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  1. Did it have sensors when it opened? I remember, as a child, there were employees stationed along the ride...the platforms at the top of each lift, the MCBR and up the 2nd lift where the train usually catches the train. I have always assumed they were the sensors, similiar to the employees at the top of the last lift on Kings Mills Log Flume. Of course, I could have been mistaken as a child. LOL
  2. Money was what drove this decision. They paid 150 million for it 3 years ago. Now selling it for 310 million. Even if you deduct the inflation out of the sales price, it's a very healthy return. Your reasons have plauged them for years and they knew these going into the purchase of the land., kind of like a nagging headache. I would imagine they had a pro and con list (also California being generally notoriously over regulated) and when a deal was offered at the price it was, they jumped to take the money and run.
  3. Jinkies! That's terrible. I'll reserve judgement on "Groovy" until I see it live, but I loved the BB logo.
  4. Does anyone here know why, in last night's FFF show, the words "Brady Bunch" replaced with the word "Groovy?"
  5. I've watched it from start to finish, and while it's not the most comprehensive ride through KI history, it is an excellent five part series. I am glad he was able to put the project together, it seemed like it would be a daunting task...glad he was able to finish it.
  6. I really like that concept! There could be a gate for the park near your pond for concert goers who buy a combo ticket. It also could be a neat place for winter shows and eats (Have a small indoor theater for live or electronic shows, a couple of eateries and maybe an indoor FEC or something)
  7. Has the pathway to Timberwolf been built yet?
  8. Agreed, agreed and agreed! If there ever is front gate renovation, I hope it is considered as Phase II of the Interntional Street rehab. Restore the landscaped logo berm on the left. Remove the banners and put flags back up. Add trees and flowers. Replace the shingles with another material and maybe add some dormers to break up the long bare roofline. Update the buildings on the left to look international. Replace the blacktop behind the Eifel Tower. Add some blue spruce trees and flower beds around the tower. Replace pavers in Tower Gardens. Remove the Junkyard Coaster and renovate the entire area into a Parisian Promenade with a few small classic flat rides, curved walking paths, lush landscaping and statuary and an Arc Triumphe. Oh and for goodness sakes, restore the ornate gas lamps on IS, entry plaza and in Parisian Promenade.
  9. ^Thank you for sharing those, @KIfan73! Very enjoyable and yes, the park has changed quite a bit. My favorite thing with your editing was the comment: "A pond" LOL
  10. I did not notice any pothole(s) on my ride yesterday.
  11. I went yesterday. I never experienced PT. I was impressed, but agree, there is so much material it is hard to keep up (I feel the same way about the Fun, Fireworks and 50)--this is not a terrible problem to have! ) Sensory overload. I have a much better appreciation for the ride after experiencing the show (I use the word experiencing purposefully. It is so much more than seeing the show.) But what made me even more appreciative was seeing children get sooo into the production. I saw clapping, dancing and smiles galore. I also appreciated that the show harkened back to a day when things were not so "careful"...there were some things that I consider edgy...references to smoking, drinking and dates. But all appropriately presented.
  12. So, kudos need to go to KI Security. They rescued the dog twice. The only thing I could see being done differently is calling Mason Police when s/he picked the dog up from first aid. If KI does not have a policy regarding this, the incident would be an opportunity to develop one. Not knowing, and not knowing Mason's policies, I think they did well. Now for the individual who is guilty of doing this, s/he should have the dog surrendered.
  13. I didn't hear that the park had been ill...
  14. So security caught up with him later and asked him to leave and he did without incident? I guess that's a win. But wow, the zombies following him around...
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