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  1. Meanwhile, I am sitting here collecting unemployment reading the arguements and mad as an old wet hen because the pizza place down the street doesn't have a delivery driver. None of this is true. We all have answers greater than what we are seeing, but we are not in charge. We all have a better way of doing things, until we are asked to do them. Or maybe we have tried our better way, and we are the ones being criticized for not doing the way someone else thinks it should be done. I see so many times on here where respect for others has went out the window because we don't agree, and I may have done this as well. Most of the times the words typed sound different when they are read. For those on here, my apologies if I have offended, but I will speak how I think. You don't have to agree, but we can discuss with respect. My 2 cents, we are in a time like never before, and we can point fingers all day long and blame everything and everyone around us for every problem. There is a time and place for every complaint, as well as a place for every praise. Not every business handled things perfect, and we make our decisions upon that. If KI did not offer you what you think you should have received, take your money elsewhere, just like a restaurant that you receive bad service from. You don't go back. Or, you hope it was a one time problem and it gets taken care of, and you move on. I am a GP with a platinum pass with my wife, am I unhappy with KI, no. Could they have done things better? I don't know. Am I going to renew my pass, probably.
  2. Maybe you misunderstood my post, I never said COVID is not lethal. People have lost lives and many have lost loved ones. I have lost friends, and I have seen friends struggle with this and survive. I have seen others get the sniffles and have not issues whatsoever with this. I don't believe I have ever downplayed this, but not sure why this has been so up-played if you will. Facts from numbers say I have a 99.98% survival rate. They have stated that the allowed vaccines are 86% effective. I am not sure where saying I will not admit whether I have had the vaccine for this is downplaying it, or if it was saying I would rather know the others around me are not going to pass on Measles, Mumps, or something like Polio.
  3. I am sorry if you feel this was a personal attack, it is not. However, I have seen many times on this forum where it does look like many attacks on one another, maybe it is because we are typing thing and not speaking them. I have stated opinions many times and came under severe accusations many times. I very rarely post much because of this. I am just a firm believer that requesting vaccination before entry is a lawsuit like a McDonalds hot coffee in the making. The point is, why ask just for COVID, when the other virus's from old are just as deadly, and in my personal opinion, even more so. We have better treatment for all of these now, so we should be well. Discussion and debate is exactly what we need, but it is hard to do on a site like this without thinking we are attacked. Maybe I come off bold and high and mighty, but I assure you that is far from who I truly am. I will always listen to others. I may not agree, but will listen and may give my 2 cents right or wrong. I have been proven wrong before, many times, and I do accept that. Like you said, none of us are like another, and we all have different opinions. Yes, the virus is real, and it is very harmful. I have friends who have had it, and have friends that have lost their lives from it. However I have personally witnessed at least 2 deaths from friends that I am sure were marked as COVID deaths that may not have been and that makes me question everything about this. One died of a blood clot in her lung, and was told from the hospital that is was COVID, and the doctor stated there was a 0% possibility a week later, I doubt that changed the number. The other was a friend that had a heart attack, pneumonia, and many other factors to his death, but tested positive for COVID. Why do we need to buff up the numbers to put fear into others. I am done, Cedar Fair has done a great job as there has not been any outbreaks from Cedar Fair that I know of. Are they extreme, maybe in my opinion, but they also have to go by other state guidelines and have done a wonderful job. Have a great day all.
  4. On December 11, 2020, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. On December 18, 2020, the FDA issued an EUA for the use of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine. And on February 27, 2021 the FDA issued an EUA for the use of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine. The issuance of an EUA is different than an FDA approval (licensure) of a vaccine. https://www.fda.gov/emergency-preparedness-and-response/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/covid-19-frequently-asked-questions#:~:text=On December 11%2C 2020,COVID-19 Vaccine. Maybe I missed something, but this does not say approved, but given an Emergency Use Authorization. I guess I am ignorant, I am ok with that. But, there is absolutely no reason that these vaccines need to be mandatory or even used for level of admittance. I am sorry I post my opinion for others to question, as you should, but realize we are in a place now where there is no good place to get a true and believable answer for anything. Most of our news channels are left or right, so now where do we go to get answers. Use some intelligence and question everything. I wish this would not have turned into the debate it has, because I feel there may be some taking this wrong, but that is not meant.
  5. I will not reveal either way. My body my choice, I am guessing most on here are pro choice, as you are so pro vaccine, as this is the complete answer to this virus. I am not a scientist, nor do I spend hours upon hours by doing research for old numbers. We have vaccinations for the old viruses that have been proven and approved. These 3 available here are allowed, but not approved. It takes years to completely develop a vaccine that can be guaranteed. But, I guess we are a bunch of experts here. I have stated an opinion, that is apparently farther right then what most want to hear. I will keep my comments to myself from now on, since everyone wants to take everything to serious.
  6. Mask or no mask, I will enjoy my time at the amusement parks this year. However, do not ask if I have been vaccinated. HIPAA has been severely violated from this. I would rather know someone beside me has been vaccinated from measles, mumps, rubella, or other more lethal viruses than Covid, but that is a HIPAA violation to ask. So should the Covid vaccine. Numbers look like they are dropping in many places, and it doesn't seem amusement parks or places outside are really spreading this virus. Stay home if you are not comfortable, go out and enjoy if you are. In any way, make the best of your time and life.
