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  1. I live a depressing 4 hours from Kings Island and I only go once a year. Y'all Ohioans lucky 

  2. B&M giga, GCI woodie or a Dark ride coaster similar to Wonder Mountain up in Canada.
  3. My all time fav. Hotel i have ever stayed is in mason. Its called Homewood Suites Mason its a great hotel, rooms are clean and the staff are nice.
  4. Some kid turned to me in the Diamondback line and stated and insisted that the ride had inversions. Im sure he was dissipointed,
  5. I strongly believe that 2019 and or 2018-2017 will bring a new coaster. It will be either a GCI or RMC (if Cedar Fair chooses to go the path of RMC) or (the one i strongly think will happen) A Giga coaster. It could go behind Banshee or back near Rivertown.
  6. looks like i know where my moneys going opening day.
  7. First time i rode Banshee, i kinda was not ready for that drop. So, my back kinda "snapped" and i could'nt breath throughout the entire ride. Second time i rode i got in the front and it was an A+ ride
  8. Just waiting for my Diamondback back seat on Opening Day....

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