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  1. Hey folks! GREAT to be on vacation near my home state of OHIO! I "grew up" going to King's Island and LOVE the park; I am now an M.D. and PHD in Neurology in NYC, but sure miss Ohio and the park!! The worst rumour I have heard about the park is a complete "Urban Myth" I have heard - worldwide!! It is that early in the park's history, the Ohio Players were recording a live album, and there is an audible scream in the song; the "urban myth" is that it is a girl, falling to her death from the "Red Racer" and "Blue Racer" roller coaster!! This is COMPLETE crap; I have checked, re-checked, etc. BUT, people are "hell-bent" upon their "accepting" false rumors: I won a $500 bet with two such folks who insisted Arnold Schwarzeneggar holds a masters degree in Physics!! This is totally untrue; but he did get some type of business degree before his forray into movies and now of course politics!! By the way, can anyone tell me about "Oktoberfest" at the park? Also, I am single- never married, and LOVE Ohio women!! best to all!! john m
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