  7. Last post on this and doing so with respect to all. Raising the minimum wage will raise the price of all things. Basic math, if it cost more to produce, it will cost more to buy. Usually, the price increases more than the raise in cost to make up for future unexpected costs. That is business. I am to lazy to scroll back up to see who said they can pay $15 minimum wage in other countries, you are very correct. But, they are a completely different situation and becomes comparing apples to oranges. This is all my educated, or as some of you may say, uneducated, opinion. Take shots at me if you like, but that is what I see. Now, last thought, is anyone willing to argue for our Social Security? We can't live on our minimum wage, but Social Security payments average at $8.90 an hour. In the area I am in, that number is probably closer to $6.92 in the high range. Our government want to cut that. Just keep that in mind. Forgive my rant, but thank you Kings Island for making a change in the pay for your employees. It is a blessing for those that receive it. Good for you!
  8. I will politely disagree. $15 minimum wage will kill small business, and the cost of everything will quadruple. Higher wages, means higher prices. Something needs to change, but doubling the minimum wage is not the answer, IMO. If you think it is hard to live on $7.25, $10, or maybe even $12 an hour now, that will be multiplied to the struggle when workforces are forced to pay $15 an hour. Many that are making less, will not get much a=of a raise, and those at $15 will probably stay there. So when cost of living skyrockets, the ones making minimum wage will be the ones who suffer. If you think it is bad now, it will only be worse. I would suggest, let it be known that I am not an expert by any means, finding a way to utilize a percentage for every business to be regulated by a percentage. If the top dog (CEO) makes so much, then the lowest man on the wages should be within maybe 60% of that? Spread the money back through each business so it can be spent elsewhere. And just so you know, the percentage was a guess, I have no idea what that number should be. My 2 cents. Oldschool75, I agree there needs a change, but I don't think it is in minimum wage, with all due respect.
  9. Is IT almost done with the software upgrade for the cameras?
  10. I am sure it is the government, the ones who have shut down several businesses and caused many to lose everything they have, while they go out and live life like nothing has happened. At least that is what we are seeing Newsom doing. Now, they want to help with giving the American people $600 to help them, while Billions are going overseas. I see this as an issue. How can the people speak up and force the openings of different places? With no known outbreaks linked to amusement or theme parks, why are we limiting the capacity?
  11. I have asked, as I have not seen any accused outbreaks from any amusement parks, so why not open? Keep the social distancing places, and masks as needed, but open the parks up. Those that don't feel safe, stay home, don't complain that others are going. Those that feel safe, go spend money, help the economy, have a good time and live life, before it is taken from you.
  12. So you are saying our lives haven't changed the way it is? The reason I refuse the vaccine has nothing to do with the mark of The Beast, the card or anything like that, I don't need. The reason I refuse the vaccine is because I don't get any vaccines of now. I don't get the flu vaccine because I don't want it. This is the same. If I get the Virus, so be it, that is my choice and I will either live with the consequences, or I will be called home. Please don't take this as an argument, I just want to clarify why I don't want this. The fear the media has spread will not influence my decisions. I mention the numbers, which I really believe are inflated, just so others can see my understanding on how I feel about the scare tactics. I have had friends that have had this, and yes, a couple have went home, but those that went home, had other conditions. Some, had a slight fever and a positive test. I have seen from one extreme to the other, and am still refusing to fear this virus. IBEW_Sparky- You are correct on the phone. I am not a fan of the tracking with it and try to ignore that as much as possible. I don't believe it matters on who has accepted the vaccine and who hasn't. Fear has caused the people to argue and fight over how others feel. If masks work, then open the country, if social distancing works, then spread people out. I card saying I have been vaccinated is not going to change these things. Lastly, am I saying this is the mark of The Beast? No, but it can lead to it. I will say this again to finish, you don't have to agree with me, nor I with you. However, I will respect your wishes as best I can. I just hope people question all things being presented. You all have to make your own mind up on How you feel about what is going on. I will respect that.
  13. 1. I will not get a vaccine for something I am 99.98% survivability rate or better. I would guess many feel this way. 2. Is this the beginning of a mark for purchases? I know religion is not permitted, but this is a thought on many minds and needs addressed. I will not argue for or against any one religion, but I know what I believe and will stand for that,
  14. This is a HIPPA violation and a violation of rights.
  15. So we should not get together with family and friends for maybe the last chance to see others? We will never know when we will be taken from this earth, but we are going to be threatened by the media that having a gathering will kill us. Please pay attention to the ones that are telling you that you can't gather. California governor disobeyed his order by having a party. Is there a danger? Yes, but protect to ones that are compromised. Wear masks around them if needed. But, for the most of us, we have a 99.98% or more chance of survival. Am I willing to give up my freedom for that? No. Be with family, it may be the last time. Protect them, but be with them. Now, back to the question I asked earlier as I was thinking someone here might have a definite answer about how many people have been infected at amusement parks. One person said probably zero, and I would believe that. Most parks are taking several protective measures, maybe more than needed, but why should the parks not open when they have the chance. It is time to open America back up. Let the parks open to no restrictions, but give the park the ability to do there own safety protocol. I have seen many complaining about Indiana Beach and their lack of safety, but if no cases have came from there, maybe there is something to that. If you don't feel safe, don't go. However, if we keep pushing the fear into everything, the middle class will be no more. This is my opinion, you are welcome to disagree. Just look at the things around you.
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