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    I love roller coasters, and have a special place in my heart for Arrow loopers. I also enjoy fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and watching college football and basketball. And of course, I love Kings Island!
  1. Do the tour, it is so worth it! Walking around Griffon is something you won't forget!
  2. I loved Verbolten! One of the most unique rides I've been on. The surprise in the building before the second launch was good. I won't ruin it for those who don't know what that surprise is. Definitely a win for BGW. Too bad I didn't ever get to ride BBW. The Arrow fanboy in me wants to so bad.
  3. I will make this just a quick little trip report so I can get back to my school work. I have procrastinated long enough today already. ------------ I was lucky enough to win one of the auction seats for Thunderbird. I was on the first train, right wing, row 4. The morning we got there was very cold. We had to be at the park by 6:15 am for check-in. The auction riders were taken back first to Thunderbird before the rest of the group left the main gate. We were seated almost immediately in the nice and cold train and we waited for launch. I spent the day at Holiday World, with my mom. Sh
  4. I do apologize for the very (very) lengthy delay but in between my extended trip and processing in to Cedar Point I have had absolutely zero time for anything, except 2 trips to Kings Island of course. Once again, very sorry for that. ---------- Day 2 was my favorite day of the trip. I will start by saying that there is a reason this park wins most beautiful amusement park every year. It is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning in every way: sparkling midways, awesome architecture, lovely landscaping, all the good stuff. This park should truly be done in AT LEAST 2 days instead of the one we had
  5. Few more pictures from Kings Dominion. That sunset though. That was beautiful!
  6. Before I get into the parks I just wanted to give a big shout out to Mother Nature. We had wonderful weather on our trip for the most part, you really can't ask for more than what we got. Only rained one time on the trip and that was in the final hour at Kings Dominion. Hope the weather holds up this well on my trips to Kings Island as well. This was my first visit to all four of these parks. Each park was a brand new adventure with new credits and experiences. Words can't express how thankful I am to have gone on a trip like this. Oh and one more thing. I'm not a professional photographer
  7. I won my seats! Train 1 Row 4 right side! See ya there!
  8. I'm still in it right now. I'm staying on it until bidding time is over.
  9. That will be nice. I'll be able to check playoff hockey scores without having to use data now. Early season obviously
  10. Very nice video. Love that they put that name on the building.
  11. I want to believe I'll ride Vortex the most but Banshee will more than likely take the cake.
  12. I mean I'll go if everyone else becomes suddenly too busy. Heck, I'll even chip in 10$ for the auction.
  13. I love inverts so "best" action is not out of the question
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