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  1. Ontario government screws something up??? I'm shocked!!!
  2. These are fun rides and don't take up a ton of room... Nice to see they're getting one...
  3. Honorarius

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    I've never really spent much time in the kids area... What is it that puts it at the top every year???
  4. Honorarius

    Will Diamondback always be the tallest at KI?

    It won't always be tallest... They'll build something taller at some point... And should they not, eventually Diamonback will come down... In either case it won't be the tallest anymore... Not to get off on a tangent but what is the expected service life of a coaster like this???
  5. Great!!! Had already had Carowinds on the schedule for next June... Even more to look forward to!!!
  6. Honorarius

    New Change To Fright Lane

    I know I saw it on CP Foodblog… http://cpfoodblog.com/things-to-r-i-p-be-excited-about-at-the-2018-cedar-point-halloweekends/
  7. Honorarius

    Flat ride package?

    Because they used their great flat line up to distract from the fact their coaster line-up has been quantity over quality and their best inversion is a beat up Arrow Looper???
  8. I'm referring solely to the parks portion, not the various things done in communities across the country… The parks tie-in activities last year went over well, which is why they had 'Celebration Canada' for the entire month of July this year...
  9. Because thumping the patriotism drum is easy, and reaps profits??? Look how successful the CW Canada 150 stuff was... I mean Tim Hortons has been playing the 'cup of canadiana' card for years, and its been insanely successful for a sub-par donut chain founded by a guy who died while drinking and driving...
  10. Honorarius

    Meal Deals, and meal deals

    It's an express lane... It's usually much shorter than the line for people paying... And I thought I posted a photo of that before, but I can't find it...
  11. Judging by the line 'Controlled Center Guide Rail slip clutch steering prevents abuse', yes they are as you term it 'driveable'...
  12. Very happy to see this get added... They're fun, and can be ridden by almost anyone... Glad they went with the steerable version...
  13. ^^^ I've only ridden 2... Enjoyed Griffon way more Valravn… Worries me slightly because of the CW fanboys thinking that drop height/speed/#of inversions guarantees a better ride... Not sure if it's just me, but I can't tell how much I'll like a ride by watching videos of it... It just doesn't translate for me...
  14. Very happy to see this... The park needed depth (and inversions) in it's coaster lineup... When your 'big 3' includes your Arrow Suspended, something like Yukon Striker is just what the doctor ordered... Plus, this should thin the crowds mobbing Leviathan a bit...
  15. Honorarius

    2019 Season Passes

    No, it'll still be good during the day on the 29th and during the day in October...