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  1. Not to argue, but the numbers for addiction and suicide are rising because we are not able to gather and live the life we are used to. Compare those numbers to the deaths and tell me what you find. I find it very difficult to get accurate numbers of anything concerning the virus and, or death rate. I have recently seen the overall death rate for 2018, 2019 and 2020 posted on a site that may be inaccurate, but that is the only one I have been able to see these numbers and the rate for this year is actually down from the past 2 years if it is correct. I am not saying you have to believe me,
  2. I believe we are yet to see the damage shutting our country down. Many small businesses are done, and will not be able to recover. Many people have lost jobs and may not find new ones soon. Unemployment went higher than it has ever been and now those are not getting the extra $2400 a month and may now be struggling. Progress has been made on the effectiveness of the treatment of the virus and we are seeing most recover fairly quickly. Do we need to go backwards? IMO, Absolutely not! We are in for a huge upsurge in other issues soon. We have not let our immune system work, so be pre
  3. What do I think? I think they are trying to divert the attention away from something else going on and not sure what that is yet. There, I said that. I have talked to people that have not been tested but received a positive result. Please explain the purpose for this? A friend lost his wife from a blood clot in her lung, but was called a COVID death, why? It wasn't COVID, it was a blood clot. It is unfortunate that we are going through this, and I am not sure why we haven't gotten true numbers, but that is my belief and that is what I am questioning. I don't expect anyone else to agree
  4. The common cold can do the same thing as well as the seasonal flu. The numbers for these things have been hidden from what I can see, or cannot find. I will stand firm in understanding the numbers are meant to put fear into the American people. I have a friend that lost his wife early in this situation that was deemed a COVID death to find out a week later from the doctor that there was no possible way for that to be true. I don't know if the cause of death was changed, but I would believe it wasn't. I have known of 5 people around me that signed up to get tested, but didn't wait in line
  5. Now with the CDC coming out and stating that only 6% of the deaths have been caused by Covid, will that change the outlook from the states and lessen the fear? Doing the math, that takes the number down to 180,000. By my math, that equals a .002% of the worlds population. You are more likely to have a deadly accident on the way to the amusement park. Does it mean we quit being careful? No, but hopefully it helps relieve the fear that has been given to us by the media and their inaccurate reporting.
  6. 99.6 percent survival rate per CDC website, if you take the number of people in the US compared to the number of deaths. That number is not a true number either as it is based on the number of deaths of people that died with covid, or with symptoms and not died from Covid. I wish I could find the video I recently saw on this as I believe it was asking the CDC on how they deemed the death rate. Anyway, I know it sounds like I don't care, I do, but where do we stop asking questions to why are we doing all the things we are doing? Please ask questions, we need actual answers and we are not ge
  7. Was a little disappointed on Friday. My wife was not feeling well, so she was sitting by the fountains and waiting on me and my daughter to ride a couple rides. She stated she watched several people walk by and security walking up and down the path and telling some to fix there masks. She did notice that as she watched, she noticed security would tell some to wear their masks properly, however there was a group of about 12 with only 1 with a mask on and nothing was said to them. The difference with this, was it was a different race. Either speak or don't.
  8. As many times I have been to Cedar Point, I would have to say this may be a small issue. I have seen Cedar Point to be a line creator. Now, that being said, let me explain, it appears that rides do not open completely (not all trains running) until lines are several minutes long. It seems that every time we have been, there are coasters not operating, possibly from lack of operators. To me, that is poor management. I understand that hiring is an issue, but the hiring is a management problem. There are people smarter than me that know how to figure that out. Now, as I have bashed C
  9. In a typical flu season there are 12,000 to 61,000 deaths. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html So, we have had twice as many deaths as a bad flu season, in a third of a year. Our deaths from Covid-19 are on a pace that is about 20x worse than a "good" flu season, and about 6x worse than a bad flu season. Have all these been from Covid only, or were they heart related, but because they tested positive for Covid, that is the reason for death? I never said I was an expert and only stating my opinion. Not arguing, just wanted to share what I am seeing. I read somewhere, I cann
  10. I have read many of the comment here and I may get political without trying to. I don't believe we have any idea on what we are facing. I think it may be funny that Nov. 3rd we will no longer hear about this, that is my prediction. I have heard that nurses have tested this system and sent unused covid tests in to see what happened and they came back positive. One individual had went to get tested and changed his mind after signing up and left, and got results saying he was positive. With a 99% survival rate, how is this much worse than any other flu we deal with most of the time. I have
  11. Those are utility locates. Shows they will be digging sometime soon in those areas. Could be for a water line repair, gas line repair or any other reason to dig.
  12. Slaughterhouse building must have The Vortex sinking problem.
  13. Seeing rules constantly broken in front of KI employees with nothing being done. I am sorry to any employees that do enforce the rules, but many don't seem to care.
  14. Maybe it could be integrated with the seat harness system? I am sure it could be engineered in some way, I am just not an engineer. I still believe that you get cameras or upgrade them to monitor the ones getting the phones out and make an example. People talk, it would police itself.
  15. Why not a pneumatic pouch that is lined with foam to keep articles from moving when closed. As the seats are locked, so would they. They could have a sensor to make sure they are closed before the train could leave the station. Just a thought.
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