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  1. I am not a fan of the idea of getting rid of the Peanuts off road Rally. It was one of my fav rides as a kid. For younger riders, being able to "drive" is a really fun thing and is pretty cool with the layout going over the bridge and everything. Plus, not only is it one of the few original rides from park opening still operating, it came over from Coney Island where it operated there for a few years before KI opened.
  2. Mine in the order I have visited them (I think): Coney Island Americana Fantasy Farm Magic Kingdom Sea World - Orlando Kings Island Epcot Camden Park MGM/Hollywood Studios Old Indiana Dollywood Indiana Beach Universal Studios - Orlando Cedar Point Animal Kingdom Islands of Adventure Holiday World Fun Spot - Kissimmee Busch Gardens Tampa Disneyland Magic Kingdom California Adventure
  3. My first upside down coaster as a kid. Went to Camden park a couple years after it left KI. Marathoned it with my cousins all day. Didn't learn until many years later that it was the same ride, just moved. I wish I'd have known at the time.
  4. I bought a totally rockin Turtles shirt in the 80's store last year at haunt. I was with my gf at the time. We were waiting in line to pay for it and there was some kind of major delay. Anyways we went over to the adjoining store and checked out there. However, the employee checking us out failed to remove the plastic security device and it didnt sound as we left the store. I tried putting the receipt somewhere that i'd remember where it was so I could take it back and have it removed this year. However, I've somehow managed to forget what I did with it, or inadvertently have thrown it away. Anyone have any ideas on how I might get that taken off now so I can actually finally wear the thing?
  5. Yes very true, the Disney program is anywhere from 4 - 9 months depending on which you choose I believe. It is disguised as an "internship". However, with returning members who are in school or students working in a masters program, many are able to actually do some work with professionals to earn credit in some cases. Plus the park is open year round.... I agree that housing is readily available, but like you said who would sign a lease to work a summer job for a few months? The KI housing could be seasonal as well. However, like you said, with the park only open daily a few months out of the year instead of all the time, the cost of such an endeavor after building, maintenance, and property tax would probably not be with worth it.
  6. I think you raise an interesting point. I think it is related to pay, hours, and duties. What if, in order to get workers that are at least slightly older than HS age, KI built living space for workers? I believe CP has employee dorms if I am not mistaken. But how they are used, I do not know. Disney hires many of its employees through a similar method, they own 3 properties in FL near their parks. Granted that is Disney. I was involved in this program actually, called College Program when I was younger. Not only was it a fun job, but the social aspects of it were very memorable as well and now I have friends from all over the country I am still in contact with 15 years later. Maybe KI could implement a similar program and recruit people from around the area in places like Louisville, Columbus, Indy, etc just out of HS and early 20's to come be a part of it. This way you could ensure that you have employees that WANT to be there, will do a good job, maybe pay them a little bit more, but they are also having a good time and meeting new people and networking. Also could help to stretch daily operations earlier/later in the season perhaps? Edit: I do not believe Disney actually owns the living properties per se. When I was there, they were owned by a company that was headed by Mrs. Michael Eisener, and if that is still the case there you have it. They would collect the rent out of each check. The rent was significantly less than apartments and such in the surrounding areas per person, but you did share a large bedroom college dorm style within the larger apartment unit. Grounds were nice though, pool was nice, perks were nice.
  7. I can see why you're saying that, but if people are only going to show up in the evening, and there arent enough people to properly staff the park during the day, does that mean that the park would go to weekends only schedule earlier, and only be open during the week through July instead of through the last week or two of August? (If this type of schedule happened to the school systems, of course)
  8. I definitely can see why some states would do that, waiting until after Labor day to start. Good reasons, economy, more family time before its too cold, etc. With so many types of activities to do in the Cincy area (compared to where I am) it'd be nice to have the extra few weeks in Aug and Sept for outdoor things. Apparently Ohio legislators attempted similar legislation in 2011 but alas, the attempt was not successful.
  9. As most of the school districts around me (Indianapolis area) are going to the ‘Flex’ school year schedule and the movement seems to be gaining some ground in various parts of the country, I was wondering if any schools in the Cincy/Mason area are starting to try it out yet and if it becomes as prevalent as it is here, how might it affect the Summer Season for Kings Island? Brief overview of what this is…. Basically in lieu of going year round, administrators have looked to studies and found that a 3 month long summer makes it difficult for kids to retain much of what was learned the year before and have to spend too much of the beginning of the new year reviewing. So with this system, the school year starts the last week of July, then there’s 2 week long fall, winter (Christmas) and Spring breaks. Summer is then reduced to roughly 8 weeks getting out Memorial Day weekend then starting back up in the last week of July. If this type of school schedule comes to South West OH, would it cause KI to make its weekday operating season even shorter? If many of the park’s employees are area High School Kids starting school in the last week or 2 of August I’m not sure that KI would be able to be open until then as it is now. I think this last season, going to weekends-only happened kind of early as it is, let alone if this happens. (Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of nor heard rumor of the school systems in the Cincinnati area even looking into this, rather I am just wondering, as an observer of the trend that many places are, how it might affect the park if they one day do)
  10. I was there Sunday and the dollar days included food then. I am from Indy and was in Cincy to go through the museums at Union Terminal. Decided to check out the park afterwards. Got there and it was pretty crowded Waited an about an hour and 40 mins for Diamonback. Looked like a normal 35 min or so wait when I qued up though. WHy? Well, the dollar day combined with the get a season pass for next year and get a free sunday fastpass for this year. So after that Just walked around and enjoyed the park at night and didn't bother with any more of the lines. Had a good time after I dedicated it to just enjoying the atmosphere.
  11. I used to love that blue elephant fountain at KI when I was a kid. I was just at Jungle Jim's last weekend and didn't pay it enough attention to realize what it was! Fun to know, thanks
  12. Welcome to KIC! Oh, yes. Many, many times. Even got to climb the loop and structure on the other end. Then watched it slowly rust away. Thank you for the welcome! And with the fond memories I have of that ride, I'm glad to know that many got to enjoy it after it left Kings Island. Though the thought of its eventual fate, slowly rusting away, is pretty sad!
  13. Sure this is off Topic but Terp, the post you made about Camden park made me think of something. My first inverted coaster was the ole Screamin' Demon at KI when I was very young. Well in the eary 90's on a trip to West Virginia with my mom (she had grown up there so I had heard tales of this Camden Park), I was able to visit that park. And I got to ride for the last time, that same coaster that had been moved and set up there. Did you ever ride that one while it was at Camden? While a long time follower, this is my first post on this site btw
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