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  1. I’ve noticed that whenever I visited on a slow day it’s usually the Red Racer that is open. I was curious if there was a reason behind this or if I’m just crazy and it’s random?
  2. Hello all, hope you are all doing well in these post-Covid times, I had the opportunity to go up to the Island of Kings last week for the first time since 2019 and I didn’t miss the chance! I didn’t go to KI last year so I had not had the chance to ride Orion yet, but actually the first thing I rode when arriving to the park was the reworked Racer and it felt like stepping into a time capsule. I also love the old fashioned sign and logo on the trains. It was so smooth for The Racer and legit felt like a different ride than years past. Even in the back seat it felt smooth as butte
  3. Hello fellow KI junkies, hope you all are doing well, I thought I’d just share some thoughts and photos from my recent trip to the Magic Kingdom back in January. I flew out of CVG and landed in Orlando at about 3 or so, I first went to Disney Springs and was definitely surprised at not only the lack of people there but one good piece of news is that everybody was following safety protocols and wearing masks which really put me at ease for the whole trip. After doing some shopping and eating at Disney Spings I packed up and went to the hotel for the evening excited for my Magic
  4. Wish we could see a photo from the ground standing next to it I love those photos when a ride is being torn down but some of it is still standing. Vortex looks way different with no loops.
  5. Kind of a random question, it appears as though the KI gold pass is $118.00 but the season pass is $122.00. Why would you ever buy a season pass when a gold pass is cheaper and gives you free parking but the season pass does not? Am i reading this wrong? If that is the case, Im not sure why the season pass is even there as it isnt a deal at all.
  6. Imagine if somebody came to the park with $20k the day of the event in cash and was like “yeah I’d like to ride Orion now, will this cover it?”
  7. I got 10 rides on Mystic Timbers during the charity event in 2017, I think anyone will defiantly get their Orion fix that night.
  8. Not to mention the various Corkscrew models across the country, plus many of the Disney rides are Arrow built.
  9. Strange, Firehawk’s loop came down a year ago today, but we have yet to see a picture of Vortex’s demolition.
  10. Wonder what the progress is thus far
  11. You know what I mean, city, team, it’s nice to see local things outside of the theme park world honor the Island. Just like Sam Wyche saying “I’m going to Kings Island.”
  12. Very cool to see the city honor local landmarks such as The Beast.
  13. I had a great 2019 season! I visited Disney World, Carowinds, Dollywood, Cedar Point, Kentucky Kingdom, as well as 16 Kings Island visits, the most I’ve done in one season. 2020 will be great but 2019 was fantastic, I had never been to Cedar Point or Carowinds but now defiantly look forward to going back.
  14. Yes I did get to see the parade, very well done. I rode near the back of Afterburn,I think it’s more disorienting than Banshee but I feel more intense weightlessness on Banshee.
  15. Hi all hope your doing well, I’m down in Charlotte to see Kentucky play in the Belk bowl and took a quick pit stop to Carowinds. Arrived at about 630 and got to do plenty. First off rode Boo Blasters, I think it’s superior to ours, plus the guns still make sound effects, decent as usual then I headed over to Afterburn.About what I figured it would be. It felt similar to Banshee but not as intense. Very disorienting coaster though, fun ride! I also got another ride on Boo Blasters and noticed that they have removed Boocifer from the organ playing scene. Not really sure why. We then headed over
  16. It is crazy to realize that this will be the only time Vortex and Orion will be in the same picture together.
  17. Yes it is indeed now Urgent Scare, it used to be Spongebob 3D, Days of Thunder, and James Bond: License to Thrill.
  18. It is nice to have Mystic Timbers open, but it was really cool to have Flight of Fear open as well last year. I suspect next year we’ll have both again but that was a pretty solid coaster duo to hold you over till a April.
  19. Ive always called FoF and Vortex, “headache express”, they are both fun but yes kinda makes me feel like a rag doll.
  20. This kind of behavior reminds me of a man on Saturday talking about how if Orion was only 299 ft tall it’s technically not a Giga, he stated he believes it’s not actually 300 ft, it like who gives a darn as long as it’s a good coaster. The word Giga is just a marketing term anyways.
  21. Well if it was 500 ft it would be but since it’s 300, it is defiantly not. I wasn’t gonna explain to those kids that they were off by 200 ft and spoil they’re day by looking like a know it all, but I still think it’s funny how dumb and misinformed people are.
  22. Today I figured out that not only is Orion over 500 ft tall but it’s also the tallest in the world. If only they knew that it wasn’t even tallest in the State. Where do they hear this stuff?
  23. Took these today, really is cool to see how far we have come since The Racer was built. So excited for next year!
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