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  1. For what they charge for a daily FLP, I don't think it's that out of line...
  2. This is the mindset to have... Wait to see if it's worth it before dropping the dough... Is it worth 80 bucks to skip a 3 train wait???
  3. It's one of the things I dispise about theme parks... The push-shove rush of the herd at rope drop, who cares if someone gets tripped and trampled... Would it be so wrong to walk the rope back in an orderly fashion???
  4. That's the problem, there are so many, I don't know which ones are worth the time/money and which are a waste...
  5. Visiting the area for the first time in early June for a week... Will obv be hitting Dollywood, and will make a swing over to Knoxville to catch a minor league baseball game, but with a week to fill, any other suggestions are very welcome... Dinner shows, rainy day activities, funky giftshops, awesome putt, great places to eat, historical sites, anything you can think of...
  6. What percentage of park complaints are people being completely unrealistic??? About half the time I go to guest services, there's someone in there in full rant over something unreasonable.
  7. Top Scan's are among my favorite flats as well... Anyone who hasn't ridden one, do so if you get the chance... And super bummed about the merch... Per capita spending is tracked by the park, hard to raise that number to the level of other parks if there's little/nothing to buy...
  8. I collect too!!! Bit of a bummer that Carowinds is a disappointment in this regards... I mean, I'm always down for a t-shirt, and my fiancé collects keychains, but I have trouble resisting a nice looking shot glass (or tooth-pick holders as Disney World labels them)… I've been looking for a nice display case, any recommendations? Looking for something segmented, and no glass in front... Sorry for the off-topic, but not every day I find someone into shot glasses...
  9. Hmm... Bit bummed about what you said about the merch selection... How bad is it??? Are we talking La Ronde bad??? Or merely Wonderland bad???
  10. Thanks for the review, looking forward to the second part!!! Making my first trip in June, and now I'm looking forward to it even more!!!
  11. Sounds like a lot of fun... Glad to see things like this come to the park...
  12. CWs park management was asked about this during the lunchtime Q&A at the ACE event there last year and it was confirmed that a dive was supposed to come in the year or two after the removal of SkyRide at the end of 2014 but business decisions caused the planned coaster was moved to CP...
  13. This is all over the place in regards to YS... It's because most people have no idea what a 'dive coaster' is... To us, it denotes something very specific, yet to them most coasters 'dive'...
  14. It's because as per your example, the government has no regulatory oversight on dressing rooms. They do (through the Department of Agriculture) have oversight on amusement rides as a matter of public safety. http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/1711.551v1 says 1711.551 Duties of riders. (A) No rider shall fail to do any of the following: (1) Heed all written warnings and directions that require a person to meet certain conditions or to refrain from certain actions regarding an amusement ride, as determined by rule by the director of agriculture; (2) Refrain from behaving or acting in any manner that may cause injury or contribute to injuring himself or other people while occupying an amusement ride. (B) The director, in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, shall adopt, and may amend and rescind, rules governing the types of warnings and directions required to be followed pursuant to this section. Rules adopted by the director determining the types of printed warnings and directions shall include specifications as to the character, size, and print size of such warnings and directions. At a minimum, the rules shall require the following: (1) The warnings and directions prominently disclose the penalties imposed if a rider violates section 1711.551 of the Revised Code; (2) The warnings and directions be based upon the standards of ASTM or the American national standards institute, or any other principles, tests, or standards of nationally recognized technical or scientific authorities that research the proper use of each amusement ride and the potential injuries that occur or are unique to each amusement ride if it is used improperly; (3) The owner of the amusement ride display the warnings and directions in a public and conspicuous place on or near the ride. The penalty is covered by http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/1711.99 (C) Whoever violates section 1711.551 of the Revised Code is guilty of a minor misdemeanor; on each subsequent offense such person is guilty of a misdemeanor of the fourth degree.
  15. Love this!!! I didn't quote the actual pic just to save space.
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