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  1. I would love a Phantom Theater overhaul of Boo Blasters even if Blasters are included. Even just the music and cardboard cutouts would be an improvement kinda like at Epcot how Journey in Imagination with Figment is way better than Journey into Your Imagination, but defiantly not as good as Journey into Imagination.
  2. I heard another The Bat killed someone story in line for the new Bat a few weeks ago
  3. 5. Firehawk 4. Scoobys Ghoster Coaster 3. Scooby Doos Haunted Castle 2. Vortex 1. Phantom Theater I miss Vortex more than I thought I would, it was always a short wait and fun ride, it may have been rough but I have a soft spot for it, it was my first “upside down” coaster. Firehawk was unique but I don’t miss it too much. I love Phantom Theater, I loved Scooby too, and overall miss the Hanna-Barbara theming in the park. As for the Ghoster Coaster, that thing terrified me but was a lot of fun when I was younger.
  4. I’m a 6 foot, 260 pound man, I can fit in any coaster at KI, however on Diamondback and Orion, I have to make sure my pockets are empty, it may seem minor, but a large bulky cell phone can cause you to not be able to squeeze in. Just know even if you can’t ride somethings, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun! Good luck.
  5. I may be in the minority but I wouldn’t mind tearing down Invertigo and The Bat and creating a whole new section back there. I hate Invertigo but I do like The Bat, I just think it’s about run it’s course
  6. No, that track has been sitting there for 4 or 5 years now
  7. That’s sounds about right, I wish they still did though it adds to the experience
  8. Besides some of the targets not working and specific animatronics on certain days, I’d say Boo Blasters has run pretty good these past several years. However I was curious if anybody knows why the blasters themselves no longer make sound effects when firing, when to my knowledge every other Cedar Fair Boo Blasters, “blasters” makes sound effects? I don’t know why it’s that important to me, but for some reason it’s makes the ride more enjoyable!
  9. They have also added those signs to the Phantom Theater cars in front of the KI Theater. Although I saw kids yesterday climbing it.
  10. Anybody experience the show today? I noticed they had one of the old ride cars out front
  11. I must’ve had my lucky day today I didn’t even know about the preview until I got here right before the performance
  12. Fantastic show, fantastic lobby preview! 10 out of 10! The original scrim and original animatronic head plus sculpture was a very welcome addition. I also learned they removed the moving bust from Boo Blasters just for this event. It’s apparent that they have put lots of love into this show. Highly recommend! They had more stuff these are just a few of the photos.
  13. Love that they are doing this, would be nice if they used some props from the ride. I hope we see a dark ride of its caliber return one day.
  14. I bought a bolt from Son of Beast back in 2012, a prized possession of mine I regret not getting a piece from Vortex
  15. 2500 is my best, happened last week
  16. The new KIMVRR cowboys and horse look pretty good though I wish they were animatronic, also The Racer paint job still has a little work to do. Not quite finished.
  17. Glad to see The Racer get some love, park should be amazing this season
  18. I’ve noticed that whenever I visited on a slow day it’s usually the Red Racer that is open. I was curious if there was a reason behind this or if I’m just crazy and it’s random?
  19. Hello all, hope you are all doing well in these post-Covid times, I had the opportunity to go up to the Island of Kings last week for the first time since 2019 and I didn’t miss the chance! I didn’t go to KI last year so I had not had the chance to ride Orion yet, but actually the first thing I rode when arriving to the park was the reworked Racer and it felt like stepping into a time capsule. I also love the old fashioned sign and logo on the trains. It was so smooth for The Racer and legit felt like a different ride than years past. Even in the back seat it felt smooth as butter, I was throughly impressed. With the slight Drizzle meant no lines, so I headed over to Orion admittedly a little nervous but excited beyond comprehension. I had long dreamed of riding this coaster. I rode middle of the pack and first off I really like the speedy lift hill. Makes for a quick flight up. The first drop was amazing as well as the next part where you are literally going sideways. The rest of the ride went by so fast that I had to ride it again and while I do think that I wish it was a bit longer I still really am glad we have a Giga. That first drop is amazing! Vortex not being there was so weird and I hope they give that spot a good replacement. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Boo Blasters has most of its effects working and also I got a higher score than I think I ever have so my blasters were on point that day. Overall I had a great day and I look forward to many more! View of the former Vortex spot from The Beast train.
  20. Hello fellow KI junkies, hope you all are doing well, I thought I’d just share some thoughts and photos from my recent trip to the Magic Kingdom back in January. I flew out of CVG and landed in Orlando at about 3 or so, I first went to Disney Springs and was definitely surprised at not only the lack of people there but one good piece of news is that everybody was following safety protocols and wearing masks which really put me at ease for the whole trip. After doing some shopping and eating at Disney Spings I packed up and went to the hotel for the evening excited for my Magic Kingdom trip the next day. I arrived via Lyft at the Magic Kingdom around 11 and planned to stay until about 10 that night. I took the monorail over to the actual park and after temperature check I was in! I rode Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion the most and the only differences due to Covid were the plexiglass that was in place in most of the queue lines, separation on boats and roller coasters of about two rows, plus on The Haunted Mansion, if your familiar with the Stretching Room, it was turned off and stretched to the top. For those unfamiliar with the room it is the preshow for the Haunted Mansion, essentially it’s a room that seems to stretch from bottom to top and reveal hidden portraits and things. A neat gag but Covid prevented the room from being used right now as you are tightly packed like sardines in there. So essentially you just walk through to the doom buggy loading area. The most I waited in line was 35 mins for Space Mountain, and overall crowds were small. Lines looked very long due to Covid restrictions like social distancing, but the waits were very minimal nonetheless. I rode everything I wanted to, and had brilliant weather. It was a great time if only it could have lasted longer. Also it was nice to see everyone having a good time even with mask wearing and other such things required. Overall though I had a wonderful time at the happiest place on Earth! Final ride count Pirates of the Caribbean- 4 rides Haunted Mansion-5 rides Peter Pans Flight-1 ride Space Mountain- 1 ride Splash Mountain-1 ride Big Thunder Mountain-1 ride This is the Haunted Mansion graveyard scene just FYI.
  21. Wish we could see a photo from the ground standing next to it I love those photos when a ride is being torn down but some of it is still standing. Vortex looks way different with no loops.
  22. Kind of a random question, it appears as though the KI gold pass is $118.00 but the season pass is $122.00. Why would you ever buy a season pass when a gold pass is cheaper and gives you free parking but the season pass does not? Am i reading this wrong? If that is the case, Im not sure why the season pass is even there as it isnt a deal at all.
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