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  1. I thought there was a difference...
  2. Dipping Dots does have a Moose Tracks flavour, but I'm unsure if they sell that particular one at the Wonderland...
  3. Never been, but happy for the park's patrons and employees... Hoping for many years of continued success...
  4. There's still some space behind Splash Works, some room in/over WWC, and an area between Wilde Beast and Planet Snoopy that wraps around with the area where Dinosaurs Alive used to be. Also, if you scrap the Go-Kart track, there's some empty space around there that can be packaged in with it. And it's not like they need a huge ton of room for the next addition. Likely looking something in the 3000 ft long range? With how they built Leviathan right over Dragon Fyre, and Yukon Striker literally right through Vortex and then out between Timberwolf Falls and the nearby path, I think they've shown their willing to get creative to get things in there.
  5. Yes, they own the lake next to Behemoth... And I think the keeping of Flight Deck and Time Warp is that with a big addition in 2019, they wont be putting anything major in for a while, so might as well get some use of the two coasters they have sitting there... They ripped out Skyrider in 2014 for the plot to sit empty until Yukon Striker got built, why repeat that??? Also, dont forget that the majority of guests through the turnstiles don't know those rides are crap, as they haven't experienced better... I mean for like a 13 year period FlightDeck/Top Gun was their marquee coaster...
  6. I've heard that as well... I know first hand that Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker laws are a pain in the butt... I'm can't validate how much truth the rumor holds, as I've just heard it 3rd hand, never anything official...
  7. Thank you for sharing that link, I've been looking for something like that...
  8. ^^^ Lol, La Ronde is so badly run, I'm surprised the benches don't rattle...
  9. That's what I would have thought, but I wasn't sure. How many people are skipping lines on the 2nd tier stuff just to stand in line for the top tier ones???
  10. ^^^ Wouldn't surprise me at all if the only option is the same price as the Plus...
  11. A site I've found handy for planning coaster trips is http://www.coast2coaster.com/ It gives you a good idea of what parks are close/far and it's filterable by number of coasters, so you can see the map without every little fun centre with a kiddie coaster...
  12. Any chance they'll try out an all-day snack plan???
  13. FoF and the Impulses are both rides I always enjoy... They may get overshadowed by some other rides in the parks they're in, but they still give a good ride that leaves me smiling...
  14. If Orion isn't on FLP I'll eat my hat... And it's a big hat... Which do you think will draw more sales, 'Skip the lines on all the good rides except for Orion' or 'Skip the line on all the rides INCLUDING THE ALL NEW ORION'???
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