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  1. Rode Diamondback 4 times today, once in the pouring rain. Banshee 5, rode Drop Tower my first time, and them 2 more times. Had a great time!
  2. Last stand eh..... Reminds me of something last year. (Floor-less trains confirmed) EDIT: Just making it clear, this is a joke.
  3. Definitely Beast and Banshee for me. Diamondback is okay.
  4. I honestly hear a lot of GP, being my friends, people I talk to in line, as well as the always correct YouTube commenters, that they feel much "safer" with OTSRs. I showed my friend a video of me on Dragster (my dad recorded it from the stands) and said that it should of "literally killed me" because all I had was a T-bar and a seatbelt.
  5. I'm definitely doing Coasting for Kids next year with my dad. Although which park I'm doing it at is still to be decided. I only learned around 2-3 years ago that I was probably going to get skin cancer some point in my life. A few weeks later, I got a cancerous mole removed, and another a few weeks later. Got a scan, and had a, albeit small, tumor. Anyways, got a surgery less than a week later. I am VERY glad that I was able to have it detected and disposed quickly. I was in middle school then and I was freaking out. I can imagine what these kids are going through, and how horrible it
  6. Speaking of rain, does anyone know if FoF runs in the rain? I know its indoors but Disaster Transport was indoors but it closed due to leaks in the building.
  7. Only time when I use my phone is for A: Checking wait times B: Checking my texts and emails in line. I hate how easily "my" generations gets sidetracked. We constantly need entertainment, and you'd think a theme park would do that!
  8. That's honestly amazing! As long as they have fun while keeping to the agenda and safety protocols, I'm all for it. I honestly love FoF's Ride Ops. I love how they scare new riders with the whole empty train thing. My last 2 times for FoF, the ride host? would ask if we wanted a countdown. Course most would say yes, and so the first time she said "OK, in" *launch* The next time she counted down from 10, got to zero. "Aw crap, I think it broke" Three seconds later *launch* Some of the most enthusiastic ride ops come from ones where they have control over the launch (FoF, Wicked Twister)
  9. Isn't Frisbee the one now at SF: Great America?
  10. I still ride at least 1 of them every time I come to the park and love them. I just meant that the flats cater to that kind of audience as well
  11. It looks fantastic, I won't be able to make it all the way to Utah anytime soon, but I hope to eventually.
  12. I love the Coney Mall flats. Back when I was younger and would only ride Adventure Express, and the formerly Nick themed coasters, I would spend so much time just riding Scrambler and Zephyr. So yes I would love to have some new flats, because I know they are great for kids and adults alike who are not ready to challenge Diamondback or Beast
  13. Yeah, the drink deal is easily the best. You have to wait 15 minutes, but me and my dad used ours' all day and got about $60 worth of drinks
  14. Would you think the KI Giga could use SoB's station?
  15. It would be good, but unless it can fully trick your brain into thinking it's on the ride, it's not going to be the same experience. You can trick your sense into feeling it, but your brain knows better.
  16. Disney may be expensive as heck, but they sure make memories that last a lifetime. My first time going after my parents got divorced when I was young, I went on Haunted Mansion just with my dad. I remember being so scared I cried, and I did until I got I got into the loading area. We still have the picture on the fireplace of me just outside the mansion beaming but with tear stains. God, I miss that place so much. Have only been to Universal due our condo/timeshares have much better deals with Universal.
  17. I got my souvenir bottle for the lowest price with my pass, but that was in May.
  18. After some AMAZING dark rides in Orlando last year, it really made me think how bad of a state Boo Blasters is in. Yes it's a seasonal park, but if Disney has proven anything, it's that dark rides are just as important as thrills.
  19. I really do hope the best for KK. Not only because I can have a new park to go to but competition breeds successful business strategies. Look at what what happened at E3 with Xbox and Sony in 2013.
  20. As long as they don't get rid of the Lego store and Dinosaur Cafe, thats fine by me.
  21. I'm really fine next year with getting the park better looking. I want them to do something along the line of what Kings Dominion is doing this year and last year.
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