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  1. Blasphemy! If you're refering to the Inverted Boomerangs, or the Giant Inverted Boomerangs, then I can half-heartedly join you. If you're refering to the regular, dime-a-dozen 1970's sitdown boomerangs, then I can not join you. However, their flying coasters (X-Flight) are pretty smooth. I don't know how that'll be in a few years, given history tends to repeat itself. And besides. Who cares about Holland? -- Myself, I wouldn't want another Vekoma in Kings Island. An Arrow would be nice, it's too bad that they got bought out by S&S, who is currently taking a break developing a new arsenal of rides, so we can rule the S&S/Arrow/CCI (rip). The B&M Window for 2004 is probably closed, given that for a custom layout, you'd need to do tree clearing, and Walter is such a perfectionist, it wouldn't happen. An Intamin would be nice, but they're currently having a love affair with Cedar Point. Premier? Eh. Chance-Morgan? Yeah, an Arrow Clone might be a good idea.. if only they cloned other ride types then those from the 70's/80's. Meh. -- In all reality, if we were to get a coaster for next year (which in my mind is doubtful), the most likely would be an Intamin or a B&M. Both have high price tags, and since Delerium and Scooby probably set us back, I'm giving it another year for a coaster. That's my two cents.
  2. Just make a big ride all within itself. Its inside so people won't really notice... Actually, that's the kind of thing that makes me upset... being a park reviewer at RCT station, one thing that made me upset was when a park maker got lazy and just put something like a boomerang, or went around in circles, for rides like Flight of Fear. But that's just me, maybe someother people don't mind, and if you did do that and submitted it to RCT Station, then I apologize for the bad review. Heh. I can be of some assistance for the Flight of Fear Layout. Here are some Mad Cobra. I'll get some up of the other two if I have the time. Mad Cobra http://search.eb.com/coasters/images/orebirt010p4.jpg http://www.coasterdom.com/~coasternet/rg/madcobra.jpg http://www.kankomie.or.jp/kanko/discover/park/2.jpg
  3. This is probably caused by a brake problem. Ther must have been a station brake malfunction, causing the computer not to tell the lift hill when to stop, nor the station when to catch you. Luckily, it didn't happen on a complete circuit coaster, otherwise you'd have some injuries from the trains colliding. Anyways, what you experienced is called valleying. It happens a lot on the three Deja Vus, mainly due to poor and rushed design.
  4. I went with a few of my friends to the fireworks at Dublin Coffman high school on the 4th, and it was about 5 minutes to launch, with a storm looming heavily, the temperature dropped like, 15 degrees, the wind was blowing fast, and the fireworks got cancelled. So then you have 5000 people from all over the city cramming out the two small entrances and running every which way. My two friends and I got seperated by the big group of people we were with, so we ended up walking half way across Dublin to go to the house they went to, and then we watched the Matrix, fed the dog popcorn, and relaxed. Then the rain started falling. Like basketballs. Going Mach 2. We got a ride cramped into a minivan to another house, where me and my three other friends were picked up, two of them dropped off, and I spent the night at my friends house. The next morning, we got up, and it was still raining, so we just played the X-Box for a while. The weather cleared up so we went skiing, kneeboarding, and tubing. We had a pretty good time. Then, we went back to my "farm" and set off fireworks as it got dark. All of our mile-away neighbors were setting them off too, it was like my own personal Nights of Fire However, lightning started going off.. the same thing happened as at Dublin Coffman stadium, so they went home (around 10:30) and then the monsoon hit.. the power went out 5 times that evening, all between 10:45 and 12:00. So that's how the weather was in Columbus, if anyone cares. Oh look, it's raining now!
