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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Understand that Rougarou even though a floorless and is similar and tried/tested in several areas, still has many unique things about it. Some things on this ride aren't how other floorless models operate or were built. This isn't a plug & play modification with new trains. Many things had to happen to be where it is today.
  2. Also notice Tony has staff to work with to do Tweetups as well, it's not always him sometimes. Secondly his prizes are alot more high dollar. Several times he's given out Fast Lane for the day and other items. A poster is alright, it's a neat small trinket, but hey I'll take Fast Lane for finding him somewhere. I do like when he's done Tweetups that are a bit more cryptic. Just a picture, find me here, or find me by Matterhorn, etc. are too easy. The ones that make people think have been the ones I've won.
  3. Maybe that's what they get for selling crappy knock off Tequila drinks...and having bad Tequilas...Patron is one of the worst culprits of this
  4. Neat video, that GoPro (assuming it was used) was mounted really REALLY bad on Racer. So much noise in the video. High framerate & better mount would eliminate that entirely.
  5. You're seriously my hero. I'm buying you lunch at some point in the future... I remember when they teased it last year, and then one day just played it again....ah, great memories.. Then, a troubling terrible opening this year, then going to a boombox.... Now...beauty..
  6. Eh, rollbacks were quite common last year...believe two evacs as a result of valleys weren't there?
  7. I'm curious what happened before, and why police are around a bus stop dealing with this to begin with....
  8. They do, quite frequently given what I work around. However, I should be fine, and they know where I'm going, in fact they even brought up the pot clouds when I talked to them about it yesterday. We're all big Dave Matthews fans. It frequently blares on the floor.
  9. Yup...hell he acknowledges it too. One concert in between songs he went off talking about how good it smelled, was kind of funny
  10. The only thing I've ever had an issue with at concerts is Pot. Every concert I go to, you see clouds of it everywhere. In fact I'm going to a Dave Matthews concert tomorrow, it's SURE to be there. Last time I saw him live when bright white lights hit the crowd, you saw bellows of it rising up from the crowds in front of me.
  11. I just want some paint, some fountains, and some better food. Not too hard to ask. I'm easy to please in the parks. Give me an area to stroll, some fun things to ride with friends, and a show or two worth my time. Aside from that, it's the environment and escape from the normal ebb and flow of the world I enjoy. Why people spend time on their phones texting, messaging, and taking selfies I'll never understand. Other than to meet people in the park or respond to business emails and inquiries, my phone isn't used. My time is better spent with people I'm around.
  12. ^^No just harass the ride op in the tower, or yell at him to soak another individual. Never fails.
  13. Wow, just announce soon, doing things like that basically says "hey we know you know, but we're not going to say it yet." Unlike...say any CF PR dept. The whole "we're building for the future", "we'll announce our 2016 expansion in August." Etc. etc. Is it sad that I run my companies PR better than whoever runs this? I'm only halfway through a degree and two courses into it, and I even see major flaws with this.
  14. Currently playing Destiny on my PS4. Still much better than any shoot em up dark ride.
  15. They are infact live, however they are just the current cams with a live feed. Ah, I can witness the Diamondback crew stacking from home. It's as if I was there!
  16. I don't go to parks to play a mockup round of Battlefield 4 with kid friendly blackout painted ghouls or chandeliers. Thus any shooting dark ride has no enjoyment in my book. If I want to play a shoot em up deal, I have Battlefield 4, or an actual shooting range closeby. Dark Kastle for Cedar Fair parks, oh one can dream.
  17. Especially given the park has already worked with Haut Vol in the past and currently at several of its parks.
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