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  1. Steel Vengeance (1) vs. The Beast (1)
  2. jtro223

    Would a new skyride work?

    The downside to having it run the length of the area formerly known as Coney Mall is that it would decrease foot traffic slightly which could lead to decreased gaming, food and merchandise sales. I say "could" from a devil's advocate position because Cedar Point has a Skyride going down the main midway and I don't know how it affects revenues in those departments. But I am sure the company has number crunchers that would take things like that into consideration vs armchair enthusiasts like myself.
  3. jtro223

    Kings Island Nominated for Favorite Holiday Park

    https://www.knotts.com/play/merry-farm/attractions-shows Looks like they have three The Peanuts shows.
  4. jtro223

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    Don't remove the airbrush building! Move the concept over to the area formerly known as Coney Mall. The building looks 'German", so keep it and retheme it.
  5. Steel Vengeance (5) vs. Maverick (2) The Beast (4) Vs. Banshee (3) 
  6. jtro223

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    They just "revamped" Festhaus a few years ago. And I think it is listed as a part of IS now IIRC.
  7. jtro223

    Kentucky Kingdom

    ^Drink cups are $1 with a season pass, don't bother with the souvenir bottle unless you just want the bottle. For a year or two, drinks were free with a season pass but that changed this year when they switched from Coke to Pepsi. I saw what this park was like under SIX and vowed never to return. I am glad I did. After seeing the YouTube videos of it in ruins and seeing where it is now it makes me have a fondness for it. If you like waterparks, it is ranked fairly well. I don't do water parks.
  8. jtro223

    International Street Discussion

    @pianoman...I would be up for a fountain renovation if they don't remove the pedestals and the current shape of the sprays. I actually prefer our RF as compared to KD, it seems more majestic while KD seems more chill. I haven't been to CW, so I can't compare to it.
  9. jtro223

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Or they might drop non-obvious hints. Months before MT was announced, they tore down an original building and built a new funnel cake stand. They didn't highlight anything about the removal and replacement, they just put up a fence and said: "Caution: watch for falling trees." The back of the site was open fo see from the train and station. Like most, I thought it was going to be a flat ride. Of course, this hints kept coming, and in hindsight, it's so obvious. I wasn't an enthusiast in the time leading up to Banshee, but I bet there was a similar scene set. We may be seeing a huge change coming to the area formerly known as Coney Mall or X-Base with the Coney B-BQ and the KMAA and supposed removal of Firehawk, or it could be just general park improvements. But I bet something big is CoMiNg. Or not. But I am very excited about the future of Kings Island. (I say supposed removal of Firehawk because what if they are somehow altering it and renaming and retheming it? Wouldn't surprise me one bit, but I don't expect it. It would take an awful lot of renovation to change the ride.)
  10. jtro223

    Kentucky Kingdom

    But it's a Gravity Group woodie, what else do you need? Cross threading, remember that, @IndyGuy4KI? lol
  11. jtro223

    Kentucky Kingdom

    If I can offer some advice: Don't go in expecting a KI experience. I love KK and they do so many things right, but it is a small park and not part of a chain. So you may see coasters only running one train and slow loading times. They have a great coaster collection and (I'm told), a great flat collection. (I really only do the Drop Tower which is pretty good!) Food service is good and affordable. Definitely recommend Taco Tequila.
  12. jtro223

    Kentucky Kingdom

    The park has released a POV of Kentucky Flyer. Looks fun! Also, they appear to continue to underpromise and overdeliver.
  13. jtro223

    What's up with Kings Dominion?

    KD is bizarro KI to me. Almost everything is opposite. IS is kind of jutted into the parking lot, probably much more notable before Dominator. Also find it funny that is Safari Village, you have a Volcano next to an Avalanche and an Anaconda next to a Backlot filming location. And a Crypt mixed in for good measure. Nonetheless, I love this park. It is charming, unique and full of memories for me. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  14. jtro223

    International Street Discussion

    I do think KD's IS is more charming, but it is much smaller in scale. And I have never understood the reasoning for raising the elevation at the front of the fountain, other than photo opportunities. It blocks off the view of the fountains.
  15. jtro223

    International Street Discussion

    I think they have made vast improvements to IS in the last couple of years, but I do think it needs a more extensive overhaul. I'd leave the trees, replace most of the grass with seasonal color, add some statuary, replace the picnic tables, update some signage and replace pavers. Add in some weeping trees and shrubs like the one near the Emporium. Paint the buildings. But whatever they do, keep good music on IS!