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  1. Kings Island honestly probably has the one of the best collection of Vekoma coasters that aren't in Disney, and that isn't saying much. I like Firehawk but it's inferior in many ways to B&Ms and really don't like Invertigo or Flying Ace. I just think everything until a few years ago has been consistently bad. Hated the SLC at KK, their loopers and regular boomerangs are ride once and regret it. Their family coasters are ok, and anything Disney is pretty good except apparently Space Mountain Mission 2. I can stand rough or uncomfortable, but it isn't worth it for most Vekoma rides besides the credit. However I'm very happy with the direction they are currently heading, looking very impressive and smooth with their new products and designs.
  2. Racer would be way too boring to work with. There is a reason RMC hasn't done an out and back woodie yet. It'd be the weakest RMC bar none.
  3. Unless they can do something completely different from KD's Hurler, it would be better to just keep it as is because I've heard this one is actually bearable. Honestly, I'd push for Carowinds to get a GCI or maybe a Premier Launch Coaster. I don't think they'd get anything ridiculous like Fury anytime soon or a B&M but a GCI around the size of MT or a Skyrocket 2 or custom Premier would be a good fit as they don't have a launch coaster.
  4. I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend, I have school off but I'd rather spend a whole day at the park instead of 5. So I'll see you guys on Saturday!
  5. I think Holiday World has KI beat, Voyage being the coaster with the most airtime in the world, Raven has a lot, and Legend having a few moments. And then you add the water coasters, Wildebeest literally floats you out of your seat many times and Mammoth has some good moments as well. I would also think that CP also competes with Kings Island, Millennium has a few good ones, Maverick is Maverick, Valravn has 3 solid places with airtime with the drops and surprisingly good airtime hill, Blue Streak provides solid hills (unlike Racer tbh), Magnum literally invented the steel airtime machine, and with RMC Meanstreak, it's a whole other game.
  6. I hate to post a thread like this and I thank all of you who take their time to respond. My family is currently planning to hit up Carowinds for the first time for a day over spring break, and this is my first year with CF Platinum Passes. We ordered our passes from Kings Island during the off season so we don't have them yet. Do I just have to wait till KI opens and get it from there similar to Six Flags before visiting any other park? Or is there another option? I really want to ride Fury so hopefully there is another way. Thanks!
  7. "Mystic Timbers, the most meta coaster ever since Revenge of the Mummy"
  8. That font looks scarily similar to Theme Park Review's, other than that, best of luck and I look forward to seeing what content you provide.
  9. Ugh... Now that my Platinum Pass is confirmed I'm super excited for opening day for KI and CP. Mystic Timbers is looking absolutely incredible... Also super excited because my family will be going to Toronto over the summer and a certain park owned by CF resides there with a giga.
  10. Anyone have an idea what kind of train it is? Just a new PTC or maybe Timberliners or Millennium Flyers?
  11. You're going to leave them with two identical boomerangs? It would be worth trading Invertigo for Stinger just to get a cooler logo. That's the point, it's Dorney Park
  12. How about Invertigo for Hydra at Dorney? Hey, Cedar Fair has screwed them over worse before
  13. It will. Floorless conversions are probably CF's RMC conversions. Mean Streak would like a word with you
  14. One thing that really messes with me is how controlling was Paramount and RCCA to keep Werner Stengel, arguably the greatest roller coaster designer of all time, from making an absolutely incredible ride. Even if SoB was glossy smooth, it wouldn't be a truly great ride. It's got stats in aces, but it didn't do much at all. Stengel designed both Superzaro: The Ride (Of Steel) and Millennium Force which both opened the same year as SoB, both of which are still absolutely loved today. So I believe he could've done a great job on designing a proper wooden hyper coaster. He even did Colossos the next year at Heide Park which is 197 feet tall and is still considered a great coaster. Seriously, if only Intamin was the manufacturer we'd probably still have a great, airtime packed, wooden hyper coaster.
  15. I really really want to like Backlot but due to me being rather skinny, I just can't completely enjoy it. I love the launch and helix, but with very little padding in the seats, the rest of the ride is really uncomfortable since my spine is being nailed against a fiberglass seat. But I would never replace it in the near future, its a objectively really good coaster for families.
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