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  1. Yes. More of a low arch. I was telling them that is was around there (we were eating at Chic Fil A at the time). Thanks, I have not totally lost it (yet). LOL
  2. I was talking with some friends about KI on Saturday. I know there used to be a covered walkway that they grew plants over, but I could not remember where it was. I have been looking through old maps and such, but not luck. I know there are some folks on here that know what I am talking about. Anyone recall where it was? Bonus points for a map of it and any pix. Thanks
  3. We did SDC and WoF last year. Did SDC from open until around 4 then drove up to KC. Hit WoF at open and had all of the coasters done by noon. Hit all coasters at both. SDC has the better lineup. WoF is not bad, but you can tell CF does not give it much love.
  4. Why not blame it on @King Ding Dong? He shuts down WindSeeker and Rivertown Coke Freestyle every time his car points South
  5. While to me, it not a Giga, I will being going with either Onion or GigO
  6. Any idea is this is still going on? I can find nothing on the main pages at KI and did not see any updates on the page I did find
  7. It takes up a decent portion of it, but there is still more land back there. For the sake of the train ride, I almost hope they do not add more. Makes a better train ride in my opiniom.
  8. We were there for Passholder day. If they are working on something, we did not see it (and on a side note - we are fine, no illness)
  9. Did you leave anything for the next person?
  10. Yeah, I saw the news. In light of this and going Platinum this year, I am debating whether we will continue of our streak of going every night to Haunt this year.
  11. You can ride, but expect long lines. We got for the night rides specifically, and most often they are just as crowded if not more so. Of course, weather is always a factor. The funny thing is that I have heard that CP is a total mess with crowds at Haunt
  12. Not busy today but it is Pass holder Day. Dolly came out and let us know Wildwood Grove would not open until May 10 due to the weather they had. They are working on it now
  13. That has kind of been my fear all along. If they keep a Haunt back there, it will be even worse
  14. Talking with some ride ops, it peaked at 4 hours. We were towards the front that day and it was 45 minutes for us. After we got off, I saw the line and said heck no to another reride that night. At least KI lets those in line still ride after the park closes. I think the last ride went out around 1AM
  15. Unless they have changed it at CP (we last went 2015), the FL and FLP line merge with the regular line about halfway through rather than have a ending at the station (like KI does). An employee is stationed there to sort it out. I have not been to any other Cedar Fair Parks (yet). I wonder how they do their FL line (like KI or CP). Can anyone shed some light on this?
  16. Much like a good coaster, 2018 has had its ups and downs for us. We started the year on the Worlds Fastest Wooden Coaster down in Pigeon Forge with no wait for the 1st row, followed by zen rides on Barnstormer. We saw Dolly in her show and later on she came through in a parade through the park. Over the course of the weekend, we rode everything multiple times. I have seen people put down some of the rides, but to us, there is not a bad ride at Dollywood. Even the Arrow there is smooth. With the exception of Lumberjack pizza, we had not a bad meal there. (it was not bad just ordinary). It was nice to get back on coasters after only 2.5 months. But it did make the wait for opening day at KI seem like it took forever. We ended the season with 42 visits to KI (including Pride Night). Coasterstock was a bit of a mess to start. We had all 3 of paid for our packages to be delivered by mail so we did not have to wait to get in. The only person the received one was my wife, who ended up not going again. After some phone calls and emails, we were told that ours would be at the gate. I was told later in the season by @DonHelbig that this would be corrected for next year, so we will see. After that, we ended up having a good time. On 07/07/18, my son rode his 1,000th Diamondback ride. As we started bring him on 10/14/14, I consider that a pretty good feat. That is our ride of choice in the park. We did eat quite a bit at Coney. Some of the hits were the smoked turkey and corn pudding. The mac and cheese and sausage were hits or misses. Consistency, as others has said, needs to be improved. We went almost every Saturday and Sunday this year of Haunt. While it was crowded like always, we go for the night rides, so the Haunt stuff is extra. Blood Drums was good, but they need a better stage for them. Winterfest was done very nicely. I really liked The Vortex to Beast path. Between the lights and music at a good level, it was the most peaceful area of the park. Holliwood Nights did not disappoint either. We lost some time on Saturday night due to lightning in the area, but after 2 days, we were pretty tired anyways. They put on a heck of an event. The food was 5 times better than park events we went to. They really cared about the enthusiasts and it showed. We are planning to go next year. We were going to try to get to Kentucky Kingdom when my company and another one had a closed day, but it was right after Pride Night. We did that once it was really hard on Ganners. Maybe in 2019 we will try again. All of these trips have just been Ganners and I. Gannersmommy has been in and out of the hospital most of 2018. We were getting ready to take her on her first visit to Dollywood over Thanksgiving, but she passed on the 21st. I am still a mess over the situation. KI has become my happy place. during this time, as it helps to get both of our minds off the situation. She had wanted us to all get Platinum passes this coming year, so I think that is what we are going to do. No firm plans on where we will go, but wanting to get to Cedar Point, Carowinds, and maybe some others in 2019.
  17. Not sure if this goes here, (move if needed), but is about Universal. (KI is mentioned also) https://www.apnews.com/bf0f1a82339e450dbd6e65008722f60d
  18. Some people consider Mystic Timbers, Flight of Fear, and Great Pumpkin coaster as "good coasters". I take it that you do not. Here are the main reasons (I am sure that others will chime in). The coasters all have an minimum operating temperature that they need to abide by. This is dictated by the structure, ride design, and car design. Typically but not always, Winterfest is below these temperatures. They have to be at these temperature to start operations. They can run below this temperature if they are sufficiently warmed up and continue to run. The annual maintenance is going on the trains right now. They are taken all of the way down, inspected, cleaned up, and reassembled. Mystic Timbers and Flight of Fear are down a train currently with these trains being in the shop. I know smaller parks can do this quicker, but think about all of the coasters with all of the trains / cars on each. It is quite a bit of work. Personally, I would rather them do this over the winter months than to take it down in the warm weather when the season is open.
  19. A couple of things. First, Welcome to KIC. As for alcohol in Coney Mall, there is a beer stand usually down by Jukebox Diner. I have not seen it during Winterfest, but I dont go the park to drink alcohol, so it may have moved and I did not notice. Improve the games how? This is a pretty broad and simple statement. Do you have any suggestions? As for the "silly smoking sections", for those that smoke and go to these areas, why is this silly? The bigger concern would be those that smoke / vape wherever they please. If having no smoking / vaping in the park is your aim, I doubt this would go over very well. Might as well say get rid of the alcohol as well.
  20. Final Steel Vengeance (5) vs. The Beast (6)     3rd  Banshee (3) vs. Maverick (7)
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