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  1. The scariest haunt experience I ever had was back in like 2010. We rode last ride on beast. The train before we got back to station, somebody took my friends backpack from the bin. He tore off to the front entrance. I walked back alone, in very dense fog, with nightmare on elm Street music playing while diamond back sent empty trains. No screams. This was before I got into parks.
  2. Since this is a fake @kingsislandpr account, I've deleted my post.
  3. Did the park fix Don Helbig's tombstone?
  4. She is but a shadow Of her former self. You can't recognize her She is someone else. --Eurythmics, In The Garden. ©1981 Lennox/Stewart
  5. And supposedly they have cut way back on scareactors this year. That, with the no boo necklaces, has ruined this event. Best Haunt indeed lol. At this point, they need to just do Tricks n Treats, an Oktoberfest for the adults and close at 7pm.
  6. Haunt Saturdays are typically the busiest days the park has. Of course, it's weather dependent. But if the crowds are high and the weather is good, a Fast Lane would be advisable but will likely have surge pricing.
  7. Here is my perspective: staff are pressed for time. But there should be a process to cull damaged items to either fix or do away with. With this issue, given the subject, they should have taken the 5-10 minutes to fix it The motive will be clear next weekend. If it's not fixed after this uproar, it will speak volumes to the theory of the park intentionally did this. If it's removed it still could be interpreted many ways. If it's fixed, that will allay many of these concerns about ki screwing Don Helbig.
  8. Some would say it's not a woodie, but a hybrid .
  9. It's 441 and I'm wondering why they put blacktop around the Eiffel Tower in the 2019 renovation instead of pavers
  10. Go thru Canada. Much cheaper, at least it has been for me.
  11. When I rode LR, the launch didn't really feel like a launch. It kind of felt like a slower Millennium Force.
  12. https://www.nbcsandiego.com/local/seaworld-has-til-end-of-day-to-pay-12-2-million-in-back-rent-san-diego-news-daily/3300423/
  13. The junkyard coaster needs a complete redo or tear out. Get rid of the shipping containers, junk cars, billboards, rip-rap. I don't think the hardware needs anything, maybe harken back to the roots of Les Taxis or Ohio Overland Livery and put new fiberglass shells on the train and take a wild ride in a antique auto. But the area is ugly as is while it's a decent ride. Landscape landscape landscape!
  14. They are the ones that were overbooked at St. Michelle.
  15. Well, we have been bamboozled yet again by the silly poll and no boo necklaces!
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