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  1. Those are utility locates. Shows they will be digging sometime soon in those areas. Could be for a water line repair, gas line repair or any other reason to dig.
  2. Slaughterhouse building must have The Vortex sinking problem.
  3. Seeing rules constantly broken in front of KI employees with nothing being done. I am sorry to any employees that do enforce the rules, but many don't seem to care.
  4. Maybe it could be integrated with the seat harness system? I am sure it could be engineered in some way, I am just not an engineer. I still believe that you get cameras or upgrade them to monitor the ones getting the phones out and make an example. People talk, it would police itself.
  5. Why not a pneumatic pouch that is lined with foam to keep articles from moving when closed. As the seats are locked, so would they. They could have a sensor to make sure they are closed before the train could leave the station. Just a thought.
  6. This firm stance should have been addressed better when others were caught with a phone out on a ride. I truly believe that if a person or 2 would have been asked to leave because of having their phone out, or having the phone taken from them until they left the park, there would not be an issue of this content now. People talk, it will get around, let the problem police itself and it would have happened. Obviously, I am not a fan of the drastic changes made as much as I agree with the loose articles, there is a better way to do this. The Loose articles? How is a phone or others articles considered loose when in a zippered or buttoned pocket. (Yes, I use button pockets, some I trust, some I don't) I have never lost anything out of my pockets. Just a vent. I also wear a hat every time I go to an outside event. It fits fine into another one of those pockets I have. I am a elding balding white guy knowing there is not much worse than a sunburned bald head. I like to keep it covered as much as possible. I see where people are happy to see many say they will not ride this because it will keep lines down. I have to agree, but there is also another thread now that says they are cutting hours and other things because attendance is down. How will this affect it? I personally would love to ride SV, but I have keys and other things with me when I am in the park. If a phone in a covered pocket is a loose article then so is everything else. Rant over.
  7. In my opinion, this is putting a full body cast on a papercut. I agree that they need to be more proactive with loose articles, cell phones in particular, but this is a little harsh. I have ridden many rides with my phone in my pocket and never have had a problem. I do get a little disgusted when I get on a coaster and I see 3 phone pop out on the lift hill. Cameras on the lift hill and a security guard at the exit would self police this very quickly. The cameras can be very inexpensive and can be installed quickly. The security wouldn't need to be there long, either take the phone that was out for the rest of the day and return it to them when they leave, or remove them from the park. A couple of these happen, the word will get around and will take care of the issue. I prefer to have my phone with me in line, not that I need it, but it is nice to pass time while waiting. I don't wear a watch either, so it is nice to keep up with time since there are very few clocks if any to be found in the park. (There may be, but with a phone or watch, I would never search for them)
  8. We on the board do not know the whole situation, and will never know the whole story. As much as I agree, sidewalk chalk should not have been brought into the park, but I would have thought at least a warning would have been sufficient. The bigger issue I see here is this, they suspend a season pass for 60 days for something that can be easily just washed off, however, the ride ops can't do anything about people and phones being out on rides. Sidewalk chalk can deface the property, but a flying cell phone can severely hurt someone. Again, we don't know the whole story, and unless there was a big fuss made when asked to not to use the chalk, it sounds like a huge over-punishment. Just my opinion. Many other rules are broken that affect many other people than just chalk being washed off with no penalty whatsoever. Sounds like a focus is off just a little.
  9. I wasn't saying you said that, but that was what I kind of heard. Please don't take this as I am saying ride ops are not doing their jobs either. I know it is a difficult thing and most are trying. I do believe there could be some better measures to keep this from happening. Is it all up to the ops? Not completely, but they need better backing to do what needs to be done and strike fear into the ones doing this. Maybe, when one starts complaining on here how they were excorted out for this, more will listen and not do it. I don't know, but I think it can be better taken care of. Maybe take their FLP away for that day. My guess most that do this are ones that use these. (I am not getting on my complete hatred of FLP) I would bet the odds are 75% are ones that have this. Anyway, enough of the rant on this subject, back to what the title is, dress code. And yes, ride ops, thank you for what you do. Ya'll do a great job, KI is probably the quickest lines anywhere I have seen.
  10. This is what I am talking about, to me this comment says, oh well, everyone else is doing it. I am not pointing fingers at ride operators. They can't and will never catch everything. However, it is their responsibility to address it when it is brought to their attention. This may sound a little gradeschoolish, but, what about taken a phone from someone caught and holding it at the front gate until they leave for the day, for the first offense, and asked to leave the park for the second offense. When it starts getting enforced, more people will stop doing it. Just a little thought in my mind. May not be the answer, but a thought. Anyway, I am going to end my part with this, I have never blamed the ride op's for any problems ever encountered. I did get hit with a phone riding Diamondback last year, it was just a graze off the arm, nothing hurt, but what if that would have hit someone in the head?
  11. There are already people complaining about this anyway. What I am saying is that if you want to make rules, enforce them. Otherwise they are not rules, but only suggestions. Eventually, the little things grow into bigger things. I don't have the answer to this, but there is someone that does. And when nobody acts like they care, it will never stop until someone gets hurt. Nobody wants that, but that is what happens. When someone gets hurt, what happens then, a full body screening before entering the ride to be sure you do not have a cell phone or anything that can be dropped? May be extreme, but seems to happen after someone gets hurt.
  12. It is an uphill battle because it is not enforced. When it starts being enforced, it would set an example, but hey, they are only rules. Isn't that like if we have a murdering spree, well it is so hard to enforce because so many are doing it? So what if it is a law? (This is meant to be a little sarcastic) Yes, I break the speed limit on occasion, but if I get pulled over, I don't tell the cop, I was only doing 5 over. The law, or rule, is just that. There needs to be enforcement. If you don't want to enforce it, don't make it a rule or law.
  13. Being a former utility locator, your colors are close red = Electric orange = communication yellow = gas blue = water green = sewer/drainage pink/white = proposed
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