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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I was impressed with Harmony Hall. Lots of variety and good food. Chickie and Petes was terrible, but so was it and Cedar Point (I guess I just dont like that kind of food!). I wanted to try Wings when I was there but didn't, I think it is the Country Kitchen now. I haven't been there in 5 years.
  2. Coasters are subjective. People rave about Maverick, for me it's just OK. Many hate Magnum XL-200, but I love it. The problem with enthusiasts comes into play when people state their opinion about a ride as a fact. Coasters have facts: TTD is 420' tall, launches you from 0-120 in 4 seconds and often is down are facts. Just like Orion is 287' tall, goes 91 mph and has demonstrated reliability. Stats are stats, but someone may favor TTD to Orion and another may like Apple Zapple better than both of them.
  3. Who is excited to try the Blue Ice Cream Ale by Sonder? I'm not a beer drinker, but I might just have to try one of these.
  4. Congratulations to her! Things like this are why KI is so ingrained into my psyche...childhood memories and the escape it offers. I am sure she will cherish these photos in the years to come!
  5. The point of enthusiast "media" sites is to get clicks and drive traffic. Ever notice how so many things are BREAKING NEWS of titles use the word "We" and alot of capital letters? Just like traditional media, outlandish headlines sell.. I'm still wondering if there is going to be a discussion of the "land clearing" around The Beast queue or the Adventure Express queue.
  6. I still find it humorous that people think this is land clearing.
  7. I rode both Blue and Red and really enjoyed it! Hopefully they will retrack from the turn around back to the brake run for next season because it is now evident of how needed it is! Ever since I rode Racer 75 in 2016, I was hoping Racer would run as well. I (mostly) got that wish yesterday!
  8. My first meal was at the French Corner--KI Smoked Ham meal. I also got a berry crepe. As has been mentioned, the portion size is small, but that could be a good thing...yesterday it was not, but it gave me the impetus to try the crepe, which was HUGE and very tasty. My second meal was Coney BBQ. I got the sirloin which was very good. Kind of hard to trim off the fat with a paper plate, but that is the issue with getting table service quality food to go. I was going to get the smoked sausage, but it did not look like it was cooked well. I have been dissapointed with the pulled pork,
  9. I don't think there would be any way they could have prepared for yesterday! In spite of the challenges, I cannot say enough positive things about the employees. They were slow, but smiling and cheery. The only closed places I saw were: Rivertown Freestyle, Rivertown refill by arcade, Rivertown Funnel Cakes, Subway. (Funnel and Subway could have been because it was later in the day.) Paradise Island was open, which seems rare to me!
  10. Land clearing? That is a stretch. More like removing trees that are at the end their service lives. They also did this around The Beast queue and the Adventure Express queue. The also "mauled" a few of the Autumn Blaze Maple trees on the midway in the Area Formerly known as Coney Mall.
  11. I like the Bea Arthur analogy! I would be the guy towards the right scratching his head wondering why they built this obtrusive lighting truss and video screen that will be used an hour a day. ****Note: I reserve the right to like this live entertainment later if it is better than the concept art.
  12. How about the country flags on the buildings and the Carnivale flags on the light poles around the fountain? I did like the big CARNIVALE sign on the Tower. Why can't we have international flags on the building over the turnstyles like in the days of yorn?
  13. I hope I'm wrong. I really do. But the hardware for this entertainment to me, is akin to putting a hardwood basketball court over the infield at Great American Ballpark. I like baseball and basketball, but they don't fit together. The metal trusses for lighting and sound tend to be invasive. Unless it is done very well, it will detract from the Area 72 theme that they worked so hard to create.
  14. I hope I like it when I see it. It just seems invasive into this area... @Captain Nemo summed it up really well.
  15. I'm generally supportive of what KI does. I know they have done a wonderful job with the blows they have been dealt, and I don't like to make decisions about things before I see and experience them. That being said, I think the concept art looks terrible. I don't like the industrial light/sound rafters--it looks Paramounty. I'll reserve judgement on the performance itself until I see it, but it looks like a small space for a large event. The Rivertown and PS shows excite me.
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