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  1. Yes, and thats why i try and take pictures of the things still left from Phantom. Thats also why Ill listen to the Maestro taunt me and hear the organ play, while everyone else hears "Let it Go" and trivia on Kings Island history on those Funtvs. Im glad that they kept some things from Phantom, especially the Maestro's balcony. I hope during haunt they will maybe get out a few more props and animatronics like they used to. Besides the furnace,spooky faces,balcony,and mouse were losing our Kings Island history of this ride in the modern world. Kids have no idea what a ride it was. The same can be said when those King Cobra footers were removed for Banshee. Time just kills everything. But hopefully the Maestro will be laughing at us forever. Thanks! I really love ride remnants. Thats why I made that list because I know many othere people do as well. Thanks for your post and reply Voicetek.
  2. I figured out a way to hear organ music and Maestro while waiting in line for Boo Blasters. I downloaded the classic Tocata and Fugue in d minor to my Ipod and also Maestro talking and lauging. If you go to KiExtreme you can find some Phantom Theater sound samples. Ill listen to that while waiting in line for a kick of nostalgia. Also I think I might download the entire ride through just to compare it with todays scenes. Although I know the actuation of the cars switched though. Also Ill take two final pictures of the spooky Phantom faces in which I have not taken pictures of before. Its the ones on the left side of the hallway and the one that isnt lit up is a funny face in which I cant find a picture of it but some of you might remember it. Its the first one on the left. I know my nostalgia goggles are on too tight but I still have fun though finding these things. Thanks!
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