  5. ?? The Rockin Rollercoaster is FoF clone. Sorry about quoting something way back, but I missed this and I'd like to comment on it. Flight of Fear and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster are two very different rides. The only read thing they have in common is that they're both indoors and have three inversions. Flight of Fear was designed by Werner Stengel, head of Intamin, and then built by Premier rides. It, and it's Virginia counterpart, both received lap bars at the end of the 2001 season. it's 2,705' long and 75'2" high. It has three inversions, a cobra roll and one solitary corkscrew. To get a better idea of what it looks like, here's a picture of the same design outdoors. FoF is a clone, but not of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. Mad Cobra @ Suzuka Circuit Rock 'n' Roller Coaster in Disney MGM Studios is also a clone! It was built by Vekoma in MGM Studios on 7/29/1999, and then later in Paris on 3/16/2002. It has three inversions, a serpent roll (signature element of Vekoma, can be seen on pretty much all SLCs), and a corkscrew. It's 3403' long, 80' tall, and the governor kicks in on your "super stretch limo" at 57 mph. However, there's another coaster of this model. Six Flags Holland has an interesting coaster called Superman The Ride, which you'd think to be a FoF clone, like Poltergeist @ SFFT, or Joker's Revenge @ SFA, but it's actually a Rock 'n' Roller Coaster clone. Here's a picture. Superman the Ride @ Six Flags Holland So in short, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is not a Flight of Fear clone. Heh, I just took the long way saying it.
  6. If you look at the first post, this isn't a realistic idea or suggestion of what the park should do, it's just what, in people's opinions, would make it better.
  7. You're saying Delirium isn't unique, well neither was King Cobra. There are clones of KC at PKD and PCW. At least Delirium is the first GIANT Frisbee. King Cobra was the first ever stand up coaster. And Delerium.. it's ok. It's just too similar to things I've ridden other places. Though it does score bonus for being a Huss
  8. 5) FOF 4) Son of Beast 3) Scooby's Ghoster Coaster 2) Tomb Raider 1) The Beast
  9. OhiocoasteR's Improved Paramount's Kings Island: by OhiocoasteR Take Out: Delerium Add: King Cobra Why: Delerium's good and all, but it's nothing special. I mean, there's one at the Ohio State Fair, Six Flags St. Louis, etc, which are all special in they're own little way, but not special enough to make a new one in the vincinity of another one. Plus, King Cobra was one of my favorites. This isn't realistic, because King Cobra got taken down for maitenance reasons. It's just what I'd do. Take Out: Top Gun Add: The Bat Why: From what I've heard and seen, and done a recreation in RCT, The Bat was awesome. Once again, not realistic because of structural problems, but it's what I'd do with no limits. Top Gun, it's so short, and the layout is just ok. Take Out: Face/Off Add: Shaft of Terror (Gold Reef City) Why: The only way I'd add shaft of terror is if it still had the lap bars on it. Otherwise, I believe I can sum up the why category with just one picture: http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/gold-reef-city/...-of-terror3.jpg That picture, and the fact that Face/Off is a Vekoma... ew. Take Out: Drop Zone Add: Mr. Freeze (Six Flags St. Louis) Why: Yeah, Drop Zone holds a record. Yeah, it's scary. But it doesn't have variety. Oh, we're being lifted up.. and we're dropping! Wow, that was unique! Get my point? Anyways, When I rode Mr. Freeze... Wow. Premier makes even awesomer rides that Flight of Fear. Mr. Freeze is one of them. Here's a picture. http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/six-flags-st-lo.../mr-freeze2.jpg Take Out: Adventure Express Add: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom) Why: You want the mine ride experience? You can go to SFSTL, SFoG, CP, PKI, SFGAm, pretty much any park in the area has a mine ride. You want the REAL mine ride experience? Go to Disney. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has the BEST theming of any mine train, period. And it's a pretty cool ride. Here's a picture: http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/walt-disney-wor...n-railroad1.jpg Take Out: Rugrat's Runaway Reptar Add: Montaña Suiza (Monte Igueldo) Why: RRR is a Vekoma. Ew. And Montaña Suiza is the first steel coaster ever. Argue with me if you like, that Matterhorn was the first, but this one tops it by a few decades, in 1928. It's not a very big, fast ride, but the peacefulness and the nostilagic purposes make it worth while. And who could hate a coaster with stone supports? Seriously. http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/monte-igueldo/m...tana-suiza6.jpg And to add onto that, they're near the same length, they have almost the same ride time, but one will be rough in a few years. Take Out: Beastie Add: Starliner (Miracle Strip Amusement Park) Why: You like the tunnel? Me too. You like the