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  1. The Beast experience this year was not good for me. Assigned seating and only two non wheel rows. But a bad ride on The Beast is better than a good ride on Invertigo. I ended up riding Adventure Express more than The Beast this year. This comment is going in for posterity during a global pandemic--I'm grateful I got to experience KI 4 times this summer.
  2. The Racer and Racer 75, although R75 has a small difference in the layout. If there was a category for cloned rides: what version do you love and what version do you hate? It would be Thunder Run/Hurler. TR is awesome (airtime, smooth, fast) and Hurler sucks (rough, slow and airtime is terrible).
  3. It's not a big deal, but confirmed (around here) is not a word to take lightly The subject was discussed at an ACE event and a park official probably said it (I wasn't there, I'm conjecturing here) and ACE reported it. Even so, the park hasn't announced it. From reading the posts, it seems like the Iron Horse is going only on certain sections and the the topper track is being replaced elsewhere.
  4. It's not "confirmed" until the park announces it, as the link you posted clearly posted in a disclaimer. Probably? Yes. Confirmed? No.
  5. POVs really dont do a ride a true tale. They seemed to be highly secured to reduce vibration. Im looking forward to riding this someday, though!
  6. If they do a taste of the season, I hope they have some weeknights between Christmas and New Years Eve (I work weekends.) If they are not doing a tasting event, It is really nice to go to the effort of giving locals the Christmas tree. Of course, there is a loyalty reason but still a great gift.
  7. Very good post, @IndyGuy4KI! You managed to summarize the season, yet place emotion into your writing. Thank you!
  8. While I don't hope for a dive either, that rendering looks great! You have advanced your skillset over the past couple of years!
  9. Hmmm. that's interesting because a moderator said in this thread that sources are part of the TOS you seem very fond of (when you think it's in your favor).
  10. First and recent example: "Adventure Express got retracked!" "Adventure Express had at least 6 sections of track replaced!" Ultimately, as confirmed by several others--track work was one or two spots and no more than 15' in each spot. Regarding the original The Bat--you could have just said from the beginning: "If you go thru the Fast Lane queue for Orion, pay attention. It looks like there is a blueprint for the original The Bat! Based off that, I did a recreation in NoLimits and included the inversions. What do you think?" Of course you are going to get called out or have
  11. Are you talking about Scream at Magical Mountain? It's a parking lot coaster, not far from Twisted Colossus. It's similiar to Dominator--If SIX decided to sell it off, I'd love to see it at KK or KI!
  12. There is one just down the road at Kentucky Kingdom.
  13. I agree with the Viper sentiments. It was a fun coaster that I enjoyed. Also, it has an interesting track design on the loops.
  14. Got a source on that? And even if you do, it is really not indoor dining. There is no climate control in the hot, humid summer when people crave AC. And the outdoor dining porches at CB do not allow for seating for that many people. An climate controlled eatery in CM would be a revenue generator. The temporary walls at CB do not increase revenue in my conecture.
  15. Where is the indoor dining in Coney Mall?
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