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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. ^ I don't know, nor did I claim that is was going to happen. I just speculated. Unlike some other recent folks on here, I didn't claim it's going to happen.
  2. Thank you @Shaggy and @Gordon Bombay for your insights and knowledge. I absolutely love KK. I live a little over an hour away in Kentucky. But I consider KI my home park and go there twice as much as KK. I suppose that is for the sake of nostalgia--my first memory is of being scared of the log flume (after waiting for over an hour) and being consoled in the wisteria tunnel. That being said, KK is vital to our region and has done amazing things since reopening in 2014. What they did there was nothing short of miraculous and Ed Hart's vision has enabled that.
  3. I wonder if Herschend has an ultimate goal of putting Holiday World in the family? It fits their image, is a great park and could be in a vulnerable position as a result of Covid. I have no idea the financial position of either company, but I think what we saw with Kentucky Kingdom shows just how precarious the situation is for our beloved parks.
  4. I chose Diamondback because it doesn't have much. They did add a couple of things in the station recently, but the queue needs some work.
  5. ^Salespeople are not all bad. Tony Clark, Don Helbig, webmasters, the game people are all salespeople, putting the best foot forward of their product. The context of being a gold mine was to enthusiasts, not potential operators at these events It was specifically in trying to sell himself to the fair board about the highest possible use of the land being an amusement park (infrastructure, existing assets, location etc). That being said, if he and his associates want to sell the park to a qualified operator, nothing at all wrong with that if it is completed within the terms of the contract
  6. Without spending hours reading the two proposals, and what the city is asking for, it seems they are radically different. Select Contracts seemed to offer specifics, from a development plan and specifics to city requests. Imagine That! seemed flashy and exciting, with some data and flashy "jazz" but no specifics on land use. It sounds to me that the city wants to develop an adventure park, not a theme park like CGA or DK. They want to utilize the land to get more visitors in a natural setting like zip lines, etc. I think, in my brief glance, that Select Contracts nailed it. Imagine T
  7. ^^Borrowed time? Ed Hart has said several times at events that KK is a gold mine. It takes time to build a business and it is nothing short of remarkable what they have accomplished in 5 years. They advertise heavily in the local market, reach out to Nashville and Indy to meet their contractual agreements and use social media more effectively than many other parks. I would say the pandemic hit them hard, though. Seeking out a solid operator is a wise decision, if this is indeed happening.
  8. Mystic Timbers and Orion are in the middle of the park, not the back of the park.
  9. They could offer Fast Lane vaccination or Pharmacist's Needle (available on the All Season Vaccination Plan). Members of coaster clubs could come to VACCstock and get exclusive BTS tours of pharmacists drawing up the doses. The anti-vaxxers are not forgotten either: An All Season Cool Aid plan could be offered with a refillable cup in the shape of a syringe with red line or a disposable paper mask cup.
  10. The Fair Board owns much of the land around the park ( I believe they own the land between the freeway exit and Phillips Ln) as well as the land the businesses on the street by Storm Chaser sit on. It's been said that as the leases expire, they are not renewing them so as to give more space to KK. Also, keep in mine, there is lots of underutilized space within the developed park that should be used before expanding outwards. An interesting thought to consider: With the Commonwealth having some income issues related to the pandemic, would it consider selling the land that park sits on
  11. Just remember that Ed Hart and his associates don't "own" the park. They own the right to operate the park. That pesky Fair Board has to approve any change of ownership. If this turns out to come to fruition, hopefully everyone has done their homework.
  12. I want to see what they would do with a woodie.
  13. I'm glad you know all the inner workings of policy and procedure and local/state government regulation of these parks. Said in jest.
  14. Oh my word, is Hershend buying Cedar Point?????? There is a water park VERY CLOSE to Kings Island and a couple of dry/waterparks relatively close to KI, kind of to the west in neighboring states. One fits the Herschend image to a T.
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