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  1. Honorarius

    Lockers at all rides

    No wristband needed... The current equipment is used at other parks to run the transferable system... Pick a 6 digit pin for the day... When you go up to a locker bank, you put the 6 digit pin in the kiosk, then it operates exactly the same as if you just paid for a locker... When you're done with the locker, hit 'End Rental' and your 6 digit pin will then let you rent a locker at another bank of lockers (this is to prevent people from taking up a locker at every bank of lockers at the same time)...
  2. Honorarius

    Lockers at all rides

    I'd like to see this, but only if they go with the transferable lockers that many places are going with... Pay one fee for the day, then just move your locker from ride to ride as needed...
  3. Not enough!!! It's hard for me to balance new parks with revisiting parks I've already been to and really liked... I only get so much time off per year, so where I spend the time is hard decision for me... Canada's Wonderland Santa's Village (Bracebridge, ON) Cedar Point Kings Island Kings Dominion Dorney Park La Ronde Six Flags Great Adventure Magic Kingdom Epcot Great Escape Disney's Hollywood Studios Busch Gardens Williamsburg Disney's Animal Kingdom
  4. Hey, I'll take anything to improve on that lineup... And to spread the crowd around a bit...
  5. Honorarius

    Kings Island Steakhouse

    Sure, when they can't handle pizza or hotdogs, by all means overcharge me for a badly cooked steak...
  6. Honorarius

    Dress code in the park

    But does anyone actually like these videos??? How much of a narcissist does someone have to be that people think they want to see their super-shaky cell phone video???
  7. Honorarius

    Best Intamin Collection

    I'll throw my hat in with Silver... Not saying it's bad, I just don't feel it lived up to the hype... My 2 favorite coasters are Intamin, so it's not like I'm a hater...
  8. Honorarius

    2018 Kings Island Bucket List

    My bucket list for KI this year: 1... Get there... Last year I had to cancel my trip due to a family emergency... 2... Ride Slingshot...
  9. Any idea if/when a Six Flags Gold Pass will be useable at Darien Lake???
  10. Honorarius

