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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Bainbridge can't even widen a road or help develop tourist amenities. To see them run an amusement park. Oh boy...
  2. Trust me, I'm trying. I know the park knows the set list. Everything is available so far for purchase or listening through some online service. Just having trouble finding the last bit. It was used during Skeleton Crew at Kings Island last year as well. No surprise given Haut Vol does both productions
  3. ^Ain't that the truth. Also, it's worth noting starting August 1st, Platinum Passholders can bring anyone to Wildwater Kingdom for FREE. Price integrity, COMPLETELY thrown out the window. I think it's time is almost up.
  4. Oh I know new development would bring in more taxes, I even did mention that, not sure if it was skimmed over. However, the city is still making off like a bandit with their tax money. $2k for no utilities, no infrastructure upgrades, no anything. Considering how cheap and ridiculous the city already is, it's free money into the coffers accounts.
  5. I wouldn't be so sure. If you remember, Call of Duty costs are ridiculous. Modern Warfare 2 cost 250 million overall. Development was 50 million. It's a cheap knock off. The graphics, experience, and overall style is a joke. Arcade cabinet shooters offer more fun than that. Again, I also don't need to play a FPS at the park. I bought a ~400 PS4 for that. I go to the park for atmosphere, rides, food, and memories. Lastly, Activision nowadays is just, meh. If I could choose a contract if I worked for Triotech I would avoid them. There are much better design studios than them now.
  6. Where did you ride on Vortex? How was the restraint positioned on you? What time of day? How full was the train? Most of the time, people ride in rows that do give less than pleasant rides. There is a method to madness when riding any Arrow coasters. For instance, you will never see me ride any other row on Magnum at Cedar Point than 13.
  7. I just want to finish my music playlist...only one track is left...
  8. Forced pairings should not happen, if a person asks to ride alone, their demands should be met. Especially at Cedar Fair parks. This guest request falls in the category of several cornerstones. However, an attempt to pair single riders who do not object to being paired up should ride together as to load full cycles and decrease wait times for everyone.
  9. AE is fun, but the lack of SFX or statue arm sqeaking that resembles a broken bra wire has caused a bit of a decrease in enjoyment.
  10. Drop Tower for me. But personally none of the flats at KI are in my favorites list. Other parks have that reservation easily.
  11. New definition of dark ride: 1. Does it ride in an enclosed theme building 2. Is it a cheap version of any modern first person shooter?
  12. Thankfully Don does not act as Tony does. One tweet showing wood or marked pavement and wild speculation would ensue.
  13. Ah good old Bainbridge: "We don't want big box retailers, we want an entertainment area and plazas!" (notice how well SIX/FUN worked, and how much the city loved them during their tenure..Noones going to return there for entertainement) "Ok, we'll make it mixed lot, but we really don't want to, we want entertainment!" (again, no amusement industry is going to return to Geauga or Aurora counties. Y'all squandered that enough over the years) "Alright, Meijer can come in, BUT NOT THOSE DEMANDS" (Meijer is willing to literally just give you and CF money to bring something that the area
  14. Haunt every year: Promote quality, not quantity, however have a bunch of cheap poorly designed houses More fog Same roamers Change in music "Spooky" theme...
  15. I wouldn't even call those soundtracks, more like polyphonic ringtones
  16. I second this. If you don't enjoy it, you're riding it wrong. Just my not so humble opinion
  17. More of press releases than a blog I think. I'll stick to OnPoint.
  18. ^^Nothing the park puts out through in house development is up to par. Everything they put out IMO has been a joke. New shows for 2016! A new music review with decent choreography, but wait for that singing, it's terrible!
  19. This whole coaster debate is why I just go ride rides. Noone can argue with you if you just say it's a great ride. I go to parks, I ride rides, I have fun.
  20. After the problems with Intamin* Fixed that for you
  21. Considering a lack of visible work, markings, or clues, I'd suspect something along the lines of last years announcement, or some project that we may not be able to see anything being done. This really does lead me to suspect a dark ride or a TLC year for the park with a small additions where needed like this season.
  22. It still isn't that great IMO, I'll take Raven all day, over and over. Unless there's a rude ride op who utters a comment about holding up a nonexistent line to catch a brief glimpse of the high dive show. Seriously the only time I've ever been upset with an employee at Holiday World.
  23. In regards to GP thinking it's SOB. If they still think it's SOB, they're probably going to think Beast had piano wires in the tunnels and some of the other drastic park rumors. Nothing you say or do will change that either, because they know they're right *rolls eyes*. These are the same people that think Cedar Point is on an ocean, or that Magnum is a woodie, or even Gemini. Regardless a new wooden coaster can be built here soon, and I would be quite happy. If it causes a GP dilemma or bad rumors, etc, no big deal. There is a very large PR department starting at the park level all the w
  24. Work was, well eventful. Headed outside and just had a massive squall line cloud in front of me. Wind and rain about one minute after. Interesting trip to lunch
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