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  1. Kentucky Kingdom has announced something interesting. On this week's show, the CEO of Dippin Dots will be the subject of Undercover Boss and this episode was filmed last summer at the park! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  2. I've only been on 4 but all of them have LOUD anti rollbacks. They are actually pretty quiet thru the rest of the course though. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  3. Many people join more than one coaster club. I am not in GOCC, but I know several people there and they are great folks.
  4. I don't think KI will get an RMC unless they can quiet down thier anti rollbacks. Imagine the noise complaints with that! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. I doubt Skyline in the Swiss Building will leave anytime soon since it is a KI sponsor. And Skyline and KI go hand in hand for many. I could see it downsized now that there is more patio seating by the Royal Fountain--leaving the seating area open for something like the Yogurt Place. The French Building would be great for a new eatery if it could be reconfigured. Of course, I would like a Harmony Hall type eatery, but it may be superfluous with the Festhaus. But it would be a great indoor venue for Winterfest, especially at the other end of the area formerly known as Coney Mall.
  6. There is an all season plastic cup with free refills, an all season paper cup option, and an all-season plastic cup option that is much cheaper initially, but refills are $1 after the day of purchase.
  7. But you also have to remember...if people are not in the park, the park looses money. They have to weigh the goodwill of keeping an open park or angering 1000 people for a day. Kings Island rarely does that. But on the flip side....Kings Dominion, while it does close early more often, also has added in November bonus days several years. It was open in November this year for Haunt. It was open for Winterfest on the night of January 1. I mention KD specifically because I follow that park closely. I dont know about the other CF parks except for Knotts, which does seem to close a lot too.
  8. It may be a combination of both--noise and being good stewards of the money that has been entrusted to them. Kings Island rarely and I mean RARELY closes for weather, at least since I have been an enthusiast in 2014. I'd venture a guess that the majority of folks in the park until midnight or 1 am are locals, and will have seen everything multiple times in a season. People, even the GP, know that going to a park on certain days is going to great or miserable. I think you are overstating any kind of backfiring. I am very happy with the calendar this year, especially the extra week in May. That is awesome for me.
  9. I'm not all that upset about the earlier closes. Yeah, it sucks, but it's all a trade-off. After all, I consider the pass one of the best values for my money I get all year (except for Woohoos at Kroger sometimes). I can't remember the exact time they open daily in May, but it does seemed bumped up a week to me. Which I am over the moon for that since I work weekends and the park is usually subdued during May weeks.
  10. Respectfully, they were making Orion track and or supports in 2018 for a project that was not confirmed at that point too.
  11. I think this could just be a blip in the radar for SIX. Remember when Q3 numbers were released for Cedar Fair back in 2018 and many thought it foretold the end of Kings Island and Cedar Fair as we know it (after all, KI failed miserably LOL). Cedar Fair reacted nimbly and the company ended up having a great Q4 and a great 2019. Hopefully SIX will be nimble as well. If not....I'd like to see some parks added into the fold, specifically in year round markets.
  12. RMC has already done an all steel conversion...Storm Chaser. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  13. How about the Grizzly clones at KD, CGA and Canada'sWonderland (there I think it is called Wilde Beast?)
  14. That's one of The Beast trains. I wish they could go back to the old lap bars. The orange ones suck. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  15. On the other hand, I will own the role of the enthusiast who is excited to have Orion join our line-up. Kings Island has not disappointed me with their improvement decisions, even if I don't partake in them (waterpark and Planet Snoopy). I truly think the best is yet to come, based on what I have seen from 2017 on.
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