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  1. Cedar Point's new Larson unit has the dead man's switch, so I would presume Kings Island's will get the same.
  2. Obviously, there's no room for expansion in Oktoberfest and International Park is a new 75 acre expansion for 2016. How did y'all not know about these secret plans?
  3. Correction: It will be worth the wait. We still have to wait until late March to be able to ride.
  4. B&M didn't even know they could do it at the time, either. It only took an extra decade and a half.
  5. I'm particularly fond of (not really) "The fun and only" being used to market every park in the chain. Especially when you get Cedar Point and Michigan's Adventure commercials played close together with the same slogan. How are they both "the only"? That's logically impossible.
  6. Do notice that there were many an individual placed throughout the course. Presumably, these crews contained EMT's and other resources capable of responding should the need arise.
  7. I might not mind it if there wasn't a major freeway right there. Even with all the trees in the world as a sound barrier, just knowing that the freeway is right there would be a bit much.
  8. Hmm, it looks like Cedar Fair likes to do the decals on these rides themselves. It's awesome that they have these capabilities in-house.
  9. http://www.fallsatlanden.com/floorplans.aspx That doesn't exactly look like a luxury apartment to me. Cheap, builder-grade finishings. Laminate counter tops, white appliances, luxurious? Methinks not. I mean, it looks like a decent amount of space for a decent price but there's nothing that shouts luxury to me about those video tours.
  10. KC was also from a much simpler time without a lot of the computer-aided testing that is available these days. That should theoretically make it so that only routine testing is required prior to assembly on site. However, some manufacturers (cough INTAMIN cough) find ways to mess that up. See also: the removal of Maverick's heartline roll.
  11. Well, that escalated quickly. They all departed as virgins but only a few shy kids who hid out in the bathrooms managed to return as virgins.
  12. Did they not send this out to the corporate graphic design team? Wow, that looks really cheesy.
  13. We wound up on Firehawk once during the fireworks. It's definitely interesting lying on your back, ascending that lift hill, and watching a fireworks show at the same time. It felt like they were being launched right near us. Kinda off topic, I know. Sorry..
  14. "Hmm, you're looking for a $1.2 million discount? I think we can work with that a little." "Here's our counter. We came down by $500. You in?"
  15. Because it's not Sandusky Register?
  16. Indeed, the video is not TPR-branded but rather KI-branded. It must be a little something the park put together for us.
  17. Ohh... CoasterMania ERT, '12 or '13. A TTD ride op kept referring to the ride as Jr. Gemini. Soon after, he started referring to it as Woodstock Express. My response? "Woodstock Express sucks! Bring back Jr. Gemini." Sorry, I don't have any from KI yet..
  18. I have had the (dis)pleasure of a rollback on Maverick. She doesn't usually go backwards but on rare occasions, it happens. It was on the launch hill where we had a failure to launch, came to a stop, rolled back most of the way, just enough to hit the drive wheels. The LSM's were still acting as brakes as the wheels struggled to pull us back. Not fun, and time-consuming. Sigh. Nowhere near as awesome as a TTD rollback. On closing day, I had a Maverick spieler give us the specs of Top Thrill Dragster. Passing by him, I exclaimed my excitement for Top Thrill Maverick, which he repeated back at me. I thought it was funny...
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