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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. No guilty pleasures exactly, I like what I like, it's been that way. However I will say for a few times at some parks riding childrens rides have been way too fun for no reason. Take Sir Rub A Dub's Tubs at Cedar Point. Why was that so fun exactly?
  2. Color me impressed! I wish it wasn't a shoot-em-up deal though, however it's what sells and what works. It may have been the camera angle and way it was shot but the Joker on the ATV deal looked different than the one in IAAPA somehow, but hopefully I'll see it in person at some point. Also Cyborg looked cool, but the just moving up and down mouth always gets me, there's more to speech than that, but hey, they did a fantastic job so I'm just nitpicking at this point. The set design and integration between the screens looks fantastic though, and not sure how it's pulled off but one scene go
  3. I like the black paint on Monster it matches the ride name better, but it does look better with its new scheme matching the midway. The new lights are fantastic though, that def needs to stay
  4. I'm just happy to see S&S get something out and hopefully working. I really feared for that company a few times the past few years, especially since their new merger with this new company. Hopefully seeing this ride develop and what people think of it, I hope S&S gets a few more new developments. I will say it seems very B&M inspired, especially the restraints. The brakes surprised me the most seeing almost PTC esque brakes on the track, but hey if it works and does what it needs to do, who cares.
  5. Oh I agree, just stating why I think Tempesto was downplayed. All over BGWFans news & updates it kept referring to it as a copy. I think it looks great, and actually quite colorful on that side of the park considering how dark Apollo's Chariot is when approaching the parking tolls or walking from the Rhineland to Fiesta Italia. I was there watching it test one day and it actually looks quite fun. Plus you do seem to hang upside down quite a bit on the first pass or two. To me though, again Verbolten for me is just the perfect ride. Theming, launches, drops, and really fun experience. Sad i
  6. So far its just Midway Market and Subway for upcharges as mentioned. Which for Market I can understand as many a time I've ate almost to the point of being rolled out of there. Plus with unlimited fountain drinks it makes sense. Pinks isn't an uocharge however meal plan selections changed comparing them to last year (we lost the bacon chilli cheeseburger). But you still get a main item and a side for one swipe. Panda Express is where it'd at and destroys Kings Island in that regard. Aside from somehow better quality, you get two entrees, a side, and an optional add on (spring rolls) for one s
  7. Give it time, the park did a lot, probably the most its ever done in an off season. Once its ironed out I'm sure we will see a dramatic improvement over opening weekend
  8. It was a fun day for sure. I wish I went to the winter tour however it didn't align with my work schedule. Heard nothing but positives from everyone there though. I'll admit the sound and stuff by the first drop is a really awesome effect especially seeing the train whiz by and pull the mist behind it
  9. I would think part of the problem is Verbolten is a great almost perfect ride. Tempesto is a copycat and seems somewhat out of place and downplayed. I need to get over there to ride it though, and everything else in the park, best park ever Also if they remove their standup that'd be great, I no longer wish to have my chest crushed on a ride.
  10. Hi everyone longtime lurker, saw this on Twitter and missed it and didn't see much but found this. Any clue how regularly these will be done or will they be random like @TonyClarkCP's Tweetups?
  11. Who can take a sunrise, Sprinkle it with dew, Cover it in chocolate, and a miracle or two? The Candy Man, The Candy Man Can

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