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  1. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When your pushing a shopping cart at Kroger and you realize the squeaking of the wheels remind you of The Beast, especially on a nice day like today.
  2. Dufunctland: Son of Beast

    Back in fall of 2012 while Sonny was being torn down they put on twitter that bolts and track from the structure of Son of Beast were up for grabs for a limited time only. I called up and got one right away for $20 I believe it was. Defiantly a cool piece of Kings Island history and it also came with a certificate of authenticity and Son of Beast tag which had some info on the ride. They are probably not easy to find today but maybe try ebay from time to time I've seen them on there.
  3. Official: WinterFest 2017

    I went tonight for about 3 hours and my first visit, I had a blast at Winterfest but it was cold, very cold. The wind was worse and when we left the park it was 17 degrees but the park was great and festive, wonderful atmosphere. I rode Zephyr and Woodstock Gliders for the first time and man Zephyr was great fun but good lord was it freezing. Boo Blasters was fun as always and nice that they had some added Christmas themes added in, all in all a good visit and look forward to next year. MaestroJr Ride Total: Zephyr-2 Woodstock Gliders-1 Dodgem-1 Boo Blasters on Boo Hill-3 Sorry for the unescessary photos I couldn’t figure out how to delete stuff and I’m not used to posting on my phone so sorry for that.
  4. Official: WinterFest 2017

    The park has taken pretty good care of the ride this year. I assume it operated well, effects and all?
  5. Coasters for Winterfest future

    This is completely hypothetical but what coasters do you think could or should operate during Winterfest, and if the event continues into the future do you think more will be open? I personally would have like to have seen The Racer operate.
  6. KIC Holiday Party 2017 PTR

    Looks like y'all all had a great time, sometime soon I hope to try and come to one of these events. Glad you had fun!
  7. Winterfest Questions

    Next Saturday we were planning on going but high temperature for Mason is 34. Now I know weather can change quickly, especially in Ohio but do you think that Mystic Timbers would still be operating at only two shades above freezing?
  8. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Boo Blasters any different at all? Any Christmas themes?
  9. "The Bat's" complete history

    Great as always Shaggy, I always learn new facts from your post. Keep up the good work sir!
  10. Dollywood Trip 10/21/17

    Hope you have a great time, be safe!
  11. Dollywood Trip 10/21/17

    Lightning Rod first off had a very creative queue which only added to its experience, it was probably my favorite of the coasters at Dollywood and I rank it higher on my list than Mystic Timbers. From the 0 to 45 mph lift hill, to the airtime hills and everything along the way, it truly feels out of control. I think the park did an amazing job with RMC in designing it and it is a very unique ride. We ate at the Grist Mill and Aunt Granny's. The Cinnamon bread and buffet were delicious! Yes I did really enjoy Tennessee Tornado as well but I think I will still stick with Vortex for my favorite only because I just wish Tennessee Tornado was longer. MaestroJr
  12. Dollywood Trip 10/21/17

    Happy late Halloween everyone, I took a trip to Dollywood in Tennessee last Saturday and had a fantastic first visit, the rides were fantastic as well as the people. Instead of rambling I will post some photos me and my brother took and then tell y'all my favorite highlights of the day. Thanks for reading. Lightning Rod, new for 2017 FireChaser Express ThunderHead Mystery Mine Night Pumpkin Festival So, thats pretty much my day in photographs, we had great Tennessee fall weather, it was a truly different experience than Kings Island, yet familiar. Its a great park and all the coasters were unique and fun. Some like Tennessee Tornado felt like Vortex as they are both old Arrow loopers, but rides like Mystery Mine felt totally unique. Lightning Rod and Wild Eagle were great, as was the rough woodie ThunderHead. The Pumpkin Light Show offered a much more family friendly, but fun and spooky Halloween theme as opposed to the more violent and aggressive Haunt at Kings Island. I liked it though, it was done very well. Overall had a great day at the park and a great time in Pigeon Forge in general. Thanks for reading! MaestroJr Final Ride Count: Blazing Fury-2 Firechaser Express-1 Tennessee Tornado-1 Mystery Mine-1 ThunderHead-4 Wild Eagle-1 Lightning Rod-1
  13. Final ride of the Season (Winterfest excluded)

