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  1. I think they do great work, and I was glad they put a lot of effort into Blue last year. The Beast I have no problems with. It's The Racer. I realize that this is very subjective, but I just don't get how two parks in the same chain can have vastly different ride and aesthetic appearances on their signature twin roller coasters. Racer 75--butter smooth and a ton of airtime. Freshly repaired track, ledgers, and batter braces. Now even parts of the structure have been redone. The Racer, the coaster that is responsible for most of the roller coasters that have come since, has a decent side and a side that is terrible to ride. And it looks terrible. It's going to be much more noticeable with Orion right behind it now. I hope a restoration is in plans for 2022.
  2. ^Among many things with The Racer.
  3. ^ I'd have to disagree @BoddaH1994. Red Racer was unrideable for me. Blue was great all season though.
  4. KIngs Dominion is my favorite park although I like Kings Island better.
  5. Outsourcing makes sense for full time employees, which are the minority at KI. The hospital I work at has outsourced housekeeping and food service for years, and recently outsourced clinical engineering and patient transport. For WF entertainment, though, I think they may stick with outsourcing unless they dramatically increase the number of days the park is open during the event. I think it would be very difficult to find high quality talent that would perform 3 days a week, with a 8 hour workday. As mentioned in another thread, the park has outsourced a company to run a few of their stands over the last few years--Juke Box Diner and Snoopy Grill specifically. If the labor market continues to challenge them, I could see them expanding this relationship rather than reducing it.
  6. ^ The name brand eateries (beside Skyline and LaRosa's) are probably overseen by their franchise owner or corporate entity. I'd venture a guess that the MBA folks are just another subcontractor. It may make sense to use subs for main F&B places as the park seems to struggle with this consistently.
  7. Once it's online, it's there for good. Just like that picture of when you did.....(and by "you" I am meaning anybody, whether it is a questionable selfie or drinking when you are 13).
  8. I just about spit my coffee out. Kentucky Kingdom has posted a spoof of the Orion announcement on their Twitter page. I think it is about the funniest thing I have ever seen on coaster social media. I love KI and Orion, but this spoof...they are genius on social media. Go check it out.
  9. Hey you stole my nickname for the Junkyard Coaster! If they wanted to retheme it to that, all they have to do is put a new sign up! [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Seriously, I'd love a retheme. Remove the shipping containers, junked cars and rip rap. Lush landscaping and some water features, and it could be a thrilling version of Ohio Overland Auto Livery (with new fiberglass covers for the trains). Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  10. Yes, some people can. One would be me. Last traditional closing day in 2016, my right middle finger had a splinter imbedded and the three middle fingers were red. It smarted something fierce for a couple of days. Now I ride The Beast hands down.
  11. The only way I see a resort ever being at KI is for CF to buy GWL. It could be a pretty sweet set up, I'd say they would expand the waterpark and change the hotel to have a more broad reach. I don't see that happening, but I didn't see a new woody, a renovated IS, good music back, Winterfest, Grand Carnivale and the removal of Vortex. If they ever add lodging, I'd say it would be a Marriott style hotel near Soak City if zoning would allow it. There is a large grassy area, close to the waterpark and freeway. But with the hotel saturation point nearby, I don't see it happening either.
  12. Are the three Belschnickles (spelling?) back this year? What is the deal with them? One was very chatty, two were stone cold silent. I asked them if we could take a picture with them and my politically correct friend wouldn't allow it, saying that they might not want their pictures taken. She's slightly over the top, LOL
  13. It did. The first time we went was in 1973 and I was very young. Actually my first childhood clear memory. We waited a LONG time for the flume and I chickened out and had a tantrum. So my dad took me out of the line to the vine tunnel to sit on the benches. I remember the shade and the flowers. We then started talking about plants, which I was obsessed with and my first career was in the green industry! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  14. It used to be near the vine tunnel when I was a kid. I think when you came out. The flume and Linus Launchers pad used to be part of Rivertown. Thanks Paramount! Lol Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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