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  1. I have had the chance to ride Mystic Timbers 3 times so far, each on a different day. First ride came on official opening day as soon as the park opened. Boy did the skies open up right when we got on the ride! Normally this wouldn't bother us but for the first ride it was distracting. 2nd ride was on Easter Sunday with beautiful weather and that was a much different experience (only waited 20 minutes or so mid afternoon!). Also rode this past weekend and it was very cold. What I really like about this ride: Theme: Really love the theming of this coaster and the fact that it has a unique backstory. The audible warnings and signs are excellent. Love the queue also. The fact that the overhead sign is not "Mystic Timbers" but "Miami River Lumber" is cool, plus the added feature of having the old pickup crashed at the entrance is awesome. This coaster truly keeps with the theme the entire time from queue to exit, not something you see done well anywhere else at KI. It fits in the overall theme of Rivertown: I appreciate how MT interacts with the train, whitewater canyon, and Diamondback. It enhances the entire area and makes Rivertown more cohesive. It is very smooth and has a high re-rideability factor. It also feels like you are going faster than you actually are because you are so low to the ground. I have a feeling as the trees become more filled in you will even feel like you are going faster. What I don't like about MT: Hype surrounding the shed: So if I hadn't known anything about the shed prior to riding MT, I would have gotten off my first ride and thought that it was an awesome way to end the experience. HOWEVER, since this was hyped up sooo much, the shed became something that was never going to live up to expectations. After my first ride I was able to better appreciate what the shed actually brings to the ride experience, and not concern myself with the hype. Overall I would have to rank Mystic Timbers as my #4 favorite coaster at KI.
  2. It's been a while since I've been here, or posted, but I'm going to try to check KIC more regularly as opening day approaches. The Biggest thing I think KI can improve on is the service at Reds Hall of Fame Grille. Past experiences here have been so bad with regards to the service, it is not really an option for me anymore. And that's a shame because the restaurant is beautiful, in a great location, and has pretty good food! I think they need to hire experienced restaurant staff (or outsource the management of this place to a restaurant management company). Not 100% sure but it sure seems like they hire young people to work at KI and throw some of them into server roles here and they just aren't cut out for a busy fast paced restaurant work environment. Also it doesn't seem like the managers have the restaurant experience either to properly support the servers, cooks, etc. Also, make the bar at the restaurant full service not just beer. Really think this place has a lot of potential. If they got the service part down it would be awesome!
  3. Hello! I'm new to KICentral, but going to KI forever. What's the problem with the coaster clubs? Just wondering.... Thanks!
  4. This past season was the first I found caring the refillable bottles along to be a hassle. Maybe because now I have 2 kids tall enough for Banshee, I found myself asking if we were planning on riding that, and if so, we didn't bring the bottles in. Plus, am I the only one who thinks the quality of the bottles has gone down each year?? Seriously, scan my pass, give me a paper cup, and let's move on with our day!
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