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  1. Usually when a ride shakes, rattles, and rolls, it's a bad thing... Not at Kings Island! :-)
  2. I love the map design for the app! It's much closer to realism than the cartoony Cedar Fair style map, which I can see being helpful for some, plus it looks really user friendly!
  3. Yes it does! I know for sure Woodstock Express is one of the main rides in that area, not entirely sure what else is considered West Pie.
  4. I can't wait to take a ride on the gliders! The ones at Knott's were pretty fun.
  5. Do you know your location? I'll be working West Pie!
  6. As an associate at the park you'll encounter aspiring guests who want to learn more about how you got your position. It's always important to keep open ears even if you've heard the question a thousand times.
  7. I have a feeling that SeaWorld is approaching the end of its era.
  8. Another Woodie would be fantastic! I don't think the probability of that happening is too good, but there's a certain feeling only a wooden roller coaster can provide.
  9. It's always neat going on a day that you are one of the only few in the park, it does feel pretty special to be on a train alone!
  10. There comes a point where anything the company says about a subject only digs them into a deeper hole. If you can't maintain a formal matter of responding to complaints and trajedies and start falling for the hate and making jokes about your company about their mistake to try to brighten up the situation on social media, you shouldn't be allowed to be the PR guy. Once you've dug your company in that hole, it will always be in that hole to at least one person. My advice to everyone in public relations or wants to be in the future would be to always keep an open mind and always maintain a formal structure when responding to negative claims. A first impression is often the only impression you get to a guest.
  11. Watched an in depth CET special on Kings Island's history today. Really neat seeing the father of Kings Island talk about its widespread success and how it sparked many parks to follow in its footsteps. It's come a long way since 1972, and is one of the most historical amusement parks around. I really am looking forward to feeling the wind in my hair on The Beast once again. Though I will be out of town while opening day is happening, I look forward to this season!
  12. I'm glad to see Knott's going back to its roots, it's very cool to see. I took a trip there last fall on a day when there was probably 5 other people in the park. Heritage obviously plays a very big part in the heart of Knott's. It doesn't take the cake as my favorite amusement park, but it was still a fantastic park that any Cedar Fair enthusiast needs to visit at least once. Very cool.
  13. "Did you know that if you look under the water in the splashdown for Diamondback you can see pieces of Flight Commander?" "I heard that Flight of Fear is launched by a laser. I saw it on their website, it said LIM launch or laser induction modifier." That last one almost made me cry.
  14. It's really neat to see Kings Island doing stuff like that with employees. It's always good to get a out of your comfort zone every once and a while
  15. I love a ride with a great theme and a fictional backstory to get you excited for the ride. Flight of Fear was my first time being on a ride that made me feel like I was going into another world, like I was being dropped into the story. Besides Disneyland of course, It's a Small World may have made me feel like I was in another world, but at the same time I wanted some noise canceling headphones. Space Mountain was my true introduction into this type of atmosphere. Some examples of rides like this would be: Pretty much anything at Universal Studios (Although my visit to Universal Studios Hollywood was a bit underwhelming after spending a day at Six Flags MM), Haunted Mansion, Calico Mine Co. At Knotts, and certainly many more at Disney parks. Kings Island definitely hit the sweet spot with Outer Limits: Flight of Fear, Tomb Raider: The Ride/ The Crypt. (I especially liked the use of the Inception soundtrack for The Crypt's queue.) and the warning signs in the line for The Beast. In my time traveling to other parks, I really noticed how good I have it with Kings Island only 20 minutes away! There are many contributing factors to an outstanding ride in my opinion so it was pretty hard for me to just pick one, but I settled on negative G's because who doesn't like the butterflies you get in your stomach as you glide across a track?
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