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  1. I would honestly love Millennium Flyers on The Beast. I'm not personally knowledgable exactly how much better they run on a layout compared to PTC trains, but the first GCI I rode, American Thunder (Cubs Thunder), I sat down and it was EXTREMELY comfortable. Only seats I would say are more comfortable (completely subjective) are Millie/Dragster and B&M hypers.
  2. I haven't counted exactly how many times I've ridden but new coasters I have ridden 39 new coasters and have gone to 4 new parks. Honestly, fantastic year for me, and it's not over yet, I still have one more trip Black Friday and the Saturday after at SF: Over Georgia. Woo! New credits. But here's to the now practically passed 2015 season and to 2016!
  3. Don't bring it up yet, I'm still grieving... *tragic violin plays in background as I stare out into the rain*
  4. That track looks VERY sharp, but I think it should have had green or blue track.
  5. I've only taken one this year out of my 6 visits to KI. I have not had a picture taken at any other park (2 days Cedar Point and St. Louis, 1 for Holiday World, Silver Dollar City, and Great America). I find it really annoying and I only took one because I was with a friend and she wanted to take a picture for no reason. We didn't even buy it, and instead just took pictures with our phones.
  6. I doubt if I'll be able to hit up the park either on good ole' Halloween. It's much more likely I will end my season at Great America if I go to any. I can't go Sunday because I'm taking a friend ice skating and I don't get to see her nearly as often as I like, and the last time kinda ended on a sour note.
  7. As long as the general public doesn't remember a long past Arrow Mega-Coaster, who cares, right?
  8. Is Storm Chaser technically RMC's first fully steel coaster? Or will they be using wooden supports as well as TT's steel structure?
  9. I just use cargo shorts, I can fit my pass, phone, money, and half the state of Texas in them without having to worry about stuff falling out. The only thing I have had fly out on me was a park map but that was because I put it in my hoodie pocket. I don't believe I have been to a park in the last 2 seasons without a pair.
  10. I don't want to, but I'd have to agree with Terp. There is a large chance that there is going to be some sort of merge in at least our lifetimes. Whether thats CF buying up the parks if SF goes completely bankrupt and can't rebound, SF buying up some of the smaller CF parks (Michigan's Adventure, World's of Fun, that petty excuse of a waterpark), or just a full on buyout.
  11. This is really sad and tragic. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims
  12. It's noteworthy news, why not post it. It's gruesome, but thats the world. Weird stuff happens. If you are speaking about the picture, he put a warning.
  13. Great presentation. The only correction I saw that irked me was that it said 1992 for Deliriums opening instead of 2002, but thats it
  14. I knew that it was for non-season pass attendance, sorry for not putting that in the original post. And yes, the 2 day thing was sarcasm
  15. I wonder why attendance is up 40%? I doubt it has anything to do with the 2 days for $30... (Edit) Sarcasm
  16. This makes me want for them to put a maze at the top of the tower....
  17. I believe none of the scare zones are open during Sundays, so it should be a lot better to go then if you are not into the sp00kyiness of the haunt. I personally love haunted houses, just not at Kings Island and other parks. I think it becomes way to crowded and a complete madhouse in my opinion. I'm probably sticking with Sundays for the rest of the season unless my friends are going on a haunt night.
  18. I wish, I actually went there for my first time this past July, very good and enjoyable and got my little sister into roller coasters with PK. Outlaw Run (In my opinion) is fantastic.
  19. Am I literally the only one who thought the only ride more painful than Iron Dragon was Mean Streak. I swear I rode the red suspended coaster located on a peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio.... The seats were way to hard and painful, and the transitions were awkward and head-bangy. HOWEVER, I did enjoy the finale over the water
  20. I love the ride, my 3rd favorite wooden coaster, behind the most overrated wooden coaster and Outlaw Run. I just felt I needed to take an entire bottle of Tylenol after each ride. I'll probably get better rides when I go later this year and next year. I wasn't pulling an Iron Boss or something, more like keeping the layout, adding topper track.
  21. I understand, yes. I wasn't expecting a thrill from it when I rode, I just felt it meanders way to much and it was even more painful than both Rougarou and Corkscrew. There was way to much head banging...
  22. I don't really want any KI woodie to be converted, maybe a new one would be good, but right now I'd rather have a Giga. A ride that I think that would be a great RMC would be the Boss at SF:SL, it's fun and awesome, but I rode it 3 times and my head was pounding after each... The layout is very good and if you just added some RMC goodness to it, it would be fantastic
  23. I hope it stays, it is MUCH more fun and enjoyable than Iron Dragon every time I've ridden. Bat, albeit short, packs a punch and has an awesome layout, as well as an amazing front seat ride. Iron Dragon on the other hand.... at least it's pretty....
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