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  1. Do you think that Potato Works should expand into large hamburgers like their famous big fries?
  2. This is the last leg of my Journey from Kings Island just 5 minutes South of my house and 36 miles north of I 70. On US 35 North South of Muncie IN. And also the first leg starting out to go to Kings Island. Much faster than going through Indianapolis. Just go towards Richmond Indiana to I 70 East.
  3. Been waiting since September 1994 for the answer
  4. I am also paranoid about Kings Dominion Eiffel Tower antenna eventually being lowered due to rust issues from the salt air on the east coast or it even breaking in half from not getting enough attention.
  5. Here is the first day I saw the Eiffel Towers antenna shortened to its current height of 315 instead of 330ft tall. My reaction at age 12 years old was darn. What was the point in lowering the antenna on the Eiffel Tower. I took the picture on Saturday September 3 1994. From the distance it looked like a McDonalds Straw shoved into a large drink.
  6. Build a new one between the crypt and The Beast. or tear down the crypt and put one there.
  7. Those base lights wouldn't have effected the christmas tree for winterfest at all they have survived other Winter Fests with those uplights I would love to see a petition to get the tower restored for future generations to love and admire as I did growing up. Especially with the fireworks.
  8. This is the picture I took of the Eiffel Tower in 1996 this was its third summer being at its current shortened height long before Drop Tower was ever erected
  9. Put it on the dining plan. Im in favor of the Texas Roadhouse franchising idea.
  10. I still like the Eiffel Tower lit the way it was pictured in that poster I think today's generation of kids is missing out on this experience it was calming but fun to look at after a hot summers day in the park.
  11. This is the poster I acquired from the 20th Anniversary special in 1992. I was 10 at the time .
  12. Do you think the international restaurant should be converted into a steakhouse. I think this would be a good investment for the patrons who eat steak. this had been at the back of my head since they had built the new BBQ place in Coney Mall. I came up with a perfect name for the steakhouse if it ever comes true. International Steakhouse of Kings Island.
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