    Canada's Wonderland advice

    1... CAD... 2... Avoid weekends if you can... If it has to be a weekend, Sundays will be less busy than Saturdays... If you're a passholder, the only ERT is 1 hour Sunday morning... Also, the Civic Holiday is August 6th, so the long weekend of the 4th-6th will have higher than normal crowd levels... 3... Can't really help as I get a Platinum Pass... 4... DON'T SLEEP ON THE FLATS... It's what CW does well... Shockwave (Mondial Top Scan), Sledgehammer(Huss Jump^2), Lumberjack (Zamperla Hawk 48) and Skyhawk (Gerstlauer Skyroller) are great, great rides... Skyhawk gives great rides, if you can flip it, which most of the people can't... 24 seats per cycle and it's not uncommon for 20 of them to have zero rotations... There's a scoreboard with a flip counter as you exit the ride, and the ride-op on the microphone will usually announce which seat got the most flips and how many... Don't worry about flipping too much, it takes effort to start flipping, and all you have to do to stop flipping is let go of the handles... The difficutly most people have is moving the wings too soon... They get on, and just start alternating them up-down-up-down as fast as they can, and that's the exact opposite of what to do... The key is to put one up, one down, and shift your bodyweight in the direction of the down wing... When the rotation stops, switch the wing direction and move your body weight to your new down wing... It'll rotate a bit farther this time... When it stops and you start to go back, switch wing direction and weight again... Repeat until you get flips... When it does, then just hold the wings in that position and you'll continue to flip... 5... Leviathan, Behemoth and Vortex are really the only the only coasters that are any good... Leviathan is fun, but of the 4 gigas in the chain, I think it's the 1 the least amount of people would pick as their favorite... This is where most of the crowd will head at rope drop... I prefer Behemoth to Diamondback by a tiny bit, but it's not enough to make much of a difference... Because everyone will head to Leviathan (which is on the opposite side of the park) at open, unless it's a Sunday with Behemoth ERT, it's possible to get a lot of rides in early with zero line... Vortex has a nice view from the top, but for the rest of it, the scenery isn't as good The Bat has, making The Bat the better ride of the two... The view on Vortex is subject to change next year when the 2019 addition... For now, you get a close view of the tunnel which the 2019 coaster will use... BLSC is like the one at KI but with worse theming... The Bat is just your average Boomerang... Dragon Fire is an Arrow that opened when the park did... It's got a double loop, and then a double corkscrew... Overall though, it's not as good as KI's Vortex... Flight Deck isn't the worst SLC I've ridden, but it's still bad... The Fly is a Wild Mouse that really isn't anything special... Ghoster Coaster is a small family woodie that's not a bad ride when you want a small woodie that doesn't rattle your teeth... Pretty much the same ride as Woodstock Express at KI... Mighty Canadian Minebuster is... Well, it's there... It'll give a fun view of the waterpark, the expansion of which has caused a couple reprofilings (for the worse) to Minebuster over the years... The middle seat to every car is by far smoother than the front or rear seats... Wild Beast is shaky, and with 2 row cars, it doesn't offer you a middle seat to avoid some of it... It does have a couple fun arm choppers, but it's not really anything special... Silver Streak is the same as Flying Ace Aerial Chase... Taxi Jam is for small children... Thunder Run is fun, kids usually love it, it's a powered coaster that goes through the mountain... 1 train though, if the park gets busy, the line can get long and slow... Wonder Mountain's Guardian is an abomination on many levels... The images aren't the greatest resolution and are often blurry... The guns don't always work great... At maximum capacity, it has 5 trains with 8 seats per train, but it's not unheard of for them to only run 4 because 1 (or more) is needing maintenance... And it's not unheard of for the remaining trains that are running to have seats blocked off for maintenance... Or to have a maintenance worker in them working on the gun while the other seats are filled with guests... The scoring factor gives it it's only sliver of re-rideability, else it'd be a one and done... This is a huge waste of a fun element that could've been great if the rest of the ride were executed better... Guardian is the ONLY roller coaster in the park that has lockers... For the average patron of CW who is used to bins at every ride and has never been in a theme park other than CW, this is a travesty on par with serving char-broiled live puppies and ****es them off to no end, but coming from a park that realizes that having everyone put their crap in a locker means faster load/unload and less lines, the locker system won't be a problem for you... Last, and very certainly least, is Time Warp... It looks neat, takes up a small footprint, and is every bit as bad as you've heard... If you'd like to have the experience of it in your own back yard, find a large garbage can, turn it upside down and place it over your upper body... Now invite you're local little league team over to bash on the outside of the can with baseball bats... It's a toss up as to which would be the worse experience... That's it for the coasters... Be sure to check out Cirque Canadien at the Wonderland Theatre... Have a go on WindSeeker, get a view of the city... And take a look at the construction going on (if it's still going on then) for the 2019 coaster centered around the area where SkyRider used to be before it got ripped out in 2014... Also, they have Orbiter (Huss SkyLab) and Night Mares (Huss UFO) and you don't get a chance to ride those every day...
  11. 570 miles/8 hours 50 minutes if I go around the west side of Lake Erie, 608 miles/9 hours 20 if I go east around Lake Erie... West gets me there a bit faster, but east gets me to cheaper gas faster... Plus, crossing the border in Michigan is way more of a hassle than it seems to be elsewhere for me...
  12. Honorarius

    Roaming Lockers now at CP, KI next?

    I've been hoping that this would come... I've seen it outside the chain on the same hardware and absolutely loved it... Would like to see some of the parks in the chain have lockers on more rides too... Some parks really need to take bins away on some rides... I'd love to bring my camera into the parks more, but I don't trust it in a bin... And I'd greatly prefer the Souvenir Cup over the disposable cup, (less waste, and I'd rather stand in line once for a decent sized drink than have to line up for the little dinky cup and then get right back in line for another on a hot day), but needing to store it becomes a hassle...
  13. Honorarius

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    As I said I would, here's a pic of something that's been popping up a few places around CW... I've been going weekdays and crowd levels have been pretty low, so unsure if these are helping during busy times...
  14. Honorarius

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    ^^^ CW has put in Dining Plan lines at the I-Street Pizza Pizza and the Chicken Shack in Action Zone... I'll try to grab a pic next time I'm there... It was a Friday and the park was almost empty, so can't really report on if it's working well or not...
  15. Honorarius

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    ^^^ Hey, some parks WOULD charge for that so I can see why they asked...