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  1. I don’t know if this has previously been stated, but I noticed yesterday from the Eiffel Tower that the Firehawk trains and top of the loop is still remaining. Does anyone have an idea on why they are just laying there.
  2. It’d just be nice to see something occupy that building, but I doubt it’ll ever be as nice as TR:TR
  3. Agreed, with the projected big ride announcement of next season, it’s nice to see small things being reintroduced into the park.
  4. It’s funny, even then their was typos. The general information section claims that the park is open from 10 am to 12 pm, obviously it means 12 am.
  5. I think it’s just fun to dream, regardless if Don or the CEO of Cedar Fair hears it, it’ll probably not be a financial option, and also I don’t know how popular it would be now anyways with the general public, they will probably stick to the interactive thing.
  6. If we got a Voyage to the Iron Reef, I might just faint.
  7. I took these pictures of the Phantom faces a few years ago, they are still in use to this day. Yeah Bodda, I knew that, I just didn’t want to elaborate, feeling lazy tonight, ;). Also, I know the platform your referring to I took a photo of it a while ago as I remembered the cars turning left, not right. It’s hard to see but it’s still there as well.
  8. Sorry to double post, yes I would love a Phantom return as well. Not to rain on your parade, but many a petition and email, letter have been offered to the park over the years about returning Phantom Theater but to no avail. I’d love it to return but I doubt it ever will, however maybe a Voyage to the Iron Reef or something along that category will be opening sooner than later. But always keep the dream alive on Phantom Theater!
  9. Yes, same building, layout, and cars.
  10. Yeah it’s always disappointing when they destroy or repurpose an old ride remnant or building.
  11. Here is a picture I took of the sky ride footer back a while ago. It has a tree in it but it used to have a canoe over it until 2013-ish.
  12. Do you think this year the section know as X-base will remain called that or just called nothing? Obviously the sign out front will change to just say Flight of Fear, but what about the X-base theme and also I can’t remember but what was it like there before Firehawk? It’ll defiantly be strange this year without it.
  13. Hopefully that “big box” will become a new ride one of these days.
  14. Being that FOF will be the only ride back there this year, I wonder if it will get any upgrades or TLC however minor it may be?
  15. When I hear someone talking about Vortex sinking, or a Son of Beast revival.
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