clone value? The Beastie is just a mirrored image of the Sea Dragon in Wyandot Lake. Besides, if you like the John Allen effect (Sea Dragon was his first coaster), then you'll love Star Liner. Panama City Beach. Picture: http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/miracle-strip-a.../starliner1.jpg . Out and back? Oh yeah. Take Out: Vortex Add: Dragon Khan (Universal Port Adventura) Why: Kings Island lacks a B&M. Badly. They're really missing out on the smoothness and crazy layout of the coasters they make. Dragon Khan is no exception, it held (well, co held) the record for inversions with 8 until Collosus was built in Thorpe Park... which has 10! inversions. But it lacks height and has repetivity. You need a picture? This should take care of it. http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/universal-studi...ragon-khan1.jpg Take Out: Racer Add: Grand National (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) Why: The Beach has one of the greatest racing coasters ever, Grand National. First opening in 1935, the Grand National is one of only four Moebius coasters left. What's Moebius you ask? You leave one station, and end up at the other. It's cool. Here's a picture. http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/blackpool-pleas...d-national3.jpg Take Out: Top Cat's Taxi Jam Add: Leap the Dips (Lakemont Park) Why: It'll never happen, ever, but it'd be cool to have the oldest coaster in the world at PKI, as well as remove a shelf model kiddie. It's like a dream come true. Picture: http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/lakemont-park/l...-the-dips10.jpg Take Out: Scooby's Ghoster Coaster Add: Pteranodon Flyers (Islands of Adventure) Why: Eh, I dunno. PF looks more fun. You know, with the theming and all. Picture: http://www.rcdb.com/picmax/universal-studi...don-flyers2.jpg Rides Left Alone: Flight of Fear Beast Son of Beast There you have it, my improved PKI.
  10. Nah, I checked, there weren't any keys in the ignition.
  11. James Bond was alright, however, I think that Crash Course one, whatever it was called, was the best. The 7th Pot hole was just stupid. Nobody watches online comics that I know of.
  12. Eh, land rovers aren't my style anyways. I'd rather ride in a Wrangler.
  13. From my understanding, it's a joint advertisement for TR:TR, the stunt show, and the new movie. Which makes me wonder... how much will they do for the new movie at Tomb Raider the Ride? EDIT: A similar statue has appeared in Paramount's Kings Dominion.. would this just be a movie ad, or could they be getting a Tomb Raider: The Ride themed to the second movie? Hmm...
  14. were you that security guard that walked up?
  15. Hi everyone-- I was at the Tomb Raider shoot, by way of ACE e-mail. I actually got picked to narrate the ride. It was really cool narrating, because I could talk during the ride without everyone looking at me like an idiot. Group two ran through twice, and after the second time, they said they had it, so they filmed us walking in, multiple times, and they took a lot of footage of me walking into the ride and just sitting around, not looking at the camera.. it was a little uncomfortable, just sitting there. They made the poor ride-ops check and recheck our harnesses multiple times. The filming took place until around 11:00, and then I went and rode The Beast, Son of Beast, ate lunch, and then went back to interview. During the interview, they pointed a sun-reflector at me and asked me strange questions. It felt like I was writing an essay question, because I had to incorporate the question into the answer. There were people that didn't get chosen (like the Ace regional rep, who was pretty cool, and the kid from pittsburgh) who also got interviewed, and will probably get 5 seconds of fame... literately. After the interview, Tomb Raider was closed for some random reason or another, so we walked back into the queue and got some footage of me looking around.. that too was uncomfortable. Then we called up Jeff to get permission to use the 175 thou land rover parked in front of the ride. He had to come up to where we were, so the film crew just sat around, while everyone in the ride line (which had just opened up and already had about a 2 hour wait) was looking at us. Jeff came, liked the idea, so I got to get into the Land Rover, hop out, and say "Great parking space!" to the camera, and then run to the entrance of the ride. It was pretty corny, but fun. After three takes of that, we finally had it right, and everyone in the line applauded. We were free to go, and we had to get out of the park by 3:30, so I stopped by the gift store and picked up Italian Chef's book. I saw italianchef there, shamelessly promoting his book , as well as some fellow ACErs. I also saw, but didn't know who they were, DanielRadsgrl, BoddaH1994, and DragonLord. It was really cool. And, I got into the park for free, which made it worthwhile, seeing as I live in Columbus. Thanks, Stay Cool, OC
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