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  1. Could I ask you to PM me your recipe?
  2. The grocery stores here in Indy do not have the LaRosa's sauce for sale, I have looked everywhere. However, if you are on the east side of town, there is a LaRosa's restaurant in Batesville, which would be a 45 min to an hour drive down 74 E, where you can dine in (get the Cheese breadsticks too) and stock up on sauce to take home. This is one of those unique places where if you are around it all the time like the Locals in Cincy it is meh, but when you don't have it as an option you always want it. Which I think about it multiple times a week and wish we had them here haha. Think Yuengling before we got it here too a couple years ago
  3. Diamondback is closed today. Anybody on here know why? Lame way to close the season out...
  4. When I was a kid, I was really excited about a new ride that had been advertised quite a lot coming to KI. It was Amazon Falls and promised to be a great water ride from the advertising. Getting to the park at the beginning of that season and seeing what it was, not only was I disappointed to see how short it was, but also that it had replaced Screamin’ Demon. Which I loved. I was still in earlier elementary school when this removal happened, but remember being sad that I didn’t know it was going to be my last ride on an upside-down coaster the year before. (Luckily I was reunited with Screamin’ Demon, which was named something else, for some last rides years later at Camden Park on a visit there). There were some Coney Mall removals I was upset about in the 80’s as well. I Was disappointed the year I got to the park and Zodiac was gone. Other than the train, That and the Flying Dutchman were my favorite rides when I was that age. I have enjoyed the shoutouts to them with this year’s addition. The latter left within a few years after Zodiac I believe(When AE was installed). Was disappointed when the Red, white and Blue (matching The Racer) slide, was relocated to Hannah Barbera Land and had the whole top section removed to shorten it. I Remember being confused at a Winterfest one year wondering why they filled in the water “track” for the Smurf Ride. Seeing a small kids coaster standing where the boats loaded, I stood in line for some hot chocolate at a nearby stand, staring at this situation wondering why they’d go through all that trouble only to have to put the boats back in the Spring? That next season was when Phantom Theater came in and my beloved Smurfs were to be no more. I held a grudge against that ride for a couple of years, but eventually learned to appreciate it. And now, miss it as well. I was pretty devastated about Les Taxis being removed for something that looked so ugly in an area that was so beautiful and added so much to the park. Hated that our Eagles were taken out as it was my dad’s favorite ride. He had ridden those at Coney Island as well and how disappointed he was when they were gone with no notice beforehand made me angry they had been removed for no apparent reason as well. When King Cobra was taken out, there were rumors someone on the same ride somewhere else Had died, or gotten hurt, and that KI couldn’t afford the insurance anymore. Or some such tale, I cant remember exactly. But I remember going with the rumor and being understanding about why it was removed. I saw Tumblebug replaced with Skylab which was a good replacement, but was upset when Skylab was taken out and not replaced with anything worthy. That had been my mom’s favorite flat. I was bummed out about the removal of Marathon Turnpike in HB Land, along with that little strip back there with the games and the ball pit to jump around in. Was also pretty bummed out about the Elephant Fountain being taken out. Also was not the happiest when the spinning cauldrons were no more. I was just fine with SOB being removed as it hurt me to ride. Not only was it a jerky, headache inducing ride, but the trains and restraints were so cramped and uncomfortable. As awesome as it looked, removing it was just fine with me. I was fine with TRTR being removed as I only got a chance to ride it in its last year as the Crypt and was not impressed with it at all. And still had a grudge against it for Kenton’s Cove Keelboats being taken out for it anyways. Until recently, the thing that I really believe that had upset me the most was when the train was converted to transportation for Water Works. This removed all of the Cowboy scenes. I would ask to ride that train over and over again when I was a kid and I loved it. While there are still a few remnants today that are nice to see as a warm reminder of what it used to be, I was pretty devasted when this change was made. I’ve seen a lot come and go at the park. But not as much as others have. I have seen many great additions and have seen a lot of things replaced with new things. Such is progress. Some have been hits, and some have been misses. None of the things I have mentioned so far have hit me as hard emotionally as much as the announcement for the removal of Vortex.
  5. I would have liked for all the Kings Island events to be called "Fest" Definitely keep Winterfest. I liked the name FearFest better. Coasterstock could be CoasterFest. FoodTruckFest. Granted our Oktoberfest area was more lively back in the day, but it was kinda cool to have that "fest" tie in to the events, and then be able to go into that area of the park for each one and see what kind of beer they had on tap, what kind of music was playing inside of Festhaus etc
  6. I did like the pond it its day, but Slaughterhouse now sits where some of this water was. I think the que is the same, it is the exit that has changed.
