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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I would suggest you enter the park at Magnum and go straight to Maverick, but you may have an issue where the Cedar Point Shores parking lot in the back on the peninsula may not be open until 9:30. If you can park in the back, that would be my choice. Walk the Gemini Midway, cross the railroad tracks and into Frontier Town and go to Maverick. You should be able to get multiple rides during ERT. The GP line for Maverick can get into the 60-90-120 minute waits if the park is busy or ride issues. We get those out of the way while the riding is good. Maverick - Bins Top Thrill Drags
  2. Just FYI... I was at Cedar Point June 22-23 (Millennium Force Ride Night) and upon arriving at the front parking attendant at 8:50AM on Friday for Maverick ERT, we were told that as of the week prior, the Cedar Point Shores parking lot will begin opening at 9:30AM because apparently the ERT people are taking parking spaces away from guests wanting to park at Cedar Point Shores. When we did reach the security booth by CPS, there were indeed gates blocking entrance to the lot. Fortunately it was raining pretty hard on Friday and we stayed in the car until 9:45AM anyway, but this change is
  3. The video you referenced I have seen. The ride was still being tweaked at that time. The footage I am looking for would have been from what looks like media day where it was cold and raining since most of the riders were wearing rain gear as was the front mounted camera. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Not sure if these are mentioned in any of the forums yet, but WCPO uploaded a couple videos from 1979 showing The Beast running with four 4 bench trains and lots or aerial footage. Where is the film footage from that train mounted camera? https://youtu.be/lvEw08Id0WA https://youtu.be/VhKr12S2rH4 https://youtu.be/8THrVOGe3Hg https://youtu.be/Fpe2MG2Uj8w Interesting to note how quickly the riders bring the buzz bars down and dispatched, whew. It looked like that dude was granted single rider to get his numbers up. 5 car trains. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh0
  5. What is the processing system they use throughout the Cedar Fair chain, SQL server? Aren't all the parks internet linked to a central system to cross-reference platinum pass usage and attached amenities (meal plan) or do they all work individually and replicate applicable data overnight during low traffic instances.
  6. Soak City is the best place to park so you can get 5 rides on Maverick during ERT and then head to Top Thrill Dragster by 10 to get a couple rides in and maybe see or experience a rollback. Was there last week and the ride ops for Maverick let us stay on IF our lane was empty. We had two such rides. Edit: It is also nice to be able to go back to the car during the day if you need to rest or regroup in some way. We leave the souvenir bottle in the car until after ERT since TTD requires a locker. The drive in and out of the park is nice too. I typically pull up to the guard booth and t
  7. My first dive coaster will be Griffon, and will be my first visit back to BGW and KD since the 80's. Have lots of catching up to do. CP in June/July. Does Griffon have the shoulder restraints similar to Valravn or are they the older painful kind like Raptor. Thinking out loud, since Valravn is 8 wide and the newer restraints have slightly wider space requirements, and Griffon is 10 wide, I am guessing they are the older style. ....off to look for pictures...
  8. Hopefully the email that will be sent this weekend will include the time that I chose for The Beast tour. Having purchased event tickets in February, I failed to document the time that I chose. I hope there is some leniency in that department.
  9. That certainly makes a lot of sense. I guess I was not thinking that the change in braking method would change the dispatch intervals. I always assumed that the brake shed could stop the train if necessary. Thanks for the clarification, certainly enjoyed the education.
  10. I agree with you, although it seems in recent years that slow crawl of the first hill was to allow the train ahead of it to enter the last block (beyond the point in which the chain can stop the train). But I do vividly remember climbing the 2nd lift and watching the train on the first lift crest and enter the tunnel before our descent into the helix which contradicts with my first statement. Simply an observation, not an argument.
  11. This appears to be an early picture of The Beast. When did it become possible to walk on the roof of the 2nd tunnel? It appears that The Bat's short life had just ended as the ride is gone but the station remains. <http://im12.it/g/13490> Edit. Doing a google image search for all things Beast it is interesting to see that because most of the photos are POV of the first drop, over the years it seems that sensor placement has changed multiple times in terms of block positioning. Basically the train climbing the 2nd lift hill is in a variety of locations as the train crests the
  12. For those who have not seen it, check out the end of this video to see empty test runs early on. It is cool to see the train run through the helix without tunnels from the ground. < This is a great video of what some of the park looked like back in '81, lots of old rides. At around the 1:15 mark you will see that The Beast did indeed have 5 car 4 bench trains equaling 40 riders. Also notice the pond, switchtrack, open tires, and that there is no trim on the first drop. This video also shows a lot of the original Bat. It is clear to see that the swinging motion is unique to
  13. PGalati

    The Beast

    What makes The Beast the classic ride that it is, and what could be changed, if any, to make the ride even better, if that's possible. Would changing the trains help or hurt the overall experience? Are PTCI360 trains worth considering, or even Timberliners? Would that have a positive effect on the trims located throughout the ride. Would Timberliners allow for better banking that isn't possible with the PTCs currently in use. Could some speed be gained? Think of it like a wooden Millennium Force. Obviously The Beast can't do 80, but 55 without trims from lift to lift. Or should it be le
  14. My bosses kids are in the last shot with the fireworks. Oh to have those Beast restraints again. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. 2016 is the year for Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Those parks will be our far reaching destinations this year. 2013 was Cedar Point, 2014 was Canada's Wonderland, and 2015 was Carowinds. Living just minutes from Kings Island will give us plenty of whim park time and having family in Knoxville gives us close access to Dollywood. Have yet to experience an RMC. Holiday World is highly considered too. Consider us being at Cedar Point during the week of Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force evening ride events while enjoying Maverick in the morning. Sent from my iPad using
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