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  1. MonteCristo

    Is Kings Island adding a loyalty program?

    I wonder if this program will only be implemented at Carowinds or if it will be for all CF parks? Is Cedar Fair corporate based in Charlotte or in Sandusky?
  2. MonteCristo

    Haunt 2019 Discussion

    Agree with this. I attended only 1 night this year, it was the First Saturday of October, so It's possible it got better closer to Halloween, but The houses/mazes just seemed to be lacking scare actors. I went through all of the mazes that night with the Fright Lane. For instance, IIRC Killmart had only 2 scare actors. The rest of this particular maze seemed more like a scenery walk through. Though some were quite a bit better in this regard than others, its just Killmart stood out as being the worst at this on my go around. I say focus on making the houses that are driving the attendance a better experience with the right amount of scare actors and props etc, and up that quality some before adding more.
  3. I live in a NorthWest Suburb of Indianapolis. I take 56th street to Lafayette Rd to I-65S through Indianapolis and then get on 465 to 74W to 275. or Instead of 465 I'll take 70E out of Indianapolis to 465 and hit 74 coming from the other way. Its about the same, just depends which way I feel like going
  4. MonteCristo

    Scooby Let Me Down.

    Does Hannah Barberra curently have any contracts with any US theme parks? Are those characters being used anywhere right now?
  5. MonteCristo

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    When I was a kid, this was my favorite area of the park besides Hanna Barbera Land. I loved the theming and the the polka music. I loved Der Spinning Keggers and The Flying Dutchman (shoes). Sad what has become of this area. But with some love I think it could be an actual destination again and not a confusing walk through area. I'd like to echo what some have said previously, that a little re-theme of Adventure Express could be a good start. Instead of the Adventure Village theme the coaster now has, which doesn't fit in as we no longer have Adventure Village, maybe a Dark Forest twist to it a la Grimm's Fairy Tales. Also replacing slingshot with a German themed Flat. Not sure where you would put Sling Shot where it would be able to attract riders with the kind of foot traffic it gets now though. I feel like that is more of an impulse buy when you see other people going on it. I think that ambient sounds and music go a long way to help themed areas also and that should not be underestimated. Oktoberfest, even just walking through the area as it is now could be livened up with some real Oktoberfest/German music. Same goes for all the areas. I remember walking through the front gates, walking down International Street and seeing that fountain and feeling the cool mist hit while songs like "Sabre Dance" were playing. Or even the Top Gun and Star Trek Themes after that in the Paramount Era. It felt larger than life. Rivertown could play some Splash Mountain type of music. This has all been discussed before in other areas, but I'm just saying it'd be nice to have this type of music back in this dying area to give it even a little of its old spark back.
  6. MonteCristo

    Platinum Benefits

    I agree with the above sentiments. When the Water Works was first built it was meant to be an additional experience for park guests and was always meant to be one ticket one price for everything. Having said that, I find that the crowds, even on Weekdays that I have been, are too prohibitive to have an enjoyable time. The worth of the current slide lineup to the amount of wait time for me does not balance and actually tips the wrong way on my fun scale. So if I want to splash around, I go to The Beach.
  7. MonteCristo

    Cedar Point Fast Lane

    @SonofBaconator That is some great advice, thank you. We are staying at Breakers. Definitely good to know about the early ride time. And the Fast Lane was included with the ticket. It was one of those holiday sales around Thanksgiving, I think it was for Black Friday, for like 65 bucks it was admission, with Fast Lane plus, and I dont know what all, similar to what Kings Island does from time to time. I had not been aware of the early ride times so I will definitely be checking into that for when we are there. Thanks you to everyone else who has commented also, all very helpful.
  8. MonteCristo

    Cedar Point Fast Lane

    Awesome thank you both! Thank you to you both! I wish I could go for the 2 days. Not a bad idea, Maybe I will go up Thursday night of that weekend and Have Friday and Saturday in the park. Something to think about for sure.
  9. MonteCristo

    Cedar Point Fast Lane

    Did anybody on here use Fast Lane at Cedar Point this year? I was wondering this same question as we are taking a trip up there from Indy next summer. Trip is really for daughters dance competition on a Sunday in June, so will just have one day in the park that Saturday. Does Fast Lane make as much of a difference in wait as it does at KI? Or is it oversaturated to the point where lines are still pretty hefty even with it? Have not been there since before Maverick opened, so a lot of new attractions I'm looking forward to. Any insight is appreciated!
  10. MonteCristo

    How was your 2018 season?

    I only had 3 visits this year. One in August we took a big family trip over from Indy. My parents, my kids, my siblings and their families. All got Fastlane Plus. Had a great day! Also came at Haunt, I believe its 2nd or 3rd weekend. It was still warm out, first Saturday in Oct where it was around 80 during the day. Came over with a very old friend of mine who I used to work at Walt Disney World with. She was up visiting from Orlando. We got Fastlane Plus as well as Fright Lane and had a great time! This worked out amazingly with the crowds that came in the evening. For having someone there from so far away that may never make it back, it was great to show her all the park had to offer. She was impressed! I bought at Goldpass for next season for myself at this time instead of just getting the single day admission. Got my kids Gold Pass for Christmas and we made it to Winterfest the Friday night between Christmas and New Year. Got there as the parking lot was opening, got their photos taken and were all right there when the gates opened. Enjoyed walking around International street taking in the sites for half an hour until speed walking over to Mystic when the ropes dropped. Hit up many of the rides before dark and were then able to enjoy the lights and shows and hot chocolate. It was a great night! And looking forward to many visits next season as well as a trip to Cedar Point also. Will be my kids' first visit there as well as my first since the summer they were building Maverick. Which i believe will be 13 years or so by the time we are there? Anyways, many fond memories this season in my few visits.
  11. MonteCristo

    Hello, Dolly!- silver2005's 2019 Southeast Trip

    That sounds like a great trip for sure. And when broken down like that really does not seem to bad. I think you have definitely figured out the best way to do it all in the given time. Sadly this summer I think would be unrealistic for me to attempt it but the one after I think I will. The only bad thing is that I am over in Indy so it tacks on a couple of more hours there and back. Still not too bad though. Also I considered flying over to DC for the first leg and renting a car for the rest of the trip so when I do go I may end up going that route. And I agree if I am going to go over there, I was thinking getting Fastlane at the CF parks could end up being worth the purchase for sure. Anyways I will be interested in hearing how your trip goes once the time comes!
  12. MonteCristo

    Hello, Dolly!- silver2005's 2019 Southeast Trip

    I had just recently been wondering what a trip like that might look like logistics-wise. Are you driving the whole thing? How far between KD and Carowinds is it? And then to Pigeon forge from CW is about what 9 hours?
  13. MonteCristo

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Great, Thank you!
  14. MonteCristo

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is season pass processing center open at Winterfest? Getting my kids season passes for Christmas, and thought maybe we could make it over there for Winterfest next Friday evening if they are able to get their pass vouchers processed.
  15. MonteCristo

    International Street Discussion

    Or outside of the front gate. Maybe in the center area where the path splits to go off to either side of the parking lot. Wouldn't be terrible to see the flags as you are walking up, and this way it can both proudly display the flags, while not obstructing views in the actual park, and not having to hide them somewhere in a random area.