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  1. If there is an opportunity to make money, it should be explored. Obviously, it worked for Carowinds in spite of Haunt teardown and Winterfest prep. I wouldn't be surprised to see more of these off season festivals pop up to extend revenue--maybe not at KI but at Cwinds, Schillerbahn etc. How cool would it be to have a December food tasting event at Breakers resort? Nothing but food, maybe movie night etc. I'd go from 6 hours away if I could get the time off! I'm kind of surprised they havent done this at KD, Cwinds, CWland, ValleyFair and Great America given the success a
  2. We are not the judge and jury. We would like to see justice served, but unless charges are filed and the guilty parties (there are others who have been alleged to commit acts) face justice, we can only remain safe by being united. That's why this thread was a good idea and the information is key to protecting children from harm.
  3. So now you are back. Welcome. Can you just acknowledge that there could be other possibilities for your theories? Since the park poo-pooed your speculation, it would go a long way to restoring credibility.
  4. Wow, you put much thought into that. I'd like to know what you would do if you were given the following options: Action Theater shell, Kill Mart Shell, Crypt Shell and a temporary shell (think Carnivale Style tent with heaters and a floor and airlock entryway) in Action Zone---or the shell of the Blackout building. What would you do with these spaces desgined to be climate controlled? Time and budget are not an option, nor is COVID 19.
  5. I forgot to add--this was in my July visit. At KTTK, did you at least uncover anything about leaked plans by the city of Louisville to upgrade water lines in the area?
  6. If someone was banned, there was a reason. Hopefully somebody will learn and grow.
  7. If they are not going to eject line jumpers, cell phone users on rides and smokers(up until 2020), I doubt they would eject trash throwers.
  8. The only things I saw were outside the traditional park boundary, and that really wasn't clearing, it was earth moving. Somebody said that it might be for a parking lot, but I can't remember who or the validity.
  9. ^Was there any pink or orange flags anywhere? Or white spray paint?
  10. I have no idea how their financial have done this year, but they certainly did seem to take advantage of every day they could open. Risky to offer a deal to "new" 2020 passholders that is only good for this year while others who bought before Memorial Day get 2021 included. But then they lowered the 2021 price by $10. Tey can be much more nimble that a park having a corporate structure.
  11. I disagree. It's human grease. Sweat, oil, cosmetics, hair products etc (among other things).
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