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  1. Ya, when I look at The Beast, I think, "You know what this needs??? A 'SLIM JIM' logo..."
  2. This... The line jumping is rampant at both CP and CW, and it's not going to stop as long as it works... You don't let them pass you in the queue, they just hop over/under the railing and keep going... I've heard every excuse for it in the book, and apparently I'm the asshole for not letting them by...
  3. Not having either anywhere close to where I live, I only discovered Skyline a few years ago, and now it's a must-do when I'm in the area... Should I give Gold Star a try instead???
  4. Are they letting people park in the CP Shores lot now that it's done for the season??? Or is the best plan for hitting SV early to park at the front and take the boardwalk back???
  5. Crap, I'm headed down next weekend (20-22), is a 4:00 arrival what I'm gonna need to get a good jump on the crowd???
  6. I see they edited the video... The teaser image for it used to have a giant DANGER on it to try to generate more clicks...
  7. I would like to see Cedar Fair take a page from the Six Flags playbook and sell covers (I think they're neoprene?) for the bottles...
  8. As someone pointed out, BGW is just over an hour from KD, so I'd highly recommend doing one if you're doing the other... They may not have the most coasters, but there isn't a bad one in the bunch... And if you can for any reason swing by Dollywood as part of your trip, I consider it another "don't miss"... It has 2 of my all time favorite wooden coasters, and some of the best theme park food I've ever eaten... If you can manage more than just a day or two in the area, try one of the alpine coasters and one of the local moonshine places...
  9. Really makes you shudder to think that for a 13 year stretch, Flight Deck was their marquee coaster... Does RMC do their own install work when they're in another country or do they contract it out??? Heard a rumour at CW the other day that RMC won't be coming because of Canadian foreign worker laws...
  10. To simulate this unique experience, find a metal garbage can, invert it and place it over your upper body... Then invite the local little league team to beat on the outside of the can like a piñata... To further add depth to the experience, stand in a line for 45 minutes before you do it...
  11. From personal experience, going feet first, any higher than 25 is hard on the feet... And should you be flailing your arms or not have your legs together, it's an unpleasant feeling...
  12. Lot of coasters I love, not enough room for them all... 10... Thunderhead 9... GateKeeper 8... Raptor 7... Banshee 6... Fury 325 5.. Millennium Force 4... El Toro 3... I-305 2... Steel Vengeance 1... Lightning Rod
  13. Agreed... Toss 'em out...
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