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  1. Thanks for sharing all of this! I love this kind of stuff!
  2. Splashin' Safari is at Holiday World. Hurricane Bay is at KK. I'd check the website for the park you are going to for specifics, but I would conjecture that while on water attractions, no mask will be required, but while walking or sunbathing, mask up!
  3. It was the font with the star and line above it. The word "Paramount" was not included.
  4. It was posted on KISP that the giant barrel of Radium XL 200 in Area 72 is actually a repurposed pedestal from the Royal Fountain. Anybody else here hear about that?
  5. Interesting! I did not know that they used the crown logo for retro purposes. I prefer the Disneyland logo an am glad it pops up on some merchandise. I hope to see more of it as 2022 rolls around. I did see a lanyard at the Emporium that had the Disney font, the Paramount logo (without the Paramount name) and the Cedar Fair logo. I was surprised they used the Paramount logo.
  6. Yes, I keep my eyes open for them to snatch them up, but to no avail. Yeah, my thought too. But the Lion Country Safari did not open with KI. I think it was 2-3 years after this. I love mysteries!
  7. Oh, you have read all 2200 of my posts? I'm sorry if pointing out the things that are obvious makes me passive-aggressive and a downer. I have used the ignore option, very recently. If my posts bother you, maybe you should too!
  8. Those have to be rare. I have never seen anything with this logo!
  9. Another post to get attention. It's fairly obvious that they are cleaning up the site. Footings are being dug up, debris is being triaged and removed. There are still footings in the ground, I counted at least 5 in the picture. The company hired to demolish Vortex, ORourke, is plainly displayed on the equipment. When I was at the park on Tuesday, they were using the jackhammer to get the large footing destroyed up by the train storage shed of The Beast. The ignore option is a refreshing thing to have on this site.
  10. I'm glad they went with the other logo. The one pictured looks too much like a 60's field party or early 70's disco.
  11. We were at the park yesterday and have ridden Orion already so it was not a priority, but we wanted to explore A72. We did ask the associate who was distributing ride vouchers (even though they were all gone for the day) if she had any previous vouchers that we could use as scrapbook souvenirs. She was nice enough to look through her stash and give us each a mint condition voucher from earlier in the day.
  12. Let me know when you are a specialist In corporate compliance and HIPAA law and can make these types of statements effectively, legally, morally and ethically, protecting the interest of all parties involved.
  13. So, it Is plainly stated that if you choose to partake in visiting KI, you assume the risk of being exposed to the virus. If you go to the store, you assume the risk, too. If this person who tested positive was following protocols, s/he was wearing a mask while on duty, which minimizes exposure to others via the expulsion of mucus or saliva. By screening employees, KI probably did the public a favor in getting this person isolated. If there is a reason to release details to people who may have been exposed to him or her, it will be done. They have a fine line to walk because they also have to follow privacy mandates in the workplace, and I am sure that the park medical folks were involved, so there is HIPAA compliance too. It is much more complicated than saying "A male working on Diamondback coaster tested positive for COVID 19 on 7-5-2020. If you rode this attraction between the hours of 10:00 and 19:00 on 7-5, please get tested." There are many layers to this cake.
  14. I watched the MIA video. Interesting that before the restroom discussion, a park employee was shown with his mask below his nose!
  15. I don't doubt that, but being in my line of work, I am a germophobe. so unless they had hand sanitizer every 30 feet or so, I prefer to just not touch them. I'm looking forward to experiencing the entire park tomorrow.
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