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  1. It is nice to have Mystic Timbers open, but it was really cool to have Flight of Fear open as well last year. I suspect next year we’ll have both again but that was a pretty solid coaster duo to hold you over till a April.
  2. Ive always called FoF and Vortex, “headache express”, they are both fun but yes kinda makes me feel like a rag doll.
  3. This kind of behavior reminds me of a man on Saturday talking about how if Orion was only 299 ft tall it’s technically not a Giga, he stated he believes it’s not actually 300 ft, it like who gives a darn as long as it’s a good coaster. The word Giga is just a marketing term anyways.
  4. Well if it was 500 ft it would be but since it’s 300, it is defiantly not. I wasn’t gonna explain to those kids that they were off by 200 ft and spoil they’re day by looking like a know it all, but I still think it’s funny how dumb and misinformed people are.
  5. Today I figured out that not only is Orion over 500 ft tall but it’s also the tallest in the world. If only they knew that it wasn’t even tallest in the State. Where do they hear this stuff?
  6. Took these today, really is cool to see how far we have come since The Racer was built. So excited for next year!
  7. Had a great time riding today, I’ve been on it 13 times this month and I think I got my share. Never was my favorite, but hate to see it go. Rest easy big guy!
  8. Through Funpix yes, but the booth is no longer ran at the rides exit.
  9. I doubt it, last year Firehawk stood for all of Winterfest and wasn’t torn down until January. I took these during that time.
  10. What would you like to see besides a dive, I think that or a wing is best.
  11. I took a similar photo during Winterfest. It did look abandoned.
  12. Bat was demolished in 84 and Vortex started construction in 86, so 2 years.
  13. Vortex rode like a champ yesterday, this photo was eerie though. You can barely see the loop in the back.
  14. I get ya Troy, I agree, I’m just saying the official definition of a Giga is 300 ft drop or height. So technically, they’re is nothing to argue about bout I do think it’s all about marketing, sure.
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