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  1. Am I the only one thinking A. this will be expensive as heck, think of how much steel would be used and there is practically no way that thing will be using wooden supports, and B. how is this thing so special? It seems like if you just took some of the current I-Beam track and added steel in-between. Doesn't seem like much of a monorail. (technically, yes it is...)
  2. I'd say the best coaster for people who are new to the park if you have been to others is easily The Beast. It is the most unique experience at the park. You can get similar rides at many other parks with B&M hypers and inverts, as well as mine trains and wooden racers. I have felt similar experiences for both even with the limited amount of parks I've visited, but nothing has come close to feeling like The Beast. Closest in my opinion was The Boss at SF:SL, and that felt more like the Legend or other CCI's.
  3. Thank you Ghost Guy, I honestly love reading your posts because of how well composed they are and how respectful they are to the deceased. Thank you!
  4. Welp, not gonna get my Kings Island fix until September 27, BUT I will be going to Cedar Point for Roller Coaster Appreciation night! ALSO, my sister is getting into roller coasters and my dad absolutely loved Cedar Point when we went. We agreed if I could pay for my Platinum Pass, he would get his and my sister's.
  5. Unless for some reason some friends are going during a Haunt night, I don't plan on going. The lines were SUPER short for the first half of the day, but right around 5-ish, it broke into complete chaos. I'd rather much go on a Sunday
  6. It's perfectly fine, we are not off to bad, we just have to manage money a bit better. Also, my dad's the kind of person who will not accept anything free.
  7. Thanks, my father wanted me to be 100 % sure. Money's just a little tight, nothing major, but my sister wanted to get her first ride on practically everything above Racer, and I was able to convince him with $1 food days and the bring a friend days (My dad or sister don't have a pass).
  8. Hey amazing people, just a few quick questions because I wanted to get my Kings Island fix before I have to wait till Haunt. First, I'm planning on going either Sunday or Monday, which day would probably be less crowded? As with the bring a friend part, do I have to buy the tickets online, or can I show up at the gate and get the $20 tickets? (Yes, I have a pass)
  9. I understand why they chose to RMC Roar, it's popular right now, and things that are popular sell tickets. I just wish that parks that only have ONE wooden coaster don't get RMC's. I would find it to be a little bit better if they at least used Topper Track, a park without a wooden coaster just feels incomplete to me.
  10. I don't think we really need a new "gate coaster." It would be nice I guess, but I think Invertigo covers that well, as well as Banshee. If it was my choice to decide where to put the KI giga, I would probably put it at the end of Coney mall near WindSeeker or in X-Base (probably not the second choice because that area gets crowded enough as is.)
  11. Sorry guys, seemed like SIX got ahold of the first video. Anyways, the full announcement is up so it's not that big of a deal.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBhkY-2jH1o None of this is technically "official", but the rendering look very convincing. Only way to TRUELY know is wait for tomorrow.
  13. I hope it's good, honestly I do, I won't be back around in Orlando probably until 2017. Then I will make my rounds hitting up Mako as well as Kraken and Manta, refurbished Hulk, and obviously, Skyscraper. I'm OK with screen rides, not my favorite; HOWEVER, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is my absolute favorite non-coaster ride. The screen parts are ok, but the practical effects are awesome, especially the bridge section with the dragon. That section was always the "scariest" for me.
  14. I rode it when I went during the second day of the Indiana State Fair. I thought it would be just pressing against you, but when I first felt the sliding boards going up, I freaked out and thought that the ride was breaking (I have a fear of carnival/portable rides). I remained calm, and quickly realized it was supposed to. I thought it was fun afterwards.
  15. Bad season for the industry much.... *sigh* Most news sources are saying just "roller coaster kills man/teacher" as if he fell off or something... And I don't think ENOUGH people are going to read it fully to understand that it was in no way the park or the ride's fault...
  16. I live on the south side of Indy, and I still have yet to see a single ad on TV or billboard. I see a decent amount of Holiday World ads though, and the first time I prevalently saw KK ads were on my way to the park about holidays. Ironically, the billboards all had T2 on them, not T3. And they are claiming it is Indy's "new place to play", and that it is the closest to Indy. Like I said I live on the south side, so it should be closest to me, but KI is still closer by a good 10 minutes and I feel I get a lot more at KI
  17. The date went about as perfect as it could, although Drop Tower did not open by the time we left. Ride times were long enough for us to have a conversation, but short enough to get a rather large amount done. Chaperone was great (her mother), she was great to talk to and gave us plenty of time to ourselves. Both she and I had an absolute blast, and may easily be the best day of the season for me. Kings Island's not just a thrill seekers paradise, it's a place where memories are made.
  18. For those wondering why Racer's backwardness was removed, one general thing I've heard was that the PTC trains were never meant to go backwards and not to be modified so that they could in any way.....
  19. Really excited to go today, can't sleep. I know this is not that big in the grand scheme of things but going with my gf to Kings Island for first date.
  20. It still looks good layout wise. I know where I'm going next year. Ever since riding Outlaw Run, I have needed more RMC.
  21. I like how I got a lights on ride on FoF, but I do prefer it with he lights off... It feels a lot larger and faster without them.
  22. My dad, who is in his 50's now, can only ride so many rides before taking a break. Me being the lively and energetic teen that I am, I constantly want to be riding them. Most noticeably when I was a single rider was at Cedar Point. My dad could only handle Maverick once before having to chill in Chic-Fil-A while I went again. I would usually be placed with a single rider. I just introduce myself, asking very politely if it would be OK if I rode with them. One incredible lady I met while doing a short marathon on Millie was really awesome, she was a pretty big coaster enthusiast and had ridden
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