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  1. Hades and Powder Keg, close to me and I know that I get to ride both of them! -Cal
  2. Well, Worlds of Fun will be adding three major things this year. The Peanuts Playhouse will be like the playhouse thing at GL and VF. The Village will be like the campground at CP and will be located next to Mamba. And The Canine show will be replacing Fowl Play, the bird show. It's not really a good thing to add when the park needs something to draw in the people. -Cal
  3. Hey it's Cal, might remember me. Well, I'll be there opening day. My dad's got business in Columbus that weekend and I'll fly to Columbus and meet up with him and then we'll drive to PKI. So if you want to meet up for the ACE Beast ride at the beginning, I'll probably be wearing my ACE shirt or my 1Up shirt, or if it's cold, a Shorty's hoodie. See you there guys! -Cal
  4. Vekoma=Crap, B&M=Greatness and Comfort
  5. King Cobra Shirt. X-Large cause I like it to hang off! Cal
  6. Top Gun. Those are the only smooth Arrows Cal
  7. But wait, is there another Paramount park with alot of nuts? Cal
  8. Delrium beats KC and Shockwave at PKD. Cal
  9. Yeah, but a lot of the classic Arrow Multiloopers are losing their lifes. Shockwave, Orient Express, and the others coming. The Arrows are just dying off. Cal
  10. I actually doubt that we will ever see another B&M standup ever again. Cal
  11. I actually think that Vortex will be removed but not this year. I think they will remove it for the 2006 or 2007 season. It still has some good life left in it. Cal
  12. "Please dont take any of the items off of the exhibit that is here:
  13. 3,2.................... (You get launched at 2 without you knowing.)
  14. "Sorry, but this ride is being shut down for the rest of the day"
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