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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Frank' N Coaster on top of the Burger King in Niagara Falls... Only coaster I rode in 2020 It was slim pickings up here, my options were 3 hours to Niagara or 6 hours to La Ronde...
  2. Whatever it is, it needs to have good capacity. The park just draws too many people. And 'underwhelming' has to be taken in context. This is a park where the best coaster Paramount added was either Italian Job or the SLC. And the best overall coaster in the park when CF bought it was their suspended. And yet they still managed to pull huge numbers through the gate. 3 of those 4 additions you mentioned were great for the park.
  3. Bought a Platinum Pass with All Season Fast Lane last February. Got to ride it 0 times
  4. Not sure if they need it, but I never say 'no' to a Drop Tower. Always gives me that split-second AAAAAAAAAAAAgonnadie moment of panic. Love it.
  5. "Always"? No. Eventually, hopefully far, far in the future, Orion will come down. At this point, it will no longer be the tallest coaster at KI. During it's service life? No, I don't think they will build a taller coater, barring some unforeseen breath through in coaster building.
  6. It's just something about the way the seat fits (or doesn't fit). When the restraint comes down, for it to come down, it bends my spine crazy weird. I'm not a crazy tall person either. It hurts before the train starts to move, it's not a roughness things. And no other Arrow I've ridden does it to me.
  7. Time Warp at Canada's Wonderland. Skip it and hit the funnel cake stand next to it. It's so bad, I'd ride the SLC next door twice before I ride this once. Honorable mention to Corkscrew at Cedar Point. Something about those cars/restraints just bends my spine in a very uncomfortable way.
  8. Out of curiosity, what is the temp cutoff point for the Cedar Fair B&Ms? I've ridden while it snowed, temp that day was probably -2 C. Was cold enough I only re-rode once.
  9. Iron Dragon is what you would get if you ordered The Bat from Wish.com
  10. I find it a bit hard on the thighs if you sit the wrong way, but for it's age, I don't think it's too bad... I've always found it a bit underwhelming compared to newer hypercoasters, but I think it's just they deliver more of the feeling that I enjoy... I really enjoy the small hills coming back to the station, but that's also where the most potential for pain is... I also think that the ride is much better at night...
  11. Are we talking about now, or back in the day?
  12. Very jealous I didn't get to partake, it looked like a nice turn from the standard park fare... Hope it returns in the future...
  13. I'd wager a Blue Ice Cream that there isn't. KI has a lot to offer, and I could see it being a few years before they add something that costly to the lineup. This year hasn't exactly been a great one from a profit standpoint, and I did recall hearing something about them just getting a fairly pricey coaster recently... I think if they do get a dive, it'd be a bit farther out than 2022...
  14. I think if you're going off of 'significance on the amusement and theme park industry' I'd have to go with The Racer... I think a lot of people are answering different questions though...
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