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  1. I personally like the easier one. I ordered Skyline packets from Amazon, but Kroger sells them there. I double the recipe so I can freeze the chili. Basically, it's one packet of chili mix, so many cups of water, so many cans of tomato paste and 1 lb ground beef. You mix the water, packet and tomato paste and when it comes to a boil, add raw hamburger. As the meat boils, break it into very small pieces. I don't boil the meat-I brown it beforehand. The you can experiment with other things like I said in my OP. @malem posted the complicated recipe a few years ago. It was very good, but the packets are so much easier.
  2. @sixohdieselrage, the easy one or the hard one?
  3. I've only had 5 Cincinatti-style chilis: Skyline, Blue Ash, Gold Star, my own made at home, and the canned "Cincinnati chili" from Kroger. My favorite is my own, because I can tailor is to my needs. I've made it with beef, buffalo, turkey and chicken. I've added whole ghost peppers while it is cooking. I've tried different pastas. Next is Skyline, then Gold Star, then Blue Ash. The generic Cincinnati chili from Kroger is really good, but I'd rather make my own. Whoever Skyline uses to make their retail products makes it too, because the contact information is the same--or Skyline itself makes it and sells is as the generic version.
  4. I'm going Friday. I'm looking forward to it, and I thank you for the information!
  5. I haven't been to the park since August (I work weekends), and I haven't paid much attention to the D-Back webcam. But it looks like there is a new building back by The Beast/Slaughterhouse. It looks too small to be Slaughterhouse and is yellow/plywood color. Am I crazy?
  6. They certainly took some artistic license, didn't they?
  7. That's what she said. hahaha
  8. @Maverick44, you just have to know where to sit. As much as I love The Beast, I have ridden AE more this year.
  9. I like the Wild Wild West song that @Hawaiian Coasters 325 mentioned, but always found it awkward with kids on the train and the lyrics talking about safe sex.
  10. That's very sad to me. I'd hate to see such a charming park leave the family. I know emotions aren't considered in financial decisions, but to see KI and KD separated would be hard to take for me.
  11. I'd add Kings Dominion to that list, just because I love that park so much. haha
  12. I guess I just liked the classics--Cotton Eyed Joe and the like. I also liked in '17 how the train played the Mystic Timbers soundtrack as it approached the Losantisville station.
  13. ^Actually the Fair Board owns Kentucky Kingdom. SF had the contract to run it. Mr. Hart et al currently have the contract. If this group wanted to sell to SF, the would have to get the authority to do so from the Fair Board, whom I think would be reticent to do so. I do have a small fear that they may try and do that, though--because it fits into the strategy that they have used in the last couple of years. The only benefit for me personally is the opportunity to process my pass one hour away vs 6 hours away if I choose to become a SF passholder again, plus the fact I could get into all SF parks for around the same price (presumably) that I pay for a KK pass. And the use of KK was just an example, I have no idea if SF would be interested in it.
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