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  1. I am not sure where Orion will fit in as I have not ridden it yet. So I am not going to rank it with the others just yet. I agree with the list @silver2005 gave above for similar reasons. Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, Banshee, and then Firehawk.
  2. I think it was a really good fit for that park
  3. If I am remembering correctly, this sound was loud enough that eventually the ride would be shut down during Timberwolf concerts as it was too distracting for the performers and the audience members while shows were in progress.
  4. This was my first inverted coaster, and I first rode it when I was just 6 years old. The loop was not forceful enough for me as a child that young to be scared of it, or think it was crazy intense. It Just seemed like a fun ride that went upside-down and backwards. Backwards was always fun for me anyways, as I refused to ride Racer forwards and would only go backwards my first few visits to the park. I guess that I was not as afraid of what I could not see. haha! This ride was my next logical step from that Also rode this ride a few years after it had moved to Camden Park. At the time, I only knew it was a coaster that was just like Kings Island's former The Demon, and not that it actually was, in fact, the exact same ride. I feel like if I had known that at the time, I would have enjoyed it even more. My cousins and I rode it probably 14 times that day at Camden Park and there was little to no wait for it the day we were there.
  5. Just remembered today to cancel hotel reservations that I had made back when the Coasterstock tickets were first purchased. Thought I would post this here today as a reminder to anyone that may have forgotten to do that as I almost did.
  6. I noticed the Beetlejuice similarity as well. Will definitely have to go back and listen for the Hall of the Mountain King again. I am not as familiar with that one as I am Beetlejuice.
  7. Here is the YouTube video I have just uploaded. This is an Audio File I made using downloads of the audio clips posted in the link at the top of this post. Added in some photos from the ride, most of which were screen shots from ride video. Not sure if I missed it or what, but could not find the audio clip for Maestro's speech while playing the Organ. Audio begins 19 seconds into video. Actual Ride attraction audio begins around 4:08, the first few mins are the clips from the outdoor que and then the Organ music that played in the indoor que area. Enjoy and I'd love to hear comments.
  8. Working on getting this put up on YouTube so I should have a working link to it soon.
  9. Ask and you shall receive. I compiled these with Audacity today. Probably not perfect, but has the feel of the ride. Hope you enjoy. Phantom Theater Audio.mp3
  10. That'd be fun. Or when one of the current haunts (urgent scare because of location i say) has ended its run and needs replaced....Replace it with the live action haunt version of Phantom Theater with recreated scenes from the ride. Could even bring back the old broiler from over at Slaughterhouse and heat it back up
  11. @standbyme Thank you for that!
  12. I think it would be cool if instead of using The Vortex plot for this, they put it in the woods where the picnic area currently is. The picnic area can then be moved to what is now Timberwolf. The reason I say this is, they could build another station platform for the train and guests could get off on either side. For the waterpark as it is currently used, OR on the other side, in this forbidden frontier zone. Not utilizing the train for this area would be a waste of a great opportunity. Making it more interactive and taking the train to get there would be awesome. They could also open up the old walking path that lets out by RFYLCB for access there as well. Put the flume back as part of Rivertown, now you have great seamless theming for the whole thing. Or keeping with the spooky re-theme, it would be neat to do a Forbidden Frontier type of thing, but make it more of a spooky "Scooby Doo" type of experience. This could also go where Timberwolf is and fit the re-theming of the entire area. Making The Bat, Banshee, Adventure Express (Dark Forest Express), Drop Tower (no ideas on rethemed name), Delirium (The Pit and the Pendulum), and all the other attractions in that area interactive with the new LARP area.
  13. I have a special place in my heart for Shake Rattle and Roll. Not only have I enjoyed this ride since I was a kid in the mid 80s, but waiting in line for it is where I developed my appreciation for theme park history. I remember very clearly waiting in line for this and asking my dad all kinds of questions. You see, looking through the bars of the que, I could see these empty cylinders coming out of the ground. It made me curious. It was then I learned there used to be a coaster called The Bat, and these are where the supports for the track were placed. Not only that, but that the track was overhead instead of what i was used to seeing! My imagination ran wild with what that must have looked like. I wanted to go in the old building that was pointed out to me of where the station was. I also remember the excitement of watching some of the construction of Vortex from the que as well. I have been a sucker for theme park nostalgia ever since and it started while in line for this ride
  14. From what I am reading in the info you have provided, it does not say anything about all of the stores being shut down for curbside pickup only. From my understanding, it is a service that all of the stores are to offer to those who still would like to purchase, but do not want to come into the store. Nowhere does it say that the stores are closed for those that do want to enter the building to shop.
  15. I don't spend much time at Soak City anymore, mainly because of the crowds. But I think it is ok for what it is. A nice add on for families to be able to cool off. Or for use to draw families in during the summer and keep them from going to other local parks. However, not a lot of love has been given to this waterpark by KI. The addition of the newest wave pool and the newer slide towers are certainly exceptions to that statement. However,Most of the slides and equipment are outdated and not worth the wait it usually takes to ride anything. There have been some excellent suggestions above for improvements. In my opinion, the value for this mediocre at best waterpark has come at a great cost to the tri-state area in general. Think of what The Beach could have been. It was a great place to go in its day. But that draw to Kings Island and the value of getting the dry park plus going to the waterpark every day for such a low cost during the summer is too good. This is what, the 2nd time the Beach has closed? I wish KI would have always had the waterpark as a separate gate, and also an extra cost for season pass that includes it. Not only would it have possibly kept off the immense crowds that make spending time there now unenjoyable, it could have led to parks such as The Beach, Surf Cincinnati, and even Coney Island to have more visitors and in turn, bigger revenue streams and allowed these places to create some world class type of waterpark experiences. (Ok, probably not Surf Cincy....) But instead, they all fall down to this "meh" waterpark at KI. And with The Beach closed again (not sure if the park has been sold, or if it is going to be torn down or what?), the extra revenue KI could have been bringing in for the waterpark could at least have gotten us a more impressive park like what Splashin Safari is. So i think the waterpark is good for KI and Cedarfair, and for many in the GP, but overall bad for the populous as far as having a unique and enjoyable waterpark experience available locally.
  16. Wasn't there polka music in the area as well in addition to all of the things you mentioned? I feel like there was and all of it really made it feel like you were in a festival somewhere else. It was a nice feeling of "escape" either way.
  17. This is the same experience I had all 3 tries as well.
  18. Also why I was not 100% confident with my answer
  19. That is Flight of Fear I do believe.
  20. I have only ridden SV as far as RMC's go, but the restraints caused pretty much the worst pain I've felt on a ride since SOB. These might even be worse for me than that if I am to be honest. I wanted to like it so much, so I gave it 3 tries, but all i could think about the whole time was how bad it hurt.
  21. My guess is that if not this season, then next, the land will be used for the Monster trucks like Cedar Point had this year. Look for this to stick around 3 seasons or so, and then possibly our next coaster going in there at the end of that run. I wouldn't mind the B&M floorless that has been suggested or even a B&M looper like Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa. Something photogenic with lots of inversions that is a worthy replacement for Vortex
  22. I am not sure there would be a rename to Polaris, or that we would see that name without a number after it. If I remember correctly from the decoding thread, part of the Polaris copyright was rejected so that KI would not have been able to sell any Merch along with this name as it would be too similar to the Polaris company with the sport vehicles. It was my suspicion upon reading that in the earlier threads that this is why the coaster was named Orion instead of Polaris to begin with.
  23. Sorry to hear that you will not be attending this year. It was nice to meet you while there last year.
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