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  1. AH! I was really really surprised by the smothness, it was almost like you were floating on air! lol I didn't know it was retracked either, man am I behind on this news. -RyRy-
  2. Thanx guys(I am assuming you are welcoming me back?) and thank you to eveyrone who repsonded. I never thought about the rain washing the oil off or anything. It really scared me and my friend though..lol...We thought it was breaking. However the ride was really smooth and not jerky that much. My friend and I were all excited, normally it gives us headaches, but no it was smooth and awesome. Thanx agin yalls -RyRy-
  3. So Saturday me and my group went to PKI and we rode SOB. Everything was normal and fun, but when we hit the 2nd helix between the lift hill and first drop, the wheels made this really super loud screeching-like noise. Did anyone else hear that noise when they rode this weekend? It was a little scary because it happened again on the turn around before the brakes at the end. Anyone know why this is? -RyRy- Ps. The Star Search Show at 5 and 6 were so good, that boy that sung All or Nothing at teh 5 o'clock show made me so happy! He was a hottie..that show is good. I loved the cast(smal but hey...) They were so happy and coolios! GREAT JOB PEOPLE!!
  4. Sorry about the whole THE thing...typing fast and got excited. Dancing and typing don't mix..so sorry. Anywho RyanA are you implying that metrosexuals are gay because if you are wrong sir. I did a report on it and they are just heterosexual males who are in touch with their feminine side. Just fyi. I want to see the Smurf movie too..is it like out on tape? ~Ry~ Ps. Please don't get mad at me because of what is said above. Thanx
  5. I think spongebob is more popular these days than Scooby-Doo, well with teh younger kids at least. Younger kids like teh newer cartoons and older kids/teens like teh older cartoons. And alot of adults like Scooby-Doo, but teh younger crowd prefers Spongebob and whatnot. I love all cartoons, I love 80s cartoons...they are funny. I use to be a huge Yogi fan. He rocked my world! ~Ry~ Ps. Above statement was from my point of view, so plase don't get mad at me. Thanx
  6. Hey what is wrong with rugrats!? That is a funny show people! and Flamerific...wow good vocab. we have here. LoL! I am excited about the movie. I like Spongebob, not totaly infatuated like my friend, but I don't trun down a new shirt or soem boxers. LoL! Peaces yall ~Ry~
  7. I remember that show at the tower and it was a mess because soem people would stop right as they are walking and then you would run into to them. Not fun at all, but I remember the fire explosion thing and it scared me because I had just been involved in thsi really big grease fire and i din't like the flame part. It was good though. I personally would still like to see a show like "Graveyard Shift" again....Musical based shows are always fun!!! ~Ry~
  8. a stunt show i think should be there definantly. I mean Paramount has so many action movies. They did have that Tomb Raider last year, but it wasn't that good. I mean it was funny, but wasn't good other than that. I want some kind of Mission impossible show. OO and what kind of touring company are they bringing in? Is it like a musical? FOSSE would be great to have their, they would of course have to cut it back alot, but it's a really great show! I think PKI should do some sorta musical show though. Like a musical revue or something. ~Ry~ Ps. The dancing shows are great as long as they are big and up beat and stuff. Someone last year suggested we do a show about the Phantom Theatre, liek Phantom of The Opera, I think that would be awesome! Pps. The Sinbad show is at IOA...
  9. I am very excited about this season about to start. The new water park and the shows, so what new shows are coming to the park? Anyone know?! They have to have a dance show because those make me and my friends happy! lol So does anyone know... ~Ryan~ Ps. Maybe they could have another show like POP FUSION because that was da best show ever!
  10. Yeah. Weird Al played at PKI last year fi memory serves me correctly. I heard it was a very awesome performer. He is a great funny man! Didn't seeing it, but it's WEIRD AL so I know it was funny. So YAY! Anywho yes he might return this year as well... ~ryRy~ Ps. I agree about the parents DragonLord, they were getting on my nerves too. I love JUMP5, especially when I met them. It was great fun yelling at Krista, Tony, and Misha (AC's dancers) They were great. AC completly stunk trying to sing those songs however, but the dancers made up for that. I loved the dancing!
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing country either. I don't know many country artists, but I like people like Dixie Chicks, Martina, Faith, and Shania and Tim Macgraw is good too. I really would wanna see Fefe Dobson or Maroon5...someone like that. And Of course I wanna see AC again..3rd time too! I wonder who will come with him this time thought because Jump5 had a member left. Maybe stevieb or Play...WAIT! Let me stop i am rambling on. I just wanna see some new people there, maybe Norah Jones. ~Ryan~ Ps. I like some rap, but some is too much for me. Same with metal as well.
  12. I just would like to know if anyone knows what concerts are cming this summer to PKI? Besides like Spirit song and what not... Thank you ~RyRy~
  13. SOB does have a rough ride somtimes and I do not like it because of that sometimes. However with my frieds the roughest ride is awesome and besides I love SOB because me and Brea' saw Trevor Penick from O-town on teh rollercoaster last year and I touched him!! lol ~Ryan~ PS JUMP5'S NEW CD IS OUT TODAY SO GO GET IT!! ACCELERATE WILL BE GREAT!! lol JUmp5 rulez!!
