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  1. Okay, so this is an absolutely ridiculous pipe dream but Liseberg is removing Kanonen, a great little Intamin accelerator, for their 2018 dive coaster. It has a super tight layout and would fit Kentucky Kingdom. Obviously shipping a coaster from Europe is absolutely ridiculous but I would love to have an Intamin Accelerator within 2 hours of me.
  2. If we aren't getting a B&M giga, I would love to see a T-Rex at the park, whether it's a giga or not, not gonna happen anytime soon though. Imagine Schilke with over 300 feet of height potential, he's already a madman with less than 150!
  3. Is it just me or has this gone vertical really really quickly? Also, it feels not long ago at all when I started watching Banshee being constructed.
  4. Guys, guys, isn't it obvious, we are almost certainly getting a 700 foot B&M Inverted Dive RMC Aquatrax coaster (now with fire)
  5. Going to the park Tuesday now that I'm out of school, so much for saving the money from my job xD (should I get Banshee or Beast? Only have enough for one)
  6. Obviously my profile pic. Maybe Taron but I'm not riding that for at least 5 years
  7. Ha, has their even been vertical work on any of the two I know are confirmed? Haven't heard a lot from either the Georgia or Orlando ones.
  8. Geez Terp, sometimes I wish I could keep a level head like you. You literally traveled all the way to the Kingdom and were denied entry for the most trivial of things. If that happened to me at any park I would never approve of the parks actions and beseech people never to go.
  9. Not sure if this is a good thing overall, but a $55 Gold Season Pass for every park in the chain plus free parking. Throw on the meal plan where they have places to store souvenir drink cups on EVERY RIDE PLATFORM and the only thing I have to pay for that day is the obvious gas money. The drink cup thing isn't to much of an issue at KI, but Cedar Point is a different story.
  10. I got a minor concussion my first time going into The Beast's tunnel....
  11. I'd love a giga coaster and I would greatly appreciate and like a GCI, but I am rather content right now with what we have. Banshee is still fantastic.
  12. I just politely decline, works every time for me
  13. There is a lot of in-queue theming, but none on the ride. It's just pitch black like Flight of Fear.
  14. CoasterDirected’s Six Flags Over Texas Trip Report I got to go to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington over spring break and my overall impression of the park was rather impressive. It easily was the nicest Six Flags I've been too with the best ops that I’ve seen out of the four SF parks I've been to in the past 8 months. I don't think I should do a play by play, because I would end up rambling and I’m not too skilled of a writer, but I would like to give my personal opinion on each ride giving them a basic letter grade. New Texas Giant- A+ Easily one of the best coasters I have ever bee
  15. I had Banshee ice cream for the first time at my last visit back in October, I really miss the park
  16. I'm not gonna make it to the park for another 4 weeks, my favorite invert and hyper will have to wait... But at least I've got a decent hyper coaster and the first invert to look forward to, and my personal favorite RMC.
  17. When park openings are just around the corner
  18. I honestly like some of the prizes, not the stuffed animals or basketballs mind you, but they have some pretty cool Lego sets at a lot of the midways games in Coney Mall. Lego Delorean from Back To The Future? Sign me up
  19. Some people hear voices, I hear the glorious RCT2 opening music engraved into my brain.
  20. When you are figuring out ways to get all the RMC credits I will ride Wildfire, one day...
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