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  1. Had a great time riding today, I’ve been on it 13 times this month and I think I got my share. Never was my favorite, but hate to see it go. Rest easy big guy!
  2. Through Funpix yes, but the booth is no longer ran at the rides exit.
  3. I doubt it, last year Firehawk stood for all of Winterfest and wasn’t torn down until January. I took these during that time.
  4. What would you like to see besides a dive, I think that or a wing is best.
  5. I took a similar photo during Winterfest. It did look abandoned.
  6. Bat was demolished in 84 and Vortex started construction in 86, so 2 years.
  7. Vortex rode like a champ yesterday, this photo was eerie though. You can barely see the loop in the back.
  8. I get ya Troy, I agree, I’m just saying the official definition of a Giga is 300 ft drop or height. So technically, they’re is nothing to argue about bout I do think it’s all about marketing, sure.
  9. I really don’t get why people keep arguing about Orion being a “Giga”. Regardless of its lift hill, it has a 300ft drop which makes it the technical definition of Giga. Arguing about it is irrelevant at this point, as long as the ride is good. It’s like arguing about the grass being green.
  10. Happy October everyone, hope y’all are doing well, with the removal of two Kings Island coasters in a span of two years and defiantly causing a fierce reaction with the removal of Vortex, I was just curious how people reacted with the removal of rides such as The Bat (original), Screaming Demon, and King Cobra. I don’t remember those rides so I was just curious if anyone remembers how they felt upon hearing about those rides destruction during the years that it happened. Thanks!
  11. Yeah as long as it is warm enough it usually runs until the end of the haunt season.
  12. My dads favorite, it took me a lot of years to get the nerve to ride it, never has been a favorite but very memorable and sad to see it leave. It’s a historical part of the park and if not for the uncomfortable restraints and jarring effect the ride gives, it would be one of my favorites. I defiantly will still need to get 10+ rides this October!
  13. At least we aren’t Michigan’s Adventure with no new ride in 10+ years. ;)
  14. People who go to opening day and wait in that line have my respect.
  15. Ah, what can I say, it’s my dads favorite ride but for years I’ve called it the “headache express” I’ll miss seeing it plus the fact that’s it’s nearly a walk-on wait time. I was always scared of it as a kid but have grown fond of it. I only could ride it 2 or 3 times before I’d reach my limit but I will defiantly miss the spectacle. Like the Corkscrew at CP, the view is iconic. Rest easy big guy!
  16. That’s what I used mine for last year on Firehawk, the last day lines for it were crazy so it’ll be one in the same as last year.
  17. Yeah the layout is perfect for a dive, hopefully this is the case as tearing down a coaster to replace it with flats in my opinion is a slap in the face.
  18. I agree, I think they were tired of the event being scattered but didn’t think about the crowded space of Planet Snoopy.
  19. To answer your question, yes the blasters made noise at one point but not for a while, probably since Scooby was here which in my opinion was much more relatable and functional. I think KIs BBoBH is the worst of all the Cedar Fair versions. I also agree I’d rather have a nice dark ride than any coaster right now.
  20. While we are on this topic, I was just curious, What is everyone’s opinion of Gemini at Cedar Point, red or blue.
  21. Welcome to the community, nice name btw.
  22. One ride that I would like to either see get VR or removed is The Bat. I think it has reached the end of its life in my opinion that’s some valuable space there. Sorry MDMC01
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