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    Thank you, we will for sure look into that as we will be in the area honeymooning for several days...
  2. KI/CP Trip Advice

    I second the Diana's Deli recommendation... Good food at all hours of the day... I usually stay at one of the places near to there, and find it a nice change from the usual fast-food diet I have on vacation...

    Great!!! We had already decided on going here (and Carowinds) in 2019... Hoping it lives up to the hype!!!
  4. Kings Dominion

    ^^^ This is very accurate... Found the water park packed from the heat, but the rest of the park didn't seem busy at all... Only line of any length was 35 minutes for Volcano, and that's just due to capacity, not from crowd level... The heat made it seem way longer...
  5. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I care far less for how tall it is than I do for how it rides... I'd rather ride something that's 315' and knocks my socks off than a ride that's 345' and isn't as good...
  6. Best B&M Invert

    1) Banshee 2) Raptor 3) Alpengeist 4) Le Vampire
  7. To me, the ride it gives is more important than the height... I'd rather have a great ride that's a bit shorter than a lacklustre ride that hits a certain height number just for bragging/marketing reasons... I personally enjoy Griffon more than Valravn, but to the average person through the gate, either would be a great hit... I doubt it will interact with the mountain... From where it is to the mountain is pretty long haul for a dive coaster... They're already going around/through Vortex, having to go over Guardian and may make it look really cluttered... As for inversions, if it's a dive, the answer is 'not enough'... Canada's Wonderland has 14 inversions, spread over 4 at best mediocre rides, 3 of which is are just off the shelf "I'll take one of those please" coasters, and the 4th is a Arrow Looper that isn't as good as Vortex (KI), Lock Ness Monster (BGW) or Anaconda (KD)... The park has rides with 75 and 80 degree drops... Do they really need a 90 degree drop that bad??? I'd say something is better than nothing, but I'd point to Soaring Timbers, Guardian and Time Warp as exceptions to that rule...
  8. The Giga Speculation Thread

    They've asked him to not film from the west side of the park but told him he is fine to film from the south as long as he doesn't go over the park.
  9. The current inverting coasters in the park: Arrow Looper (1981) Vekoma SLC (1995) Zamperla Volare (2004) Vekoma Boomerang (1987) Whatever it is, I hope it addresses this...
  10. Here's a good photo that shows the pieces of Vortex removed... Giving the link instead of posting the pic itself so that the pic gets proper attribution... https://www.instagram.com/p/BebQGpQBj08/
  11. They've actually removed a chunk of Vortex's track to facilitate what they're doing in the (currently drained) lake... The paperwork filed is saying 9 supports and a tunnel...
  12. The Giga Speculation Thread

    No... Unless you have some crazy love of flat rides, it'd easily skippable... Leviathan isn't as good as Millennium Force, I305 or Fury 325... Behemoth is a bit better than Diamondback, but not enough to make a trip for... Vortex (CW) and The Bat (KI) give the same ride with different scenery... The effects on CW's BLSC haven't worked since not long after the Paramount days ended... Dragon Fire isn't as good as Vortex (KI)... Nighthawk is leaps and bounds better than Time Warp, which is universally despised... Banshee is my favorite inverted coaster... Much better than Flight Deck is... None of the 3 wooden coasters are anything to write home about... Guardian has horrible capacity, the guns are often malfunctioning, and the 3D is blurry and dim... Silver Streak and FAAC are the exact same... As are Taxi Jam and Great Pumpkin Coaster... CWs Boomerang isn't inverted and slightly smaller... What else (other than flats) is there??? A wild mouse and Thunder Run??? If you're in the neighbourhood, give it a shot... Just be prepared to wait a lot... They get the same amount of people through the door as CP, yet only Leviathan and Behemoth have good capacity... Having a park full of flats means you're going to do a lot of waiting...
  13. The Giga Speculation Thread

    They already took out SkyRider for 'future attractions' (at the end of 2014) and that land has been sitting empty... And it's next door to the currently drained Vortex lake that is getting supports and a tunnel put in it... And yes, the coaster lineup is woefully shallow... They have quantity, but not the quality... When the 3rd best coaster at CW is in line with the 6th or 7th at other parks, you don't measure up well... Sorry to drone on, I've just got years of pent-up bitterness over years of 'I think it's great that Canada's Wonderland is the park for flats' posts... For how many people they put through the gate, they could really use another high capacity attraction to spread that crowd out...
  14. The Giga Speculation Thread

    The permit is to put a ride tunnel and 9 support piers in the lake around Vortex...
  15. Out of them all, the only one I'll be for sure riding is Steel Vengeance... Might fit in a weekend at Darien Lake to try Tantrum too, but it's not %100 yet... I plan my longer trips a year or two out (working on summer 2019 and 2020 now), so any time it works out that a trip lines up with a new coaster it's a happy coincidence...