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  1. Early Rides

    Is there even a passholder login on the webpage? I have looked, but maybe I missed it. That is where the ERT was listed last year
  2. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When you look at the temperature and start thinking of the rides that will run at the current temperature.
  3. Coasterstock 2018

    We are 1.5 hours away but when you go from ERT to ERT (or as we call it OTP to CTP), that makes for a long day.
  4. Coasterstock 2018

    Ok. Tickets purchased and hotel booked. Gotta update vacation calendars and should be good to go. Lets hope Mother Nature cooperates for the ERTs this year
  5. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    Ok. We need to change the topic. I am starting to get Diamondback withdrawl! What about a gyro stand / place?
  6. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    The only time a Diamondback seat looks bad is when I am not sitting in it. lol
  7. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Maybe it was Santa Claus and some helpers telling us to all be good this year?
  8. Webcams

    After this year, it will be interesting to see how they up the ante on that.
  9. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Here is a screengrab of the video. I marked the date/time in a yellow box and unless I am seeing things, I count 4 people in the frame (marked with yellow lines). Thanks to @malem for providing the link and video
  10. Webcams

    Had a similar experience at Haunt last year. We did the last ride of the night on Beast. When we got off, we hardly saw anyone until we got to the fountain and a lot of the lights were already out and the sounds were off. If some scareactors dressed as zombies had come out, it would have definitely have given me a jump!
  11. Webcams

    They used to have the construction cam in Planet Snoopy. I can see why they removed it once the construction was done, but there are other places they can add one or two. A couple places that come to mind are top of WindSeeker looking at Vortex, towards the Eiffel Tower, or maybe the woods for a Beast sighting. Or maybe on Drop Tower, giving a different view of Banshee and Adventure Express.
  12. Dollywood crowd question

    Any insights in Dollywood passholder preview night / opening weekend? We are looking to go this year and would like some idea what to expect. Thanks
  13. Dollywood 2017

    Pix as promised. Sorry so late. Taken 12-30-17 Taken from the top before going into Mystery Mine Taken from the train
  14. Kings Island's 2018 Operation Calendar

    April 13th. And yes, last year it was crazy. We showed up around 3 and they were letting people into the parking lot. We looked for the KIC group that is usually at the front and found members at least 15 feet back from where they usually are. Around 3:15, they started letting those that wanted to ride Mystic Timbers in, so we followed in a line down the right side of international street, around the Eiffel Tower towards the clock and then around Diamondback lake. From there, they stopped us and slowly let folks into the line for Mystic Timbers. We rode the 36th train of the day around 4 and did not even try again. I was told the wait was 4 hours and snaked through the tomb raider building. We did make sure our drink plan and funpix was lined out (no issues) and got 3 rides on Diamondback, as well as 1 on Vortex and Drop Tower. We did not even try to eat, due to being happy about being back in the park and the lines. I am guessing it is open to all passholders, new and renewing. As it says on the webpage: A 2018 Gold or Platinum Season Pass includes many season pass benefits, including the opportunity to be among the first to experience the park’s lineup of world-class rides and attractions before Kings Island opens its gates for the start of its 47th season by attending an exclusive Gold Pass Preview Night event on April 13. Take advantage of this Gold and Platinum season pass perk and be among the first riders of the year on Mystic Timbers, voted “Best New Ride” in 2017 by Amusement Today. Challenge The Beast, Banshee and Diamondback roller coasters. Families can enjoy spending the evening together in the 17-time, award-winning Planet Snoopy kids’ area. Classics like the Grand Carousel, K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad, Monster and Scrambler will also be waiting for its first riders of the season. Gold Pass Preview Night also offers the first look at what’s new around the park, like new food menu items, games and merchandise. Gold Pass Preview Night Hours: 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.
  15. HoliWood Nights 2018: Coastershack

    And dont forget the hour time difference