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  1. This is sad, I was really hoping to participate this year after missing it last year...
  2. Nope, CGA and SFDK are actually pretty close, roughly an hour
  3. I've lived in Indy for the past 14-15 years and have never heard of this honestly
  4. So true, Cedar Point's is better in my opinion, when I was there, Gatekeeper's regular line began a good while after the Fastlane line entered
  5. I'm pretty sure we all here want a Vekoma SLC *sarcasm just to make that clear*
  6. I really want a Giga next but I definitely agree, a LARGE GCI similar to the ones going into the Chinese parks overseas would be perfect afterwards
  7. I completely forgot about that name, that could easily work as well
  8. Thank God the turns of death is being changed, that was the only part I thought was personally unpleasant
  9. I'm fairly certain it will be a Giga, but if/when it comes, I would love CF to continue the mythical monster/creature theme (Banshee, Leviathan, Gatekeeper, Valravn, Super Wasp 325, etc.) and have the story be where a "new hero comes to defeat the Banshee that has come to terrorize the park". The Giga's station would be in-between Banshee and The Bat, roughly where SOB's was, and part of it would interact with the second half of Banshee similar to how Shambhala and Dragon Khan at PortAventura kinda intertwine. My name for it would be Paladin
  10. I don't think we'll be getting our Giga till 2018, and I think a giga is the most likely because of how easily you can advertise them
  11. Less competition, more monopolization, more overly used themes
  12. As a nice diversion? B&M Polar Coaster that goes 200 mph and has 5 minutes of ejector airtime that also dispenses Banshee Swirl ice cream confirmed Edit: as well as being an aquatrax
  13. I used to like his channel, but I realized how biased and uninformed it is
  14. When you get really excited when the first day of your spring break is the first day SFSL is open (55 days!)
  15. I think CF will be keeping KI for a good while, it shares to much of Cedar Point's market demographic and I don't think they want another company bolstering a park that will be able to compete with them *cough* Geauga Lake *cough*
  16. I only went two days compared to going to Kings Island countless times, but Cedar Point was much better. The flat ride collection was better, the midways felt more open and better looking, better coasters, etc. I love KI so much because of how it's personally connected to me but I cannot deny on a objective level, CP is just a better park. The ride ops (when I went) were absolutely fantastic and booking it even though Maverick was the only coaster with a line longer than 5 minutes (I literally walked onto a back row ride on Dragster). They seemed extremely energetic and have a lot of fun doing
  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't KI tied with he most inverted coasters now along with Dorney Park? They each have 3, KI with Banshee, Flying Ace, and Invertigo, Dorney with Talon, Possessed, and Stinger
  18. Geez... I can't believe it's been over a year since I became an enthusiast. I remember my first night ride on The Beast so vividly, me being terrified to go on Diamondback and feeling like I was on top of the world when we hit the brake run. That was last October... And with that, my first full season as an enthusiast has practically come to an end. Two more days left on my part, but offseason is still here because the park that is dearest to my heart is closed for the winter. See you next spring KI.
  19. When you start planning trips for next year to Cedar Point, Magic Mountain, and possibly Great Adventure.
  20. I find Dinosaurs Alive at Cedar Point really weird.... I didn't go in it due to the fact I don't have a platinum pass but it's just weird flying through Millennium and you keep seeing a T-Rex here, a Brachiosaur there.
  21. My last KI coaster I've ridden was Diamondback back row, stretching my arms back and getting drenched by the splashdown. Last coaster in general was Screamin' Eagle in the back row at SF:SL. Such a good coaster in back row . Pitch black, woods everywhere, and the last two drops being some of the most intense ejector airtime moments I had ever experienced. I was pressed so hard into my rather loose lap bar. I still have 2 days left in a park for 2015 at Over Georgia for Holiday in the Park, so that'll be great.
  22. Although I wished I could've gone this past weekend, I can't say that I would've missed seeing my best friend for anything. Few things are more important than theme parks to me, and she's one of them.
  23. Well I think if things don't go well for the Kingdom, Michigan's Adventure may finally be getting the GT-X everyone has wanted for the park... And maybe... Just maybe... an RMC coaster with the first barrel roll drop in the US may find a new home.
  24. Who would've re-tracked it if B&M wouldn't? Premier? Intamin?
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