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  1. Is Star Tours being incorporated into the Galaxy's edge concept? Or is Galaxy's edge its own land somewhere else?
  2. Yes, it should be 365ft tall. And be named -- 24 Seven 365-- 24 air time events, breaks 7 coaster records, and is 365ft tall. Also is open all day every day
  3. If you do purchase online, I believe you can opt to pay monthly for the pass with no additional cost after the initial processing fee. So the earlier you purchase and choose this option, the less the monthly cost is is as it is spread over more months.
  4. Oh yeah, I remember reading the posts about that on here. I guess I didn't realize that was on Good Friday. Hopefully it is not as crazy for everyone this year.
  5. Flight of Fear might be a good attraction to "convert" as you say to a Haunt attraction. I think there would be space enough in there for some props, and if not maybe some added orange or black lighting. Maybe some fog. Who knows! I like the idea of adding attractions back in. I always thought Route 666 was such a cool idea back in the FearFest days.
  6. What happened on last Good Friday preview night?
  7. Could be new fireworks show? If so, do you Think they will incorporate the new fountains into the show as well, like what they do at EPCOT? If they are hiring an artist like this, perhaps adding the fountain element to the nightly show makes sense instead of it just being for fireworks. Would be awesome if it was for a new dark ride too though
  8. If I am not mistaken, I believe that Intamin has been the only manufacturer to use the term "Giga" when referring to a coaster over 300 ft and this term was coined when they were building MF at Cedar Point. I do not believe any other manufacturer including B&M has ever referred to their coasters over 200ft tall as anything other than "Hyper" including any that happen to be over 300ft tall.
  9. You could wrap what is already there in some fur, give them some horns and call them Alps? https://wikivisually.com/wiki/Alp_(folklore)
  10. I didnt realize that! It has been about 13 years since I have been on MF and forgot about it loading/unloading this way.
  11. Expedition Everest is a great example of this! The sort of system you described is exactly what I was thinking about. I would love this type of system if we end up with this Giga! While it is a bummer about the seat belts on FOF taking so long to get the trains ready for launch, I do much prefer these restraints to the OTSRs that used to be on this ride. Sacrificed loading speed for ride comfort in that case.
  12. I think this would be great. Could do a lot with that idea! His outline is definitely a good start, especially with the Dark Ride. Would be interested to hear what your ideas would be that go with this.
  13. I Would like to see a separate unload area for getting off of the ride like the Disney coasters, or FOF. Banshee has figured the process out for the most part, but seeing the amount of time wasted at Diamondback with the trains being stacked all the time makes me think with the amount of ridership the coaster will have, it would be more efficient to do it this way. That extra 30 seconds per train or however long adds up at the end of the day and allows for more riders for the day and quicker wait times. Just my opinion!
  14. I have wondered this also about CFA. I usually get LaRosa's as we don't have it where I live. Chic-Fil-A seems to be everywhere though. And it is kind of expensive outside of the park for quick service as it is, let alone paying almost double for the same food while inside of the park. Maybe it is, as you seem to suspect, about the food quality.
  15. This is about the same as what I am remembering. 3 and a half hour wait and a line that came out past the zephyr. I think at this point there was a break in the line, for foot traffic to get through, and a temporary rope que that formed near the center and down the Coney Mid-way back towards Monster but not ending that far down. I remember hating it after the launch. I was 11 and those headrests and banging around made sure it was a long time before I rode it again. Anybody else remember it similarly?
  16. I still have never been to this event. Have not even been a member of a coaster club before. Which to go to this event, that is a requirement, yes? Would love to come this year, and I finally have a schedule where that could be possible. I know there has been some discussion on these clubs in the past, as before I made this post I did do a search. I found some good info about which costs the least to join etc. Did not really find anything though on if any of these clubs have significant advantage over the others as far as KI event? If money is no object, is there advantages of being a part of ACE over joining Great Ohio? Specifically The Beast feature mentioned in the above post? Of course it would be great to support all of the clubs, but if I have not been a member of one before, and if this will be my first Coasterstock, will there be more events I can attend as a member of ACE over Great Ohio or others?
  17. I think a big part of Slingshot's ridership comes from its visibility. Where it is located is probably one of the more heavily traveled paths of the park and really contributes to the impulse buy of riding it, where so many people can see it in action. When I come to King's Island, I am not seeking out the Slingshot, or thinking about it, but when I walk buy it, I think "Oh that looks pretty fun." While I agree about not personally liking where it is located, it just would not have the same visibility in X-Base currently, and therefore less ridership because of less people being lured in with that impulse buy to do it. Depending on what goes in to Firehawk's old spot and what they do with the rest of that area, that could certainly change, and in that case could end up being the perfect spot for a Slingshot relocation.
  18. Will Gravity be back next year? Unfortunately I missed it this season and would like that to be near the top of my to-do list next season if it will be back.
  19. This is great! Hopefully the ambient music will go along with all of these wonderful updates.
  20. I wonder if this program will only be implemented at Carowinds or if it will be for all CF parks? Is Cedar Fair corporate based in Charlotte or in Sandusky?
  21. Agree with this. I attended only 1 night this year, it was the First Saturday of October, so It's possible it got better closer to Halloween, but The houses/mazes just seemed to be lacking scare actors. I went through all of the mazes that night with the Fright Lane. For instance, IIRC Killmart had only 2 scare actors. The rest of this particular maze seemed more like a scenery walk through. Though some were quite a bit better in this regard than others, its just Killmart stood out as being the worst at this on my go around. I say focus on making the houses that are driving the attendance a better experience with the right amount of scare actors and props etc, and up that quality some before adding more.
  22. I live in a NorthWest Suburb of Indianapolis. I take 56th street to Lafayette Rd to I-65S through Indianapolis and then get on 465 to 74W to 275. or Instead of 465 I'll take 70E out of Indianapolis to 465 and hit 74 coming from the other way. Its about the same, just depends which way I feel like going
  23. Does Hannah Barberra curently have any contracts with any US theme parks? Are those characters being used anywhere right now?
  24. When I was a kid, this was my favorite area of the park besides Hanna Barbera Land. I loved the theming and the the polka music. I loved Der Spinning Keggers and The Flying Dutchman (shoes). Sad what has become of this area. But with some love I think it could be an actual destination again and not a confusing walk through area. I'd like to echo what some have said previously, that a little re-theme of Adventure Express could be a good start. Instead of the Adventure Village theme the coaster now has, which doesn't fit in as we no longer have Adventure Village, maybe a Dark Forest twist to it a la Grimm's Fairy Tales. Also replacing slingshot with a German themed Flat. Not sure where you would put Sling Shot where it would be able to attract riders with the kind of foot traffic it gets now though. I feel like that is more of an impulse buy when you see other people going on it. I think that ambient sounds and music go a long way to help themed areas also and that should not be underestimated. Oktoberfest, even just walking through the area as it is now could be livened up with some real Oktoberfest/German music. Same goes for all the areas. I remember walking through the front gates, walking down International Street and seeing that fountain and feeling the cool mist hit while songs like "Sabre Dance" were playing. Or even the Top Gun and Star Trek Themes after that in the Paramount Era. It felt larger than life. Rivertown could play some Splash Mountain type of music. This has all been discussed before in other areas, but I'm just saying it'd be nice to have this type of music back in this dying area to give it even a little of its old spark back.
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