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  1. Gannersdaddy

    Park closes at 5:00 today (7/20/18)

    They shut down tonight aT 11. It's really empty
  2. This is what popped into my head (yep, showing my age)
  3. Gannersdaddy

    Banshee gift shop converted to arcade

    The ride photos are still there
  4. Gannersdaddy

    KI lets slip plans for 2019 exist on IG today?

    I think you are giving the GP community too much credit. I doubt they would even know. The enthusiasts would probably be split but get over it. The firefight over it would be crazy to watch though.
  5. Gannersdaddy

    Handicapped parking

    See map. Not sure if Soak City side does. Bear in mind, it is first come first serve. I have never seen them enforcing it either.
  6. Gannersdaddy

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    You got it. When you smell the barnyard, you are close.
  7. Just check around Mystic, Banshee, Firehawk / Flight of Fear for those things that people will not buy a locker for. LOL
  8. Gannersdaddy

    Favorite coaster in Ohio

    Diamondback. I have not been to CP since 2015 so none of the newer ones are on my list yet, but Maverick was a good ride. I will ride them all, but Diamondback gets the most rerides from us.
  9. Gannersdaddy

    The Flat Ride Speculation Thread

    2 words - Sky Ride
  10. Gannersdaddy

    Mystic Timbers employees rude

    Too many people complain about the souvenir cups (not being able to get them on rides, storing them, getting stolen, etc), so it is possible that the ride operator wanted the person to personally dispose of it, lest it come back that the ride operator threw it away. On Saturday, I saw 2 of them sitting on the dirt at the front of Mystic. Evil thoughts ran through my mind, but I figured that it was someone elses issue if they got stolen or pitched. Gotta love the cup replacement!
  11. I line for Diamondback Saturday and the train stopped on the lift hill. A supervisor went out to the stopped train around row 10 and came back in a bit. I figured it was for a cell phone out. I asked once I was boarded and she told me that the moron had lit a cigarette on the way up. Needless to say, I was more that a little blown away
  12. Gannersdaddy

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    In line for Firehawk, one person in the group was saying that they need to repaint it. I mentioned that I would be happy if the camera were put back up. He said "they wont do that, they are going to get rid of it". I asked him how he knew this and he said some of the operators told him this. I did not even bother to ask him why repaint it if they are going to get rid of it.
  13. Gannersdaddy

    Trip to Silver Dollar City

    Other than the Lumberjack Pizza, I thought the food at Dollywood was very good. I need to take a trip to Branson sometime then.
  14. Gannersdaddy

    Is The Vortex scarier than The Banshee?

    Welcome to KIC! I guess it depends on what scares you. At KI, none of them scare me as I have ridden them multiple times. I enjoy Banshee more but will ride both of them.
  15. Gannersdaddy

    Disappointed by ride advertisement?

    As rough as it has been this year, at the end of the ride, I did "pay". LOL