    Last ride of the year for me was a chilly Vortex ride.
  14. Had been planning this trip for a while and we had an excellent day of weather which wasnt supposed to be as nice as it was. It didnt rain until very late in the night and so with that said I'll post the trip report along with my photos below, thank you for reading. Woke up at about 9:30 and left central Kentucky about 10:45, then we crossed into Ohio at about Noon and got to the park around 12:30 making great timing. It was cloudy almost all day however the rain continued getting pushed back until about 10:00 or so, which meant great fall weather! We first headed to get a morning ride on The Beast with a minimal wait and it was fun as always. Then, we headed to Vortex which again had only a minimal wait, it was fun as well. Staying in Coney Mall area, we headed for a very painful backseat ride on The Racer. By far most uncomfortable ride Ive taken on The Racer as the backseat was brutal on Red Train but still always kinda enjoyable, its a laughing pain. We then rode Adventure Express and Banshee, both fairly normal waits and both fun. After we went back and rode The Bat with a short wait as usual, we entered and left a crowed Festhaus to choose instead La'Rosa's by the fountain, the sky continued to grey, but the rain never came. After eating some pizza, we headed over to Boo Blasters for a ride in Boo Hill. A very long wait but successful ride with 3 of us scoring above 1200 points. After doing some walking, we headed over to Flight of Fear which had an average wait, and we rode backseat with fairly jerky results in the process, but not too bad and not worse the our Racer ride earlier. I also really like the little alien guy at the end! We then headed to do some mazes after a tasty apple funnel cake, man fall is great! A couple of mazes had waits longer then 2 hours so we headed over to the friendly Killmart. I like how they incorporate Flight Commander's old queue line and we had probably about a 20 minute wait. Killmart is cool but nothing special. A ride on The Beast was next and good lord the wait was a while, about 2 hours almost as we waited for very front seat. Luckily the Fun Tv's were off so me and my brother pulled out our phone and we could actually hear and watch the Kentucky-Missouri game in peace as night got darker and we knew this ride would be special. And it certainly was worth the wait as flying through the tracks, front seat on The Beast, this time of the year and at night is just an exceptional feeling and ride as opposed to the day. Then we had another really fun ride on Vortex, it always is better at night as it is very disorienting and seems much crazier. We headed to do Wolf Pack and this was actually the first time I've ever been back to wait in the old Son of Beast queue with other people and go in the station so that was pretty cool I must say. I think most people know what that used to be as well which is cool. It was probably my favorite maze, pretty cool but not overly exciting or scary. Next we did Blackout which by then had a 20 minute wait and as we glanced up to see mist coming off the closed Drop Tower and listened very closely, we knew it was only a few seconds until it started raining. And rain it did, this is at about 11 or so and we got soaked after a few minutes so we didn't mind much. I didn't know anything about Blackout, so when handed a rope, I was surprised, after getting the concept, it was a lot of fun! I enjoyed Blackout and the whole maze, but underwhelmed by the fact that it isn't at all scary. It was good though, but could be better. We then headed to wait for the storm to slow down as people crowded the gift shop. It was raining, windy, and lightning was starting as we headed for the gates and left around midnight. Overall a good fall day at the park and Haunt was a lot of fun as always even with huge crowds and rain. Overall, had a great visit and glad the rain stayed away from us in Ohio for most of the day, look forward to Winterfest! Ride and Maze count- Bat-1 Beast-2 Boo Blasters-1 Adventure Express-1 Red Racer-1 Banshee-1 Vortex-2 Flight of Fear-1 Mazes- Killmart-1 Wolf Pack-1 Blackout-1 Thank you!
  15. Phantom Theatre Parts

    Not sure if this helps but I took this picture of both the cannon and mummy from Phantom two years ago in Cavern of Terror. From what I can recall it's in the beginning of the maze. It's not that difficult to see however it is pretty dark.