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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. AE is sadly neglected yes, I'd love to see the theming intact. However I've never held CF up to any level regarding theming, so I take what I can get. The coaster runs well regardless of how well the last lift hill interaction seems to be.
  2. I could see the waterpark getting an expansion. When weather is good, that place draws a HUGE crowd. However I wouldn't be surprised if Rivertown is up next, it's been somewhat neglected in ways for awhile unless you count RHoF as an expansion. Something makes me think that the box will potentially be utilized in some way. If not, I'd bet at least the blacktop gets ripped up finally at minimum over there. My thing is I'd like to see: Eiffel Tower repainted (It's borderline terrible, it's rusted and flaking like hell) Band Organ fixed for good (pay someone to do it right, last years half
  3. Well I will say the teething problems are probably them discussing the early stuff the ride encountered (shutdowns/etc) and that stuff is warranted. I can't read the article, it keeps timing out, probably my bad connection Also, Smiler doesn't have anti rollbacks in the traditional sense. Eddy current brakes are quite dominant on the structure
  4. Disney is part of the American Dream? I just want a room, a garage with all sort of tools and gadgets, and a nice car sitting in it. Oh and a fireplace where I can sit in front of and ponder Now that's the dream
  5. Thirsty Dog Old Choco is going to be available in the Fall, I agree it's very very tasty. I have yet to try the Old Fashioned Barrel Ale. My local stores don't carry it. I can usually only find their Bourbon Barrel Ale, I can't even usually get their Stout, which I enjoy more. Glad to see everything went smoothly. If I could have spent the full evening in the park I would have participated, I clearly missed a fun opportunity, but again, hopefully this is an annual event, or multiple times a year like Cedar Point pulled off with the Brew & BBQ deal.
  6. Someone else got the joke, I can't wait to see the submissions for Coastermania 2016
  7. I misplaced my spine on the ride somehow, does that count as sentimental value?
  8. Well the whole deal in general..
  9. It reminds me of those people that sell sand in the used 2 liter bottles
  10. I'm just waiting on the verdict of what caused this. I'm slowly leaning towards operator error, but I'll withhold all judgement until official facts are in
  11. Paying $200 for defunct coaster wood is just..wow Let me get grass from Kings Island and sell it for $10.
  12. Too bad you can't get an out of state discount for the tax paid Kentucky park.
  13. The last time I rode, all guns in my car were broken. It was a quiet, uneventful ride. Why have a shooting dark ride and have it inoperable? Part of the reason I think a Dark Ride upgrade is due very very soon
  14. Unfortunately. Ah well. By the way today is World Gin Day apparently, go enjoy yourself some!
  15. I'm wondering if the hot weather is keeping the dry side of the park that empty. For a Saturday in mid June, call me surprised.
  16. Be weary, the drink selection there is quite minimal..and..costly. Don't expect anything except cheap bottom shelf bottles
  17. Last year, new training was implimented across all of the Cedar Fair parks. It's a joke of a company that makes quite outlandish operational changes that kill every bit of operations. Basically, you follow their rules, do what they want, and if something happens, they fight for you in court if it goes that way for what I understand. See other forums dedicated to Cedar Fair parks, it's everywhere. Or just look the company up yourself, their website is even a joke.
  18. I went I always love just doing that. Anyways, not much major to report Y'all know the park and it's stuff just as much as we all do. Cirque was good, few close calls and messups, they're humans who do extraordinary work multiple times a day for us. I don't even want to know how tiresome and challenging some of this stuff is. Seeing this and how they react to it, I give them mad kudos for keeping up on this. It does make me cringe though because I don't want anything bad to happen to them. Like prime example Trevor didn't land the box on
  19. Even if they use the cup from last year they're still making instant profit. One drink for a dollar. It maybe costs then 5 cents
  20. Can't upload atm..strong storm here at the moment, whipped a lot around. All the tables in front of Starbucks had fun with the wind
  21. The Hurler at Kings Dominion is substantially worse than the Carowinds one. Trust me there
  22. 1. Walk Dinosaurs Alive. The KI app thinks you're leaving the park 2. Racer spieled to lift, lift wasn't stopped. Phone in hand filming front and center..sigh Edit: three times I've heard the spiel since on the trail
  23. Racer is even less depending on how many people go to it..just had a zen ride on red train. One of the more enjoyable rides on the coaster
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