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  1. Looks to be an incredible fun and airtime filled coaster. Might have to get to KD next year for a ride.
  2. I was reading on behindthethrills.com about the new Twisted Timbers ride at Kings Dominion and it mentioned that, "The coaster will also take a queue from Mystic Timbers and reveal what happened on that fateful day in 1950". Do you think both Timbers will have a connection or just maybe this is a coincidence. Attached article, http://www.behindthethrills.com/2017/08/kings-dominion-hurls-into-2018-with-twisted-timbers/
  3. This is going to be a awesome ride that already looks crazy! I look forward to a Cedar Point trip in 2018!
  4. It will be interesting to hear what else will be open for Winterfest, maybe a few more coasters, who knows? Very exciting news, thanks for the video IndyGuy!
  5. Especially on the grown man in a certain place!
  6. I never had the courage to ride Son of Beast as it's stories around the lunch table scared me and I was never that into coasters as a kid. In fact as a kid I had only a few coaster credits but my favorite was Adventure Express. I loved to watch Son of Beast from the Adventure Express lift hill, especially at night and it's massive structure and watching it run its course down the hill and up the loop is a personal favorite memory of my Paramounts Kings Island childhood. I continued to admire its massive wooden structure and went to Kings Island in 2012 while it's downfall and destruction was happening and it was quite a sight. I made a visit to the park in October 2012 to see Sonny's massive lift hill one final time and it was a very depressing visit for sure! Sonny's lift hill finally came down for good less then 1 month later. I got some great pictures on that trip of the rides structure and I even bought one of the Son of Beast structure bolts that came off the ride that went up for sale as soon as they came on the KI website. I received that as a Christmas present and it rest on my nightstand as a permanent reminder of a childhood memory. I hoped for an RMC treatment for Sonny, and I hated Banshee during its initial year for taking out a great childhood memory. But after riding and riding, I learned that Banshee is a better ride and I have it as my second favorite roller coaster next to The Beast. Regardless of its legacy, Son of Beast is a childhood memory I'll never forget and I'll always miss seeing it's lift hill from the interstate while pulling into the park. MaestroJr
  7. There is a brand new smokehouse restaurant this year in Soak City which you might like to try. It has recieved quite positive reviews from fellow KICentral members and other KI visitors alike. It's quite tasty.
  8. They no longer using the characters at all for Haunt, not even in burlap as they are in quite unpresentable condition. However in The Beast queue there is a barrel from Phantom and in both Slaughterhouse and Cavern of Terror (old Crypt building) several Phantom Theater props are used. I've taken a few photos of them the past few years during Haunt but besides that, the rest are either destroyed or in storage. I'm hoping for a Phantom Theater 2 in old Crypt building as well as I've ridden Haunted Mansion at WDW as well as Phantom Theater as a kid and hope to see a return and are both excellent, spooky dark rides. MaestroJr
  9. Now that's an achievement in itself! I would say my highest score came during the rides Scooby days, although no idea what it may have been. My brother got 2200 this year during a stop that occurred during the ride so Id say that's the highest I've seen in a while at least. MaestroJr
  10. Sounds good but be sure to pace yourself cause that 4 hour drive home I imagine seems forever being sleepy!
  11. I'd say try and get there early as possible. Also if you have a ride that you want to be on more then others, I'd recommend getting on it early as you can before the people come in waves at about 1 or 2. Depending on how long y'all stay, people typically leave around 5 or 6 so you may want to wait and get a night ride in on some rides that have long lines during the day especially Mystic Timbers which should have a fairly long line to say the least. Have a great trip!
  12. Thats how I feel! No matter the weather at Kings Island it never seems to bother me.
  13. Most likely that's why, Mystic Timbers certainly has drawn some attention for sure!
  14. Vortex is fun but I have never come off without getting a headache!
  15. For me I'd say it's the snakes although I have rode Mystic Timbers about 12 times and have only gotten the tree twice I believe.
