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  1. Is IT almost done with the software upgrade for the cameras?
  2. I am sure it is the government, the ones who have shut down several businesses and caused many to lose everything they have, while they go out and live life like nothing has happened. At least that is what we are seeing Newsom doing. Now, they want to help with giving the American people $600 to help them, while Billions are going overseas. I see this as an issue. How can the people speak up and force the openings of different places? With no known outbreaks linked to amusement or theme parks, why are we limiting the capacity?
  3. I have asked, as I have not seen any accused outbreaks from any amusement parks, so why not open? Keep the social distancing places, and masks as needed, but open the parks up. Those that don't feel safe, stay home, don't complain that others are going. Those that feel safe, go spend money, help the economy, have a good time and live life, before it is taken from you.
  4. So you are saying our lives haven't changed the way it is? The reason I refuse the vaccine has nothing to do with the mark of The Beast, the card or anything like that, I don't need. The reason I refuse the vaccine is because I don't get any vaccines of now. I don't get the flu vaccine because I don't want it. This is the same. If I get the Virus, so be it, that is my choice and I will either live with the consequences, or I will be called home. Please don't take this as an argument, I just want to clarify why I don't want this. The fear the media has spread will not influence my decisi
  5. 1. I will not get a vaccine for something I am 99.98% survivability rate or better. I would guess many feel this way. 2. Is this the beginning of a mark for purchases? I know religion is not permitted, but this is a thought on many minds and needs addressed. I will not argue for or against any one religion, but I know what I believe and will stand for that,
  6. This is a HIPPA violation and a violation of rights.
  7. So we should not get together with family and friends for maybe the last chance to see others? We will never know when we will be taken from this earth, but we are going to be threatened by the media that having a gathering will kill us. Please pay attention to the ones that are telling you that you can't gather. California governor disobeyed his order by having a party. Is there a danger? Yes, but protect to ones that are compromised. Wear masks around them if needed. But, for the most of us, we have a 99.98% or more chance of survival. Am I willing to give up my freedom for that? No
  8. A simple question, does anyone have any stats on if the virus has spread at an amusement park? We have had most of the year to see what could have happened, so I would wonder if any numbers have came out of this.
  9. Does this not violate HIPPA laws? Should this not make you question why they are willing to pay you to take the vaccine?
  10. Still working on software upgrades?
  11. Not to burst any bubbles, but how many outbreaks from those parks that are not being as cautious?
  12. Not to argue, but the numbers for addiction and suicide are rising because we are not able to gather and live the life we are used to. Compare those numbers to the deaths and tell me what you find. I find it very difficult to get accurate numbers of anything concerning the virus and, or death rate. I have recently seen the overall death rate for 2018, 2019 and 2020 posted on a site that may be inaccurate, but that is the only one I have been able to see these numbers and the rate for this year is actually down from the past 2 years if it is correct. I am not saying you have to believe me,
  13. I believe we are yet to see the damage shutting our country down. Many small businesses are done, and will not be able to recover. Many people have lost jobs and may not find new ones soon. Unemployment went higher than it has ever been and now those are not getting the extra $2400 a month and may now be struggling. Progress has been made on the effectiveness of the treatment of the virus and we are seeing most recover fairly quickly. Do we need to go backwards? IMO, Absolutely not! We are in for a huge upsurge in other issues soon. We have not let our immune system work, so be pre
  14. What do I think? I think they are trying to divert the attention away from something else going on and not sure what that is yet. There, I said that. I have talked to people that have not been tested but received a positive result. Please explain the purpose for this? A friend lost his wife from a blood clot in her lung, but was called a COVID death, why? It wasn't COVID, it was a blood clot. It is unfortunate that we are going through this, and I am not sure why we haven't gotten true numbers, but that is my belief and that is what I am questioning. I don't expect anyone else to agree
  15. The common cold can do the same thing as well as the seasonal flu. The numbers for these things have been hidden from what I can see, or cannot find. I will stand firm in understanding the numbers are meant to put fear into the American people. I have a friend that lost his wife early in this situation that was deemed a COVID death to find out a week later from the doctor that there was no possible way for that to be true. I don't know if the cause of death was changed, but I would believe it wasn't. I have known of 5 people around me that signed up to get tested, but didn't wait in line
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