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  1. Is it likely they based the projections on bad information they received, or was it just basic executive overestimation??? You could have 100% market share, and some bean counter in some board room will still overestimate expected growth
  2. But... But... I read on the interwebs that SIX is better than FUN because they give every park something every year and that's why they're doing a zillion times better than Failing Cedar Fair... #SIXrulesFUNdrools
  3. Honorarius

    How Much Longer For Boo Blasters On Boo Hill?

    I think it's frustrating as all get out and I wouldn't mind seeing it replaced with anything... Unless it's a refresh station that's ALWAYS FREAKING CLOSED...
  4. Honorarius

    Most anticipated 2019 coasters

    Yukon Striker for me... Of the parks on that list I'll only be visiting 3 next year; Canada's Wonderland, Carowinds and Dollywood... Of the 3 additions, it's the one I feel that will most improve the park it's going to... The Dollywood addition doesn't excite me, and I think that even without their addition, Carowinds already has a better lineup than Canada's Wonderland... Of all the rides on the list, I think Steel Curtain looks best... But I won't be getting there until 2020 at the earliest
  5. Honorarius

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    Intimidator 305 and Leviathan are both shorter than Millennium Force...
  6. Honorarius

    How often does WindSeeker break?

    ^^^ Jet Scream gave a smoother ride than a Larson Looper... And it was never part of one of those 'coaster-or-not' arguments either ... Either way, it's also a similar motion to Lumberjack, the Zamperla Hawk 48 that CW got this year...
  7. Honorarius

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    I'm hoping some sort of piece will be available for souvenirs as well...
  8. ^^^you just made beer come out my nose...
  9. Ontario government screws something up??? I'm shocked!!!
  10. These are fun rides and don't take up a ton of room... Nice to see they're getting one...
  11. Honorarius

    KI wins Golden Ticket Award for Best Kids' Area again

    I've never really spent much time in the kids area... What is it that puts it at the top every year???
  12. Honorarius

    Will Diamondback always be the tallest at KI?

    It won't always be tallest... They'll build something taller at some point... And should they not, eventually Diamonback will come down... In either case it won't be the tallest anymore... Not to get off on a tangent but what is the expected service life of a coaster like this???
  13. Great!!! Had already had Carowinds on the schedule for next June... Even more to look forward to!!!
  14. Honorarius

    New Change To Fright Lane

    I know I saw it on CP Foodblog… http://cpfoodblog.com/things-to-r-i-p-be-excited-about-at-the-2018-cedar-point-halloweekends/
  15. Honorarius

    Flat ride package?

    Because they used their great flat line up to distract from the fact their coaster line-up has been quantity over quality and their best inversion is a beat up Arrow Looper???