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  1. New for 2023, Phantom Theater returns………. in the form of a new Tshirt, exclusively at Walmart!
  2. Richmond, VA does average 11 inches of snow a year, so it’s possible they’ll consider year round for us too.
  3. Sorry no one responded, did you have a good night solo?
  4. If that’s the case then they really should get rid of SoB station and Wolf Pack cause it’s clear they aren’t using it.
  5. Seems that somebody messed up the decal on the front of the Phantom cars, I hate people sometimes.
  6. Towards the middle next to the sarcophagus. Here’s a photo I took a few years back
  7. Shame, that’s my fav maze, i do hope if they stop doing Wolf Pack, they tear down the SoB station as while it’s a neat remnant of the past, it’s also an eye sore.
  8. The only reason I knew the scrims were original is I talked to one of the guys on the show and he said they were original and had been refurbished. Plus if you look at them they have a few nicks which suggest their age. As far as the cannon and mummy, I know they were in Madame Fatales last year and I figured they just moved them from there and will probably move them back to the maze this year. I’m actually quite impressed though with those scrims, the fact that they look like replicas shows you they did a great job refurbishing them. In any case hopefully we continue to see more things from the ole Phantom Theater.
  9. Shame they could’ve auctioned those off for quite a lot of dough
  10. Well obviously thanks to Phantom Theater Encore, we know now the remnants of Phantom Theater that still exist. The scrim portrait for Maestro and Garbonzo. Great Garbonzos canon Mirror and background prop from Helga Bolvine Signage from around the ride and theater Maestro and Houdlinis head, no word on what happened to the rest of the animatronics. Mummy Sarcophagus Shakespearean actor Hallway busts Furnace is in Slaughterhouse Original Model for ride OG Ride Cars Think that’s about it, if Im missing anything feel free to add
  11. I’m curious if anybodys heard about mazes this year for Haunt as Urgent Scare and Wolf Pack didn’t operate last year but are still standing ready to be used, I wasn’t sure if we knew yet, thanks.
  12. Fantastic show and fantastic performers, Kings Island would almost be a fool to not bring back this attraction in some way as I think they’ve realized by the amount of support the shows gotten how much they messed up in removing the attraction.
  13. Plus Boo still barely works even with a “repair”
  14. While I’d doubt we ever get a remake of the original ride, I could certainly see them either installing a knotty beary tales type ride or retheme of Boo Blasters to include Maestro and the boys. I’d be surprised if they didn’t as popular as it’s demand has been.
  15. I would love a Phantom Theater overhaul of Boo Blasters even if Blasters are included. Even just the music and cardboard cutouts would be an improvement kinda like at Epcot how Journey in Imagination with Figment is way better than Journey into Your Imagination, but defiantly not as good as Journey into Imagination.
  16. I heard another The Bat killed someone story in line for the new Bat a few weeks ago
  17. 5. Firehawk 4. Scoobys Ghoster Coaster 3. Scooby Doos Haunted Castle 2. Vortex 1. Phantom Theater I miss Vortex more than I thought I would, it was always a short wait and fun ride, it may have been rough but I have a soft spot for it, it was my first “upside down” coaster. Firehawk was unique but I don’t miss it too much. I love Phantom Theater, I loved Scooby too, and overall miss the Hanna-Barbara theming in the park. As for the Ghoster Coaster, that thing terrified me but was a lot of fun when I was younger.
  18. I’m a 6 foot, 260 pound man, I can fit in any coaster at KI, however on Diamondback and Orion, I have to make sure my pockets are empty, it may seem minor, but a large bulky cell phone can cause you to not be able to squeeze in. Just know even if you can’t ride somethings, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun! Good luck.
  19. I may be in the minority but I wouldn’t mind tearing down Invertigo and The Bat and creating a whole new section back there. I hate Invertigo but I do like The Bat, I just think it’s about run it’s course
  20. No, that track has been sitting there for 4 or 5 years now
  21. That’s sounds about right, I wish they still did though it adds to the experience
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