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  1. I thought the story of recaR was settled in the book: Kings Island: A Ride Through Time by @KIghostguy.
  2. What I found interesting in the teaser was the 2018 master plan blue prints. Why would they include that? Are they gearing up to release plans for the parks next largest investment ever? Trolling? Or just something they had lying around and used it to cover a blemish on the desk?
  3. I don't know what park will get a coaster like ths, but I voted for a park that I want to get it. MA needs a new coaster, and I hate spinning coasters. I could go to MA and skip it and not feel like I missed anything. LOL
  4. Wish The Undertaker was back! Does anyone here know if the creepy "Have you seen my Dolly" push button is back this year? I think it was in the former Salt Water Circus area.
  5. I think we (or I) are conflating two distinct issues: 1. The newspaper and it's quest for information. Not being learned in this and just going from a common sense perspective, I personally don't think CP is in the wrong generally. They tweeted almost immediately after the accident a very straight forward description. The SR wants more details, but the investigation is ongoing--so when is the appropriate time to release it? And why is it so important to release the victim's name? That should be up to her and or her family. 2. The relationship between CF and the city of Sandusky. It seems lots of corporate folks to Charlotte, which only makes sense--centralized airport, more attractive climate etc. Sandusky is concerned. The SR just seems to stir the pot, which may be harmful to the relationship with the city even though the city has no control over the newspaper. In my opinion, just because something is legal does not make it right. A student newspaper took on a crusade with a University about a faculty member who did some bad things. The paper made FOIA requests that were denied as the investigation was ongoing. The University did finally release redacted documents with names of victims shaded out. Paper pitched a fit and sued and a few years later. But what good is it to publish the victim's names during the investigation or years later when they did not come forward after the paper pleaded them to? I think their right to privacy over rides the paper's right to their name. But again, I am in no way knowlegeable. I just have my views of right and wrong. Had I been a victim, I would not want my name published.
  6. ^I understand the tension here, but I don't think the company owes a newspaper anything other that what public record requires. The SR, in my opinion, is making things worse for the city by engaging in this fight. Right or wrong, why would a company keep a HQ in a hostile environment? The company and city should have their discussion(s) and if it is subject to public records request, then the SR should request it through channels. I the the SR is actually hurting themselves and the community by "picking this fight."
  7. ^I am not versed in law about police agencies releasing information to the press--I mean what benefit is there to revealing an accident victim's name to the public--but CP Police seem to be in the wrong if the court said so even if they were morally correct. I did not see the quoted text in the editorial, but I would agree that any amusement park is capable of performing basic first aid rather than advance medical care. Sort of like a hospital patient in acute care that needs advanced care--they are transferred to ICU. In my experience, emergency services will take a person to the closest hospital for first line care and then choppered to a level one trauma center. Sometimes the chopper is sent to the scene, but this is rare because of landing conditions. This would have been very challenging at CP with little open space and tall rides everywhere.
  8. <iframe src="https://giphy.com/embed/sBl8Fowq0ErFC" width="480" height="360" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-sBl8Fowq0ErFC">via GIPHY</a></p> I think we got the better coaster, as much as I like Avalanche.
  9. Wow...Kings Island might not be the place for you, Eeyore.
  10. Favorite: The Beast. I am biased, but the view, the sounds, the smell of grease and feeling like a kid again each time I ride. Alternates: Skyrush--quick and a great view of what you are facing. Lightning Run--loud, good view, slow start and then the speed kicks in. Twisted Colussus--when it actually duals, it is Racer-esque. Magnum XL-200--the view is great, it is a long ascent, and you get the classic Arrow clanks.
  11. It still amazes me that they can release chainwide numbers two days after the fact, but it takes 5 minutes to transact a Blue Ice Cream cone
  12. Taft: Best is Opening the park. Worst is backing down from resort destination to regional park. KECO: Best-growing the park and the company. Worst: Selling to Parmount. Paramount: This is difficult because it was Paramount/VIacom/CBS. Started good but went bad. Best was early days-bringing in movie IP while respecting KI tradition. Worst: The Junkyard coaster placement or the SOB fiasco. Cedar Fair: Best-thier coaster selection and a focus on nostalgia. Worst: Taking KI from a movie park to a generic park in the early years. I understand IP issues, but as they took out Paramount, the history of KI was ripped out too. Glad the current owners are restoring.
  13. The windows and such are at a smaller scale than normal for forced perspective. I think it was Bruce Bushman who designed IS using the principle that was used at Disney--it makes the buildings look bigger. I'll have to go back and read @KIghostguy's book to be sure of names and concepts. The majority of the 2nd floors are probably just facades. If you look from the ET, you can see most of the buildings have flat roofs.
  14. Whatever the outcome for this ride, the story will continue on for years. I love this ride and have hope that it will be improved. But if this is an indication that TTD has reached the end of service life, so be it. I got several rides on it (never a roll back though). It would open prime real estate and things never stay the same forever. If you say that about The Beast, I will fight you. I said what I said.
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