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  1. jtro223

    I Won The Lykins Energy Solutions Sweepstakes At Kings Island!!

    This was the tree lighting ceremony last year. Definitely a great way to start the evening off.
  2. jtro223

    Outpost 5 symbols popping up...

    Why would The Beast need to be unleashed? I'd rather she stay somewhat leashed in Rivertown. It would be great to have another coaster themed to the story line, but don't degrade the original. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  3. Millennium Force (3) vs. Great Pumpkin Coaster (1)Top Thrill Dragster (3) vs. Wilderness Run (1)Steel Vengeance (4) vs. Flying Ace Aerial Chase (0)Diamondback (4) vs. Woodstock Express CP (0)The Beast (3) vs. Woodstock Express KI (1)Magnum XL-200 (3) vs. Backlot Stunt Coaster (1)Banshee (3) vs. Cedar Creek Mine Ride (1)Valravn (2) vs. Adventure Express (2)GateKeeper (2) vs. Blue Streak (2)Vortex (4) vs. Iron Dragon (0)Maverick (3) vs. The Bat (1)Raptor (2) vs. Invertigo (2)Rougarou (2) vs. Corkscrew (2)Gemini (2) vs. Flight of Fear (2)Wicked Twister (1) vs. The Racer (3)Firehawk (1) vs. Mystic Timbers (3)
  4. jtro223

    Winterfest vs Christmas Town

    I think WinterFest is better than Banshee.(lol) I too went 5 times last year and didn't get to do all I wanted to do. The only thing that would bring it to Dollywood level would be to have more rides and coasters open, but I don't think that is worth the trade off of getting everything ready for Spring opening. I'm very happy and would still go multiple times if no rides we're open. In spite of a rough year at Cedar Fair, I am more excited for the future of Kings Island than I ever have been. They are doing so many things that people want and doing a great job...even if they still have some food issues and didn't give a rendering for KMAA. Lol Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  5. jtro223

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    @sixohdieselrage, the story of The Beast is awesome. Mr. Gramke gave a talk at Coasterstock and I was starstruck. If I could have only heard Al Collins give a talk. Plus, hearing Dennis Speigel's thoughts on The Beast...it is so awesome to hear these folks who were so key to the birth of my favorite roller coaster. With the Great Coaster we got with Mystic Timbers, Diamondback and Banshee, I think what we get is gonna be pretty awesome. I'm pretty excited!
  6. jtro223

    Things Cedar Fair Can Improve On

    I'm going to sound like I contradict myself, but... I wish they would have similiar policies at the parks. One park you must have a hand stamp. Another, you don't. One park, a platinum pass gets you a FLP+ for the price of a FL but at another you don't. That being said, and I think they are getting better at this, I think each park should have its own personality. I'd like to see the chain wide uniforms go to the wayside and the standardized garbage cans etc.
  7. jtro223

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Mr. Gramke is the Manager of Facilities, Engineering, and Construction at KI. He would be involved in just about any construction project I'd say.
  8. jtro223

    Winterfest vs Christmas Town

    Sorry, I had a typo. I meant to say no ice skating at Busch. I've edited [emoji3063] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  9. jtro223

    Winterfest vs Christmas Town

    From the comments I read, there are more upcharges at KD. One person was griping about the ice skating, cookie decorating etc. Someone else pointed out that there was no ice skating at Busch. I've never been to Christmas Town, so I don't have a frame of reference. But I will say that if KD's WinterFest is anything like KI's, it will give Christmas Town a run for the money. The only thing that I saw (somewhere) was that KD was getting 2.5 million lights vs KI's 5 million. But then again, I heard (somewhere) that KI was supposed to get close to 7 million lights this year with Tinsel Town opening but we have been told via the website it is "more than 5 million." Edit: to change the park name from KD to Busch.
  10. Fast forward: Facing competition, the newly acquired park in Virginia is merged with Six Flags America and renamed Six Flags Worlds of Gardens over Virginia. Not to be outdone, Cedar Fair buys the new creation, moves all of Kings Dominion attractions to this new property except for Soak City. This venture fails because the park is too big to fail. Rides and attractions are relocated across the chain. Carowinds gets the Eifel Tower. Kings Island gets Batwing.
  11. jtro223

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    I don't think that would have a tantamount change to the overall operation of the park. I wouldn't think KI would change their hours up much but you never know. For reference (and this is just simplified math with non-specific numbers, each park has different numbers of course and different parks have different employment numbers, this is simply averaged with 9 parks and each park having 100 operating days): 350,000 hours/9 parks=38,888 hours per park 38,888 hours/100 days= 388.88 hours per day to cut 388.88 hours/1000 employees=.388 hours cut per employee If someone here who knows much more detailed information across parks could plug in numbers and add in for out of park operations, I think the number would be much smaller. I would guess the company would be quicker to close parks for weather/small attendance days and perks like end of season ERT and possibly eliminate duplicate positions.
  12. jtro223

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately, I don't see the park adding temporary padding to the train seats. Even if they were properly secured, people tend to not respect property and they would get destroyed. A cheap investment, yes but not worth it since people can be jerks.
  13. jtro223

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    I really wish they would add some cushions to the seats on the train for Winterfest. Of course, it was very cold when I rode, LOL.
  14. jtro223

    Kings Island Video That I Made

    @kingsislandfan1972, Great family memories. Looks like you had a great time with your folks. Since you asked for thoughts, I offer two suggestions: 1. Try and avoid jerky movements with the camera and avoid pointing it at the ground when you walk. 2. Maybe make videos in shorter segments instead of one long video. You did a great job showcasing your experience in the park, which is unique to all of us. I appreciated seeing it from your perspective. I enjoyed listening to your narrative of the experience and look forward to seeing more videos in the future!
  15. I was there with my niece...and even she thought it was bad. From my adult perspective--not enough staff, very overpriced for what you get. The rooms were loud (not insulated well at all for sound), dated, in poor repair. They maximized space, which is a good thing, but the delivery of the experience was sub-par. I'm not a water park person, so I can't comment on that except to say that my niece was disappointed. Especially at Sandusky, the waterpark portion seems to be too small for the size of the resort. The staff were surly and overworked. The whole experience seemed more like a cattle herding experiment than a guest immersion experience. Granted, my experiences are very limited and it's possible that they did not represent the total GWL experience. I just left both places feeling like I had paid Westin prices but got a Knights Inn experience.