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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Nope, which is exactly been my point... I ride rides to ride rides..
  2. Her screams meant the death of a member of one of the five major Irish families.. IE: She is an Omen of Death
  3. Indeed. When she wails someone will soon die. Just as "morbid" if you take it that way.
  4. Spiels should be all safety related. Especially given dumb park guests like the one at CP regarding Raptor awhile ago. A little bit of fun here and there can maybe help improve the moods for some, and if anything the ride ops. It's a monotonous job for sure, so let them have a bit of a smile cracking a joke here or there. If you had to bend over and grab sweaty restraints all day I'm sure you'd get a tad underwhelmed too.
  5. The reason I called you out on it is because it makes you sound somewhat ignorant and hypocritical. Oh how dare CP pick a ride with a darker theme.. When we have a coaster named after a she devil that kills anyone.. Which makes me sit over here like:
  6. Which is terribly unfortunate, yet was say predictable... I still miss that park
  7. Then get rid of the Banshee whos scream kills everyone...Cedar Point did once. Fussing over a potential ride name that isn't even confirmed or even fully registered is almost pointless. Centurion anyone?
  8. Well what I'm getting at is that was clearly a major announcement for a 30m+ addition to the parks lineup. I doubt next year would be anywhere close to that large of an expansion
  9. Then we can remove: Diamondback as this isn't even a snake native to Ohio Congo Falls, I mean, where's the rainforest in Action Zone? Adventure Express, Mayan Indiana Jones esque theming...in whats left of "Oktoberfest" Also, how do you know the park may not add a European kind of theme to an area. We already have Frontier Town/Trail that's beautifully themed. Then there's several shops & items that have great theming to them such as Pagoda for instance. Just because they don't have it now doesn't mean they won't have it ever at all. It's just a name, it's just a ride.
  10. It may also not be for an announcement. Think how Banshee's announcement was setup same day. However it could be. I'm just sitting here patiently waiting for an announcement for the announcement. There's nothing truly visible to speculate on in regards of what we're getting unlike say pre Banshee announcement. So I'll sit and relax while everyone sees a platform and loses their minds.
  11. It may not be a theme park, but at least Cedar Point still has some good theming. Kings Islands theming has been a joke for years.
  12. I think this coming year will be a flat or dark ride year, and a bit of TLC here and there. International Street and a few other areas got some much needed TLC, however there's still a bit that requires some work.
  13. I doubt it. Remember KITV? See the parks Snapchat? This is one area Cedar Point dominates every other Cedar Fair park, and perhaps even in the industry is social media control. Tony literally has followers clawing to get in his hands. Between him, Jordan, and a few others who make up the communications team, it's a beautiful success story. I honestly wonder how the parks media would be without this team at the helm. Before they were all onboard, it was a giant cluster. A previous ride op turned marketing profession? A multipark ride operations manager? Wow.
  14. They didn't care when it was Geauga Lake, they don't care now. Sadly that park could have been built, if the area was built with it, and things worked out well for companies. See Cedar Point/Cedar Fair with the local area. Lake Erie Shores & Islands partnership, an upcoming sports complex, local school system support, etc. Bainbridge couldn't even widen a country road to help with congestion and get people in and out of the park quicker. Sadly this was a major issue.
  15. I can't even trust them to let a multimillion dollar company do what it needs to sell vacant eyesore esque land to other multimillion dollar companies
  16. A certain Saturn lover will come in to defend said panels soon I feel
  17. Regardless, track is developed and not on a truck yet for transport, meaning it's ready and sitting idly by. When you start to see pieces get ready to ship, look for announcements. Banshee had it's transfer table loaded up right around announcement time. Gatekeeper was the same way. Right after announcement, there's no reason to hide it, and might as well go full force for next years project.
  18. Ah...references are key. If you want exact figures, talk to Planning & Development office in Mason or for better directions on how and where to get the paperwork contact the Warren County Clerk's Office. You can even get blueprints and forms for future things. See Banshee 2013 blueprints. All you have to do is go through the official channels.
  19. The difference in the lift track you see of the brown track is just the chain return trough is inside of the spine wheras Baron is below. I doubt something new in terms of design portfolio, B&M doesn't really go out on a limb in terms of prototypes like this. They work with what they know essentially. However, it can always happen. I do know that they won't install another Invert from B&M. They have Raptor which is a fantastic B&M and is still cranking out riders. I'd love to see new trains on Raptor, however it's been confirmed that can't happen.
  20. Thanks for that. Again, what once was, isn't always. Designs change with the times, and advances in manufacturing/technology. I'm convinced the new track is for a wider, heavier style of train. I don't see it being used on an invert, but Banshee did seem to have a bit wider gauge of track on it, however I don't have exact measurements, only speculation and a bit of observation. I will say, seeing wide two toned track from B&M with a painted spine is very Rob Decker/new Cedar Fair styling that's been copied since Gatekeeper, which leads me to believe it's a Cedar Fair installation.
  21. ^^You do realize B&M designs also have changed over the years and have adapted with new technology. What once was, doesn't mean always. The original track used to not have as tight of tolerances. There used to be bearings between the support column and track section it was attaching to. This brown track is very wide, and could support a dive coaster or wing rider. It could be a 6 across train like Oblivion at Gardaland, or Baron 1898 in Effieling.
  22. Glad you enjoyed the park and got alot in on one visit. I recommend watching some of the Live E that park has. Several venues at the park, including roaming entertainment beat even Cirque at Kings Island. STR is there because of a former CEO, that is all.
  23. Raven is my ride at Holiday World. It is perfect in every way except for length
  24. The fury paint also matches Gatekeeper, the two tone paint is nothing new. The brown track sited is rumored to be dive track, and rumored to be for Cedar Point:
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