free admission.
  15. In addition to 2020 passes themselves being extended to 2021, so too are all add-ons, e.g. drink/dining plans, FunPix, FastLane. Think of it like you bought a 2020 pass, but now it's really a 2020 thru 2021 pass. Anything you can do this year, you should be able to do next year, including but not limited to switching between drink plan (on pass) and a reusable bottle.* *As always, feel free to confirm this with the park. Source: https://www.visitkingsisland.com/park-update
  16. Right. Like I said, you can use the 10% passholder discount to pay for your items, both on beverages and on the food menu. You can also use your dining plan, but not your drink plan. For instance, there are whole cheese and pepperoni pizzas which aren't dining plan-eligible. You'll have to pay for those, but you should get your 10% discount.
  17. Note that drinks for the season pass drink plan still need to be acquired from a cashier, just like when ordering from the kiosks. Mobile ordering will only give you the 10% passholder discount and your dining plan meal. Surely they have a reason for this, but I don't understand it.
  18. Almost everyone is home from school since March or so...
  19. I don't take it personally. I'd just appreciate an explanation, since what we said shouldn't be viewed as confusing or controversial in the slightest. This is a discussion forum, after all, so let's discuss, @coaster sally!
  20. @coaster sally, what exactly has you confused about the last two posts from @silver2005 and myself?
  21. Ding, ding, ding. And there's nothing wrong with that. GateKeeper, Orion, etc. are still great rides and great additions. It doesn't have to be the most mind-blowing ride. It just has to appeal to the demographics at that park.
  22. Part of the problem, both with Orion and GateKeeper, is that enthusiasts generally want to see something new and innovative. Something they haven't seen before that blows them away, or at least combines the best elements of other recent rides. Reality is that it's difficult if not impossible to keep pushing the limits, and it's not always necessary. Take each ride for what it is. Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, Maverick, Steel Vengeance, etc. may be the stars at the park, but they need a supporting crew of fun rides, too. I still very much enjoy Gemini and Magnum, for instance,
  23. @IceePirate, if you have info on that, I'd be happy to hear it. My understanding was that B&M trains are only built overseas, though that could be wrong.
  24. @silver2005, then I must be very silly, as I very much enjoy Cedar Point. It's definitely got its operational struggles, and plenty of room to improve, but it's a beautiful setting for a FUN park.
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