  7. Does anyone know if any (or all) of the Haunt mazes are EVC accessible for guests with disabilities?
  8. Can someone tell me what rides will be ERT tomorrow? (Sunday) Is it Vortex and Mystic?
  9. Invertigo is a pretty terrible ride as far as roughness. It will bang your head and possibly whip your neck around. Esp if you have a child, this ride could easily ruin their day and possibly yours. The Train they use this year is from Stinger and is a lot worse of a ride than our old train was IMO. After riding this back in August, I swore it off and will not go on it ever again. Flight of Fear is probably the next most intense. It's old and rough and jerky. I enjoy riding it, so does my son, but my daughter does not. They are 12 and 11. Sit in a middle seat of Beast or Racer. Row 2, Row 5 etc. Stay in these seats that do not have wheels directly below. The farther towards the front, the better. Front seat Row 1 isn't too bad either. If you ride Racer, don't ride Red, it is a lot more rough than Blue. Stick with Blue for this one. AE is a fun Mine ride. Smoothest rides are in the middle part of the car again. Get whipped more the farther back in the train you are which I enjoy and usually opt for backrow or closest to it. Vortex can be crazy for shorter people because of head banging on the old over the shoulder restraints. Can lean forward to avoid getting ears boxed, but could still hurt neck if younger and neck is not as strong. If you do ride it, sit in the front part of Car 7 of the train. This will be the best ride. Italian Job can be a bit rough depending which train and where you sit at on the train. Try sitting closer to the front even though they assign seats. Pro Tip: Don't brace yourself on any of the coasters. Relax and stay loose and this will help to go with the ride and not get as much of a beat up feeling on those that are rougher. Esp the woodies. Have fun
  10. I agree. If I had to choose though, it would not be a modern pop song as mentioned above. I think any of the pickin' on music from Rivertown would be ok, as long as it is instrumental. Some nice relaxing instrumental music without vocals would not be too bad for background ambient noise on a trip through the woods.
  11. I must have combined my memories of my 2001 and 2003 visits. I know when I mentioned the SOB rides and fog it was 2001.
  12. It would be an interesting "full circle" turn of events if the current red side is turned backwards again, for this very reason. And to your point of people being sad instead of angry, I am in total agreement. Before rides like Banshee and Diamondback, Vortex was the Big Dog for many of us. I have a lot of deep feelings for Vortex, and since the announcement, am remembering so many park visits with various friends, or various groups that I had come with and watching new riders freak out going up the hill for the first time. And looking over and having the look on my face like "see told ya it was awesome" I believe it is a nostalgia thing for many of us and a sadness. Not that we don't understand that these things happen. And I also agree with @Ben43065 that most are really looking forward to Orion. I am one of them for sure and can't wait to ride it. But Orion does not have its place in my childhood, or my 34 year history of visiting the park and therefore is not in my heart the way Vortex is. Bringing back another bit of nostalgia like Backwards Racer could be just the thing to take away some of the bite for some of us I think.
  13. I have not been to a lot of the haunts, but my fav was Fearfest 2001. It was the first time I had been. The music and atmosphere was great. Plus it was nice to see people out having a fun time as the 9/11 Terror attacks had only been a few weeks beforehand and everything was still pretty on edge and uncertain. The night I went was kind of a foggy night anyways. Had never seen anything like KI at night with all of the effects and fog machines. Had 2 great rides on SOB, where because of the weather, couldn't see where we were going for over half the ride because of the fog.(Actual clouds coming down, not machines) It was a great ambiance. Loved Route 666 on the old 'tiques as well. As an aside, I seem to remember CarnEvil being in Festhaus on this visit.
  14. WIll it though? For some, sure. For others, perhaps not. Either way, the backwards Racer could potentially help to alleviate some of the pain that some folks may be suffering due to loss of the nostalgia that Vortex will be taking with it after it has given its last ride.
  15. What a week for my childhood nostalgia! First Marty's last game, then this. Let me guess, this weekend they will announce the closing of The Beach for good? I need to reflect a bit more before commenting further!
  16. When there is talk of unknown ride removal, I often will worry about this ride as it is one I see not operating quite a bit. Glad to hear it was up and running
  17. Was Viking Fury operating this weekend?
  18. Same one as me. Also my first one ever. Wonder if it is an Indiana thing?
  19. I got on here to "brag" about my pass perk that I just got. It was my first one! A bring a friend for $9.99 on Sunday only through the end of the season. Which I still have yet to use the free friend Sunday entries for renewing so.... That T-shirt one would have been nice though! Perk Envy haha
  20. I used to love Skyline. Not being from Cincy, it is not often that I was able to ever eat there. Over the years, coming back and having it, the quality (like many things) has been in steep decline and in my opinion is barely a shadow of what it used to be. The cheese is still the same, so that's good. But there is noticeable difference in the quality of the mini dogs as well as the chili. It has been cheapened for sure. I decided to try Gold Star a couple of years ago, and now go there instead when I am in town. Love it! That's why it gets my vote
  21. I've only noticed it a couple of times and I thought it was because of the train I was on. I cant remember which color but it seems that I remember thinking it was the same train. Maybe purple? Other than that, I have never felt uncomfortable at all on Banshee. In any event, I rode Raptor this summer for the first time in 13 years and was surprised at how rough it felt after riding Banshee so often. Especially entering the final break run. That thing about realigned my whole skeletal system.
  22. I like this idea. Look you could paint over the snake skin to make the cars orange and yellow. Plop the track down in Octoberfest right where the slingshot is. Boom! return of the Flying Dutchman
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