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  1. Out of them all, the only one I'll be for sure riding is Steel Vengeance... Might fit in a weekend at Darien Lake to try Tantrum too, but it's not %100 yet... I plan my longer trips a year or two out (working on summer 2019 and 2020 now), so any time it works out that a trip lines up with a new coaster it's a happy coincidence...
  2. Most, but not all... Some of us just really, really like KI... Sorry for the double post, how do I delete a post???
  3. Dive coasters?

    I think they're fun... The time at the top doesn't feel as long when you're up there as it looks like from off-ride... Never ridden SheiKra, but I enjoyed Griffon more than Valravn...
  4. Are Standup Coasters Dead?

    I'd be slightly more supportive if tearing them out meant they'd get replaced with something good... But watching Cedar Fair make the decision to rip one out just to have it's location sit empty for 4 years (and counting), really grinds my gears... Especially when it was the 4th best coaster in the park... Seeing Cobra SBNO doesn't hurt as much because it's only slightly less capacity than when it was running...
  5. Ban the single rider line

    In work and life, inefficiency and waste really grind my gears... A well-implemented single-rider line to minimize empty seats would make the efficiency crazy part of my brain very happy...
  6. Will Gerstlauer ever come to Cedar fair?

    CF has worked with Gerstlauer recently (2016), it just wasn't for a coaster... Know for a fact that they make some fun flats
  7. Are Standup Coasters Dead?

    I found TOGO standup restraints to be more comfortable than B&M... While Mantis had a better layout than Skyrider, the difference in restraints made Skyrider much more enjoyable... The lone Intamin standup I've ridden, Cobra, was just booooring... The restraints weren't bad, but the layout didn't really put them to the test either...
  8. Are Standup Coasters Dead?

    It's case dependent... Some are better than others, and I wouldn't want to tear out the ones I liked just to get rid of the ones I didn't care for...
  9. "The Bat's" complete history

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing!!!
  10. Flat Ride at KI

    Mondial Top Scan... Those things are a blast... Bonus points if they build it close to something else so you feel like you're gonna hit something at the end of the arm... A Huss Jump^2 would be good if they weren't maintenance nightmares... A Tourbillon from ABC... (never ridden one, but they look fun)...
  11. Canada's Wonderland

    Really miss that ride... Found the B&M standup I rode to be too headbangy and the Intamin standup I rode to be boooring... But when you have that many coasters and a TOGO standup is your 4th best, your lineup is a bit lacklustre...
  12. Meal Deals, and meal deals

    A third option would be to have it clearly marked...
  13. Looks like a fun ride, but am worried the capacity is going to be beyond horrid... How fast can they dispatch trains???
  14. What could 2018 bring KI

    Top Scan's are awesome!!!
  15. What could 2018 bring KI

    Skyhawk (CW), while well liked by yours truly, seems to be a bit of a let down for many riders... This seems to stem from the ride being tamer than expected due to the riders being unable execute a flip because they're moving the wings way to fast... So what most people get is basically WindSeeker at 1/3 the height, with a bit of back and forth rocking of the seat... And Soaring Timbers is running a neck-and-neck race for which is worse: The ride cycle or the restraints... The ride cycle is boring and bears no resemblance to the videos of similar rides you can see online... And being a former touring model, and needing to be able to fit on a flat bead and get trucked around, the seats are crammed so close together that you can feel the pulse through the shoulder of the person next to you... You can't even do up your belt because you can't reach it as your arms are jammed into the elbows of your fellow riders and vice-versa, so you get to have one of the operators climb over the people on the outer edges to get to the people in the middle, adding to the lengthy dispatch times... KI deserves better... (So does CWonderland but that's a different hill of beans)...