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  1. @Snowball thank you for all you have done to make Grand Carnivale excellent Because of work being short staffed, I have only made it up there once this year and it was great! Please pass the feeling on to your coworkers who really made KI magical this summer.
  2. The 2036 comment was a tounge in cheek reference to the theory that KI gets a type of ride CP got 20 years prior (Raptor/Banshee and Millie/Onion). No other speculation than that
  3. Interesting POV. It almost sounds like they took the simulated sounds from animated POV's and mashed it up with the live POV of Valravyn when the CP management rode it (without the pleasureable female moan). It also has a theme based on a test vehicle. Kind of has some Orion vibes to me.
  4. "I'm so glad that people are dancing to my song at Kings Island every day now!"
  5. Went yesterday with a co worker. He has not been to KI in 25 years, so he was like a kid in a candy store. He's also a theatre person and wow, was he impressed with the event! He was explaining to me the technical aspects as well as the time commitment they performers have to put into this event....wow! I loved the Spain float. I loved that during the show and parade, performers make eye contact and smiled. Wonderful showmanship. I loved the ode to Cirque and the drummers were great. King Carl was really into the drum show. The parade seemed shorter this year and I do miss the decentralized country shows. However, the Germans on stilts doing the Chicken Dance at my request was a great touch! Thank you, Kings Island for a wonderful day, event and lifting of spirits. If my gold pass just covered one day of this and one day of winterfest, it would more than have paid for itself with the value I received.
  6. No, it shouldn't. This is my brick of text as opposed to @disco2000's wall of text.
  7. I want the park to look the best it can--and I think they have done well with it given the circumstances. It does suck that some things are seemingly neglected, but remember that the finances for Kings Island and other CF parks (and I am sure many others) have got to be a grim prospect: they basically lost a years worth of revenue of season pass, drink and meal plans. Add in daily passes Funpix, lost ad revenue (FunTV) and associated in park revenues from these customers. Then add in the increased cost of labor, construction materials, food, etc and it's very scary. Some burned out bulbs pale in comparison. Yes, I have been accused of being a company man, but I want the company to succeed. because if they do, I will be able to reap the rewards in a symbiotic relation ship.
  8. Ya know how McDonalds (prepandemic) wanted you to come in and eat and upsell you (it can be difficult to tell someone no to their face, but easy to a speaker)....and sit for just a little while so the decor was ugly and the seats were uncomfortable, and after eating people wouldn't linger? Many teenagers do not like country music, especially the same songs on a 5 song rotation. It might have been a trick to get these teens out of the park and decrease the chance of the troublemakers.
  9. The redo of International Street at the Taft parks was in the early 80's if I recall. The concrete seat walls were added then as well as the trees around the fountains. I have found them to be cold, stark and lifeless. So glad KI took them out and went closer to the original idea of IS. They are still around the Eiffel Tower and at the very front of the Royal Fountain. KD has softened theirs around the tower with brick which look so much better. KI has done some good work at "decorporating" IS. Lararosa's Pizza has been in the Italian Building since the beginning and Skyline for several years has been in the Aude Suisse Haus. Both are local to Cincy, so there is a tie in. I learned about Pizza Pizza after watching your video, I assumed it was the Canadian version of Little Ceaser's. I do like our new eatery called French Corner. I just wish they would make the Festhaus less international and more German Again, thank you for the wonderful footage. One of these days I will make it up there to see and experience it in person. But until then, you have given me something I have wanted to see for a long time.
  10. @MisterSG1..wow THANK YOU! The was a great surprise to see this evening. I appreciate you taking the time out of your reserved day at the park. Cw has a "wonderful" International Street. It seems Kings Dominion and Cw share alot of similarities. The bridge is steeper than I thought it would be. I was surprised at how little merchandise there was--replaced with food. Not a fan of the concrete seat walls at either KD or Cw, glad KI ripped theirs out. Thank you so much for taking the time to film this and share. It means alot!
  11. What works for me: don't have a full stomach or an empty stoma ch. Inverting coasters like Banshee, I have to sit front row, if I sit in other rows, the lack of frontal vision makes me nauseous. Other looping coasters like Vortex (RIP), I can sit other places because it's not a wall of seats in front of me. Find out what coasters make you nauseous and what you can do to ride with out the nausea. I can only do Flight of Fear lights on, and if it's really hot, I have to cool off on a water ride before riding. Keep hydrated on water/vitamin water/gatorade. In 2015, I was terrified to ride inverting coasters. I was at Holiday World and just watched Thunderbird launch for about 20 cycles. Decided to get on and havent looked back. Don't let anyone pressure you, take your time and go for it if/when you are ready. I also don't use dramamine, even the non drowsy formula makes me sleepy. I use mecliizine. It helps alot.
  12. I'm not sure as I have seen it from neither. My choice spot is either International Street or The Beast ramp
  13. Most single meals in the park cost $15 and include a drink. I think a whole LaRosa's pizza is $32 and has either 8 or 12 slices. Portion sizes on most meals (except The French Corner) are generous. I believe drinks are either 6 or 7 dollars. Visit the following site for accurate information about the selection of food: Drinks & Dining Options | Amusement Park Food | Kings Island (visitkingsisland.com) Visit this site for pricing: Dining and Drink Deals | Meal Plans | Kings Island (visitkingsisland.com) Keep in mind that a single meal ticket might be cheaper to buy online instead of in park, but you have to pay a service fee, and the park is going cashless soon.
  14. In 2018, I brought friends and got BAF tix at the POS building. In 2017, I did the same, but we drove seperately and arrived later than me, so I left the tickets at the will call window.
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