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  1. MaestroJr

    Face Your Fears (Flight of Fear 1996 commercial)

    Being that FOF will be the only ride back there this year, I wonder if it will get any upgrades or TLC however minor it may be?
  2. MaestroJr

    Kings Island Memes

    When I hear someone talking about Vortex sinking, or a Son of Beast revival.
  3. MaestroJr

    WinterFest Tips And Advice?

    Winterfest is a great event but very different to the regular season. This Saturday in Mason their is a chance of rain so Sunday might be better. The park opens at 4 Saturday and there is plenty to do before it closes at 10. Main rides open include, Mystic Timbers, Flight of Fear, Zephyr, Boo Blasters, KIMVRR, Coney Mall flat rides, Horse-drawn carriage ride, Ice Skating and some others. The high is in the 40s both days but with rain a hoodie and jeans is probably a safe bet. Food includes the Festhaus being open and fully functional like normal, along with many of the same restaurants albeit given a more Christmas-like name, but same food of course. Hot chocolate is also a great choice and at many locations, not sure about potato works. Also, not that sure about games as I go for the rides only but I hope you have fun and hope this tips help some!
  4. MaestroJr

    Flight of Fear station audio

    While riding Flight of Fear last night,(a great Winterfest addition I might add), I heard some audio over the speakers that sounded unfamiliar to me. It stated “we have enjoyed visiting your world, now it’s time for you to visit ours”. I don’t remember hearing that before and I thought maybe it was an older recording from years ago but don’t remember ever hearing that before. Is it just me or is that new? Thanks, just curious.
  5. MaestroJr

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Does anybody know how the dismantling of Firehawk is going and if it'll still be standing for Winterfest, thanks!
  6. MaestroJr

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Had a great time getting a couple of final rides in on Firehawk. Thanks again to the park and crew for getting it going and running smoothly. It never was my favorite by any means but it sure was fun today. RIP Firehawk, 2007-2018.
  7. MaestroJr

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    I think Invertigo would be my personal choice of what's to go although unless removing a few other things that wouldn't offer much space.
  8. MaestroJr

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Has anybody else thought of The Bat leaving? It just doesn't seem like it ever is busy and even with The Bat theme is in shambles compared to its 1990s Top Gun self. I feel like it takes up some nice space as well for something to be built back there in Action Zone.
  9. MaestroJr

    Outpost 5 symbols popping up...

    That barrel in The Beast queue happens to be the same barrel that was in Phantom Theater if I recall correctly. I started seeing it a few years ago and noticed it was the same "Flash Powder" barrel from Phantom. Also they had Son of Beast ride parts in a casket a few haunts ago with the outpost 5 logo on it. I always like to look at the outpost 5 logo on The Son of Beast station while going up the Adventure Express lift hill as it's easy to see although harder now with Banshee then it was in 2013 when the land was empty. Here are pictures that I took of both a few years ago. MaestroJr
  10. MaestroJr

    Ideas for the Crypt building?

    I will have to say though that even though I hope to see Boo Blasters replaced in the near future, after riding it last Monday it looks about as good as it has ever. My Blasters worked and everything was on running smoothly. Every target accurate and Boocifer even has red sunglasses on this year. They defiantly should replace it sooner than later but it has gotten some TLC over the past several years now. Not to mention its popularity, it always has a line it seems.
  11. MaestroJr

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    I can't tell you how many times that I hear guest, including my parents call Boo Blasters "Phantom of the Opera ride". While waiting in line for Boo during Winterfest my dad mentioned it again and even though I have a shirt with the ride logo of Phantom Theater they still are for sure that it was called Phantom of the opera at some point.
  12. MaestroJr

    You Know It's the Off Season When...

    Being stuck on WindSeeker or Drop Zone both sound terrifying. I've only ever been stuck on two rides and they aren't the most intense, Boo Blasters and Adventure Express. Actually been stuck on Boo Blasters a few times, including Winterfest briefly, and it always is around the Skeleton strobe light scene but only on Adventure Express once and that was probably 10 or more years ago. It happened on the final part of the ride and I think was actually a fairly long wait to get it working again.
  13. MaestroJr

    The Beast Roughness/jerking

    I think the very back of The Beast is the roughest part but always fun in any seat. Now The Racer on the other hand is almost uncomfortable in the back, with me even saying "glad that's over" when I ride it backseat. The Beast is my favorite next to Banshee and day or night I think it's the best coaster, my favorite anyways!
  14. MaestroJr

    You Know It's the Off Season When...

    Hopefully the Larosa's and Skyline will get built quickly and successfully and stay for a long time because a couple of years ago their was a rumor that they were planning to build a Larosa's here near me in Nicholasville but it never was completed and I didnt here anything more about it. Hopefully this will prove to be successful and serve the central Kentucky area with Cincy pride!
  15. MaestroJr

    You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When your pushing a shopping cart at Kroger and you realize the squeaking of the wheels remind you of The Beast, especially on a nice day like today.