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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Diamondback still stacking habitually and some sluggish operations with barely passing interval. Got a bit of video to look over and examine/show everyone. Second issue, why does the park not open food stands until 11. I could have gone for a "breakfast" meal, however, not a darn thing was opened. I've also been in the line since food "opened" at 11, still no service. They're still getting ready. Only one employee serving in the line that has 13 people waiting to place an order.
  2. There are not any currently poured as of yesterday
  3. Service should not be hit or miss. Especially considering it is a company principle.
  4. The park now has a good crowd to it. Took a quick nap in the car. Wokeup to cars all the way to the exit sign. My one hour and its a whole new view
  5. They aren't too bad now, the main bit of them have finally died off after living just under 24 hours [emoji14]
  6. This morning's work was cancelled due to some issues. Decided to maybe stop by Kings Island on my way north. One of four cars in the parking lot. May be a good morning all things considered
  7. The origin USA is still on shipments within the US regarding B&M track pieces.
  8. Waits aren't bad today, some things packed, especially food and drink stands. Rides are general weekend lines, I expect moat people doing Soak City and other rides currently while its hot outside. Banshee had maybe a 15 minute wait max
  9. The DM on the sticker may be a clue as to it being Dive Machine track, but it also may not. I'd like to see the item description on other Dive Machines built to verify this if anyone can find them or has taken a picture themselves. However Banshee's listing was IC2 for the start of it's part number. Yes you could say "Inverted Coaster" is there, but it may not even be for that, it may just be a coincidence. I don't like trying to make logic and reasoning behind something that I don't have data for. I just see a DM and IC2 at this point. I mean Clermont did make the conscious effort to remo
  10. I'm not one to post prior and current work for personal and professional reasons. However I have been employed by Cedar Fair in the past
  11. Pairing is nice if it is acceptable by both members, if not, it's not a large deal. However hitting capacity is part of the rides efficiency. Numbers do matter in that regard. Moving as many people as safely as possible is a very important task. An empty seat every now and then does add up over the day, week, and season as a whole. However, if someone wants to sit somewhere in particular and alone, service dictates you allow their request. There's a reason the cornerstones are in place.
  12. They can do whatever they want with the haunts. They're cheap and poor wannabes of real houses in the scaring industry. I'll go in and enjoy riding rides as normal. Just with a very heavy layer of fog.
  13. Only 71 for me, just as 13 on Magnum. There are no other alternatives here
  14. Woodstock Gliders probably isn't on it because it's a small investment, not a 30m+ investment. I was shocked by that too, considering Cedar Point has a Fast Lane for theirs. I will stand behind my ROI explanation. They want and need that ride to make money.
  15. I have yet to attend one of these, I may just have to register soon. I'll have to wait until September becomes a bit more concrete but very awesome to see this!
  16. 7-1, the one and only. Ejector rows on Arrows, all day, everyday.
  17. I like messing with hypocritical people, they amuse me, about as much as liars too (See Random Discussion) Nothing new on other fronts regarding the track anyways. Like I said, until you see trailers arrive or they start rigging pieces together to transport, there's nothing new to discuss yet. We just need prying eyes on Clermont for awhile to see what pieces roll out and when they do. I have a company event here in a week or so down in the Cincy region. I may stop by and take a look around. I've been meaning to stop by the plant for quite some time. Even if it adds a bit of unnecessary d
  18. The Fast Lane deal can be corrected by following the procedures I listed. The Fast Lane line doesn't guarantee VIP access, front of the line, 0 wait. All that band allows you to do is enter a separate queue line aside from the main queue. Thatiterally is it. If someone on Fast Lane has to wait for a few seconds to get a band checked or let the main queue fill a good bit of the station so be it. I can understand how this would negate a best day practice, however, it does work, and other parks outside the chain do follow this. Be happy only the current implementations for Fast Lane are it s
  19. Interesting...says he does something and does the complete opposite. I thought the posts were a tad hypocritical, and now this
  20. It'll probably be done at this point, I'm sure the ignore button was hit awhile ago, which is fine for me honestly, I have no hard feelings. There's alot more to get pent up about, like work (bleh vacation needs to be soon). I just poke fun, and have fun.. Again, I just ride rides to ride rides. Which speaking of which this weekend looks like an ample opportunity... Where to go...
  21. Probably arguing over the fact they had to communicate with eachother like normal humans versus walking around with narcissticks all day.
  22. ^^Wow, referring to me as "just one," "first ones chain," and name calling with "idiot" I'm not some dog on a chain, I have a name if you care to be civil. All I stated was it's just a name, keep it that way and it stays fun. Which clearly showing by your responses seem to still be quite defensive. But to appease you, here's a meme from Dog idiot me for you good sir
  23. Your definition or a "Stack" is right. Anytime the train is stopped in the safety brake, it is stacked. That brake is meant as a means for blocking, not as a holding brake. See Magnum on this, quite similar concepts in operations. It's not fun or encouraged to see Magnum sit there on the safety brake before the transfer table. Limiting Fast Lane should not be a major issue. The job of crowd control is exactly that. Keeping two people per row is generally not difficult. I never understood why Kings Island stops the main line and lets Fast Lane walk through, then opens the main line. Let the
  24. Arrows are fine as they are. The not so buttery smooth, quick transitions, pops of airtime, and jagged corners make it what it is. Many of them are still hand built and fabricated, with steel bent on site. Nowadays, less than milimeter tolerances are the norm, smoothness is the go to, and lack of the human element is encouraged. I'll stick to the ejector rows thank you Now get off my lawn
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