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  1. Fine, LARGE CF EASTERN PARK. KI is arguably (and in my opinion) the second best CF park, and it would draw a larger crowd.
  2. Wow, thats something I'd expect from Terp
  3. Anyone going this Sunday? first day for me this season.
  4. I am so glad to see this actually getting a decent amount of replies, I really enjoy reading them. Especially @McSalsa
  5. I honestly want a Giga, and I see it more plausible due to the fact every other easter CF park has a Giga, plus IF TALLER MUST RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. If you were ever afraid of them. (I sure was, didn't ride racer till I was 12) For me, it started last summer when I went with my youth group in early June. I went with 2 good friends, one I saw for the last time since he goes to a different high school. (this was my first time going to KI for 2 years) Rode Beast, Bat, and Invertigo for the first time, we were going to ride Banshee, but we chickened out. However, The Beast sparked my interest in roller coasters, and I watched a crap-ton of POVs and Coaster Studios, if you haven't seen him, sub to him now. I went to Universal for 5 days with my
  7. I saved up to buy my family season passes (just to let you know, I'm an underclassman in HS) for the first time in around 8 years. Took about 4 months of chores and mowing lawns. I hadn't been for a while and came back last year and got over all my fears of roller coasters because my dad forced me out of my comfort zone and had a total blast. Anyways, I am going to go 5-10 times this year, and want to know the best routes to ride the most coasters/thrill rides. (P.s. except Drop Zone, I hate Drop Towers)
  8. I mean a regular straight drop that doesn't curve.
  9. Hey, this may be off topic, but behind Gigas and Hypers, Inverts are my favorite kind. However, why do B & M inverts seem to never have a normal drop, I mean Invert Shuttle Coasters do to an extent (talking about you my first looping coaster). Banshee is currently my favorite rollercoaster, but I wish it had a standard drop. Is it because of intensity/Gs?
  10. Thanks, its an after prom thing so they said if it was free I didn't have to pay $10 for the buss ride
  11. Anyone know if you can get bus parking for free at KI with a season pass card. Im going with my school and if it is I go free. Gold just to let you guys know.
  12. Invertigo does not need to be removed for the KI Giga. Kings Island has only used just over half of the land they owned for the park, so I think they will be able to expand for at least 30+ years. The only ride that MAY be removed for it could be Adventure Express, though it would be unlikely.
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