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  1. Honorarius

    Firehawk Leaving Kings Island 10/28/18

    Any word if this is going to be possible??? Wouldn't mind a wheel or brake plate or something...
  2. Honorarius

    RMC throughout Cedar Fair?

    That started at least a few years ago from CW fanboys yelling 'we want/need an RMC' into the echo chamber until more people saw it and spread it... Person A says it on site X, Person B agrees with it, Person C chimes in, Person D sees it and regurgitates it on site Y, person E sees it on site Y, goes back to site X and says 'I saw it on site Y too! CoNfIrMeD!!!1!' and after enough repetitions , it goes from 'speculation/wishful thinking' to 'rumor'...
  3. Honorarius

    Does it make you Less of a KI Fan..

    Absolutely not...If you think your time/money is better spent going elsewhere, go eat there... With the way the lines at KI get sometimes, it may actually be faster to leave the park
  4. Honorarius

    Would a new skyride work?

    I'd like to see a Skyride, but I'm a fan of Skyrides in general... As to the pathing of it, I'm unsure, but for the overall concept, I approve...
  5. Honorarius

    Is surf dog considered a coaster?

    I personally don't think it is, but don't really care if someone else wants to call it one... It's a fun ride, and that's far more important to me...
  6. Honorarius

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    I really hope they do... I'd love to get a KI one framed....
  7. Honorarius


    ^^^ What's the best putt-putt course in that area??? If I'm near a great one, I try to carve out the time for it...
  8. Honorarius

    Ability to become a Flagship Park

    ^^^ Been saying for years that CW's coaster lineup lacks depth... It's the flip side to the 'why do they get all the good flats' coin (because they got terrible coasters)… Personally I think Behemoth compares better to other Hyper coasters than Leviathan does to other Giga coasters... And don't let the look of Guardian fool you, it's 4 different kinds of bad (horrible graphics, guns that don't work, terrible capacity, boring ride) in one package...
  9. Honorarius

    Things KI Can Do For Money

    While I personally would love a massage after a long day, would anyone want to give a massage to someone who is dripping sweat after having spent all afternoon in 100+ heat??? Especially at the KI rate of pay???
  10. Honorarius

    International Street Discussion

    What would the slope on that be???
  11. Honorarius

    Yukon Striker Progress

    For a park with such a poor selection of inversions, this will be a 5 star hit with the average park goer... Remember that the coaster lineup heads downhill pretty fast after Behemoth & Leviathan... All they have to do is beat the Arrow Suspended to coast into the top 3 coasters at the park...
  12. Honorarius

    How Much Longer For Boo Blasters On Boo Hill?

    While it's 'free' to access the basic game, some game-modes must be purchased, and there are at TON of micro-transactions...
  13. Honorarius

    Cincinnati Zoo 11/11/2018

    Agreed!!! Went to the zoo for the first time this summer, enjoyed the whole thing, but this was one of my favorite parts...
  14. Honorarius

    I Won The Lykins Energy Solutions Sweepstakes At Kings Island!!

    Wow, that's great!!! Enjoy the experience!!!
  15. Is it likely they based the projections on bad information they received, or was it just basic executive overestimation??? You could have 100% market share, and some bean counter in some board room will still overestimate expected growth