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  1. I seriously don't get this argument about the vest restraint. I get tons of air on valravrn. And while I prefer the old style inverts because they were whippy, the restraint on Banshee is superior to raptor and afterburn. I know it's subjective, but still...
  2. I think ancient ruins that have been visited for centuries can have newer tourist traps like the mercado, Enrique's. Isnt there an Arrow Trading Company too?
  3. I'd like to insert an Eeyore giff here, but my phone won't let me. On a serious note, I too, hope you are surprised. King's Island has plussed many things in the last 6 seasons. You are astute to minute detail and I applaud most of your suggestions, but sometimes the pessimistic side shows through. I do too, with my Junkyard Coaster and TAFKACM comments.
  4. I'm not for or against non park povs. I think we should respect the rules the park has, just as we support the park's policy on drones. If ki allowed it of course I would still go. It's not a hill to die on. As a matter of fact, I did a pov at a park that allowed it. It was done safely. But it was not because I wanted YouTube clicks, it's just my own personal thing, stored somewhere on a Google server. I think though, as park fans, we should respect park rules. And pray that we have the wisdom to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know we cannot change this.
  5. This topic has the potential to become another drone topic thread... contentious and divisive.
  6. They did for Mystic Timbers media day in a roundabout way. They had a train mounted camera and legitimate media did their work. On the filler trips, "influencers" could sit in those rows and obtain copies from an SD card to use on their socials. Still official, I guess.
  7. I still think they should, when the coaster goes bye-bye, put in a Parisian Promenade street park with lush landscaping, family flats, pop up food locations and live entertainment. Would be epic for kids, mom's, and boomers.
  8. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a good reason to not allow it. I forgot about that kid...
  9. On ride filming, without park approval, is not allowed currently, no matter the equipment.
  10. I am guessing here, but maybe they don't want a huge crowd on this day. Given the past preview days since Mystic Timbers, it has been swamped and there are always technical delays, new employee issues and the like. Having a smaller crowd would be better for the employees and the clientele.
  11. I dont think they are that concerned with being that specific. They probably just chose a stock coaster image...but if it was intentional, this coaster seems more attention grabbing than Orion...I'm not downgrading Orion, but it is hard to capture the enormity of a GiGa coaster in this context. But, in any case, I am very happy that Spirit Song is returning. I am never able to go because of work, but I know you really enjoy it @Hawaiian Coasters 325 and will have a blast!
  12. Actually, GenX. But we call out the BS when we see it, especially from the so called "influencers."
  13. Maybe some people should have paid more attention to grammar school English lessons.
  14. I mean, they could just not do one. Be glad you get this opportunity.
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