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  1. I have wondered that too. I always liked sitting in the front of each car as there was so much room.
  2. $73M Flume Madhouse?
  3. I think a dark purple would be cool. Especially if they are looking to keep the X-base theme and have it look more futuristic.
  4. I remember calling them sippers also. Was always a big deal when my parents would buy me one of these. I liked the grape and then the Scooby ones the best.
  5. Part of Family Lore for 2 Score
  6. Nor would I. I enjoy being able to sit in the biergarden or festhaus to have a beverage every now and again. It is nice to sit and chill and have a drink and do some people watching sometimes. Even at haunt. Not to mention how much revenue the park would miss out on. I mean a keg of miller lite would cost them around $85 (alcohol laws and costs are different depending what state you are in, but I ran a restaurant in Indiana and that is about what it was) And KI charges what $8 for a domestic draft? I am not convinced you are getting a whole pint from those cups either. But even so, a keg holds 124 pints. The craft beer costs more of course from the supplier, and I am not sure what the park charges for those off hand. I just mean the margins are large and they probably go through more kegs than you'd think.
  7. Haha No reason to be sorry. It just as easily could have gone the other way. Not everything I think I remember, do I always remember correctly
  8. Those are some great shots. Makes me remember how well landscaped and unique this ride was. And I'm glad I am not going crazy remembering stairs that weren't actually there
  9. Did you? I seem to remember getting off on the opposite side, and there was a big white staircase. You'd walk up the stairs, over the tracks and back down again to go out the exit.
  10. Nice, thanks for the update. Ordered mine this morning!
  11. I have a question about the All season Drink Plan. If I go the disposal cup option over the souvenir bottle, what size disposable cup do you get? Do you get the large one or can you pick whichever you want?
  12. Definitely enjoying seeing the outcome of this so far. I jumped the gun voting on this one before it was posted all the way! Fun poll though.
  13. I always like a good corndog for sure. Best one I've ever had is from a place over here in Indy Called DJ's Big City Hot Dogs. Everything there is good, but the corndogs are hand dipped and breaded to order. So good! I think I know what I'm doing for lunch today...
  14. Wasn't it Bubba Gump's Shrimp company during this time?
  15. Will this be Gravity's 3rd season, or just its second? I have lost track. Weren't the other Cirque shows in the past around for 2 seasons before being changed?
  16. Oh wow, I didn't realize that. It's definitely an interesting position for Universal. On one hand, you have to keep paying the licensing fee to your greatest competitor in the area. On the other hand, you get satisfaction knowing that some of the current most popular characters they own are in your park, and that they would probably love to have them at theirs instead. Maybe it is working out well for both though, Disney seems to have their hands full with Pixar and Star Wars at the moment anyways as far as the parks go. Either way, I appreciate the info
  17. It does make me think about Universal Studios now having all of that Disney owned IP in their parks. Is the Simpson's ride still in the old Back to the Future ride area? Add that with all of the Marvel, now X-Men and Fantastic 4. I wonder how long those contracts last?
  18. I think something like Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld would be really cool for this spot. Instead of the Atlantis theme, it could easily be themed along with Rivertown / Mystic Timbers. Not sure how well it would fit but without looking, I believe it was manufactured by Mack, and I bet they could make good use of the area and the building with an attraction like this.
  19. I agree with this about rooms being more in demand in this area and would like to add to it that as someone from out of town who will stay in the Mason area hotels probably 2 or 3 times a season for extended KI weekends, that over the last 2 years I have noticed a fairly significant price increase for the hotels. Just the other day I was looking into getting a room for the Friday of Passholder preview night and it was about 35% higher rate to book the room than when I stayed in the same place for haunt in October. Same chain in Beechmont was significantly lower rate for the same night.
  20. Will definitely check that out tonight, thanks!
  21. Oh Sweet! I guess I did not think about Carowinds opening earlier than KI. I'll be anxious to hear how you like it. I watched the CGI pov of it on YouTube a couple of weeks ago it looks awesome.
  22. May I ask what will happen next weekend, where this might happen?
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