  14. This site kiks major BOOTY!! I normal don't like red, but I love all the red!! lol So yeah! GOOD JOB AARON.......*slaps high five* ~Ryan~
  15. Nate..I ahve two Abba cds ( Gold and 20th anniversary one ) I love ABBA so much! I am suppose to see Mama Mia at Schuster this coming year!! YAY! ABBA RULES! I will check out the site tho.... Dranglord that was you?!?!? Haha Some parents were getting mad bc they had digicams..haha SO why can't we use cams in the concert? There was this lady with about a 6 inch lens on her cam....haha ~Ryan~
  16. Nightrider that is a good idea for the shirt. It would be simple and cheap. Get an old white tshirt and a sharpie and write on it. Simple, yet elegant all the same. lol You can make a stop at a Wal-Mart or something and get the stuff. WAL-MART IS THE BEST........SO IS TARGET! ~Ryan~
  17. Ok cool! Was I black? lol Wearing a bright orange shirt and man capris? And was I with a black girl? haha...that was me then! Which guy were you? I remember the PKi guy that was at the gate under congo falls and he kept repating the whole "no cameras thing" It was funny cuz everyone was plotting to knock him over and steal his radio! haha Thanx for noticing me tho..... ~Ryan~ Eminem is PLAYED big time...I mean he is good sometimes, but most of the time not. However the otehr bands STXbomber mentioned I would see, just gotta add Maroon 5 to that please! Bignathan...that's cool taht you like the A*teens, but I have never heard of Mercy Me..who are they? Also no one will ever change me....EVER! I like what I like and if you don't like that then that is your problem so umm go deal with it somewhere, cuz I am having FUN! lol
  18. I agree with Tanner next year will be better. I would wanna come, but probably won't be able to during the week and specially on weeekends when I work. RyanA..so true meeting Mr. Chef would eb awesome cause he is coolios! Mr. Chef, I agree about the whole "respect" thing, maybe everyone won't be so cruel and eman to people. Then again it could just stay and not change, but it is worth a try. LET'S GO FOR IT! ~Ryan~
  19. They always sell it at the concerts. they had it at the O-town concert last year and the AC one the year before that. True they don't need to seel it there tho. ~Ryan~
  20. I am a guy and Jump5 is not girl music...it's JESUS MUSIC! Nothing wrong with that..haha But thanx for your opinion., won't make me change, but thanx anways. So um PKI should bring Good Charlotte or Less than Jake or daniel bedingfield! lol they would rock da house!! Come to think of it if a rock band did come wouldn't there be "mosh pits" ? That would be a pain because of the seats all around. So what would they do about that? ~Ryan~ PS Why aren't patrons allowed ot use digicams at the concerts? PPS I didn't relaly liek AC's set, but his dancers were awesome I was amazed and Kristi ( AC's black female dancer ) was HOTT!!
  21. Ohh I stayed at my seat, excpet when my friend wnated to trade seats for a sec to get her AC pics. I only totally left my seat when I went backstage to meet J5 and to get my poster and visor. Omg I saw this little boy almost get knocked over when Ac jumped off the the stage and touched all the girls hands. I was like or lord teh boy is gonna get killed. It's was really sad that those girls didn't even care about all teh little kids behind them that couldn't see because they were inf ront of them. That made me mad too. But teh concert was so awesome. ~Ryan~ PS my friend thought the guy with long blonde hair and sungalsses on his was hot!! lol
  22. I would havta agree about the tshirt thing at the concert last night...I saw a couple of girls get smashed. This little boy almost got knocked over because of all the girls runnning to the stage...it was horrible. I would have to agree about the adults too, tehy cna get a little B!tchy to the ushers/workers and even otehr patrons. The beer theys erve at these concerts do not help the situation eitehr. I do not think they should sell beer at a concert were the performers aren't even old enough to buy it.
  23. What si the big deal with dgi cams? And why can't we do the whole video cam thing? And jump5 wasn't lip synching...they were off sometimes and were really singing...i loved it!! YAY!! Jump5 are great dancers and nice peple!! ~ryan~
  24. Jump5 is awesome and even hotter in person and so so cool!! lol Concert rocked my world! DO YA DO YA DO YA LOVE ME!! ~Ryan~
  25. OMG OMG the concert was awesome and I loved it!! I met Jump5, got pics, and they signed my shirt! It was so so awesome...so great! OMG OMG lol Jump5 is teh nicest band ever! Most polite and curtious! LIbby is gorgeous! ~Ryan~ Did anyone go? And if you wokred there did you liek how everyone kept rushing the stage? lol Also if you were there did you see I was in a bright orange shirt, kahki capris, and a orange visor and I am black lol so i stook out easily!!
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