  16. Hoping for a new dark ride to go into the eyesore Crypt building, and or Boo Blasters although if I had my way, I'd put a Peanuts dark ride in Boo Blasters and a Phantom Theater type ride with similar story in Crypt. I think that even though I am a big fan of Boo Blasters mainly because of my love of Scooby, it has run its course however Boo looks very good this year with most props working all 4 times I have been on it this year. I hope it's used for Winterfest as it would be a great addition to the Winterfest lineup although Boo isn't that Christmas related. I hope for an announcement soon and if Boo has to be closed for Winterfest for future improvements, I'm fine with that too. I miss Phantom Theater as well and liked riding it as a kid so seeing a new version in Crypt would work well and be awesome! That's my guess, although I predict 1 dark ride most likely triotech but you never know! I doubt the other two will happen but a new Triotech could be cool as well. MaestroJr
  17. Welcome to KIC! I think you'll like Mystic Timbers, and Banshee is a great replacement for Son of Beast. I had a chance to go to Haunt 2012 and see some of the demolition of Son of Beast and even got some pictures of it, at the time it was quite sad but Banshee is a personal favorite of mine, and I think you'll like it a lot. Mystic Timber has a cool theme and is great ob airtime so that should be fun too. Have a great trip!
  18. Nice trip report, unfortunately since its opening in 2010 and even before in the Scooby days, its always for me at least been inconsistent. The ride looks fantastic this year, but last week while riding Boo Blasters with my brother and sister, he scored 2200, while I scored 750. Its a problem that has always been there with the ride and probably will continue throughout Boo Blasters life at Kings Island. And thats always why many people hope for its demise ASAP in order to get a more quality dark ride, but I always have fun on Boo Blasters, and hope it sticks around for a while!
  19. Hi guys, I went to Kings Island last week with my brother and sister and we had a great time! We hadn't all been to the park together since about 2006 during its Paramount days so it was great to go back as just the 3 of us. We stayed late and rode lots but my main goal was to get some decent picture this time round so I'll just list some main highlights of the day. Basically rode everything I usually ride and it was a fairly slow day with minimal waits, also watched the dog show Kings Island does and it was really cute! Those dogs have a lot of talent! During the early afternoon everything closed for awhile but opened up soon and everything ran well pretty much the whole day with the exception of Invertigo. Longest wait of the day besides Beast after fireworks was Mystic Timbers and it was 30 minutes about. Got stuck on Boo Blasters for about 2 minutes and that gave my brother time to rack up 2200 points while my target didn't work. Interesting because Boocifer shut off and then they said over the loud speaker that we'd be stuck for a minute or two. Still though fun and memorable experience. Rode 2nd to last train on Beast after an 1 1/2 hour wait after the firework show which is always a fantastic experience. Vortex has still been my favorite this year and seems to be really running well for its 30th Birthday, had lots of fun on it this year so far! Now I'll post my photos and sorry some are blurry, my camera isn't great! Overall it was a really fun day and hopefully we can all three go again soon and possibly with my whole family for Winterfest this holiday season! I'll be back soon for another fun day at the Island! Thanks for reading and looking at my photographs and sorry for the blurry pictures! My camera doesn't perform well at night! MaestroJr Total ride count: Beast-2 Boo Blasters-2 Banshee-2 Bat-1 Adventure Express-2 Flight of Fear-2 Blue Racer-3 Mystic Timbers-1 Vortex-2
  20. Welcome to KIC! I'll answer the questions I know and let others answer the rest. There is 3 main water rides and one dark ride in the park. White Water Canyon is a ride you would enjoy which is a nice trip through some nice scenery in a boat. And Race for your life Charlie Brown is a log flume ride with some cool drops. Also Congo Falls is a water ride you take a big plunge on and get fairly soaked. Boo Blasters is the main dark ride where you basically blast ghost for points through a haunted graveyard with a black light type scenery. Haven't had Tom + Chee but Skyline is great and fairs well with outside locations. As for roller coasters, Adventure Express is a well themed small coaster that you may enjoy. And the new coaster is called Mystic Timbers which is wooden and about 120 feet tall and 53 mph. It's a very fun and fast coaster and has a fairly good theme. The coaster ends in the "shed" which is a cool dark ride like feature. You may also like Racer or Bat and maybe a few flat rides along the way. Hope this helps get you started and I know others will pitch in some ideas too. MaestroJr
  21. I was happy to see and hear the Thriller video by MJ in line for Boo Blasters the other day.
  22. Our ride op on The Beast said "Have a great day here at Canada's Wonderland" and then when we got back to the station he said "Have a great day at Paramount's Kings Island"! He seemed to have quite a good sense of humor about him.
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