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  1. Thanks for all the tips guys!!!!! I do have one more question thought that I just thought of what it you have like a lanyard that holds you season pass but like holds you phones too.... wonder if they would just make me tuck it in me shirt or all the way off lol
  2. Hello everyone! Couple of questions --> 1. Has anyone every worn a fanny pack, hip bag, or runners belt to Kings Island?? 2. Did they make you take it off on the rides? I have a runners belt that it flat and smooth on my skin (it fits well under my shirts when I run and it's not really noticeable) I was planning on wearing it this summer instead of carrying around a backpack (I find it annoying to take on and off and leaving in the bin for some else to pick up etc.) but if I'm going to have to take if on and off just like a back pack then there really isn't a point to changing form my backpack. Also I have a small fanny pack that is very similar just more poufy (bigger pockets) than the runners belt and I'm having the same concerns with it. So, I was just wondering if anyone has had an experiences with things like this! Thank you for you input, all help/stories is greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Has anyone ever taken a like a fanny pack or a hip back to KI??? Do they make you take them off for the rides or let you wear them?????? I have a small runners pouch that fits under my tshirts like a belt almost and I was just wondering if I could keep it on or if them would make me take it off
  4. Vortex is my #1 for this year, I didn't make it to the park at all last year so I haven't rode Banshee either so I am looking forward to that!!
  5. Ready for Summer!

  6. I do agree with several post that I have seen on here that X - base needs some attention! It should be it's own section of the part and they could even add a few more rides to it! Maybe a new coaster in X base (something sci-fi to fit the theme) another launch coaster or would be cool but not indoor like Flight of Fear, something more like the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Studio! I think it would also be really cool to have a 4-D coaster at Kings Island!! I have never ridden a fourth demission coaster (like X2) and I would love too, they just sound awesome and the 4-D would also fit with the sci-fi X Base theme!
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